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I have to say that it seems WNW and our sister sites have been taking a bashing lately from those connected with TNA. While part of me wants to get my ire up that these people have thought they could bully us with bad words, or by blocking us on Twitter, another part of me is proud of our writers for saying things that get them noticed. WNW and our sister sites are really stepping up, and I'm thrilled with the direction we're going.

Then there's that other side of me that wonders what is going on with Hogan. He's seemed really erratic and volatile lately, and I'm wondering if there's more to it than just us annoying him in some way. Honestly, the most recent article about Hogan was much nicer to Hogan than I have been – then again I was blocked by Hogan a couple years ago on Twitter – yet he still had an absolute meltdown. We all know that Hogan's health hasn't been very good, and I know first hand how your health can effect how you react to the world around you. Go back to the summer of 2011 and look at any of my blogs and you will see just how much your health can effect your reactions. Even right after my surgery, I'm sure I was a bit touchier than I am now. If Hogan is dealing with the amount of pain I think he's dealing with, plus the electrical spinal cord stimulator in Hogan's back has to make him twitchy and tweaky. Add in any meds he could be on, and you've got a recipe for volatile reactions. And much as I complain about Hogan and what he's done in TNA, I am really worried about his health and that his reactions don't seem very healthy. Then there's his cling-on Morgan, I have no clue what his problem is, unless he's just trying to be Hogan's mini-me.

Show Starts

Video > C

Of course TNA has to start every Impact with the video. It is what it is, our expecting such a huge impact tonight can't dampen my spirits towards the show. They hit upon the normal things, but I'm hoping the show as a whole will be better.

Backstage Segment > F

I don't know what happened with Henry and Hogan backstage, but it was cut off for me. The show went black, then cut to the opening music.

Announce Segment > C

That they admitted Impact has a PPV feel makes me twitch a bit. We all know this, you don't need to tell us.

2 Out of 3 Falls Tag Team Title Match – Roode & Aries (c) vs Hernandez & Chavo > B+

The first pinfall made sense, the champs really worked over Hernandez and Chavo. They worked it hard and fast, leaving Hernandez outside in a heap.

First Fall – Aries & Roode (0:28)

The second pinfall being also 28 seconds really made me annoyed. Why bother making this 2Out of 3 Falls when the first two falls were well less than a minute of actual ring work? That's really not cool.

Second Fall – Chavo & Hernandez (0:28)

Finally, after the match was made into a basic match, did things get really good. Those four worked the ring really hard and gave the fans a great match. Only for this last fall did I grade this match. I really enjoyed the hard hitting and high flying, but I also liked that the heels tried to cheat to win – showing Chavo's bum – as well as making sure that Chavo was taken out by his own partner at one point. They might have won the TTC, but they sure could have problems going forward.

Winners – Chavo & Hernandez (13:18)

In Ring Segment > C+

Joseph got some heat in the ring! Maybe it's not just the WWE fans who are a bit wild this week. They cheered when he spoke about Hardy, but otherwise they were not really behind him. And they there's the questions of legality behind an annulment. Can Brooke and Bully get an annulment at this point?

Video > D

Recapping the feud between Taryn and Kim already is a bit much! These things JUST happened.

Gail Kim vs The Rock Terrell > B-

Taryn was running too fast, trying to get too many moves in. It was as if she was told she had two minutes to hit every moves she knew, and her life depended on it. If she slows things down a bit, relaxes, and stops yelling so much, she could be really enjoyable in the ring. I have to admit that I've always found her smile infectious, but I thought she came off really strong on mic with Hemme after the match.

I also really enjoyed having ODB in the ring. She's so different from the other Knockouts, and needs to be on TV a lot more. Hopefully she'll be sticking around. Even if we can't see her working the ring, at least we'll get our ODB fix.

Winner – Taryn (2:29)

Gut Check > D-

I cannot believe they booted Pearce the way they did. That man proved himself in that match, and did a solid job of it. Magno botched a couple times, and that they blamed it on loose ring ropes. That is total crap! If Magno has worked the indies, he's worked with much looser ring ropes. Does he always botch that badly? I can't see as he's much better than he was the last time he was with TNA, possibly worse. I'm really disgusted with the direction of this Gut Check. It makes no sense to me. Am I the only one who thinks Pearce was the obvious pick and Magno botched so badly that he shouldn't even be considered for Gut Check after that? Who is Magno brown nosing to get this chance?

Video > D

More recapping AJ? I'm so over these recap videos. I'm starting to feel like I'm watching a crappy version of WrestleMania where it's all recap videos and we're not going to get the matches promised because there isn't time after the production team has their moments in the sun.

Backstage Segment > C+

I think A&8's is trying too hard to get AJ. Something doesn't ring true with Anderson here for me. I still wonder if he's a mole.

Video > D

More videos? What is going on? We know all the faces are behind Hardy facing Bully. Please, someone explain this to me!

In Ring Segment > B

Hogan got a huge pop coming out this first time tonight. We will have to wait for the reaction next week and see if they go Jonesboro on him. I will give Hogan props for really being over with the fans here. As cranky as I can get about Hogan, he really does have a huge following among a certain, and rather large group of casual, and no so casual wrestling fans. Though I will say he continues to burn one bridge at a time online.

I really wonder why AJ has taken all the crap that's gone down these past couple years. He was the face of TNA for so long, yet he's been relegated to the most degrading storylines these past couple years. This is far beyond taking one for the team. Some days I really wonder why he's still with TNA.

I loved Daniels' 'I'm a John Byrne guy' shirt (and yes, I know who John Byrne is). It hit on so many levels. Actually, so did Daniels in this segment. He was just fantastic on mic here. I especially love the "All the World Titles you, we won together."

Backstage Segment > B

Nice to hear Angle coming off strong, but I'd rather actually see him in the ring.

Joey Ryan vs Rob Terry > C+

I really thought that Joey Ryan was going to have to face Matt Morgan. They talked about Terry's hundred pound weight advantage, that's all muscle. I have to admit I enjoyed watching Terry beat on Ryan. Ryan rarely looked quite pathetic in this match, hopefully this means Terry is going into a push, because he sure deserves it after dealing with Robbie E.

Winner – Terry (2:34)

Backstage Segment > B-

Morgan was better here, but I've been rubbed the wrong way by him lately. It really seems as though he's following in Hogan's footsteps in so many ways. I've defended Morgan all along, really gave him the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not so sure now. He seems to want to be like Hogan, and none of the good aspects of the man.

Gut Check > D-

The fans in Texas were chanting for Danny to say no to Magno, but when Danny said now the fans booed him. Magno has Jack Swagger's lisp I really wasn't expecting that. I don't understand why Prichard dragged out his answer so annoyingly long, yes he was working the fans, but it came off as really indecisive. I really wasn't impressed with him here. I'm also really annoyed that we didn't get to hear Snow talking this segment he always makes Gut Check more interesting. The only really good thing that happened here is Magno didn't get a contract.

Backstage Segment > B-

I know that the revving of the cycles means something big and it's so excited, but this segment was rather boring. When Bully demanded that nobody interfered his match, I figured that they were absolutely going to get involved.

Full Metal Mayhem WHC Match – Bully Ray (c) vs Jeff Hardy > B-

Hardy looked great starting this match, and having Brooke in the front row added a lot to the match, but there was also a lot serious problems. What started off looking good, turned into a mess when the ladder fell, then that table broke outside the ring. Rather will then running with the flow, Hardy felt he couldn't do anything but the move they had already planned, so he trekked to the stage to get a new table taking up a huge chunk of time. It all looked rather lame and put a damper on the whole match. Further Bully's need to lay down on the table as if to take a nap, made the match look childish rather than hardcore. What should have been a real leave intense match fell flat for the two guys normally make matches more intense. I have to admit I'm kind of disappointed. This should have, and could have, been an amazing match, but was little better than what we see on RAW each week, and that's nothing like hardcore.

The big question is whose fault was it? Did the bookers demanded they follow the exact script? Or were Hardy and Bully so into hitting specific points that they couldn't readjust when things went wrong? These are two of the better hardcore wrestlers, but the actual work fell flat tonight. I'm really irked at how that table was cut through so deeply that it split when Bully put barely any weight on it. Further, I thought Full Metal Mayhem meant more than tables, ladders, and chairs (oh my), a hammer is metal, so why was it a big deal that Bully used it? So many things wrong with this match, but I will give one person props, that chubby guy next to Brooke. Brooke started hitting Bully and that guy put his hands in the air. He was not about to be blamed for anything he didn't do. He actually brought a smile to my face during this match. Sadly, he was more entertaining than much of the work from the actual wrestlers.

Winner – Bully (14:27)

Post Show

This episode of Impact was touted as being a PPV quality show, but I thought it fell flat in many ways. I'm sure if I was there live I would feel differently, but those who were live got two shows for the price of one. After seeing this episode of Impact I'm really thinking that I might not spend the money or the time to go to Slammiversary. I'm feeling really let down by TNA this week.


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