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TNA Blog Zone - Hardy Ends It All With Mayhem


Again I am jealous of a friend attending the live taping of Impact. I was never jealous of anyone going to the Impact Zone to see a taping, or even a live airing of Impact, but for the second time since TNA went on the road, I'm jealous of a friend going to the show. I still haven't gotten over Gesus going to the show in Chicago, and Jesse Sherwood (Smackdown Rebound) was lucky enough to get great tickets to attend Impact in Jonesboro.

I'm really hoping that being on the road will be a great thing for TNA, but I worry that being on the road will be too much of a strain on Hogan and things will crumble. I know I'm still harping Hogan, and because of this you're going to find this very strange. Do you think I should go to Slammiversary? Stacy and I are discussing whether we can afford to go, and he'd have to work the next day, so I'd be driving home (about 5 hours) while Stacy slept. I'd just like to hear the input of those who both love and loath TNA.

Show Starts

Video > D-

Ugh, of course! This one really blew coming off Bully's hoax videos last week. Just horrible.

In Ring Segment > D+

I'm normally a huge Anderson fan, but he really sucked up the opening of the show on mic. Even Hardy was more entertaining than Anderson, and that's saying something. I guess they needed a way to set up the Hardy vs Anderson match, but I thought it was a horrible mess. Not at all creative, or organic.

Backstage Segment > D-

Chavo suddenly realized it was OFN? That was also really pretty lame and obvious. Chavo is usually better than this, but he's only as good as the writing, and the writing there was really crappy.

Chavo & Hernandez vs Bad Influence > A-

I was really looking forward to this match, but Chavo really seemed a bit tentative in the ring. When he and Hernandez double teamed Daniels, Chavo seemed to be thinking through his moves, rather than executing them. Then there was the way Daniels was sent flying to the outside and landing with his head awkwardly against the stairs. He seemed to get into the flow, but he's a Guerrero and I expect so much more from him because of that.

The other three in the match looked as great as ever. Bad Influence is one of the strongest tag teams today, and they always put on a great show. But after the commercial Chavo came back with head scissors and working over both Kaz and Daniels. What I thought was going to be the end, Hernandez with both Kaz and Daniels on his shoulders, was sick! Very impressed with both teams working this match. The strength, creativity and work in this match was just lovely. They all should be commended for what they gave the fans in this opening match. This is what you go to live shows to see. This is what you turn on the TV to see. It looks as though TNA might really be stepping up to the plate.

Winners – Chavo & Hernandez (12:22)

Backstage Segment > C

Tiffany is back in pink. Oh, I mean Taryn. At least it was a sexy moment for the guys.

Video > C+

This recap video at this time made sense, so I'm not going to bash it too much.

In Ring Segment > B-

Can Taryn's ring gear get any smaller? When Taryn talks her shoulders come up and she loses any semblance of neck she has. It's not a good look for her, and something I hadn't noticed when she was 'running' WWECW. Also, not really sure about that top on her. She appears to need more support that she's getting there.

So much for OFN here, but at least they're setting up for something. Taryn and Kim together right off the bat could be bad for Taryn. Velvet added to it could be cool.

Backstage Segment > B+

Not really clean, but Taryn's spunk here, the way she went after Kim, was just great! Maybe she has more in her than I thought.

Video > F

They're advertising for Gut Check? I really don't like this. Any young wrestlers who have any sort of chance at Gut Check, already know about this. I think this is TNA further screwing their roster. Not impressed.

Backstage Segment > C

Jesse was so excited when he heard Adam Pearce was in Jonesboro live. I'm sure he's thrilled that they're taping both shows tonight so he will see him. I am not thrilled with how they're taping, but for Jesse, I'm really happy it's happening that way.

Backstage Segment > C

I know they're setting up for something big between Sting and Hogan, but I think it's a huge waste of Sting at this point.

Video > D

Yes, we know we will be seeing Hardy facing Anderson tonight. Like they wouldn't make the match after having that segment.

Backstage Segment > F-

Gag! Barf! Hogan talking up Hardy in this way on Impact, especially after the way he's trashed him online, it's such hypocritical crap. I'm absolutely disgusted. Hogan either needs to keep his trap shut online, or actually make sure the storylines go the way he thinks they should go. Hogan saying he doesn't have that pull is total crap. This is the worst piece of drivel I've seen from Hogan since WCW.

In Ring Segment > D

I really don't want to see Sting face Hogan in the ring. Then again, if Hogan wants to turn heel, going after Sting like this is the way to do it. Is the limping old man going heel? I'd rather he just go home! The only reason this didn't fail was because of Sting, but even he shouldn't be reduced to working with the old man.

Video > F

Recapping Hogan and Sting already.

Backstage Segment > C

What exactly did Morgan mean by another Hogan mistake? Letting Sting go, or keeping Sting around? We know that Sting has been helping Morgan, so maybe something good could come of this.

Announce Segment > F

Well, at least we know Taz wears pants at announce! What was up with that table? There was big holes cut in it for monitors, but there wasn't any monitors in the holes. Nothing like looking bush league.

Video > D

More recapping? I know AJ used to be the face of TNA, but Hogan and Bisch have destroyed that, so why are they pushing him in this way?

In Ring Segment > C+

Storm to the ring gave me hope, especially since Brian was out there to ref, but I really didn't expect AJ to work the ring. It was mentioned on announce that they were in a dry county. I was surprised when Storm was talking about getting a drink because Jesse had already told me that it was a dry county.

The segment didn't quite go as I expected, but it did shape up into a decent looking match. So much for AJ.

DOC & Garett & Brisco vs Storm & Angle & EY > B+

Garett looked quite ineffectual in that ring until he hit his clothesline. Even after that he didn't look at all scary, as he should in A&8's. EY looked better in the ring against Garett and then Brisco, than he has the past couple years – other than Lockdown. I don't know what EY's been eating, but it agrees with him!

Storm hit quite the body drop on Garett, really put some power behind it and Garett landed a bit wrong, but he got back up. And speaking of stiff moves, the big boot EY took from DOC was sick! I was a bit shocked to see EY climbs back into the ring. That A&8's stole another win from Angle, Storm and EY continues to build to something really big. Yes, A&8's lost at Lockdown, but there's so much to come.

Winners – A&8's (14:38)

Backstage Segment > B+

Wow, Anderson sure came back from his crappy showing at the start of the show! I guess he was just having a bad moment earlier, because Anderson was ON here!

Backstage Segment > A

I love me some Sonjay Dutt, but Mason Andrews? Okay, I don't care, I just saw Petey Williams! I honestly rewound for a moment just to check and see if I did see Petey Williams. That's someone who should be X Division Champ! Okay, I'd be fine with Dutt being Champ too. Someone really needs to get the X Division revamped to what it once was, and those are two men who should be greatly involved. I'm extremely jealous of Jesse at this moment. I have actually lost most of my jealousy as much of this show has been terrible, but seeing Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt in the ring together would make my week.

Hardy vs Anderson > B

I was honestly not expecting a whole heck of a lot from this match, but they both stepped up and gave us a solid ten minutes of ring work. I won't say it was overly exciting or interesting, but it was a decent match. I was quite impressed with the way Hardy ended it. The means justify the end, and the loss of a match doesn't matter.

Winner – Anderson via DQ (10:48)

In Ring Segment > A-

Now this is where Hardy and Anderson really stepped up their game and gave the fans in Jonesboro a show. I again got jealous of the fans live in the arena. These two worked it hard! Hardy looked like he was at least ten years younger. This was the Hardy I tuned into Fox Sports to see ten years ago! Just beautiful jaw dropping work.

The one thing I didn't understand was that Bully didn't knock over the ladder in any way. I understand that it was a great place for Hardy to announce Full Metal Mayhem, but Bully is Bully and it's in his nature to do something like that! To me it feels like something was missing. Also feels as though this Full Metal Mayhem is TNA's way of fighting back against WrestleMania. It will be a sick match, but they're so far from fighting against WrestleMania.

Post Show

I have to say that too much of this show was just terrible. There was a couple of high points, but the majority of the show left a terrible taste in my mouth. After a show like this, I'm not sure I want to spend the money and enjoy getting lost in Boston (something I truly do enjoy – in the daylight) to see a TNA if I'm left this disappointed. On the other hand, Jesse has been sending me texts about next week's show, and I'm giddy. Then again, anytime we see Petey Williams or Sonjay Dutt, I'm a happy girl. The fact that we'll be seeing both of them, Adam Pearce and Magno in the ring, next week's show is shaping up to be a dandy. Now if they can only keep Hogan out of the mix.

Please, tell me, am I too hard on Hogan? Do I blame too much on him and Bisch? I'd really like to know what you think about that. Also, don't for Jesse along the left side of the ramp holding up hot pink signs. 'Hogan fears Richard Gray' and 'Wrestling News World .com Army' and 'Hogan = mark' and 'Greatest Man That Ever Lived' and 'Bad Influence' Let me know if you see any of his posters. I saw 'Bad Influence' as Impact started, but then I was so into the show and the Impact Viewing Party that I didn't see any others. I will be re-watching again this weekend to see if he made it on TV. Keep your eyes open on WNW and to see where Jesse's pictures from the show can be viewed.

One last thing. A woman behind Jesse had a seizure during the show. No clue who she is, or anything about her other than that she was taken out on a stretcher. If anyone knows anything, please let us know. I hope she is okay, and has no lasting effects from the incident.


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