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There's been very little going on with TNA since all these shows for the past couple weeks have been taped, and they're getting ready to head on the road. No one in the company has done anything stupid or unexpected, so there's little to talk about there. I will mention, because the last time we saw him on TV it was in TNA, I'm thrilled that Scott Hall seems to be in a good place with DDP and Jake Roberts. Hopefully he's in the place he needs to be, and will stay there as long as he needs to in able to stay clean, even if he ends up spending the rest of his life living with DDP. I also have to say that I'm blown away by the man DDP has become over the years. From manager, to wrestler, to guru. He's become someone very inspiring, and someone who I need to look at a little bit more closely. I hope you're as interested as I am when I write up a bio on him.

Show Starts

Video > B

I have to admit that a recap video of so many great matches makes me smile.

In Ring Segment > C+

While I have complained about Hogan's nepotism, and it really does disgust me, but Bully has deserved a WHC Match for a very long time. Bully deserves to be Champ more than so many others, and he doesn't have the time that so many others do. I'm the one who truly thought Bully should hang up his boots a couple years ago, but he's more than proved that he should still be in there, and is still at the top of his game. I'm in awe, and I always say I will fully admit when I'm wrong, and I was wrong about Bully. Further, I think Bully should win the WHC. It would be the perfect time, Bully as WHC Champ, for him and Brooke to show that their the leaders of A&8's.

So, Bully is 'injured' and wants to tag with an older guy (Sting), and a guy who can barely walk to the ring – never mind reach over and touch his own toes – to face three young and healthy guys from A&8's! Now, I know a lot of TNA's creative can get wonky, but that's downright stupid! I don't know how Bully came out with that idea without falling into laughter over the idea. I'm just baffled by TNA some nights.

Backstage Segment > B

I feel that Kaz keeps getting lost in these segments. Daniels is so over-the-top that Kaz seems to get lost in the shuffle. Add in Aries and Roode and Kaz has no chance! But I'm still loving Aries and Roode together, they're so strong, and a lot of fun.

8 Man Tag Match – Daniels & Kaz & Aries & Roode vs Chavo & Hernandez & Joseph & Storm > A-

Everyone in this match was fantastic. Even better than their physical moves was the character use within the ring, within those moves. These eight men, more than many, are as character driven as ring work driven – even though these guys are all really great in the ring – which makes their time in the ring that much more interesting and exciting. They were all great in this match – and I've been vocal about my dislike of tag matches with so many wrestlers – but it was Joseph who stile the show for me. He not only took most of the abuse, but his character is so lovable, and such the serious underdog, that you can't help but want to see him succeed. When you see watch this man in the ring, it's almost impossible to connect him with Abyss. He's truly amazed me.

The work in this match, while a bit bunched up, and confused, all looked really good. As I said, the characters added so much to this match, and made it that much better than the sum of the wrestling moves. It's because of how much fun, entertaining, silly, and heartwarming it was that I graded it higher than I would have if these four guys had gone out there and had a basic tag match. This is what being on the road seems to do for TNA, it makes the ring work better, it makes everything better. The wrestlers put more out there for the fans, because the fans give so much more back. I've been saying it for so long about the fans at the Impact Zone, and TNA being in the UK has proven what an excited fan base can do for a live wrestling show.

Winners – Joseph & Chavo & Hernandez & Storm (12:03)

Video > B

I understand this recap video. There's been little about Spud, so a recap makes sense.

Robbie E vs Rockstar Spud > B

I have to admit that someone spoiled Terry's face turn for me, as I was very late starting Impact this week, but I didn't care about the spoiler because I was so thrilled about the turn that I didn't care! Spud is one little guy, but his charisma is seven feet tall. I will admit that I was worried about who he might work the ring with, but his first clothesline on Robbie looked really stiff! The roleup looked bit fake, but put him in the ring with some of the X Division wrestlers and Spud could really look great. Just don't put him in with Ion!

It's been a long time since we've seen Terry work the ring, I'm hoping his skills have improved. He's always been an amazing physical specimen, and he's been showing more personality through his face turn, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his ring work has improved to round Terry out.

Winner Spud (2:39)

Backstage Segment > D-

I know I've said this before, but I really don't understand what Jessie is doing in TNA. He's a drain of money for no payback. I don't see as anyone watches the shows to see him, he's dragging Tara down, and I'm sure he doesn't sell merch. He really needs to go away.

Four Way Elimination Knockouts Championship Match – Tara (c) vs Velvet Sky vs Tessmacher vs Gail Kim > A

It's very nice to see Velvet in flattering ring gear again. I can understand trying new outfits, but that one piece number just didn't work on her. Beyond that, I was hoping for a lot from this match, but wasn't expecting a lot because the Knockouts haven't given us what they used to – meaning before Hogan and Bisch came in. I was excited when I found out it was an Elimination Match, and was in awe from the bell.

All four looked so great in this match that if it wasn't for who was in the match, I might have thought this was an old Knockouts Match. Tara looked strong, but she needed to be eliminated first because it shows how much Jessie has helped her. Tessmacher eliminated second made sense in some ways, but I'd still like to see Velvet and Tessmacher face each other. But the way the match ended with the solid work between Velvet and Kim, it felt right.

Those women worked that ring hard, and the fans gave them proper reaction for all they did. That was one sick powerbomb/superplex those Knockouts hit, and the fans let them know it. Hopefully with TNA on the road, the Knockouts will get the fan reaction they should, and will be giving us better matches because of it. This was just stellar, and I hope for more, lots more!

Winner – Velvet Sky (8:33)

Video > C

Stacy says that TNA must think we drink a lot during the show because they just keep replaying the same stuff over and over!

Backstage Segment > C

Sting saying he wants Hogan in the ring made me wonder how he kept a straight face. Bully was cute, but cute doesn't carry a match with a fogie like Hogan.

Video > F

Okay, so AJ is going to say something next week, that's cool, but why did they have to take another chunk out of this really solid wrestling show to tell us that. Give us a recap video next week, then bring in AJ. It's not like we're going to forget who AJ is, or what's happened with him! This is just more lost time that TNA didn't need to throw away.

Video > C

Why are they recapping the history of Angle, Garett, and Wes?

Garett vs Joe > B

Garett still has too much of a little boy face to be a really great heel to me. Even though I see his father in his face, he still is too baby faced for me to see him as anything but a baby face. Further, I don't believe Garett getting anything over on Joe. I can understand that they want him to look stronger, but this is Joe, and Garett got his job through nepotism!

Okay, I will admit that Garett had improved by leaps and bounds. His first couple matches made me want to cry, but he's better in his moves and his selling. He's really improving and showing that he might have gotten the job for his name, but he's keeping it through hard work. For me, that's really impressive. Too many people rest on their laurels, and he isn't. It doesn't mean I think he can at all hold his own against Joe, but he's proving he's more than just his father's son.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Wes and Angle in a cage. I think that will really show what Wes has to give, even though being in the ring will almost automatically make him look better than if he was in the ring with someone green, like when he faced Garett.

Winner – Joe via DQ (5:07)

X Division Title Match – RVD (c) vs Kenny King > D+

I'd love to say that this X Division Match kept my attention, held me rapt through the entire six minutes, but it didn't. I honestly couldn't tell you what happened, and that's more telling than anything. The fans love RVD, and for good reason, but TNA has dulled him down so much that I think the fans are cheering for what RVD once was, not what he's done over the past couple years.

Right now I'm bored. Bored by RVD. Bored by Kenny King. Bored by the X Division. There's nothing good happening there, and that's what brought so many of us into TNA in the first place. Through all the great wrestling we've been seeing from TNA while they were in the UK, the X Division is still suffering in a huge way. Hopefully someone will save the Division, but at this point I think it's gasping for breath and everyone's just walking by and ignoring it.

Winner – RVD (6:21)

Backstage Segment > B-

While I don't want to see Hogan in the ring, that really was a sweet moment between father and daughter. "Tell them to protect you!" from Brooke is more telling than anything. I honestly don't know how she sat back while her father headed to the ring. That man should not be wrestling, no matter what anyone says.

Video > F

So, Hardy had this horrible injury because of A&8's, so he couldn't go to the UK, but now he's perfectly fine and can defend his ugly belt? I call shenanigans!

Sting & Bully & Hogan vs A&8's (Devon & Anderson & DOC) > B

I was very against Anderson being anything but bright blond, but his dark hair really works with his heel turn and his move to A&8's. He's really fallen into this new role well, and it's nice to see he's found a spot and isn't flailing around the way he had been.

Both Bully and Sting looked really solid in the ring, and held their own as much as possible being out numbered. I said early on that this match was a daft idea, and they proved it. Yes, Bully and Sting looked pretty good, but why put together a match like this in the first place? It seems like lazy creative to me.

Beyond that, I have to say I was thrilled to see Hogan didn't come to the ring, but I also knew what that meant. So Hogan didn't work the ring, and that's just fantastic, but he looked horrible coming out all 'beaten up' by A&8's. He could barely move to sell his 'injuries.' I will say that Brooke is dressing better for getting dragged around by A&8's. Her boobs didn't pop out, and she wore skivvies that matched her dress, so when her bum hung out it wasn't a total mess with shocking pink or something else hanging out.

Taz finished the show beautifully with, "It's a good day to be a bad guy!"

Winners – Bully & Sting via DQ (11:28)

Post Show

I have decided to change things up this week and have someone different recap the show and tie up the loose ends. Jesse Sherwood is a writer looking for a his spot in WNW. Not only is he a good writer, but he has a solid grasp of professional wrestling and refreshing thoughts on both the industry and the wrestlers who keep it exciting. Please be kind as it's his first time out of the blocks, but also please be honest!

Jesse Sherwood

Tonight as I sat here watching Impact, I realized why I keep watching the show, despite the many areas that it needs work on. It is the focus on the superior wrestling product. We had six excellent matches tonight, each in their own way. The 8-man tag match was an excellent way to show the personalities of each of the men in the match, without anyone getting overshadowed. The match between Rockstar Spud and Robbie E was great in that it showcased a new talent's best points, i.e. his high flying style, without making Robbie E look bad, which we all know is hard in its own right. What else can I say about the Knockout's Title match that hasn't already been said? They work harder in that ring than some of the men do! This is how women's wrestling should be handled, with the same respect as everyone else. Joe versus Garrett was just a good, rough, brawling match and was much more than I expected when we heard of the match. Then the X Division Title match proved to me why they need to revamp the division, but in a good way. The X Division has always been about flash, and that's what we had tonight. It was a quick, flashy match that, if not for the Knockouts, would have easily been the match of the night.

Finally, we had the main event. Normally, I would bemoan a second multi-man tag match in a two hour show as repetitive, but they did something tonight that surprised me. Bully Ray, Sting, and Aces and 8’s told more story and furthered more of a storyline than the entire show did at that point. While that may something for the show as a whole, I thought it was fantastic for the individual match.

While I have kept positive for the wrestling, I can't say the same for the show overall. We are only two and a half weeks out from a major PPV with the major bouts only now being decided. If a company is going to cut down their PPVs for the purpose of giving us better builds and cost-cutting, I expect that both reasons be fulfilled. So far, the only storyline with any advancement is Aces and 8's, which has needed a fire lit under it for a while. Tonight, we had 46:11 in wrestling. Compare that to Raw at 46:46. Before anyone says that to me, I know that is apples to oranges, but we had practically no progress tonight towards the PPV except at the beginning and end of the show. Otherwise, it was just recaps of the start of the show and videos. And I think it just boils down to the fact that they made a bad decision of not being able to have their champion overseas. Let's face it, the champion is the cornerstone of the company, and when he can't be on TV for weeks at a time, the product will suffer.

I would like to thank everyone for their time and Kendra for giving me a platform to be able to express my views.

KB & Jesse

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