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I want to start by saying that I really do love TNA and would love to see them become a competitive company that could only push the other wrestling companies (yes, I mean both WWE and ROH) to do better. I believe that TNA could be big it was not plagued by horrible mismanagement, massive power struggles, and a glaring lack of advertising. They have some spectacular wrestlers and performers on the roster, a solid arena to work from, and a TV deal – something that can be very hard to secure – and yet they can't get past a certain level. Some would even say they've slid backward in recent years. When Vince Russo is fleeing, it has to be bad!

Now, TNA would not have made it past that first year if not for Dixie Carter and Panda Energy buying into the company. The fact that they bought 71% of the company for $250,000 had to look good at the time. That would have been petty cash for Panda, but since then it has been quite the money pit. Dixie has the education, and appears to have done well in business – marketing, advertising – between working for other companies and running her own, yet she constantly seems to be at a loss to what TNA needs. A number of the more executive roles were filled by people who had made their name with Panda, yet that didn't even seem to help them.

Personally I think bringing in Hogan and Bisch was the biggest mistake Dixie could have made and she still doesn't seem to have realized this. I've stated over and over a lot of mistakes that I feel Hogan and Bisch have made, so I'm not going to babble on about those, but I will say that I'm disgusted at them for appearing to take advantage of an easy situation for themselves and their children. I wonder how they would handle things if it was their own money on the line.

Looks like there's even more upheaval in TNA this week. It seems as thought we can't turn around without something interesting going down. I don't want to go too much into it as Richard posted about it in Premium and it's not my place to say too much about it outside of that. But I will say that I agree with Janice that TNA is a serious money pit. I just wonder how long it will be before Mummy and Daddy pull the plug on Dixie's venture into professional wrestling.

Show Starts

Backstage Segment > A-

That was a great way to start Impact! I had my page all set up and ready to write about the opening video, html tags and all, but finally TNA gave us something new and interesting to start the show. I'm very impressed, and they didn't have to start a fire to get our attention!

Aries & King vs Roode & Ion > A+

Aries looked just sick in this match, but he always does. Aries might not be on my top five sexy list, but he is on my top five best wrestlers list and top five best performers list. I also love me some Kenny King in TNA. The double team work of these guys is just sick! The way Aries spun into the ring on Ion was just beautiful. Actually, there was so many great moves from Aries and King that I can't even name them all. This is as wrestling should be!

And why does TNA booking let Ion fly out of the ring onto anyone? The boy is not ready for this type of work and I flinch more when he flies than when Angle takes a bump to his neck! I was impressed with Earl taking a bump, but because it wasn't booked, he brushed it off.


Posting Dixie's Tweets would make sense if she was tweeting during the show, instead of posting Tweets she made much earlier in the day. The thing about Twitter is that it's face paced and up to the minute, but not for TNA.

What I will say is that Roode is dang good at playing the heel! The man knows what a tag match is about and how to work it in a way that makes it look mostly realistic. Then there was the end of this match – WOW!

Winners – Aries & King (15:01)

Video > C+

Taz made a bit deal about this recap starting, as if this was what we'd been waiting for all along. And the video wasn't bad, until the end where asked if Storm can be trusted! That was a bit much, even for TNA's need to be overly dramatic. I will admit I'm a bit burnt out on the recapping, and I'll try not to take it out on TNA, but I will be tough with them, as I am with the WWE.

Backstage Segment > B+

I love how Sting is more willing to ask questions than run on rumor. I was waiting for him to backhand Hervey, but I can't take my feelings for Bisch out on Hervey.

In Ring Segment > B

I find it very interesting that Storm is the name that's getting sucked into all this. Not many men could pull off that shirt Storm wore, and Storm's not one of them. Just a bit busy for him. But I will say he was really solid on mic, but he almost always is. Then there's Angle who holds up four fingers, but says Storm ran off eight guys. This whole thing felt a bit weak, though Storm sold it at the end with his mad face.

Video > D-

Yeah, now I'm annoyed. We're not even getting a real segment to carry the storyline, but we're getting the recap video. Weak, very weak.

Backstage Segment > C+

That scarf with those appletinis is getting to be a bit much. I will give Daniels credit for playing his character to the end! Can't say Kaz is believable, but that's Kaz for you. Baby shower? When was the last time we saw one of those in pro wrestling? I think it was when Lita was 'preggers' with Kane's baby. I seem to remember a picture of what the baby would look like – a terribly mish-mosh of Lita and Kane's face. What do Daniels and Kaz have up their sleeves.

BFG Series Match – Bully vs Robbie E > C-

It's rare that I want to see Bully come out of a match on top, but I just don't like the Robbie E character and what little they're letting him do in the ring. Actually, that wasn't very good at all for either of them. Where did Abyss/Joseph go? What happened to his feud with Joseph?

Winner – Bully (0:56)

Backstage Segment > D+

Earl looked a mess handing Madison those 'gifts'! He was quite bumbling, but Kim sure got the point. Actually, I thought Kim looked a little overly made up. Her skin was either too dark, or her eye makeup was off in a strange way. She just didn't look like the elegant Kim I adore, no matter if she's heel or face.

# 1 Contender Match – Tara vs Madison vs Kim vs Mickie > B-

Well I have to say this wasn't the best Knockouts match, but it was solid. The added interest between Madison and Earl made it that much more interesting. Earl only seemed to yell at Mickie for working on Madison, but let Tara work Madison over without issue. That I found rather odd. But what really brought me in was that superplex on Tara. Kim is about the only on I'd trust to hit a move like that. The blatant throwing of the match by Earl will be leading to interesting things, but it's crappy to see others get bent over the apron for the storyline.

Winner – Madison (7:26)

Video > C+

I will let it go as it's the top of the hour recap, but I'm not thrilled with all of these recaps.

Backstage Segment > B+

Roode is so great on mic. Aries as well. This is going to be a fun main event.

Backstage Segment > B

I have to admit that I enjoyed watching Sting talk to Brooke. She handled it pretty well. Even after getting the envelop, I liked how she removed the mic and took off. Honestly, I hate to admit all of that, but playing the worried and scared daughter worked. That's where she fits best, not as the executive in charge of Knockouts. I feel so strongly about that that I refused to even capitalize the job title when it comes to her.

Backstage Segment > B

Wait, EY's fishing show was on this past Monday, how could it be debuting this weekend? Either way, EY is a riot, and I loved that ODB is still waiting for her fried chicken. They are cheapening the Knockouts Tag Titles, and they need to be off ODBEY, but I do still like them together. I'm glad they've at least addressed the issue of them not defending the Titles and that EY is a dude. Hopefully something will come of it soon.

Chavito w/ Hernandez vs Kidd Kash w/ Gunner > A-

It was nice to see Hector on Spanish announce and Chavito grandmother in the audience. Beyond that, it was nice to see Chavito in the ring and really putting it all out there. Chavito is someone I have never seen live and I would go to a TNA house show just to see him – that is if they ever return to Maine! Kidd off the top was sick, but then Chavito getting his knees up was even sicker! Head scissors didn't lock up well for Chavito, but Kidd went with it. The way Chavito came over the top and rolled, then the three amigos followed by the 5 star frog splash brought tears to my eyes. I miss Eddie so much, but I'm so glad we get to see Chavito in the ring again. While putting him together with Hernandez is a bit of a cliché, I think they will be wonderful together and they're setting up for a nice feud with Kidd and Gunner. While this wasn't the best of matches, it was exciting and entertaining. I think I was a little loose with the grade because it was Chavito's return to TV in the ring. I'll get a bit tougher next time.

Winner – Chavito (4:43)

Backstage Segment > D+

Again, so much for not playing a character on Impact. And she's AJ's boss! As if she hasn't spoken to him. Too much of a farce for me!

Backstage Segment > C

I love the paper on that package Daniels was carrying. Wonder where I can find that paper? Sorry, chick moment, I'll recover.

Video > B+

I have to say I really liked the Hardcore Justice promo. The x-rays of broken bones, how they showed the wrestlers involved in the big matches. Not bad from TNA's production crew. There taking things a step up.

Backstage Segment > B

Wes Brisco? Interesting! Guy has a nice look. Wonder how he can go? Garett and Devon in was cool, but that strap over Devon's shoulder really looks like ass. Why are they showing that belt so closely on TV? ARG!

In Ring Segment > C+

I will say that Clair is doing well selling this pregnancy. Walking with her hand on her belly made it looked that much better, until she left the ring in a huff and seemed to forget to be pregnant. Daniels giving the audience a stay in school yell was great, but not as great as Kaz playing with the doll. Well, it was decent until she went off on AJ through the camera. I understand pregnancy hormones (not personally), but that was a little scary. I'm still calling that the baby has to be Daniels. Also, she hasn't gotten any bigger in the past weeks since she debuted on Impact. Either the baby isn't growing, or she's not really pregnant. Goodness, they wouldn't lie to us like that, would they? There were cute moments here, but most of this fell flat for me, even with Daniels being as on as he was.

Backstage Segment > A-

Yay, Joseph is back! Joseph and his using words such as kayfabe, too funny. When Joseph hit that black hole slam and forgot, I thought it was obvious where this storyline was going, and I think they're doing a great job with it. The only thing I don't like is that they seemed to have dropped the storyline between Joseph and Bully. Those two were golden together. Kayfabe, kayfabe, kayfabe!

Bound For Glory Leaderboard

1- Joe47
2- Storm45
3- Angle 41
4- Anderson40
5- Hardy28
- RVD28
7- Daniels26
8- Magnus21
- Bully21
10- AJ16
11- Pope7
12- Robbie E5

I have to say I find it interesting that Joe is ahead in the standings when they really haven't seemed to be pushing him much, but Storm and Angle who have been pushed are behind him.

BFG Series Match - Storm vs Angle > A-

I thought that all these guys were going to be ringside for this match, but they only slowly trickled in. I expected it to end up more like an unofficial lumberjack match. Beyond that Angle and Storm looked as wonderful as ever. Those two men can go!


Yay, ten seconds of wrestling and another set of commercials. I know it's to keep us interested, but I find it distracting as I want to get into the match.


Storm hit Orton's DDT, wonder if Orton is going to get pissy about that. Actually, it seems as though there's been a lot of passing around of bigger and more interesting moves lately. Storm hits a move like Jericho's code breaker. I just know some people have been complaining about stolen moves, and I wonder what else might come up from this.

Angle kicking Storm in the ring looked terrible! Okay, for anyone else I wouldn't have cared as much, but this is freaking Angle! That Storm lasted as long through the ankle lock, then hit the last call was sweet!

Maybe it's me, maybe it's the commercials that took so long, but this match just didn't hold me the way the opening match did, even though they were of similar lengths. I love and respect Storm and Angle, but they just don't have those jaw dropping moments that Aries, Roode and King do. So while a lovely match, it just didn't entertain or inspire the way the opening match did.

Winner – Storm +7 (13:44)

In Ring Segment > B+

So Aces & 8's didn't hit the ring and it's all Storm's fault. I guess it makes sense, and it would be a great way to turn Storm heel if they go this way. Either way, it sets up for an interesting storyline.

Post Show

There was over forty minutes of wrestling on this show. Knockouts, X Division guys, the WHC, Angle, Storm, and even Chavito. Two of those matches were over around the fifteen minute mark! While some of the storylines were a bit weak, they weren't all weak, so they did a solid job of surrounding the matches with things that worked. The baby shower wasn't the best, but not the worst, Joseph with Sting was just hysterical, and ODBEY made me smile, if annoy me for not doing something with their belts.

Speaking of belts, when was the last time we saw Devon defend that manky belt he's been carrying around? What happened to the TV Title being defended on every episode of Impact? I'm not saying that the wrestling we saw was bad, just that TNA isn't standing up and doing what they said they would. I know I shouldn't be shocked, actually, I'm more annoyed than anything. And then there's that belt. How are they not terribly embarrassed by the condition of that thing!


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