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TNA Blog Zone - Scroode Continues To Impact The BFG Series

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So Eric Bischoff is in charge of creative now. I was under the impression that all creative had to go through Bisch for approval, so I don't see much of a difference, but that's just me.

Because of something that came up in the Impact Open Thread Party, I started looking at the length of matches on RAW and Impact. Someone stated that Impact's matches were much shorter than those on RAW (this being from someone who loves the WWE and has troubles seeing past all the WWE does). Earlier today I did some basic math. Now please, don't go back and tell me where my math was off, I did basic averages from random episodes of RAW and Impact from this past summer. I didn't pick and choose short matches from one show and long matches from the other, I used every match from each episode of the shows I took from. What came about was rather interesting. First off, RAW's matches average shorter with and without the main event averaged in. Without the main events, RAW match averages 5:16 each, but with the main event, it's 7:18. Impact, on the other hand has fewer matches, but it's also an hour less, but TNA shows five matches each week with the times averaging 9:25 without the main events, and 9:47 with the main events.

What that shows me is that Impact gives us longer, more solid matches throughout the show, rather than trying to play make-up in the main event. I knew RAW had been giving us many short matches, but I hadn't realized just how short the averages were until I started working over the numbers. I'm quite impressed with TNA after looking at the numbers, and this is coming from someone who avoids maths when at all possible.

Show Starts

Backstage Segment > A-

Verbally harassing Tenay? Love it! Bully made the segment that much better. What a fun little segment!

Video > C

Yawn, recap video. Not horrible, just nothing to write home about.

In Ring Segment > B+

Bully was solid on mic, as per usual. He's so strong on mic, so it's a great role for him. Sabin, on the other hand, really stepped things up here. He was a bit off with the full of crap thing, but after that he stepped up his mic work something serious.

Brooke came out and did a great job of things. I miss seeing the chemistry between Bully and Brooke. TNA might have played their hand with Bully's stip, but we will have to see on that one. I'll be very upset if Sabin loses the strap this quickly. There's many swerves they could pull from here, and I hope they do. I'm thrilled that another contract signing didn't turn into a brawl.

BFG Series – Hardy vs Joe > A-

As expected, Hardy and Joe were solid coming off the bell. This episode of Impact was stacked with some solid matches. Hardy's green paint helped Joe's ring gear's cohesiveness. That paint sure does run everywhere! Beyond that, their ring work was sick! They handled themselves as I expected, in and out of the ring, and did so with such panache! Those two work the ring together so gracefully. The high flying, submission holds and near falls really heightened the work between them. The ending was a bit cheap, but it's hard to pick a clean winner between those two.

Winner – Hardy +7(11:59)

Video > B

Daniels really slapped down his supposed bestie in this segment. Looks like it might be the end of Bad Influence – at least for a while.

BFG Series – Magnus vs Anderson > B+

I wasn't looking forward to this match when I first saw it listed. Anderson hasn't shown a lot in the ring recently, and I wasn't sure he could hold his own with Magnus, but he sure showed me wrong. The work with Magnus in this match was solid, and reminded me where the WWE really dropped the ball. It's too long between Anderson matches in TNA, and that's one place they're dropping the ball. Anderson might have been a bit more ground and pound to Magnus' finesse in the ring, but they made it work between them really well. I'm quite impressed, and I'd love to see them work together more after the BFG Series is over.

What the heck was that ending all about? Wait, that makes perfect sense! At first I couldn't figure out what Roode was doing, but he screwed the top guy in the BFG Series out of ten points. That's just fantastic booking, and a great swerve! Bravo TNA and Roode!

Winner – Anderson via DQ (6:35)

Backstage Segment > B+

Nice to see Roode going back to his great work on mic. He was quite solid here, and the Roode I've been missing! Guess he's been too wishy-washy to have enough heart and passion lately.

Backstage Segment > B+

Magnus was a good sport with Brian Hebner. Brian looked a bit worried, and I wonder if there's something more to come. Did we see a possible heel side of Magnus peeping out at Brian, or is Magnus going to take it all out on Roode? Either way, Magnus left so much question there and handled himself so well that it's obvious that he's the future of TNA.

Backstage Segment > D

Bro-Mans before romance? That was better than Mickie's eyes bugging out of her face trying to show what a bad girl she is. What does she think she's doing? It's not acting, that's for sure! What happened to the Mickie that went heel on Trish? That girl had a clue, this Mickie is coming off as trashy, cheesy and kind of lame – and not as if it's her character either.

Video > D

I'm not at all impressed with the Ortiz thing, and didn't want to see the mess recapped.

Backstage Segment > B

More backstage segments? This is the 4th in a row. Sabin, Sting and Angle handled it well, but so many in a row just kills the energy of the show for me.

In Ring Segment > B

Honestly, I don't dislike Ortiz. I just dislike Ortiz in TNA in what seems like a longer term situation than one or two shows. Angle did what he's been doing, and it worked well. Bully did what he does, and it worked as well. Does it mean I want to see more MMA fighters in TNA? No, but the segment wasn't horrible for what it was. I hope TNA does well with this, but the start was really rough for me.

ODB & Gunner & Storm vs Robbie & Jessie & Mickie > B-

Mickie's not falling out of her ring gear – at least up top – that's a step in the right direction. It was also dang nice to see Gunner and Storm back on Impact. There's been too little of them lately. Between the BFG Series and the releases, it makes sense that they've not had a lot to do, but hopefully something will happen soon for them. Something better than the Bro-Mans! Robbie and Jessie are so out-classed in the ring with Gunner and Storm. They look so green and useless taking their moves, and trying to hit their own. Storm and Gunner, on the other hand, looked like a well oiled machine. It's obvious that they've been working together and really honing their teaming. It's obvious and impressive.

Winners – Storm & Gunner & ODB (4:16)

In Ring Segment > C-

Why was it a mixed tag match if they were never tagged in? I guess it was to continue showing the issues between Kim and ODB, and how dirty Mickie will fight, but I thought it was a waste of the Knockouts talents in that match, even Mickie's skills.

Backstage Segment > B

Kaz came back really well on mic. This is better than I've heard him in months, and it's about time!

Backstage Segment > A-

I love The Dudley Boyz! Their chemistry is something that is almost palpable! The arguing is funny, but even better was Bully taking Devon's single word for his own after screwing up their reigns.

BFG Series – Kaz vs Daniels > B

The match really didn't look like much until the pushing really started. I was hoping that this was the start of something really strong between them, but then they left the ring and really swerved us all. I would have loved to see this match, and we will at some point, but the swerve was quite well executed. It's nice to see that TNA is willing to mess with their fans. Is this Bisch's hand in things? If it is, I like it!

Double Coutout (4:04)

In Ring Segment > B+

I don't see Roode sticking with Bad Influence for very long, but while they're together, it could be great! Roode, again was fantastic on mic, and I'm liking that there's another faction forming. Three factions in TNA is nice to see, and it makes me wonder just where creative might be going. Some are saying that A&8's are starting to get stale, is this the next heel faction that's going to start squirping in? What other factions could be forming?

Bully & Devon vs Sabin & Angle > B+

I loved watching the work between Sabin and Bully. They looked great together, and set up wonderfully for their next big match. Further, Devon and Bully still have the team chemistry that made them stars in the first place. They're one of the best, if not the best tag team ever, for a reason, and they still have it. Angle looked solid in the ring, but knowing what I know now, I wonder how much his demons have been chasing him around. Swagger was daft enough to imbibe at work, was Angle? I hate asking these questions because I know it's how rumors get started, but I do NOT mean anything by this! I'm just pondering.

Devon looks like he's put on some of the weight he'd lost when he and Bully broke up. It's not hurting his ring work, just that he doesn't look like he kept the weight off. Then again, I know how much harder it can be to take and keep weight off the older we get, and I'm not on the road the way these guys are. But it hasn't effected his ring work, he and Bully just keep going like they're so much younger than they are!

Winners – AJ & Angle (16:40)

Post Show

During Anderson's match with Magnus Taz said that no one likes him anymore. Heck, he doesn't even like himself. The pissed off attitude into the self loathing was quite strange. Was that character, or Taz getting bored with it all? That man is so much better standing up than sitting behind that announce desk. I'd love it if they found a new role for him, because the one he's in just doesn't work.

Impact is a two hour show with 43.34 minutes of wrestling from five matches. That averages out to over eight and a half minutes, and I think that's solid. It's a bit lower than the overall average from the summer, but there was a lot of strong moments in this episode, both in and outside the ring. They've really set up well for Hardcore Justice, and I just cannot wait!

Queen of WNW

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