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TNA Blog Zone – She Should Go Back To Designing Women

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Dixie (1)

I have spent this past week tweaking out about how I was NOT going to go read the spoilers! It is so hard knowing that the spoilers are sitting right there, and it would be easy to just check them out, but I don't, and I won't. But I will admit that it's not easy.

Show Starts

Opening Commercial > B

I love the ODBEY chemistry! And, I cannot believe I'm saying this, but Miss Inept wasn't horrid against ODBEY here!

Backstage Segment > B

Magnus was solid on mic, making no qualms about his loss, other than EGO getting involved. Here's the feud between MEM and EGO.

In Ring Segment > B+

Magnus really sold well here! He was obviously still struggling from his big match with AJ, but came out and talked up how bad his past week has been since his match, and the fans ate it up! Magnus showed that it's possible for them to tape two shows in a row and make it work – if booked right and handled well by the wrestlers.

EGO is really forming into a solid team, so solid that they could be a force to be reckoned with, especially for MEM, since they're down to three members suddenly. And I have to say that Joe always impresses the heck out of me in moments like this! That man, the one many call 'too fat' to be great, rushes that ring faster and better than almost any other wrestlers on the roster. Joe might not be svelte, but he moves better than most men a fraction his weight.

Video > N/A

Honestly, I'm so over video recaps right now that I'm ignoring them.

Backstage Segment > B+

That was a rather subtle start to a heel turn. His mic work without Shelley has been getting better and better, so I think he should be solid as a heel. I don't like that he and Velvet are going to be a power couple, but I guess it will give them a reason to feud with Bully and Tessmacher, or ODBEY at some point soon?

Hardy vs Manik > B&D-

I really don't understand how Hardy not landing his feet to Manik's face in the corner and landing on the mat makes his landing so much lighter than if he misses Manik's face with his feet. It's like the missed drop kicks hurting so much. Some of these moves just don't hurt any more if they're missed than if they're hit.

And then there's the booking... Why have someone, even the golden boy Hardy, beat one of the champions the way he did. It was a solid little match, but the key word being LITTLE. Barely over four minutes and Hardy trashes Manik so easily? So much for Manik and the X Division Championship! The ring work was good, but they made Manik and his strap look like nothing in under five. Not smart!

So the work was good, as was Sabin's attack on Manik after the match – though a little obvious – but the booking hurt this match in a HUGE way. They leave TJ under the hood, then make him look weak and ineffectual – way to go TNA creative and booking!

Winner – Hardy (4:03)

Backstage Segment > B+

Sabin really sold his heel here! I'm liking it, and hoping this means that Velvet will be going after the Knockouts Title soon. This heel turn seems to be perfectly timed for a number of reasons.

Knockouts Title Match – Mickie James (c) vs ODB > B+

First off, I love that they gave the Knockouts some solid time to work this match, unlike the previous match. Some of the moves in this match were a bit slow, and deliberate, but it seemed as though ODB was waiting for Mickie too much of the time. On the other hand, Mickie looked more ring ready than she has much of her time in TNA. Other than worrying that she was going to fall out of her bottoms, Mickie looked fairly solid – not too scrawny, and not a bit chunky in the middle (hey, if you don't have it, don't wear something that flaunts it – if has nothing to do with envy at this point).

Some might say that ODB oversells some moves, but I say it's her staying in character. ODB's character is more over-the-top than most, and so she should sell as such. The same goes for her hubby EY! Speaking of which, I love that they've carried their storyline marriage over to EY's fishing show. It just adds that extra bit of reality to it that so many wrestlers miss these days.

I love that EY and Joseph came out to celebrate with ODB. Joseph has added so much to EY, and vice versa. The three of them together could be a lot of fun, but I'm not sure about Joseph's chocolate milk. Though I have to agree with Taz hoping it was Bailey's!

Winner & new Knockouts Champ – ODB (10:55)

EY vs Robbie E > B-

3rd wheel hamster loser, bro! Huh? The talk about how short this match was had me laughing. They beat Bryan and Sheamus at WM! I'm not sure if the mic work or the fact that EY beat Robbie so fast left me laughing, but it looks like they're building for something. Add Mickie to the Bromance and you have a threesome to go after... Okay, that all sounds horribly dirty, I'll stop here. You know what I'm trying to say.

Winner – EY (0:13)

Joseph vs Robbie E > B

Even though I didn't write the BZ last night, I did time the matches. I was about on the floor when I saw how quickly this match ended. The problem I had was how long it took to get to the match. They set it up, had some commercials, then showed a blurb of them getting the fans riled from the ring, then back to more commercials. I really don't understand why TNA does that, but I think it has the opposite effect that they're after. If this was the Monday Night War, it would work really well to keep the fans into it all and focused, but this is TNA at the brink of failure, it's moribund and I'm not sure there's anything that can be done to stop it.

It was funny that EY pushed Joseph out of the way and Joseph finished Robbie the same way EY did, and in even shorter time. I love that Joseph turned into Abyss, but what I hope is that Joseph didn't blade to get the blood needed for the turn. He oversells his return, but it's still better than Luke Gallows snapping in and out of it with the ring bell in the WWE. And while I'm not thrilled with the Bromance, it might be better to have the two comedic teams feuding to keep it all to one segment a show.

Winner – Joseph (0:06)

Video > B

I said I wasn't going to comment on the videos, but we got to see AJ and Magnus finishing their match, and AJ hitting spiral tap. That right their deserves big props.

In Ring Segment > B+

Personally I think it's Bully who should be wearing a collar and the chain leash, but that's just my personal feelings on it. But more than that, the OTP got talking about Bully fetishes and I was about to barf! I thought he played his character well, and helped move A&8's into the next incarnation of the group. All we need is and back!

I thought Knux handled himself really well on mic, better than I thought he could. I don't know where he got the black eye, but it added to the whole look. Even if they didn't hand Anderson to lead them (?) I think Knux would be able to lead the group himself, though the group is rather sad with him leading only Garett and Wes.

I also have to mention that when Bully went off about Knux calling Tessmacher a ho, Stacy said that Bully should have told him, "She's not just any ho, she's my ho!"

Backstage Segment > B+

They are handling the issues with MEM being down to three really well. And the pep talks are always great with Sting and Joe!

Gunner vs Hernandez > B

So, how did Chavo get injured between him staggering to the ring last week, and him limping and staggering to the ring this week – even though they were barely an hour apart. As I said last week, I'm not going to say that Chavo was drunk or on any other substances, but he really didn't look steady on his feet, and was slurring his words. He didn't look any better in this segment, and I really wonder if he's okay.

I have to say that Gunner is one intense man, and he threw Hernandez around that ring like he was half his size. I will say the fallaway slap Gunner hit on Hernandez had me a bit tweaked that Hernandez was going to land on Gunner's face, but he muscled through it.

Honestly, this was as strong as Hardy vs Manik, possibly better because it didn't have the booking implications of that match.

Winner – Gunner (4:18)

Main Event – Main Event Mafia vs EGO > A-

I love how Sting comes out and clears the ring with his ball bat. He's one man who has taken his weapon and made it into a huge part of his character. That's why he's a legend! Also, it was nice to see Sting work a huge part of this match, and take bumps like a man half his age.

I was really into this match. The back and forth work between the two teams was solid, and they showed what a 6 man tag match can really be. Normally I think any tag matches with more than four people end up too crowded and disorienting to watch, but this one wasn't. Maybe it's because Sting was in it, so he added his insight into the booking? Either way, this was a solid match that was quite enjoyable to watch. It's nice that at least one of the matches from the male wrestlers was really great.

Winners – EGO (14:26)

Backstage Segment > B

I thought that was a really solid segment for Hogan, but possibly because he wasn't trying to hard to be loved. He really came across well here, and sold so much more with his facial expression than he ever could with his brother, brother!

In Ring Segment > C&F--

There was so much talk during the OTP during this segment, in fact we broke our previous comments record because of this segment. A lot of talk, most of it not very nice, and many people wanting to see what I was going to say about this segment here. I'm going to pick it apart as it goes through, hitting on certain comments that caught my attention, then the segment as a whole.

I love how AJ mentioned both Jerry Lynn and Low Ki, then ripped on the MMA fighters in TNA. Then he brought up Shelley, Lethal, and Petey Williams, and how pissed he is that they're not with the company. I agree with AJ on that. I will agree that TNA is a wrestling company, and was built to be an alternative, but then they brought in the biggest names who were not with the WWE. That's not an alternative in my book.

AJ said that unlike what's said online, he doesn't have a contract, then why didn't Dixie just throw AJ out of her ring, her company? Plot hole! I guess it had to happen, the WWE has been creating them all over the place!

I have to say that Dixie looked really old when she got to the ring. Not her normal vivacious self, but the way she was all touchy with AJ gave me the heebie-jeebies. She can sell the the emotion and how much she cares for the wrestlers – that's more Dixie than anything else she did in that ring.

Dixie created AJ? She created the marketing gimmick? I find this hysterical! Dixie worked for a marketing and advertising firm before opening her own business and focusing on sports and music representation. You'd think that someone with a marketing background would have a clue, and she tries to claim that AJ's career was all her, but we all know how wonderful TNA's marketing has been through her time with the company – ludicrous!

AJ hasn't had a great match lately? Might that be due to awful creative and atrocious booking? Nope, couldn't be, it's all because of AJ and how he just can't wrestle any longer. Yup, all his fault!

The Marginal One? Nope, doesn't have the same ring to it.

Dixie built that house? Sadly it's crumbling around her, and to use the word again, TNA is moribund, and this segment did more to push it down the drain than almost anything else we've seen from them recently. Dixie's persiflage was not at all believable. She just doesn't have it in her to be that bombastic and mean. Dixie is a born face, like Rey Mysterio, and I can't believe her as anything else. I would like to give her props for trying, but she really fell short at being a heel.

The way Dixie ended it yelling about cutting AJ's mic, stealing the head set off the head of someone else, and killing the lights, it came off as a bad version of Punk's original pipebomb, and it was atrocious! Talk about a ripped off, bush league mess, played by a VKM/Bisch/Trip wannabe.

Just to add a little twist on things I brought Sam in to watch this segment with me. I have talked to a number of wrestling fans about this – mostly during the OTP last night – but I wanted to hear what my little girl had to say about it. She's watched some TNA, and really appreciates the wrestling, but she's not sure about some of the characters yet, mostly because she doesn't know them very well. I told her to watch the segment and tell me what she thought. Just after Dixie turned and really ripped on AJ, Sam turned to me and said, "It's what's best for business!" Sam went on to say, "Dixie is trying to be Triple H, but not doing very good job of it." (sic)

Post Show

What a debacle. What a travesty. What an affront to all that is wrestling, sports entertainment, and fiction as a whole. I'm really let down by the segment I've been waiting all week to see. We had hoped for so much, yet we ended up with one of the deadest segments since Katie Vick.

Queen of WNW

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