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I was discussing Hogan and how he's been teasing a return to the ring with Jesse this week. He knows more about certain health issues that Hogan has been dealing with, so I asked him to write the BZ opening this week.


TNA has made many questionable decisions in the past from both a booking and a talent angle, but none as egregious they are apparently trying to build up to for Bound For Glory, which is Hulk Hogan stepping into the ring one last time to try to win TNA’s World Title off of Bully Ray. And while I am not the big fan of the Hulkster that I used to be, my concern isn’t that he is trying to interject himself into the storyline here, but that after everything he has been through physically he is willing to risk putting himself into a wheelchair for the rest of his life just so he can serve his own ego. I know from my own back issues just how bad things can get. I have Degenerative Disc Disease of the discs between my T12 and L1, L1 and L2, and L2 and L3, and the pain gets so intense that I have days where I can’t even crawl out of bed after taking two pain pills. I can just imagine the agony Hulk had to go through with his 7 back surgeries. And there is the kicker! Where is the doctor telling Hulk that he should not be getting into the ring? All it would take is one bad bump, and Hogan will need a nurse for the rest of his life. And what about Dixie? She should know better as a business woman than to let him enter a ring, or at the very least she needs to make sure her butt is covered by making him sign a liability waiver, because we all know how litigious Hogan can be. All I know for sure is that regardless of the reasons or thought processes involved, it is not in TNA’s best interest to let Hogan wrestle again.

Just because I want to show both points of view, you really should check out this great new article on

Show Starts

In Ring Segment > B-

When Hogan came out to the ring Sam asked me why TNA always starts with Hogan in the ring. She hasn't been watching a lot of Impact, but she has been watching how the show opens recently, and I thought it was interesting that she picked up on Hogan starting Impact and commenting on it the way she did. She also asked if Hogan calls everyone 'brother'? I told her that he's been doing that since I was her age. Then she moves on to when are A&8's breaking up, because they're getting old and boring. I think I need to let her stay up and watch Impact with me this summer, because she's making Impact that much more entertaining!

So, Joe, Hernandez, Bradley, Hardy, and Roode in the BFG Series? So far, so good!

Backstage Segment > C

Bad Influence is getting a bit blah for me. I think it's time they take the duo into another strange and absurd direction. We all know they can do it, it's just a matter of what they're going to do next.

BFG Qualifying Match – Daniels & Kaz vs Storm & Gunner > B-

This match did nothing for me, and I love all four guys. It felt flat, wasn't overly interesting, and didn't hold my attention. I will say it was nice to see the fans so behind Storm, and he worked the fans well, but otherwise this wasn't anything really worth the time.

Winners – Bad Influence (4:32)

Backstage Segment > B

Crimson! I'm actually excited to see him. Or, I will be if his ring work looks better. But he came across strong here, stronger than before.

BFG Qualifying Match – Crimson vs Joseph > C-

470 and 12! Two losses and Crimson was gone? He lost to Storm at Slammiversary 2012, then to Devon on the July 5th Impact. (Thanks to Jesse for doing the research.) That's bad booking, no matter who it is! They booked him to win for over a year, then drop him like a rock after two losses. They could have done so much with him! I know he needed more training, but he was handled badly a year ago. And he was handled badly here losing in his return match. Okay, they might be starting something with this loss, but it felt really tacky. I like Crimson's new look, but the khaki trunks makes him look like he's wearing dirty, dingy boxer briefs. Not a good look for anyone, but I hope he sticks around so we can see what he learned in OVW.

Winner – Joseph (2:38)

Backstage Segment > C

I don't know where they're going with Mickie, but I'm not believing it yet.

In Ring Segment > B+

And Mickie makes a full heel turn, and I finally believed it! It is intriguing that she used a modified STF on Velvet? That is one of Cena's moves...

Backstage Segment > N/A

Matt Morgan was backstage talking about Sting and the BFG Series.

BFG Qualifying Match – Morgan vs Magnus vs try vs King > B

Nice to see the fans behind Magnus to start this one. Further, Magnus looked fantastic in this match. His work with King was strong, and believable. I'm thrilled that he's moving on to the BFG Series.

Winner – Magnus (5:43)

Backstage Segment > C

I love EY, so that brought the grade up, but dropping chum brought it way down.

Video > C

Catching Rampage on his way down means he's the best in the cage? I love Angle, but I don't know how he said that line with a straight face.

Video > C

Sam had just asked me if they were allowed to do the tombstone in TNA. I explained to her that when Taker and Kane do it it's the tombstone, but everyone else it's the pile driver and that Bully just hit the move on Sting at Slammiversary. She wasn't overly impressed, but I was.

In Ring Segment > A-

Sting's getting a little tweaky, and I'm loving it! I'm sure the first person in MEM should be Angle, but as crazy and upset as Sting was there, I'm sure we're in for a wild ride! Also, he didn't draw out his time on mic to feed his ego, something others should learn from – and I'm not just talking about Hogan.

Video > B+

I love ODB and EY, especially the spear and ODB yelling about fried chicken, but he called her his wife and they didn't kiss at all. I know they're in an ice bar and chapped lips are a worry, but this is ODB.

BFG Qualifying Match – EY w/ ODB vs Aries > B

I love EY and ODB, but this should be a more serious match than that. I know that's who EY is, and it's like saying Santino should be serious, but EY has been serious in the past, and for things like this he should stay that way. After all those complaints, much of the ring work in this match was just spot on! EY looked great and while he doesn't have the arsenal that Aries has, EY held his own and made this a EY great match – though not the best Aries match. Gosh, that sounds horrible. I really love EY, but I think if he'd been his silly self, but without ODB in the ring, I would have given this an even better grade. EY is the man, and has done so much for TNA without a lot of respect in return.

Winner – Aries (6:05)

Backstage Segment > B

DOC didn't look too happy there. Dissension in the ranks?

Backstage Segment > B

Sabin was sweet there, and honest, but I didn't get much of anything that made me feel anything for him.

BFG Qualifying Debacle > F

Taz even said, "The deadly finger poke!" This was as bad, if not worse than the Finger Poke of Doom, because at least that was somewhat groundbreaking in that we'd never seen it before. I will give TNA props for solid booking of the cracks forming in A&8's, but the rest of this was utter crap!

Winner – Anderson (3:52)

Backstage Segment > C+

Well, that was better than Rampage in the ring on mic, felt more real, but I cannot believe he thinks this will be a quick and easy thing. I'll be shocked if he comes back to work the ring really well. I know they think this was a great idea, but I'm still quite wary of the whole thing.

Backstage Segment > C

The cracks are growing. I don't read the spoilers, but I think I see where this is going – I hope. DOC could be good for Sting's new MEM.

Video > C

Recapping Sting already? I love Sting and the idea he threw out there, but I think it's too early to recap.

BFG Qualifying Match – Angle vs AJ > A

These two men in the ring will always steal the show. Everything they hit is just sick! I have been raving for weeks about Rollins, Ambrose and Bryan, but add AJ and Angle into that and I would never stop watching. I wouldn't be able to look away! Think about added AJ and Angle in with those three and the work we'd see in the ring from them. Now, I don't want to take anything away from this match, because this match was enough to make me stop and stare, I was just playing a bit of 'What if?'

I like this new grittiness that AJ has brought to his character, and to his ring work. No more of that nice boy AJ once was, now AJ is even more of a force to be reckoned with. I'm even more impressed by his work, and I didn't think that was possible.

Winner – AJ (15:34)

In Ring Segment > B-

I have to say that Rampage did a great job of timing the swing of that chain. I honestly have never seen him in the cage, I've just been going on his age, and the fact that he's coming in as his MMA career is on a downswing. I just felt as though Dixie made a lot more of him than I think he can be right off the bat, and that's what TNA needs right now, someone who's ready to take TNA by storm.

Post Show

First off, I want to apologize if this Blog Zone isn't up to par with other installments, as Sam was sick tonight and I was up and down with her all night.

I have to say that this wasn't the best Impact I've seen recently. In fact, other than two segments, this wasn't a great episode. I loved Sting in the ring, he proved why he's still a newsworthy wrestler, and why each year we hope that he'll make the big leap to the WWE for WrestleMania. He was creative, kooky, off kilter, and really did a great job while keeping things short and sweet. There were a couple other matches that were enjoyable, but didn't steal the show – 4 Man BFG Qualifier, and the EY vs Aries BFG Qualifier. I know I will catch crap for enjoying Aries and EY because EY might not be thought to be on Aries' level in the ring, but I think EY has shown more heart and more loyalty than about anyone in his shoes would, and he can really go in the ring, even if he is goofy. I enjoyed watching them work, and who's to say that every one of Aries' matches have to be main eventers? And then there's Magnus. He has been stepping things up each week when he steps into that ring. I'm still in awe that I was lucky enough to join Alex in interviewing Magnus, and am even more impressed with the man since that day. Magnus is the future, and each time he's in the ring, he proves this.

Then there's the main event and the beauty that AJ and Angle keep giving us in that ring. Those two men are awe inspiring and gave us a fascinating end to what was otherwise a lackluster TNA Impact. They are two of the best in the industry, and it's like a gift each time they meet up in the ring. I feel that TNA purloined three minutes of that match from us for commercials, and that's the worst thing I can say about that match. It's as if each major wrestling show we've seen lately have decided to give us at least one fantastic wrestling match. If I was to meet either of those men, I would thank them for all the work they have done in pro wrestling, especially the matches they had with each other.


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