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Welcome to the TNA Blog Zone here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com where I will give my thoughts on the TNA Wrestling Genesis 2014 Part 2 event from last night on Spike TV. It was a great night of in-ring competition for the most part and a great night for Wrestling News World's sister site TNANews.com, as we presented TNANews Live! for the first time. Check it out if you haven't. So, we start off with a different format this time as we look at the developing stories within TNA Wrestling/ IMPACT Wrestling followed by match analysis.

The biggest piece of news is this "New Investors" storyline. It's beginning to be intriguing, especially with how Dixie Carter and company have been booked lately and their reactions last night. I've mentioned before that Dixie's faction looks too strong and is reminiscent of the Randy Orton/ Daniel Bryan feud from last year in that the "good guy" never really had a fair chance at winning. AJ Styles was decimated to lose his TNA World Heayweight Championship and Sting was another victim of the numbers game last night. This can get old quickly and it's good to see there is progress in this front. With the investors coming in, and the reveal next week, hopefully we get to have a more leveled playing field. It's also funny how TNA management, storyline creaters or whoever has used real rumors and news to begin a professional wrestling storyline. We have our opinions, but hopefully it plays out well in the long run.

On a lighter note, the interaction between Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III before Spud faced Samoa Joe was golden. I've said repeatedly that Spud has taken into his role in TNA very well. Ethan Carter III needs these moments to have more to say, develop his character and also to show a bit more of the man behind the character. If you follow EC3 on Twitter, he has some pretty funny things to say and post. Calling Spud a tiger and getting him riled up, but also throwing in a few comical jabs at Spud, was golden.

Spud:"I'm a Carter! Carter!"
EC3:"Yeah, no you're not, but you're a champion!"

Or something to that extent was hilarious. The little nuances are what you need to pay attention to!

The Wolves had a great video package hyping up their first match on IMPACT Wrestling and the reveal of the new investors next week in Glasgow. I've never seen The Wolves perform, but I can already tell I will thoroughly enjoy this team. The only thing I worry about is TNA using them correctly and/ or making sure they are on TV as much as possible. If this is a new "real" era in TNA, as their promotional video states, then they need to get on the ball and really showcase what their roster has to offer.

The Joseph Park/ Abyss saga continued and, to be quite honest, this storyline has dragged on for so long I do not want to cover this. Essentially, Eric Young and Abyss will challenge for the TNA World Tag Team Championship against The BroMans next week based on the in-ring segment from last night. In this new era, this old piece of business needs to be put to sleep. Where's CM Punk when you need him!! And now, on to the action of the night.

Briefcase on a Pole Match: Gunner(W) Vs. "The Cowboy" James Storm
I enjoyed this opening contest more so for James Storm. I like Gunner just as much as the next fan, but I'd rather watch Storm. Having them battle it out is fine by me and I am actually invested in this feud. The match itself was what you would expect from these two. My only gripe about this contest is the outcome. Now, I expected Gunner to pick up the win for sure; however, James Storm really won that contest in my eyes. Storm grabbed the briefcase and took it down the pole only to be given the electric chair by Gunner and the briefcase is loose. If I recall my viewing of pole matches, once a wrestler removes the briefcase from a pole, the match is automatically over. Well, Storm did just that, but the excuse from Taz was that it got loose and it's viewed like a fumble. This isn't football. I would have bought it if the case was never held by Storm but maybe juggled and lost in his grip from the beginning, but Storm took it down and should have been awarded the win. Even the crowd cheered when it was visible he took it down. I blame TNA booking with this one as they didn't think that part through. Or they thought no one would pay much attention to it, which I guess worked out just as well.

TNA X-Division Champion Match: Chris Sabin Vs. Austin Aries(W)
With my boy Austin Aries picking up the win, we have a new TNA X-Division Champion... again. It feels as though the X-Division championship is in a game of hot potato lately. I'm happy the title is back around the waist of Austin Aries, but I question the plans for the X-Division itself. Is there even a plan? Is there even an X-Division or just the title that has its name but is more like the US title over at WWE? Alex Barie, WNW and TNANews.com contributor, stated that he was not interested in this bout due to the lack of build. I would have to agree and placing Velvet Sky in a cage as the gimmick was an honorable attempt to give it some interest, but the storyline just wasn't executed properly. The match now was great. Aries and Sabin are certainly two of the top atheletes in TNA Wrestling and always put on a good show. It's just strange or lazy booking that makes them victims of an uninteresting story/ feud.

Steel Cage Match: Bobby Roode Vs. Kurt Angle(W)
If you were expecting a steel cage match with Angle flying off the top and a story being told by two greats in the ring, then that's exactly what you got. What else is there to say than once again Roode and Angle delivered on a high level. Angle definitely needed to pick up the win for not only his TNA Hall of Fame aspirations in story, but also to break from the losses he's had lately to Bobby Roode. Bobby Roode doesn't look weak taking a loss, but Angle would have certainly looked weak if he had fallen. Angle needs a break and as he prepares for knee surgery soon, he should take things easy and heal up as best as he can for his return later on. Match of the night.

Singles Match: Samoa Joe(W) Vs. Rockstar Spud
Gotta give it up to the little guy for trying! This was certainly a match put together to give visibility to Spud, who is a trained professional wrestler, and to also reintroduce Samoa Joe as a destructive force. Given the fact his opponent was Rockstar Spud, that was easy. However, it's building up again and that's cool to me. Joe was also chosen to stand by Sting's side during his match, so it's awesome to see Joe getting involved in the main event scene again in some capacity. Short and sweet match here with a good showing by Spud.

Sting's Contract Vs. Magnus' TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sting Vs. Magnus(W)
Of course Sting would come out on the losing end. Absolutely not knocking anyone who views everything professional wrestling as kayfabe, but it was pretty obvious that Sting would lose. Magnus is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion the company needs, I will admit that. Heading into the UK tour, it only makes sense to have Magnus return to his home as the champion. My gripe with this contest is the blatant interference of the Team Dixie members. This sort of thing gets old quickly and is not like yesteryear during the nWo saga. As I've said, it's fine to generate heat with the crowd and TV audience, but you can't give off the notion that every match with Magnus will be one sided no matter what. Interference is also fine, but blatant like that can be annoying. Cause a distraction which doesn't work but roll up Sting and grab the ropes for leverage to win or use a chair handed to you by EC3 and use it when the ref is knocked down and Joe occupied. I'm all for those kinds of scenarios here and there, but Sting versus the world is a little annoying. It's like the AJ Styles situation a few weeks ago all over again. Overall though, the match was entertaining and did it's job in the end. We have Magnus as champion, the heel faction is hated even more and soon they will answer for their crimes with the new investors coming in.

Rating: B+

TNA Genesis 2014 Part 2 was a MUCH better show than last week's. Not only was it strong in the wrestling department, but the storyline aspect of the show was well balanced and presented at a good pace. I do wish we got to see Gail Kim and Madison Rayne continue their feud or Anderson and Bully Ray with theirs. Something TNA still needs to work on, but I was thoroughly entertained with last night's broadcast. We're headed to the UK next week and I'll be interested in seeing the crowd size and interactions during the show. Should be a fun change of atmosphere for TNA and the home viewers.

What are your thoughts on last night's TNA Genesis 2014 Part 2? Give us your thoughts in the comments below and thank you for reading the TNA Blog Zone. Until next time, let the pigeons loose!

Loved Villain Or Misunderstood Anti-Hero,
Ric Santos

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