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I have to give TNA some huge props this week. I have been all over Dixie for years because of the lack of marketing, but someone actually pulled their heads out from the sand recently and started using a very smart marketing tool – commercials! Okay, that sounds like such a simple thing, and something they should have been doing all along, but they haven't been. I will admit that I rarely watch Spike TV, and I'm not sure if it's because it's supposed to be a network geared toward men, or if most of their programming just sucks, but I hear they've actually been advertising TNA on Spike recently, and I think that's great. But Dixie has stepped things up even further, and TNA has been advertising on Animal Planet! Jesse saw four commercials for TNA Impact on AP, two during Call of The Wildman and twice during Off The Hook: Extreme Catches. This was during the 6pm and 7pm blocks, CST, on Sunday. First off, I'm impressed that Dixie is actually advertising Impact, but I'm further impressed that it's being advertised during a show that makes sense! I'm sure that wrestling fans, specifically TNA fans, are tuning in to see EY's fishing show because of who he is. I'm not one who usually likes fishing shows, but I loves me some EY, so I have tuned in. Actually, I have put it on my DVR list, and as long as Stacy didn't think it was a mistake, there should be some episodes on there now. I'm really impressed that Dixie has stepped up and actually started some semblance of advertising, and in a place that makes sense. Further, Spike is owned by Viacom, and AP is owned by Discovery, so it's not as though they got around paying too terribly much for the advertising because they're under the same umbrella. Good job Dixie, keep up the great advertising work, I'm expecting that much more from you now.


TNA makes some questionable moves when it comes to booking and talent, whether it is forgetting titles exist, cannibalizing entire divisions, or failing to keep up with contracts. But up until now I can say that they have never pulled the egregious act that WWE frequently does with Smackdown of spoiling major title changes. And while some will argue that it shouldn’t matter with a taped show, there are still people such as myself who do not read spoilers. But this week they not only did it via their website, but on their preview of Impact commercials on Spike. Sure, it served to fuel the greater storyline of the mystery of who was going to be under the Crimson Hood, but at the cost of making fans not care about Sabin’s loss of the X Division Title. It also further devalued the belt as nothing more than a step once a year to bring a guy into the main event scene. Maybe they hoped that it would draw in some of the fans that watched TNA before who would still be curious of his identity. But regardless of the reason, spoiling a title change should be taboo for any wrestling company. The titles are a major draw for any company. Why take away the chance of gaining ratings for a title match, especially of a division that draws as well as the X Division does to just slightly boost the viewers for the end segment? TNA’s closing segments are almost always their highest rated quarter hour. They don’t need any more help there. So that just leaves us the fact that TNA only cares about the TNA Title, which is sad considering the effort they put into reviving the X Division. I just hope TNA pulls things together and makes this storyline worth the slap in the face of a spoiler.

Show Starts

Video > C

It was an average opening video, nothing more, nothing less.

In Ring Segment > B+

I have to say that I'm not at all sad to see Sting in a suit again. Jesse said he likes seeing Steve without the Sting match, and that he's not Sting without the paint, but that his facial expressions are easier to see. I have never had an issue with Sting's paint, but I will say that Steve without the paint fits well for Main Event Mafia right now. Face paint with the suit would seem a bit strange. This is right for right now. And then adding in Angle suited up, they're looking the part, and sounding the part. I'm loving it.

Backstage Segment > B

When Bully had his boys grab Sabin, it didn't make sense to me. I wasn't thinking in terms of Destination X coming up. Sad that this was the first I heard of it, but I'm interested in seeing how they handle the show since it isn't a PPV this year. It will either be great, or it will flop. I see little in between.

Gut Check Video > B

Adam Ohriner was on Ryder's Long Island Story. Not that I watched the show, but a number of people mentioned that in the Open Thread Party. I will say that Big O is quite the physical specimen, and fairly well spoken. I like the guy, but I worry about how green he is. Check out some of his best moments on Long Island Story here.

X Division Championship Match – Sabin (c) vs King vs Suicide > B+

I honestly didn't notice that Suicide wasn't TJ, but there's been a number of people under the Suicide hood, so changes in how the character works the ring don't jump out at me right off. Going back to re-watch the match, I can see how Aries didn't seem to look quite as comfortable under the hood as others, but as with everyone, there were some good moments, and some bad. It's obvious that Aries watched a lot of Suicide videos, and worked out a lot of little movements that are signature Suicide, and that's very cool. I loved how effortlessly he came off the apron onto King outside.

This was not the best X Division Match we've seen recently, but it was better the second time through. There were some lovely moves from all three guys, but it just wasn't up to what I would expect from Sabin and Aries in the ring. Actually, the two of them in the ring might have been seriously sick! Not saying that King is bad, he's just no where near the level of the other two. And he was terrible selling that pinfall!

Winner & new X Division Champ – Suicide (10:14)

In Ring Segment > B

Hogan talking up TJ Perkins was cool, but saying that TJ has always been Suicide made me shake my head. We all know that there's been a number of people under that hood in years past. Kaz, Daniels and Kiyoshi have all been Suicide at one point or another. Hogan, we're not stupid!

Backstage Segment > B

Actually, Hogan was short, solid and to the point.

Gut Check Video > C

I've been complaining about the lack of character, and Howe has character, but he feels like a bad Jericho wannabe, and comes off worse than a pathetic Jimmy Rave. The thing is that he's trying to have a character, but all I get is living in Mom's basement. Yes, he learned to play the guitar, but doesn't have the personality to carry it off. Maybe if SCSA hadn't called him Skidmarks, I might be able to see more, but I can't. Just not impressed.

Gut Check – Adam Ohriner vs Ryan Howe > D+

Okay, Big O looked really strong in this match, but I think Moppy would have looked strong against Howe. What a mess of a match. Big O is still green, but compared to Howe, he looked positively seasoned! I really want to know who thought this match was a good idea. Big O wasn't really good, but it was obvious that he understand how things work in the ring, and with training could be solid in the ring. Big O has a long way to go, whereas I think Howe might just want to go home and start a band.


Backstage Segment > B+

Watching this the first time through, I thought that Bully was either cracking up, or he was behind the whole Suicide thing. He was playing so well that he was cracking up, that I wasn't sure what was going on. I'm so glad I didn't read the spoilers because it made segments like this so much better.

Video > C

Recapping the feud between Velvet and Mickie, but I think I'm over it, or really close.

Knockouts Title Match – Mickie (c) vs Velvet > B

I know people don't understand why I write about what people wear at certain times, but what people wear effects their characters and sometimes their performances. While Velvet's panties are up her bum most of the time, I don't usually worry that any of her lady parts might pop out. I was actually worried that Mickie's lady part might pop out of those shorts. They weren't only short, there were certain spots on those shorts that were extremely worn out. At certain times there seemed to be something hanging out from inside her shorts, and I don't mean her bum cheek.

I will say that other than being distracted by Mickie's shorts, there was some really great work in this match. Velvet's head scissors outside was a travesty, but the spear that came after it was solid. The moves and reversals in this match were quite strong, and other than Velvet's foot popping out of the hold at one point, Mickie's finishing submission hold looked pretty good.

Winner – Mickie (6:35)

In Ring Segment > C+

I had to split this off from the match, and thought Velvet sold the emotion of it all, but I really didn't get a feel for the direction of her character here. She seemed more emotional than any Velvet we've ever seen before.

Video > C

Recapping at the top of the hour? I guess.

Backstage Segment > B

I will give MEM props for keeping the questions going. They're doing a solid job of making us wonder.

Backstage Segment > B

Hogan handled talk to the ref pretty well. It's an interesting direction for them to go, but cadence? Not a word I expect from Hogan.

BFG Series – Roode vs Magnus > A-

When have we seen Roode and Magnus one on one? Never! I went looking after watching how great these two looked in the ring together. They have been involved in ten different matches together, but this was the first time they met one on one and they didn't disappoint! My first thought was that Roode had to win this one, but after watching them work, and thinking about how Magnus has been pushed – both in the ring, and in the media – and I thought that Magnus might have it. It just felt right that Magnus won this one. He's looking great in the BFG Series, but I'm wondering if he's going to be able to keep up this explosion through the whole series. I think he'd be a very interesting winner, but I'm not sure it's quite his year yet.

Winner – Magnus +7=17 (6:39)

Backstage Segment > B

Bully is really tweaking out over Suicide! The only guy in that group even close to Suicide's size is Chavo, and he's still much bigger in the torso than Suicide. And Jessie laying off the carbs? Lame.

In Ring Segment > B

Storm on mic is just fantastic. That man can talk! He made that segment enjoyable, but I was a bit confused. Storm and Gunner seem like a really solid team, and they might work out in a great way, but where are their straps? Storm talked about them being Champs, and they are, but why didn't they have their belts for this

Train sailed down the road? The first time Robbie said it was enough, he didn't need to repeat it for us to understand that he's a total idiot. As if that wasn't bad enough, Bromance? Robbie really brought the segment down. And I know that Storm and Gunner need someone to feud with, but those two? They're brainless, and their ring work isn't anything to write home about, so Storm and Gunner will be Champs for quite a while if this is all TNA can give them.

Backstage Segment > B+

Angle and Sting are playing this so well.

BFG Series – Joe vs Anderson > B-

It looked to me as Joe was overselling the pain from Anderson's blows. Joe is normally great in the ring, one of my favorite to watch, but he was grimacing so much that I was almost laughing. And while I normally enjoy Anderson, his work looked a bit off in the ring. He barely touched Joe when kicking him in the gut, and Joe jiggles when kicked! Joe's ring work looked solid, but after the facial expressions, and having to carry Anderson, this match just wasn't up to par.

Winner – Joe +10=12 (5:26)

In Ring Segment > B+

I split this off from the match because the silent declaration of Joe being the third member of MEM – something I called for last week in the BZ, because Joe is the only other former member who is still with TNA – because it deserved it. I liked how they handled showing the fans that Joe was back in MEM. Main Event Mafia has creatively come back together, and haven't been overly flashy about it, unlike last time in Vegas, and it's worked for what they need MEM for this time around. I'm liking it.

Backstage Segment > B

This was a bit cheesy from MEM. Not their best moment of the night, but the Men's Warehouse comment was great.

In Ring Segment > B+

And more Hogan in the ring. The fans love seeing Hogan, but they were really burnt out by this point, and it showed. Watching Aries hit the ring this time, he looked like he was overplaying the Suicide walk too hard. It was interesting to watch, but overly fake and somewhat funny. Honestly, Stacy and I sat here going through who could possibly be under the hood. As I said, Chavo's torso is too big, as is Kaz's. Daniels is a little guy, but his billed height and weight are a bit more than Aries'. I really didn't get it, even when he spoke. Re-watching the segment, I can hear Aries, even though the British accent. I will say it threw me off at first, I couldn't think of who could be a Brit under the Suicide hood. Even if Doug Williams hadn't been released, he's the wrong build. I didn't get Aries at all until he took off the mask, and I was floored.

I'm so glad I avoided spoilers about this as I would have been bummed knowing what was going to happen. With everything pro wrestling being reported on here on the web, and especially here on WNW, it can sometimes be hard to be surprised, so this was lovely. It was further made exciting by hanging out in the Open Thread Party and discussing things as they happened (hint, hint). I have to admit that I don't like that the X Division Title has turned into a stepping stone in such an ugly and pathetic way. Further, what a bitch slap to Sabin! The man returned from two serious injuries, finally regains the X Division Title, only to have it ripped away so that someone can just toss it aside. That part of it feels really low and dirty to me, and I'm not impressed.

Post Show

The fans felt really burnt out through most of the show. While I thought the pacing of the show was solid, there really wasn't a lot of wrestling compared to normal, only 31:34. The zingers were solid, and there was a lot of storyline building, and no big long chunks of any specific person or group. In many ways the show worked, but I'm not sure if taping two shows in one night is working out in every way. Or even half the ways. Honestly, it seems as though the biggest advantage is financial for TNA, and the fans are getting the short end of the stick. I don't see as TNA isn't making enough money to be on the road each week. They sure seem to be saving a ton of money by not having huge contracts with many of their wrestlers. Okay, I'm just getting cranky about the way certain things are handled in TNA, so I'm going to sign off and go to bed.


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