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TNA Blog Zone - Tag Team Turmoil

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I have to say that this has been the most exciting TNA week for me, possibly ever. I was extremely bummed out when I missed the Christopher Daniels interview, so I was ecstatic when Alex asked me to join him interviewing Magnus. I thought the whole thing went down really well, and I'm excited for possible future interviews. While I admit I was quite nauseated before and after the interview, Magnus was so wonderful that I was relaxed during the actual interview. Then again, it might have been that amazing accent of his lulling me and making me giddy. I do have to say that I was wonderfully impressed with how he put over certain guys. When I asked who was the safest in the ring, after he understood what I was asking, he put over Roode, AJ and Joe in such a lovely way. Then the way he talked about his dream match. Honestly, that's my favorite question to ask different wrestlers because their answers are diverse in who they would wrestle, but the time period the wrestlers are from is usually the same. Honestly, I couldn't thank Magnus enough for hanging out with Alex and I for that half hour, and hope everyone listens to our interview with Magnus, if you haven't already.

Show Starts

Video > C+

Decent opening to the show. Not the best, but not the worse. Typical start to Impact.

Backstage Segment > B

I've been waiting for A&8's to turn on D'Lo, but Anderson made D'Lo look really wimpy and pathetic here.

In Ring Segment > B-

Bully is great on mic, but this felt really long, drawn out. Honestly, it felt like a Triple H heel 20 minute rant. I know it wasn't twenty minutes long, even less than ten, but it had that same vibe for me. I know that they felt he said what he needed to, but I felt that much of it was just rambling. Bully so great on mic that the speech could have been reduced by half and would have been better and crisper.

Team 3D vs Sting & Joseph > B-

That drop kick from Bully was outstanding! I had to start with something good because a big part of this match was an absolute mess. They were all over the place, and the ref had no control over anyone tagging in and out. You'd think that four pros like these guys would be able to make this match look neater and cleaner. Who knows, maybe it was booked that way. Imagine what it would have looked like if this hadn't been four seasoned pros? At least they continued to push the story forward with the match, if little else.

Winners – Sting & Joseph (13:21)

Backstage Segment > B+

I love it when Angle is like this. He's intense without being over the top. Just fantastic!

In Ring Segment > B+

I knew that when Dixie went to the ring A&8's would be getting involved somehow. I will say I wasn't expecting it to be Garett, but I really enjoyed how he worked the mic and talked his way around her. He's really stepped up his game in both how he spoke, and how he worked the space around Dixie. I'm very impressed. Joe is always great, and somewhat scary, and he brought the segment up one more notch.

Joe vs Garett > D+

When I first watched this there was a lot going on in the room. It wasn't until I went back to the match did I realize it wasn't a tag match! I honestly thought that Joe and Magnus faced Wes and Garett in this match, that shows what a mess it was. Further, over three minutes of the match was spent at commercial. Either this match totally blew, or the TNA production staff had serious issue with it for some reason. Why would you take a taped match and cut out over half of it when you didn't have to? There's so many other places they could have cut for time – though I will say there wasn't a lot of Hogan segments that took up time, so that is good – but cutting from a match like this is very confusing. Like the first match, at least they moved the storyline forward and set up for Slammiversary. I can understand wanting to throw Hardy's name in at the last minute, but it seems as though TNA had so much time to prepare for this PPV, yet they're putting together most of their matches in the last two weeks. I understand building the feuds to a fevered pitch, then putting together the match, but most of these feel last minute, not like they were built perfectly to get there. Too much rush rush at the end when they had so much more time than usual.

Winners > Joe & Magnus via DQ (5:41)

Video > C+

I was thrilled to see Storm pick Gunner last week, and I understand why they replayed it, but I have to be fair and unless the recap video is stupendous, it's average. Though I said I'm giddy about Gunner being back and with Storm!

Backstage Segment > B+

I'm already loving the chemistry between Storm and Gunner. I can't wait to see Gunner as a strong face, and working the ring with Storm. This will be great for both of them.

Backstage Segment > B

I see that they're pushing the main event at Slammiversary here, but I also see more. I still think that Brooke is going heel with Bully at Slammiversary. Gut feeling.

8 Man Tag Match – Hernandez & Chavo & Storm & Gunner vs Roode & Aries & Bad Influence > B

I knew I was going to be excited about Gunner's return to the ring, but he had a lot to stand up to in the match with that awe inspiring group – and I think he held up really well. I thought Hernandez looked less on his mark than Gunner. Hernandez is good, but I'd say he was the weakest link in this match (and not Daniel Bryan). Actually, this wasn't Chavo's best match either, especially compared to the rest in the ring. I find it interesting that the champs brought this tag match down. Gunner was a bit sloppy with his back-breaker on Aries, but came right back with the rack. I love that Gunner is a face, yet still is able to pull off the crazy eyes and make it work.

What can I say about the rest of the guys in this match? This match shows just what a huge talent pool TNA has. That their roster has these extremely talented men, and none of them are in the main event at this moment shows just how many extraordinary wrestlers are on the roster. I find it interesting that the WWE is having troubles (they think they're worse than the are) elevating guys to the main event, and TNA easily has a dozen wrestlers who could easily go after the TNA Championship and no one would bat an eye or say they are not worthy. More than just most of the wrestlers in this match, there's Joe, Magnus, AJ, Angle, the list can continue from there.

One last thing I have to throw in here because it was just brought to my attention. Why hasn't A&8's gone after the TTC? Jesse just asked me and I don't have a good answer for him, other than that the greatest tag team on the roster are in A&8's and already hold singles gold?

Winners – Faces (9:08)

Backstage Segment > B

Bully was stronger here, but he still felt a bit rambly. I like how Bully is leading his faction, and that he's showing that they might be unraveling a bit right now. Now that we know who they are, and people are going after specific members of the group, there's cracks showing. That Bully is threatening the group shows that there's issues and worry.

Video > B+

I think I'm liking the longer time between TNA PPVs. Hopefully, like last year, they work hard and long to set up for BFG. I'd love to go to San Diego again, and for a PPV would be even better, but I don't see that happening.

In Ring Segment > C-

I know I catch crap for this, but dang Mickie looked trashy in that outfit! I have no trouble with her bra hanging out, I love the leopard fabric, but frayed cut offs with heels, lots of jewelry and makeup just screams trashy too me. I know she's in the process of turning heel, but even before this she was dressing that way. I know some could say the same about Velvet in the outfit she was wearing (uber high heels with the wrapped knee?), but it seems to be more her character and works on her. Mickie just looks like she's trying too hard and failing.

I am not sure how Mickie will do as a heel, but I'd like to see what she does with it. I still don't really believe Gail Kim as a heel, so maybe it's time to shake up the Knockouts Division again. Honestly, I thought the best part of this segment was Taryn making the save because this was too long and didn't really mean anything.

Taryn & Sabin vs Kim & King > B+

Taryn has stepped up here ring work even more. The girl is progressing in a big way, and at a surprising way. I also think this was an interesting way to book King in a match with Sabin, but not an X Division match. The Knockouts broke things up, and ODB added that special flavor she's been adding to all the matches she's reffed. I thought much of this match, from start to finish, was solid to great. Sabin's work in the ring reminded me of why we missed him so much while he was out.

The X Division interaction after the match made me yearn for the Ultimate X Match at Slammiversary. That's going to steal the show. And what the heck was that move from Suicide? Double underhook gut buster according to Jesse, but it was sick!

Winners – Taryn & Sabin (5:41)

Video > B

This was a lovely little video for Sting. The walk through history was nice, and well executed. It was a very sweet way of saying Sting will never be Champ again, so look at all he's done? Actually makes me think he could beat Bully. Then again, how many times to wrestling companies actually stick to match stips like this?

Anderson vs AJ > A-

I was quite impressed with how these two worked the ring together. They both hit big moves, made the match look visually pleasing as well as exciting. They were technical, hard hitting, and proved why Anderson is the man. Matches like this show that WWE did make a mistake with Anderson. I know Cena also had issues with Anderson, but it was mostly Orton, and look how that's turned out? They might have claimed that Anderson was snake bit, but how many Wellness violations has he truly had? How many nasty words and actions against Divas? How many hissy fits and trashed hotel rooms?

AJ is so much the consummate professional. No matter how much crap TNA has flung at him the past couple years, when he steps into that too few sided ring, something inspired happens. No matter who AJ is facing, they look better for being in the ring with AJ, and AJ always leaves us impressed with what he's done. I always wonder what AJ is going to do next, and he always impresses.

Winner – AJ via DQ (13:47)

In Ring Segment >

It was an obvious way to end Impact, having the ring turn into a brawl, then having nWo standing tall in the ring to end the show. Though, if we're going to classic booking, faces losing leading up to the PPV, then they win there. While that is good for keeping many of the fans happy, it's a bit predictable.

Post Show

Something about this episode of Impact felt really short. I did comment quite a bit in the TNA Impact 'Open Thread' Party, and felt as though it was mostly WNW writers talking about the show. If you're watching Impact, why not log in and hang out with us? First off, I'm in awe of Alex being able to write the live results and comment on the show as he does it. I can barely keep up on Monday Night RAW! So I'm blown away by Alex, but Jesse is also always in there keeping up the conversation. Thursday nights are quiet on WNW, so why not come hang out and talk about the show with us as it airs?

Sorry about all the DXing tonight, but I'm so excited by the interview with Magnus, and I had a great time talking smack about TNA with WNW writers and readers. Everyone needs to check it out, talk about what you like about TNA, the good as well as the bad!


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