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Good morning one and all to the newest edition of the TNA Blog Zone here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com. I woke up extra early to catch last night's show on DVR (was out on personal business last night) and wrote up my WNW piece for the week. IMPACT Wrestling emanated from Glasgow Scotland and looked GREAT! The crowd was vocal and very much into the action. It's still so surprising as to why TNA can gather an arena full of people outside of the States but not in the States. The UK wrestling crowd is very different from the U.S. crowd for sure and I wish all shows in the States were like last night's.

Magnus And EC3 Agree To Face Kurt Angle And Samoa Joe In A Tag Team Main Event
This was a solid opening segment that ran just about right, not too long and not too short. I'm loving how there is already tension within the Dixie Carter faction via Ethan Carter III and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus. My only gripe with Magnus on the stick in the opening is that he seemed to circle around the same topic a few times, making his point early in the promo but reiterating when it didn't need to. Angle and Joe coming in, arguably the two biggest babyfaces in TNA right now, was a fun moment with the set up of the main event match agreed to by Magnus. If Joe/ Angle lose, they are gone. If Magnus/ EC3 lose, the one who gets the pin or submission is the new number one contender. I loved the crowd's chant for Ethan Carter III over Magnus.

Madison Rayne And Velvet Sky Defeat Gail Kim And Lei'D Tapa W/ A Special Appearance By Chris Sabin
A very short Knockouts tag team match kicked off the in-ring action. I hate to knock on the Knockouts, but this match was very much an afterthought and there are several reasons why. First, nothing of significance happened on top of it being rather short. Second, the match was overshadows by the continued drama of Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky after the match. I'm not sure if the Sabin/ Aries/ Sky program was a one shot or will continue, or if Sabin will continue his run at the X-Division championship. I do know that Sky and Sabin and now split in storyline and Aries was nowhere to be found last night. TNA still needs to work on finding a happy medium between the main storyline and showcasing the X-Division.

Kurt Angle And Samoa Joe Beat Up Bobby Roode
When Joe and Angle first caught Roode in the dressing room and got on him, I had to laugh (in a good way). It was just funny to me seeing Roode's reaction and just how sudden it was. A slight form of comedy for me that some of you readers may not get, but it was pretty funny to me. After giving Roode fair warning about interfering, later on he visits Dixie and recalls any assistance until his promised title shot is given. So we now know that Roode was promised a title shot for his help. Even more development within Team Dixie as we not only have tension between champ Magnus and EC3, but we also have potential backstabbing with Roode secretly being promised a title shot. But isn't Magnus Dixie's diamond? Very interesting revelations as this story play out and finds balance.

James Storm And Gunner Kiss And Make Up Before Bad Influence Influences A Matchup
There was absolutely no kissing, but the manly bromance between Gunner and Storm was three sentences away from being unbearable. I also don't get why everyone has to yell (unless the crowd was louder than TV had?). Regarding this overall situation, I never thought Storm would turn heel so I expected a positive end to this feud. Very happy to see Bad Influence utilized on TV, even though they took the loss in the eventual tag match. I'm interested to see how Gunner will further involve himself in the main event picture after resolving the issues with James Storm.

Rockstar Spud, Demanding Answers, Is Eaten By The Wolves
This was a very good in-ring segment. If you're not a fan of Rockstar Spud at this point, you need to re-evaluate your life (not really but the guy is great!). Demanding answers on who the investor is, he got in the face of The Wolves and was disposed of by the tag team. I can't wait to see what The Wolves have to offer once they begin having matches of IMPACT Wrestling. I've never seen them in the independents, but they have a tremendous look and obvious skill. Earlier we saw a video of a car pulling up and The Wolves exiting, protecting the identity of the investor obviously inside. A new investor with new talent, and The Wolves fit the bill nicely.

No Contest For The TNA Tag Team Championship
Firstly, The BroMans are a great tag team who've found their place in TNA Wrestling. I'm very happy that both Robbie E and Jessie are being recognized after spending some time in a state of limbo respectively. DJ Zema Ion is great at enhancing their presence. The tag match itself was was could be expected but no clear cut winner was determined due to Abyss taking out the referee and his partner Eric Young. Next week, Young and Abyss will square off in a Monster's Ball match, so that could be a very interesting showdown. I miss the days of Eric Young in World Elite and hope he gets a serious run sometime soon. His current persona works for him, so he's always been able to grab the attention of the audience. I just hope this Abyss saga is put to rest soon (how many times have I said that?).

Mr. Anderson To Face Bully Ray In A Casket Match
Anderson and Ray share a very rustic style with interacting with one another that translates very well on television, especially now that a coffin has been introduced. I enjoyed this particular segment and immediately thought of the build up their most recent encounter lacked. Not that it lacked any build, but it could have developed on a deeper level if given the proper amount of time. I'm not sure when these two will face each other again in the casket match, but when they do, expect another stiff contest with alot of meaning behind their in-ring.

Kurt Angle And Samoa Joe Defeat Magnus And Ethan Carter III - Joe Is The Number One Contender For The Gold And The New Investor Revealed
A very good story was told in the ring between all competitors. Before the match, we saw a backstage segment with Magnus and EC3 still getting on each others nerves, continuing the tension between the two. It was great finally seeing a clean cut winner in this bout (in the segment involving The Wolves, they stated that the investor has proclaimed that if anyone interfered then that person would be fired) and that was Samoa Joe. I can only see this as a reward for Joe's patience. 2013 was a very questionable year in the booking of Joe and we kick off 2014 with a viable and respectable number one contender. Everyone looked great and played their parts nicely. After the bout, Dixie Carter demanded to know who the investor was. A ticking of the clock and I just knew. The Wolves come out first and introduce the new investor, MVP to end the show.

Once I went back and saw some of the Twitter comments, people were already putting this down. I asked myself, would people prefer a Tito Ortiz as the investor? We don't need another situation where a non wrestler us wrestling fans have no interest in comes in anti-climactic fashion. We get an established competitor in MVP and people still can't be pleased. The man was on screen for no more than 10 seconds! I say, let the story play out and, if the story becomes a dud, then shoot it down all you want. However, I think (hope?) TNA creative and management is smarter this time around and handle this accordingly. Team Dixie has gotten way too strong and have influenced much, so this is a good way to remove that aspect of the storyline for more realistic and believable match outcomes involving Magnus. I'm pretty excited to see what MVP has to offer, so next week will be a must see.

Rating: B-
I enjoyed last night's IMPACT Wrestling, though I know things could have been a little better. The crowd was a huge highlight and I loved how the TNA haters were quiet (in my Twitter timeline anyway). The action was worth the price of admission, though a little more thought should have been given in the booking of the bouts with the exception to the very good main event. I even have to give extra props to Eric Young and Abyss for their interaction and build.

We move on to next week's show in Glasgow as well. I'm looking forward to seeing MVP and also the other stars that didn't show up on last night's program (let's get Aries on TV!). What are your thoughts on last night's show? Sound off in the comments and thanks for reading the TNA Blog Zone!

Loved Villain Or Misunderstood Anti-Hero,
Ric Santos

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