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TNA Blog Zone - The Week Of The Beard!

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Ladies and gentleman, The Reign of Magnus has come to an end with Eric Young our new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. An unexpected end to a well balanced and highly entertaining evening on Spike TV. With that, welcome to the TNA Blog Zone where yours truly will give my usual thoughts and opinions about the Thursday night showcase. Let's get started.

The opening 10-Man Gauntlet Match, or Gaunlet Battle Royal, kicked off the night after a quick introduction to a visiting Dixie Carter. The match had great pacing and was an overall fun match to watch. I made a comment on Twitter regarding Bobby Roode where I used JBL's line: If you build a wrestler from the ground up, it would look like Bobby Roode. He's solid and you couldn't help but pay attention to him throughout the gauntlet, along with Willow and Eric Young, who ended up winning the contest. The title match was moved from Sacrifice into the night's main event, which was a very nice surprise by TNA Wrestling. I would have put Eric Young earlier in the match to really get in a lower percentage of winning and then let the man deservedly win. The main event match is set for later in the night, and we move on with the main event touched upon at the end of the TNA Blog Zone.

Rockstar Spud is a gem in TNA and he proved it again tonight. I really enjoy the work Spud puts in and his brand of comedy isn't tiring in the least. Too bad Dixie didn't appreciate his hard work in surprising her with balloons and a small celebration, but Spud had his time and once again took advantage of it. Willow made an appearance and we get to see more of Jeff Hardy's alter ego, which is great to see. Back to Dixie, it was a little disappointing that the advertised #WrathOfDixie wasn't really much to talk about. She came, had a back and forth with MVP and Magnus before his title match later in the evening, exchanged barbs with Bully and had Bobby Roode run in with Bully on the defense. More like the #VisitOfDixie, but in all honesty, it was cool to see her back and see her in a much more comfortable place with her heel persona. I assume Bobby Roode and Bully Ray will square things out at Sacrifice.

The #1 Contender 4-Way Knockouts match was a solid outing by all involed with Angelina Love taking the obvious win. As much as I am a Gail Kim fan and would love to see her have another title reign (I'm still unbiased people, just letting you know who I'm a fan of), this was Angelina's time to win and further the Madison Rayne/ Beautiful People feud. Brittany still has not impressed me with her in-ring, but she can hopefully shake off the nerves of being in the big leagues and really put forth what she can really do. To be honest though, I am not a Brittany fan, but I still hope she improves and becomes a good TNA Knockout.

The TNA Tag Team Championship match left a bit to be desired. I knew Robbie E would be making an appearance somehow and did so by causing the DQ with The Wolves picking up the win, but not the gold. The BroMans are established as a legit tag team in TNA along with The Wolves. The two best teams right now should have a good and lengthy feud like the good 'ol days where we are given the story and we invest in what will happen. As mentioned in my Booking IMPACT! article for posted earlier this evening, The BroMans should be going into Sacrifice as strong champions. I predict a Wolves victory at Sacrifice for the tag team gold, but please keep watch of The BroMans and DJ Z. They are serious contenders who found their flow as a tag team and can also remain tag champs for some time.

Poor Samuel Shaw tonight. It's good to see Christy Hemme booked into a storyline where she is not made to look weak, though earlier confrontations with Samuel slightly did so. She and Mr. Anderson hatch out a plan to place Shaw in the mental hospital, which was unsuccessful as he ran away from the psychiatric pick up van. An individual on Twitter made a comment that he wished Shaw was taken to the psychiatric ward, as that could be television gold. Seeing Shaw in the psychiatric hospital and waiting for funny, creepy and one of a kind moments happening during Shaw's extended stay would have been a very entertaining route to go to. Hemme, Anderson and Shaw are three very different characters on screen, but they compliment one another well and so we move on to a possible match at Sacrifice.

And our main event match with Eric Young picking up the well deserved win and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Magnus. This week has been a crazy roller coaster ride for wrestling fans and with EY our champion, it just gets even more interesting and very delightful. The only thing that I can see the haters get on are the similarities between EY's IMPACT Wrestling win (two matches, going into the main event hurt, having a beard) to Daniel Bryan's WrestleMania XXX win (two matches, going into the main event hurt, having a beard). The point here is this week has been a week of change, so to speak. With Daniel Bryan picking up the win for "the little guy" against big business, Eric Young furthered that to cap things off. It's almost a very similar story as well in regards to Eric Young and Daniel Bryan both having extensive history in professional wrestling and finally getting that payoff. I'm happy for Eric Young and I hope he is champion for some time. Expect a rematch at Sacrifice between the two or possibly a Triple Threat Match with Samoa Joe involved.

Another A- from TNA and company. As far as the booking, it was extremely balanced with no wasted TV time at all. The in-ring competition was fun, the storylines kept up at a good pace with nothing too long and we were given a new TNA champion. I do wish the Kenny King/ MVP saga continued tonight, along with maybe a separate match for James Storm, Gunner and/or EC3 outside of the opening gauntlet. All and all, a fun IMPACT Wrestling I will re-watch to observe and appreciate as a fan and not a journalist/ blogger.

Give us your thoughts on tonight's IMPACT Wrestling. We love to hear from our readers, just be respectful to each other and to the site. There you have it ladies and gents, sweet and straight to the point as the TNA Blog Zone, and myself, sign off for the night. Enjoy the upcoming weekend and until next time!

Loved Villain Or Misunderstood Anti-Hero,

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