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TNA Blog Zone - Wham Bam Thank You Bram

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The TNA Blog Zone is back with another edition following tonight's IMPACT Wrestling episode on Spike TV. TNA gets props for keeping up with a well balanced formula of wrestling and story throughout the night. Keep it up for sure and it won't feel like an extended amount of down time, which is good for a wrestling show. With that said, let's move on to the show itself.

Bully Ray kicked off the show driving to TNA offices to meet with Dixie Carter. We were treated to videos of the visit throughout the night with Bully Ray causing a disruption, setting up an employee meeting, turning said meeting into a party and ultimately putting Rockstar Spud through a table before taking Spud's phone to attain the address of Dixie Carter. Good for Bully Ray for staying on the fans' radar after his TNA World Heavyweight Championship loss and breakdown of the Aces & 8's. He isn't taking his current babyface role to cheesy heights as some tend to do in these turns, and just looks to be attacking a different set of personalities with something of a light hearted approach (or smart ass approach?). Either way works for Bully and the payoff of his feud with Dixie should be entertaining. It's already entertaining with just how well Dixie, Spud and Bully work together, so that payoff has the potential to be something etched in TNA history if it's done right.

Eric Young and Bobby Roode's confrontation in the ring begs the question: has Bobby Roode turned over a new leaf? It would appear that is the direction TNA is taking him. Bobby Roode the babyface works, as long as they don't turn his character into a sappy, "let's wrestle because I respect the hell out of you and you're an inspiration" kind of character. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it depends on the performer taking on that role and Bobby fits a more "you're the champ, I wanna be champ, let's do this" kind of babyface. Just straight up but without the shenanigans we've come to know and love. MVP's edict to not have a TNA title match adds to the dynamic between MVP and Roode even more following Lockdown. For Eric Young, the situation becomes an even bigger test, as we now know that MVP will be facing Eric Young for the championship at Slammiversay. TNA should do the right thing by Eric and keep him as champion after Slammiversary. He's earned it and has been a very serious champion. TNA needs the legitimacy built up again, so keep the momentum going for EY. In regards to MVP's turn, it doesn't add up. Sure, anything can happen in this business, but what's the point of the MVP turn? Surely he'll dive into the situation next week and might take out the "I'm a veteran and I'm still an active performer who wants to be champion too" card if anything, but with all of the back and forth with Dixie Carter earlier in the year, it's a little bit hard to swallow. Perhaps after sleeping on it, things will come into a clearer perspective. TNA needs to respect this main event scene and ensure it doesn't get to be too silly or becomes a cluster of things it shouldn't be. We wait until next week to find out answers.

In yet another disappointing outing, Madison Rayne falls to The Beautiful People in a tag team Evening Gown Match with Brittany as her partner. The Beautiful People have been booked to be unstoppable, which isn't fair to Madison Rayne at all. This subject was touched upon last week here on the TNA Blog Zone, so there's no need to rehash what's been said. However, TNA needs to look at this Knockouts Division and seriously find a face for the ladies and their brand of action. The Beautiful People are established, so that's taken care of. Now, have a sit down with Brittany and work with her on improving herself for the TNA fanbase. Sit down with ODB, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne as they are veterans who should be leading by example and showing the others how it's done. Get everyone on the same page, get a plan and start with Madison Rayne. You can read my piece about Madison Rayne by clicking here.

The Ethan Carter III/ Kurt Angle matchup left much to be desired. Alex Barie posted an exclusive update on Kurt Angle and his future in a new article you can read by clicking here. With this new information, the outcome of this match may have been booked accordingly. However, and touched upon in the latest Booking IMPACT! for, Kurt Angle should have came out on top by defying the odds. Considering tonight's bout may be Kurt Angles last match on TNA television, a huge win over EC3 would have been a wonderful sendoff. If the plan was to have his knee be an issue, a post match beatdown could have worked. Overall, the match could have been so much more but if Angle's knee was legitimately an issue, you can't ask for more than what Angle offered tonight. Hopefully the man is well and the surgery fixes any and everything needed to be fixed for a fast and speedy recovery. We here on Wrestling News World and love Kurt Angle and are always wishing him the best.

The Wolves took the victory in their tag title Ladder Match tonight against The BroMans in what was easily match of the night. A couple of great spots were performed by both teams, including DJ Z taking a high bump from the Ladder outside to the BroMans. The chemistry between the two teams is very evident in the flow of their matches and back and forth banter. BroMans are established as legit title contenders and professional wrestlers, with Jessie Godderz making wonderful improvements since first debuting. It's a very different and much more comfortable persona from his debut with the former Tara. Robbie E has found his place and is taking full advantage of his current opportunities while The Wolves look to elevate the prestige of the tag titles their way. If the BroMans are the team to defeat The Wolves for the gold, it raises the value even more with a hungry Wolves team ready to go to get them back in awesome fashion.

Knux takes the win over Kazarian in their bout while The Menagerie make their TNA Wrestling/ IMPACT Wrestling debut. The match itself was nothing special (sorry Frankie) as the real intrigue were The Menagerie themselves. Crazy Steve looks crazy, but is he an active wrestler? The Freak is massive and could be what works for Rob Terry, or atleast sets him up for bigger and better things down the road. Rebel could shift away in time or stick with the group to perform in the Knockouts Division. However, she seems to fit more as a manager/ valet type and may not transition into an in-ring competitor well but who knows? She could surprise us. Overall, The Menagerie came off well tonight. It's their first television showing so it's too early to judge the group in an extremely positive light or negative light, so we'll have to keep watching IMPACT! each week and see how well they can connect with the fans and see how much trust TNA creative has in the group and its respective members.

Our main event is Magnus with Bram taking on Willow in a losing effort due to interence from Bram. Bram looks solid and is a good fit for Magnus at this stage in his particular story. After the silver spoon feeding all of these months, it's back to basics so to speak with Bram taking charge as bootcamp lead. Bram can easily be a star in TNA Wrestling with the right opportunity, character (not so much gimmick) and direction. Both he and Magnus could come out of this program in very good positions. Speaking of Magnus, this could be what he needs in order to bring his character full circle. Not because he is British, but it's a likeness to the recent James Bond films starring Daniel Craig. Fans know the James Bond mythology, but you find out in Casino Royale that Bond is an orphan with a thick head. In Quantum of Solace, you see the passion within that's not shown the first time around in reaching his goals. In SkyFall, you learn more about the man on a deeper level. This is Magnus' SkyFall in that we should begin to learn more about the man and see just what makes him tick and what made him the man he is today. This is a very important time for Magnus and TNA should recognize that.

What did you think of tonight's IMPACT Wrestling? Personally, these latest episodes have been spot on with editing and balance between the matches and storylines. It feels more action packed and fast paced for sure. It's nice to see the haters a little bit quieter on Twitter as well. With that said, sound of below but remember to respect yourself first and then your fellow readers. Enjoy your weekend!

Loved Villain or Misunderstood Anti-Hero,
Ric Santos

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