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TNA Blog Zone - Who Is This Bischoff Of Which You Speak?

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I will admit that going into Lockdown I was nervous. Honestly, I didn't know if they'd pull out a decent PPV, never mind one worth the money. I'll admit I wasn't overly impressed with much of the show. Parts of the Lethal Lockdown Match were insane, off the hook, amazing, but all in all I had trouble caring because of what was behind it all. As soon as the lid came down, I knew that guitar was going to be used in a big way. Honestly, I was wondering if Jarrett was going to show when I saw it, but I'm glad he didn't. Not saying that Garett getting the jump on Bisch was any better, but no JJ is always good. Personally, I think this was a great waste of some of TNA's best talent.

The Tag Title Match was just beautiful. When BMI broke up I about cried for the Tag Division in TNA, but with the Guns back and the way Joe and Magnus are working together, I think things are just getting going again. I didn't think Joe would work with a partner long term, but I'm loving him with Magnus and the rest of the fans seem to be loving it too. I think it was a smart move to leave the straps on Joe and Magnus at this point. There needs to be some serious feuding between the two teams, not just to remind us of the BMI/Guns feuds, but for these guys to prove who they are at this point in their careers. TNA did something very right in this match, they booked it in a way that made sense.

The TV Title Match was a throw away. I love Devon, but we've seen virtually nothing of him on TV since he won this belt. This is supposed to be the TV Title, this week, but it's so rarely seen on TV! TNA needs to decide if they're going to continue with this belt and actually use it as it should be used, or get rid of it. Yes, I said that. This is just one more place that TNA is dropping the ball. They could use this belt as a stepping stone, the way the IC and US Titles were once and should again be used in the WWE. It's past time to fish or cut bait.

Gail Kim is the best female wrestler in TNA right now and should be showing that as the Knockouts Champ, but she's been rather flat and somewhat boring lately. I thought it was time to shake things up, strap Velvet Sky at the hands of Madison. Having Madison and Kim fighting between themselves and against Velvet could only make the Knockouts Division that much more interesting.

Why did they feel the need to put Flair and Hogan in the ring to talk too much? I'm so disgusted with those two fogies! They need to either step up to the plate and do something to help TNA, or they need to shut up and go away. At this point they've both done more to hurt the company than help, as they've also done with their careers and images. The two of them are jokes, not men who should be respected for what they did for the industry. Yes, I know this comment will piss some people off, but it's how I feel about these men.

I actually thought that TPTB in TNA might give Morgan the win here to persuade him to stay, but I guess not! Honestly, it's about time they give Morgan something interesting, and if they won't, then maybe he should find someplace else to be. Either way, Crimson's 'streak' is a total joke. He sure hasn't proved that he's deserving of such a thing.

I know I'm not as annoyed with Hardy as I was, but I'm not totally interested in seeing him facing Angle at a PPV. I'm even less interested in seeing Hardy beat Angle at a PPV. That Angle slam from the top made me ill. It was the one moment in this match that I was absolutely sure Angle wasn't getting up. He did, but I have no clue how.

As much as I love ODBEY, I will admit that I only vaguely watched this match out of the corner of my eye, but I still watched it closer than I did during the TV Title Match. I just love EY and putting him with ODB was genius! If any one of those men in the locker room could carry one of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship belts, it's EY. Not saying it's the best to strap a guy with a Knockouts Title, but he's one of the few who can play it off well.

I have to admit that I'm upset that Storm didn't win the strap Sunday night, but I understand why Roode kept the Title and I think they way they booked the ending in a very creative way. It didn't feel like a Roode ending to me, but it was screwy. As annoyed as I am that Storm didn't win, it worked. It wouldn't have worked if Roode and Storm hadn't left everything in, but it was Roode and Storm and I've never seen them give less than 100%. I love both these men for what they've done for the wrestling industry, for TNA. I just hope TPTB continues to push these two to the sky.

Show Starts

Video > A

They took WWE's use of stills from a PPV and made it their own. Putting video clips in, and putting back in the stills, the production crew deserves an A.

In Ring Segment > B-

Wow, the 'Shut the hell up!' chants were loud and clear! "There is no more heroes left for me to beat." (sic) I know that they're talking as they go, but that was a grammatical blunder that made me twitch. I have to say I don't mind Roode's hair short, but I prefer it long.

Anderson was funny talking to Hardy, but Roode in the mix was funnier. Hardy came off a bit odd to me here. Roode trying to get the two of them to fight was really fun. The three of them were entertaining, but then Hogan had to butt in!

Hogan, to me, seemed as though he had pre-taped that segment. He didn't react to anything that was said in the ring, or came from the fans. It felt terribly canned, like a bad Max Headroom – am I showing my age? But I love Matt Frewer! Hogan was plastic and said exactly what we'd expect from him. He also brought down the grade quite drastically with his little video.

Crimson & Bully vs Morgan & Aries > B+

Morgan looked really good starting this match. He was on until he got tied up in the ropes. Crimson, on the other hand, looked a bit sloppy to me. Also, I found it interesting that the fans were wild and yelling, until Bully entered the ring and all noise stopped for a few moments. I don't know what that means exactly, but it was glaringly obvious.

I'm going to again state that I don't like Aries and Bully in any type of feud. Aries should be pushing the X Division and really giving the fans what they want, what we want – amazing X Division work from one of the best today! Aries was beautiful when he finally made it into the ring! Bouncing off Crimson's back, then Morgan holding the ropes for Aries' suicide dive on Bully. I'm not saying Aries can't go toe to toe with Bully (he needed tights to pin Aries), just that as X Division Champ he should be leading the Division! After saying all that, I really liked that match. Morgan looked solid, Aries looked awe inspiring and they all worked well together. That being said, if Aries was in the ring one on one with another X Division boy of even reasonable quality, that match would have been an easy A.

Winners – Crimson & Bully

Backstage Segment > C

I have to say that even just walking along back there, Hart carries himself like a Bisch when it is needed. I could see his father in him, just in the way he moved, the way he cocked his head.

Backstage Segment > B-

Hardy sounded a little magnanimous in this segment. Yes, Anderson deserves a chance, Angle's so great, blah blah, blah. For me it was a bit too much for me.

In Ring Segment > D

AJ commented about his gloves at Lockdown in that interview. I have to say I don't like the look. AJ was actually kind of cute when he talked about Garett's balls, but I wonder how much he choked on it. I like AJ more and more, the way he talks about the company, Flair and everything. I want one of those TNA Wresting Est. 2002 shirts, wonder if they make them for girls too.

They bleeped out Bisch's name when Flair said it! That's hysterical! I actually rewound the show a tiny bit when Stacy came in because I was laughing so hard at the bleeping of Bisch's name. We agreed that bleeping out Bisch was just silly, but it works in some odd way. They even bleeped out Tenay! As long as they don't take it too far, which they most likely will, it could be a lot of fun. Even saying all that, the only thing good in that segment was AJ.

Backstage Segment > C+

Wait, Kaz buzzed all his hair off too! How long has it been like that? Did he and Roode go out partying and end up having a few too many and getting in a fight with a set of clippers? Okay, if they show us what they have on AJ, can we get past it?

Backstage Segment > C

Not good, not bad, but I understand why they had Devon asking Magnus and Joe why all the Champs were wanted in the ring. I hope it's not more tournaments!

Angle vs AJ > B+

I was thinking that the gloves might look better with his ring gear (I really didn't pay much attention at Lockdown), but no, they don't. They make me think of Booker. But I do like AJ in black like that. Few can carry off the powder blue AJ is known to wear, but in this black, I take him more seriously. I also have to say I like the creativity of Angle's name on his singlet. His name made to look like the Olympic rings is a very creative idea, but I'm not sure I like it as much now that he's not going to be trying out for the team. I will admit that I'm bummed for him. Angle is a very driven man, so it had to take a lot for him to finally decide when enough was enough.

I'm a bit annoyed as DISH cut out as Angle and AJ hit their first moves. When the show came back it was to commercial! I don't know how much I missed, but missing any AJ sucks. That flying forearm shot on Angle in the corner when they came back form commercial was great. He seemed to get huge air, but the camera angle was good too. AJ was on, then it was over. Any match of this level ending in such a light just blows. Yes, it furthers a storyline, but at the detriment of what could have been. For me it rips the floor out of the grading curve.

Winner – Angle

Backstage Segment > B+

I'm glad they're furthering the Abyss storyline and his 'brother's' character. I think that was very well executed. I can't wait to see more.

In Ring Segment

DISH cut out when Devon was on his way to the ring. Not happy with how this keeps happening. It's not like the weather here is bad tonight.

Backstage Segment > D

Why did they stop in the middle of the Champs in the ring for a Backstage Segment? I love RVD's singlet, the purple is great, but with that and the triple threat still not good enough reason to stop in the middle of what was getting set up in the ring!

In Ring Segment, continued > D+

As if the roster doesn't have enough trouble getting TV time, now they're putting together a reality show once a month? I was worried about a tournie! And we're supposed to be Tweeting at Hogan? Well, I've been blocked by Hogan. I think it was a two for one deal. I ticked off Bisch, so Hogan blocked me too. Anyway, I love how Devon stepped up. It was nice to hear him on mic and it's nice to see that the TV Title will be defended weekly. I'm sure there will be some turnover, but that's fine with me if it brings us more wrestling on Impact. I'm torn here because there was good and bad in this segment, the worst of it being Hogan. I know I keep saying it, but this man either needs to step up and really do something for TNA, or he needs to go away. His ego is just too much for me to stomach.

Kim & Rosita & Sarita & Madison vs Tara & Tessmacher & Mickie & Velvet Sky > C+

It might just be me, or it's what she was wearing, but Mickie's boobs looked really small! Anyway, Velvet was really hot. Yes, he outfit was cute, but I mean she was hot in the ring. Then I was distracted by Madison's ass and the nude panties. She'd been looking so good in her other outfits, why did she go back to that? I will say Rosita looked rather decent in the ring against Mickie. Rosita is so tiny, but she handled herself well here.

On the other hand Sarita really no sold Tara's standing flip. Sarita kept her head up and she was looking over at Rosita who ended up dropping the elbow on her. From there Sarita's ring work looked better. Actually, Tessmacher hit a nice arm drag on Sarita. We haven't seen Tessmacher on TV in a long time, but she seems to have taken another jump in her abilities. Girl looks like she's been working on her skills. Looks like she might be around a bit more after that roll up on Kim. Not saying she's ready to hold her own with Kim yet, but she'll get there if she keeps working at this rate. Actually, if they all keep proving themselves this way, maybe we'll be seeing longer and better matches from the Knockouts. They have the skills, they just need to be booked to show those skills.

Winners – Tessmacher, Mickie, Tara & Velvet Sky

Backstage Segment > B

Anderson on mic is a goldmine! That man has the voice and charisma to go far, but that he has decent ring work too is that much better. Also doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes. VKM should be kicking himself. I know he has to keep his top talents happy, but letting Anderson slip through his fingers was a big bad for him, at least in my book.

Video > B-

Friction burns and minor bruising? That's too much! Had to suck having that ice there. Other than that, this wasn't their best segment, but they're still a great couple.

Backstage Segment > C

Yay, Storm arrived! Wait, nothing happened back there, he just arrived. Yes, he's sexy, but I want more than him wandering in. that doesn't make for much of a segment.

TV Title Match – Devon (C) vs Gunner > B+

Devon looks really good! He still has a bit of a belly, but who doesn't at our age? Okay, he's a year older than I am, but still, he looks great! Not only does he look great, but he worked well in the ring with Gunner. Gunner has been a favorite of mine since he dropped Murphy and really started to show that he has some skills. I found it interesting that some of the fans were chanting for Gunner. Devon's spear on Gunner was great! From there he really showed his strength as well as his speed. This wasn't a highly technical or high flying match, but both of those guys were hard hitting and they really left it out there for the fans. I'm really impressed.

In Ring Segment > B

I really liked that hug between Devon and Storm on the ramp. The fans were quite quiet for Storm. They really let him speak, get it out, then cheered him on. He was quite well spoken, as he always is, but the way he got a little wimpy when talking about his luck, then leaving the way he did. I know it's storyline, but I'm a bit surprised that the Cowboy dropped the mic and walked away. Very interesting. Wonder where they will be taking it from here as we all know this thing between Storm and Roode is nowhere near over.

#1 Contender Match – RVD vs Anderson vs Hardy > B

Still loving that purple singlet. When Hardy was up on the corner posing before the match started, Hardy clapped a little, then pumped his fist. I might be a bit fickle, but something about it really rubbed me the wrong way. It felt like he was mocking the fans in some way. I'm probably reading too much into it, but it got my hackles up.

The back and forth work from the three was interesting to watch. They were all on and throwing some different moves. Anderson sliding Hardy into the post the way he did was unexpected. Hardy flying off the corner was typical, but it worked well. Three big moves from them all, but all were left down on the mat. They all seemed to be overly winded from what they'd done, but then I remembered that this was taped the day after Lockdown, so I had to give them all props for what they were doing. They looked beaten, but still gave so much in the ring. I think that's a problem with TNA's taping schedule. Maybe they need a day or two before taping after a PPV.

I should have expected RVD winning this match, but I war really pulling for Anderson. I guess I should be happy it wasn't Hardy and move on. Honestly, I'm surprised that RVD came back to TNA, but since he did he has to be back in the Title run. It's TNA and they feel they have to push wrestlers who are older and made their names elsewhere over more of the homegrown boys. Then again, all of the guys in this match fall into that role, but RVD is the oldest, and some would say, most established of the bunch. I'm still not done with Storm and Roode, but they took a month off from that for Roode versus Sting, so I guess they need to do the same for Roode versus RVD, then Storm will be back in the ring with him and finally win the Title? I'm hoping so.

Winner – RVD

Post Show

Yes, I have gone back to using TNA over TNA/IW. I'm still completely annoyed with TNA changing its name, then not changing, then changing. The whole thing was just lame, but I have to admit that this episode of Impact wasn't that bad. Actually, I think it was better than the Live Smackdown the WWE put out last week. TNA has what it needs to succeed, they just need to get rid of all the extra things that are dragging it down.


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