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I have to say that Slammiversary was so much better than I expected. During the show I wote some noted about the PPV, and I'm going to throw them in here. I did this as I have trouble watching any wrestling on TV without typing something and I can't sit here writing fiction during such a stellar PPV. While I was annoyed with Hogan starting Slammiversary, I was thrilled with Hogan making the first match for the Title, as it should have been from word one. While this feud out of the blue really pissed me off – the X Division Champ should not be overlooked going into Slammiversary - I was overjoyed with all Aries and Joe gave in that opening match! The dueling chants for the men was great, but nothing compared to the ring work from them. I stated in my Predicts that these two were going to "...this match will be jaw dropping. There's no question that Aries and Joe will go out there to kill each other and about kill themselves in the process." These two did that and more. There were numerous moments that I cringed, especially when Aries turned the tides and hit the last couple moves to end Joe. After that match, I'm thrilled I was wrong predicting this match as Aries left me smiling like an idiot and deserved to retain the Title. The knuckle bump after it was over brought a smile and tear for me. If you didn't get to see this match, go watch it now, I'll wait. I'm serious, go!

While Hernandez and KK put on a really nice match, there was no lead up to it and it wasn't anything I really cared about. I thought the time could have been spent elsewhere, on feuds and storylines that have been built.

I really thought Madison was going to cause the end of the E&T tag match, but they booked to a real ending. Garett impressed the heck out of me in that match! I'm not saying he's a great wrestler, but he's stepped things up recently and hit a couple of really solid moves in this match. Not only solid moves, but a couple of very clean moves! I will say I'm shocked, but maybe Devon is working with him. Okay, the little dance after it was over was very cute. I'll admit it.

I don't know what Daniels was drinking backstage, but it looked like olive oil. Taz said they were appletinis, but I thought they looked gross.

The Texas fans were proving moment to moment why TNA needs to do live shows out of Orlando, but it really struck me when they talked Anderson's promo with him word for word. But then there was the match. I like RVD, I adore Anderson, and I'm impressed with how far Hardy has come, but this match just didn't hold my attention the way the first three did. The fans there loved it, but for me it missed something. Maybe I'm burnt out on the three of these guys together? There were great moments: When RVD flew after the huge superplex, but ate mat. The pinfall that there would have been two winners. Hardy flying out onto Anderson and RVD. The way Hardy landed outside. But the best moment for me was Anderson winning when none of us predicters thought he would, even though at least two of us wanted him to. Be shocked if Gesus wasn't rooting for him too, being a Wisconsin boy.

As soon as I heard Storm's music, I knew Crimson's streak was done. I knew Storm would be returning during Slammiversary, so this was a wonderful way to do it. His simple, "I'm back." after it was over warmed my heart. Simple, honest, to the point.

Speaking of to the point, Aries was wonderful on mic with Borash and he will be the main event before long. Aries has taken the X Division to a new level, I just wish there was more competition for him as the Division is getting slimmer.

I think it's great that TNA had their largest crowd in the USA. Even better that she thanked both Jeff and Jerry Jarrett. Bringing out the roster was lovely. Yes, Sting is an amazing person to be the first inductee into the TNA HOF. Sting's wrestling career has been at a level that few others have matched. He's been one of my favorites since he appeared in the rafters. Yes, he was great before that, and I have gone back and watched a lot of his work from before he went crow, but that was truly the turning point for him. I do believe Sting will be the first wrestler inducted into the TNA and WWE HOFs.

While we always joke about going to the potty during Divas Matches, I actually did hit the potty during this Knockouts Title Match. I love Gail Kim, but this really didn't interest me at all, and I really had to go! I wasn't at all shocked that Tessmacher won here, she'd been pushed so hard to that point.

I knew going in that Joseph would go over Bully, I also knew that Abyss would be involved in the match, and I wasn't disappointed. I was so impressed with how the Joseph character handled working with Bully, but honestly shouldn't have expected anything less.

I have to say I really didn't give a flying fig about this match. Daniels and Kaz have become boring, AJ is in a strange spot and Angle moved to being face too fast for my taste. It was a solid match; great moves from all, but I wasn't interested enough to care.

Honestly, I didn't write during the main event. I sat back and watched. I love Sting and I'm shocked at how he can still go in the ring. Compared to his contemporaries, Sting still wrestles better than any of them have in the past ten years! I don't know where the man gets it! Even through all that, I knew he wouldn't come out on top. Sting is the man, but Sting isn't done with Roode and I don't know if anyone will take him out before Storm.

Show Starts

Video > B+

I think this was one of the better opening videos, not because it was Storm, but because of the story it told and how it was told. I'm really not liking the voice of the narrator; he's so condescending!

Ultimate X Match (7:47) A

On paper, this looked like a great match. Aries is the wonderful and amazing wrestler he is, Sabin is just sick in the ring, and Will Ion is still green, he adds an interesting flavor. It started strong between all three. Sabin was sick on Ion! Sabin really looked like he had a shot at the Title until Aries caught him. I cannot get over some of the moves Aries hit in this match. All of his usual moves, but then the helicopter with Sabin and how he couldn't stand himself. But it was the way he rolled and kicked up at Ion on the apron, followed by the suicide dive. There was nothing odd about the way Aries sent Sabin over the top, or seemed to be when he landed on Ion, but obviously he did as Sabin is again injured, and it was obvious that it was serious, even after he got back in the ring – briefly. Then that top rope hurricanranna! Drop kick, then brain buster, and of course he climbed beautifully.

Winner – Aries

In Ring Segment > B+

Aries could be right on the pound for pound being the best today. While he's great in TNA, I'd love to see him in the WWE with a chance like Punk and Bryan have right now. Mr. Money's Worth – I really like that! Normally I'd be annoyed with anyone taking RVD's Mr. Friday-Monday-Thursday Night, or HBK's Mr. WrestleMania, but this works and Aries more than deserves such a name.

I'm not sure how I feel about Aries having to give up his X Division Title to try for the TNA WHC. And it's at Destination X! Okay, that will give them a chance to have a huge X Division Title Match, but will Aries be left out in the cold? This wouldn't be the first time the TNA WHC and the X Division Title were held at the same time, so I don't get it. Maybe they want to shake things up, but I worry about Aries being left without a Title after this is all said and done. (Hogan time – 9:48)

Video > C-

Slammiversary showed more Dixie and Hogan than anyone else!

Backstage Segment > A-

I'm loving Bully and Joseph and the 'where is Abyss?' storyline? When 'Joseph' first showed up, I really didn't think it would get this good. Loving how Bully and Joseph work together, and wonder when Abyss will return and what he will do next!

TV Title Match – Devon (C) vs Hernandez (3:38) > B+

Now that the lead weight has been removed from Hernandez (Anarquia), will they be pushing him again? I truly hope so! I really enjoy Hernandez. He hits such interesting moves, some things I forget he's great at until I see him hitting them again. In some ways he seems to be the incredible shrinking man, but he's so good! After his win at Slammiversary, I wondered if he might be able to take the Title away from Devon here. But then there's Devon who's waist has shrunk and he's really muscled up! Devon's better than I remember seeing him – ever! While these two guys in the ring brings me back to the WWE a bit – their sizes and how they muscled through this match – but I was very impressed by how they worked together. I want to see more from them!

Winner – Devon

Video > B-

I am interested in seeing where TNA goes with Dixie and AJ, but the review videos are getting a bit much. Sometimes less is more, and I'm getting ready that I want to tell them that if people don't watch one week and don't know what's going on somewhere, they will go watch online! Yes, these videos are helpful reminders, but when the videos take up such a big portion of the show, it's time to reel it back in. We know there's stuff going down with AJ and Dixie, they need to shorten the recap videos for the need of furthering storylines and having more ring time!

Backstage Segment A-

This left us with so many questions! This is how to push a storyline, not those lengthy videos! I can't wait to see how this all goes down as it absolutely won't be what they so obviously want us to think it is.

Bound For Glory Series Gauntlet Match for 20pts – (20:43)

I will admit that last year this annoyed me at first, but then I got into it. While it's still scripted, it adds more of a question to each match. Each match in the series means something; has weight of its own. I've thought for a long time tat this type of thing could work well, I just didn't want to see TNA doing it, but then they did a great job of it. That house matches counted, it wasn't just went down on TV, really made the series feel more real and meaningful. Heck, someone could have been on top, but for some reason couldn't continue. It added some interesting possibilities to every show and I like that.

Even on his way to the ring AJ sold his storyline from how he carried himself; signs of a true pro! No matter how creative his gloves are, I just don't like them. And then there Hardy who I don't want to like again, but he's continuing to prove himself – week in and week out. These two guys in the ring together looked great! RVD was a great addition to these two. RVD is another man who works the ring so much better than his contemporaries. He's the same age as Dreamer, but many think Dreamer should be done in the ring, where as so many want RVD back in the WWE. RVD is younger than Shane Douglas, Sabu, Taz, Raven and Sandman, but he worked hard with these men everyday in ECW.


I will say I was shocked to see Magnus in the ring, but he worked that ring as hard as the rest and looked great doing it. While I understand why Bully was in there, it felt off to me as his style is so different. Angle, of course, was great in this group. Pope coming out surprised me, and what he's been doing will hopefully help his career. I'll admit that Pope looked solid in the ring. Hopefully he will return as a face and stay that way. He was so much better than when he was heel – in my opinion.

I loved how Hardy was eliminated. It worked beautifully, but not as beautifully as Abyss eliminating Bully! That made Bully being in this match make more sense. It was a natural way to introduce Abyss, but only briefly. Even though the 'living under the ring' and 'pit of hell' under the ring has been done before – too many times – I believe it for Abyss the way I did for Hornswoggle and the most famous one, Taker.


Robbie E in this match? Really? Really? After RVD was out, I enjoyed the short work between Magnus and Pope. That could be an interesting feud – if given a solid reason. AJ's kick to Angle's head was quite the shot and Angle sold it beautifully. The first time I watched this, I was sure Angle had to be injured. Then, back in the ring Pope looked great again!

Joe on Robbie left me with a HUGE grin. If Robbie can't show his talent through his character, then he should be tossed by his hair. No! I don't want to see Joe and Magnus feuding! I want them to team up again, I really enjoyed them working together.

But when I heard Storm's music, I knew he'd win it. He so easily went through Pope and Daniels, but then I loved seeing Storm and Joe fight it out. Storm was a tag wrestler for so long that he missed feuding with some of these guys one on one. And while some people don't like it when that last person in a battle royal-esque match works the apron and almost falls a couple times, when it was Joe it added so much. Joe is strong and fast, but he isn't the most graceful, but here he was great! Very impressed!

Winner – Storm

In Ring Segment > A-

Storm on mic was great! The way his daughter asked about wrestling, then what Storm said about his daughter in this segment, he didn't explain how she cared about Storm wrestling. It felt a bit missing in that part, but the rest was great and the fans were hot for him which made it that much better! The passion in Storm was what made this segment so great. But where does this leave Aries?

Backstage Segment > C

Roode came off a bit mechanical here, almost robotic. Not quite as bad as Orton can get, but not as good as he usually is. Roode reminds me of a young Triple H, but he missed the mark on this one.

Backstage Segment > C+

Angle came off rather off here as well. It felt as though Angle was reading from cue cards, or just spitting out the words from the script. AJ was a little better, but not much. That's one thing I've always liked about TNA, it didn't feel overly scripted most of the time, but these two backstage segments came off as early read throughs without any emotion or feeling.

Tessmacher vs Madison (2:53) > B-

I know a lot of people don't like how I feel about Madison. From her nude panties that really put out a bad message, and her screechiness, to how plastic she seems much of the time – it all really rubs me the wrong way. But then there's TNA and how they're dropping the ball with her 'crush'. There's so much they could be doing with this, but they've done virtually nothing with it. Hopefully they will push forward with it next week as it could be very interesting.

While I'm not a big fan of Tessmacher's I have to say that her ring work has really stepped up recently. She'd have to be better in the ring to win the Title, but all around her ring work and personality have improved in big ways. I expect more from her, but the two of them made this small match look really solid. This was better than anything we've seen from the Divas in months. Bravo Knockouts!

Winner – Tessmacher

Backstage Segment > F+

Brooke is so plastic on screen. The camera angles and the 'shocked' looks from Brooke were so lame that I wanted to throw rotten tomatoes at her, but I don't want to pick up the mess after. Brooke was just atrocious, and because of that, Kim didn't come off very well herself.

Video > C+

First off, let me state that I hate Anderson's hair this dark. The word hate is not allowed to be used in our house. We want the kids to be more creative with their language and hate is such an easy word to fall back on and use without thought. But, straight up, I hate Anderson's hair being this color. I can't even tell it's him half the time because his hair color doesn't set him apart in any way. It's only his voice that brings me to realize that it is actually Anderson. He look boring, and not at all like the Anderson I have grown to love. Just sucks! And because of how much his hair color is a distraction, I really couldn't pay any attention to him here.

World Heavyweight Championship Match – Roode (C) vs Anderson (11:29) > B+

Anderson really took it to Roode to start this match in a huge way. Actually, Anderson looked great in this match. Of course Roode did, but Roode's been great and looked great for so long, but to have Anderson look so solid against the Champ can only mean that he's heading into a solid push of some sort – I hope.

These two worked that ring hard for over eleven minutes and it didn't feel like it was that long. I would have guessed it was maybe seven minutes. I know there was a commercial in there, but it didn't feel like it was that long. Just proof that those guys really know how to work the ring and the fans. This was a lovely match, even though it was pretty much guaranteed that Anderson wouldn't be winning it.

Winner – Roode

Backstage Segment > B

I'm really interested in seeing what will go down next week with Dixie and AJ. They're doing a great job with this storyline.

Video > B

Sting was a great choice for the first person in the TNA HOF.

Video > F-

Again, more video recap that wasn't needed. Yes, the WWE does video recaps as well, but nothing compared to the length of TNA's recap videos. This was too much, too long, not at all needed! The grade isn't for the quality of the video, but for TNA as a whole for needing to recap so much of the show. Why should the fans watch when they can catch the final ten minutes to catch up on almost everything that happened on the show?

In Ring Segment > A&D-

I loved the video for Sting. The way Sting was spoken about – except by Hogan. That he said Sting was the greatest star in wrestling today. Hello, he was huge when Hogan was trying to keep his fingers in the mix in WCW. Sting was who so many fans were tuning in to see because Hogan was a heel and everyone was disgusted with nWo! I just thought it felt like a shot from Hogan, not something nice about the Icon.

I loved that Sting came out and gave huge props to Jeff and Jerry Jarrett right off the top. There's been so much said about them this week and it was great that Sting acknowledged them the way he did. The look in Sting's eyes showed it all. Right back to what I've heard about Sting being a nice guy and a class act.

And then Sting had to be attacked. What was all that about? Haven't we had enough of this crap. How many time have we had masked guys show up and attack someone out of the blue? Even more, have it happen to end a show? Further, why is it that when someone, usually a face, is attacked out of the blue, no one comes out to help them? Okay, sometimes someone runs out help them, but it's very rare. We saw it most recently when Kofi and R-Truth came out to help with Big Show, though they didn't get far with it, but that was rare. So Sting was out there getting beaten down by three big guys, all seeming to be of a size, and no one, not even Hogan ran to his rescue. Very odd for someone so beloved. Alex thought the guys might have been led by Jeff Jarrett, but I thought all three of these guys looked to be about the same size, and bigger than JJ. Though who can tell. It wouldn't be the first time that a masked attacker wasn't actually played by the person that is actually supposed to be the attacker. Have to love wrestling for their ways of creative booking.

Post Show

As per usual, there were some lovely moments on this show. TNA really has a great talent, some great matches and some very interesting storylines, but they keep dropping the ball in so many other ways. Those recap videos are getting to be ridiculous! Then there's Brooke and her horrible mic work. I said that Roode and Angle were bad, but Brooke is a whole new level of horrible. Hogan and Bisch really have to wool pulled over Dixie's eyes and they're going to kill the company if someone doesn't step in and shake her. Slammiversary was so good and this Impact wasn't too bad. Hopefully this forward momentum will carry the company along and maybe even up?


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