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TNA Blog Zone - Will Our Champion Be Speaking Sunday?

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Welcome back to another installment of the TNA Blog Zone for Wrestling News World. After a week off, the Blog Zone is back and is impressed with the direction TNA Wrestling has taken IMPACT Wrestling these last several weeks. The shows have been in-ring heavy with a good balance of wrestling and story telling that isn't too much of any one thing. Kudos to TNA for hearing my please, maybe? Either way, very good. Let's get into the meat of the show and talk about tonight's broadcast.

TNA BLOG ZONE - 4/24/2014

The night kicks off with the former world champion Magnus in the ring, followed by Abyss and MVP in which the main event for the evening is set: Magnus Vs. Abyss with the stipulation that if Abyss wins, he is a full fledged member of the TNA roster again. Fast forward to the main event, and Magnus gets himself disqualified and causes Abyss to become a member of the roster. This is a well received outcome, especially with the post match dominance by Magnus. Magnus never truly showcased what he could really do as champion under Dixie Carter, so this sets up a potential title reign lead by vicious intent. Will Magnus defeat Eric Young? Never say never in professional wrestling, but the signs point to Eric Young retaining. However, it's nice to think of Magnus no longer the "Paper Champion", but instead the "Angry Champion" with a renewed focus. Eric Young is as legit as legit gets, so Sunday will be a wonderful contest to see between the two.

Angle versus Rockstar Spud was what it was supposed to be. You always have to appreciate the effort Spud puts into his character by himself and with EC3. As mentioned many moons ago, Spud has found his place and could revel in his current position and be very fine or use this as a springboard to something else. It's up to Spud at this point. As far as the match goes, there was nothing especially note worthy but Angle looked very good and the set up for Sunday's tag team match (Rockstar Spud & EC3 Vs. Kurt Angle & Willow) was well done. An EC3 interference to cause a disqualification would have been preferred, but we have our set up and our match with Willow joining the fray. I expect the pay-per-view tag match to have a certain flow to it, comedy and fast paced wrestling, and act as either a good opening contest or a vehicle to build up a one on one contest between EC3 and Kurt Angle.

The Kenny King Saga continues with a match set up by MVP after the opening contest. Kenny King faced Lashley and took the countout loss in true heel "I don't need this" fashion. Considering how the story played out, Kenny King and MVP won't have a direct feud? Will this shift to a secondary program for both with MVP dealing with Austin Aries (more on that later) and Kenny King possibly starting something with Bobby Lashley? Certain individuals need to be brought into the spotlight in this case, but carefully. No one should look weak heading into Sunday or a match after the pay-per-view, whomever gets the next match with their respective rival. One would hope Kenny King is involved at Sacrifice in some capacity to continue to garner momentum against MVP and/ or Bobby Lashley.

Earlier this evening, I posted Booking IMPACT! for, our sister site. I purposely did not analyse the Knockouts tag team contest because it should be addressed in full here. So, Madison Rayne had an in-ring meeting with The Beautiful People in which they take her and Brittany, who attempted to help, down. TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne enlists the help of Gail Kim to face The Beautiful People in a tag match and in that match, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne lose. Just when the Knockouts champion was starting to look like a strong champion, she is booked to be overcome by The Beautiful People. When a second chance is given in the official tag team match, the champion's team is booked under. Why? Why has Madison Rayne, the TNA Knockouts Champion, been booked to look so weak since winning the gold? She had a solid outing against Gail Kim at Lockdown earlier this year with a victory, but that's the only highlight of this title reign. The way Madison has been booked devalues the championship and possibly her claim as the champion. Who will take Madison seriously if she's booked this way? Where is the champion's advantage? Where is the respect for the title and the title holder? I understand build and payoffs and "the big picture", but this is getting to be worrisome. Gail Kim and The Beautiful People performed like the pros they are, no taking away from any of the other Knockouts. However, Madison Rayne is the champion and should be looking strong heading into Sunday. Her next title defense may be her last defense for this particular reign if this keeps up and that's not fair. She hasn't been given the right opportunity to be the champion she can be.

Let's move on to the great Mr. Anderson/ Samuel Shaw/ Shaw's mother segments. If you haven't been intrigued by Samuel Shaw and what he brings to the table, these segments are for you. If you still aren't interested in Samuel Shaw, go see a doctor. Mr. Anderson and Samuel Shaw are taking their ball and running hard with it. The creepy, maybe hot(?), mom making Anderson a little bit weary and the confrontation between he and Shaw, followed by Shaw embracing his mother as the cameraman basically left Anderson to the wolves, was classic and builds up to another great contest these two will surely have. Rewatch these segments and just enjoy the magic of great and fun story telling on a professional wrestling level. Cheers to the both of them.

The video packages for Sanada are well done and I'm finding myself really getting behind him. It's not cheesy in the least and doesn't force Sanada upon the TNA fanbase. Another video package updating us on Knux and his return with his girlfriend(?) is played and it's interesting. When Knux returns, surely there will be some toxic outcome between he and his lady friend, so we'll have to stay tuned for that. The Wolves also had a video package hyping up their tag team title match at Sacrifice. Though The Wolves are looking strong, The Bro-Mans look to take a surprise win.

Austin Aries Vs. MVP was match of the night. It was a solid contest with great near falls and a very entertaining story told. If there was a change I could have made, it would be Aries picking up the win to eventually build him back up towards the title picture. The questions now are: Are these two settled? Will Aries and MVP continue their back and forth? What will Aries do next to show he is the man? We'll find out at Sacrifice or next Thursday. Again, tonight's matchup was match of the night and reminiscent of some great technical wrestling we haven't been exposed to in a little while. MVP and Austin Aries work very well together in the ring.

The TNA Blog Zone ends with the match having the best set up for Sunday. Bully Ray and Gunner took on a reunited Beer Money with Money taking the win. These are four story tellers that tell great stories outside and inside of the ring. It was very interesting to see the dynamic between the two teams and how one team came together in a strong bond only to lose to the team who came together with distrust and bad memories looming. Bully Ray Vs. Bobby Roode and James Storm Vs. Gunner are greatly set for Sacrifice this Sunday in matches that could be the most entertaining of the night. Matches of the Night? Could very well happen with these four on pay-per-view.

What did you think of tonight's IMPACT Wrestling broadcast? Give us your thoughts on the show and your favorite performers in the comments area below, but please respect yourselves and your fellow WNW fans. Until the next time, goodnight and good luck!

Loved Villain Or Misunderstood Anti-Hero,
Ric Santos

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