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TNA Blog Zone - Who Will Feel The #WrathOfDixie?

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Evening folks and welcome to another edition of the TNA Blog Zone here on I'm battling sickness at the moment and will switch up the format a little bit, providing more generalizing of last night's show and giving general thoughts and opinions. Apologies to those who may not like the format and prefer the more linear format from past pieces. Sound off below and give me your thoughts on tonight's TNA Blog Zone and we'll see how it goes!

The first thing that's worth mentioning is that the show was VERY well paced. It feels like TNA heard my pleas of moving away from a one match first hour/ wrestling heavy second and really put on a wrestling show, a show we all tuned in at 9pm EST on Spike TV to see. Kudos for the job well done on that front.

Getting right into the in-ring action, we saw the major stars building up the current storylines. The night started with a Tables Match between Bobby Roode and EC3 taking on Willow and Bully Ray. I thought this bout could have gone on a little longer and though it was a nice opening, it still lacked enough where you almost forgot about it later on in the night. Willow is being developed at a good pace and Bully Ray is re-establishing himself as the next babyface in line for the TNA championship. Roode and EC3 looked as good always, but again, the level of talent in the ring warrants a lengthier contest. This match would have translated better at Sacrifice with the proper pacing and build.

Kenny King is back making the right kind of a statement. I get the goal of having King interrupt the X-Division matchup between Sanada and Tigre Uno, showing that swagger and "I do what I want" attitude King has. However, that aspect of the segment may have gone on a whee bit longer and took a little momentum from the X-Division match. We got the point as he and MVP had a match later on that set up a potential rematch at Sacrifice. Going back to the scheduled X-Division matchup, Sanada and Tigre Uno work very well together as a team and as opponents. Though Tigre Uno should have been booked to go over Sanada in this Best of Three Series for the X-Division title, both pulled out a solid match both can take many things away from in order to set up a very exciting second match.

Samuel Shaw. What can I say that I haven't said already? He is being built up slowly and is revealing just enough of the character behind the scenes to grab your attention whenever he is on screen. It's interesting how he has become such a cult favorite of many, so to speak. Mr. Anderson put on a solid performance with him with the idea that the feud will continue into next month. I initially felt a straight up one on one match would put an end to this contest, but I'm enjoying the gimmick bouts and wonder what they could pull off next.

We get The Wolves Vs. BroMans for the tag team gold next week after The BroMans pulled out last night due to an injury suffered by Jessie Goddarz. This plays well for The BroMans having a psychological edge over The Wolves, who were ready for the match that night. It will be interesting to see if we will see The Wolves in their usual form or more aggressive and careless due to anger.

The Knockouts performed very well last night with the in-ring return of The Beautiful People. Brittany looked good, but I still see so much green in her (and not money at this time). I know she has a following, but she hasn't impressed me so far in TNA. The Beautiful People were very cool and I enjoyed Velvet Sky especially. It's good to see her as the bad girl and not the babyface character with the "why me?" direction. This is her comfort zone and it shows. Madison Rayne... She is the Knockouts champion and deserves better. Until she gets into a program with a fair shot and is showcased as the champion she is, I fear she will lose the title in a very uneventful way. I do hope TNA proves me wrong, but she deserves better.

Main event time and Magnus defends his title in a Fatal Four Way Match against Abyss, Eric Young and Samoa Joe. It's billed as a Four Way, but it's really a one on one match with outside interference legal and encouraged. Magnus' in-ring segment earlier in the night with Abyss, Eric Young and Samoa Joe was a good set up for this match with Eric Young as the MVP of the night. Magnus retains, which is the right decision to make, but Eric Young really put himself out there as a strong contender for the TNA championship. Great job and cheers to Eric Young for stepping up yet again. The match had good timing, good showcase for all four and good development with Abyss' indecision to pin EY and become the champion until Magnus talked him out of it to retain.

The night ends with a short video package of Dixie Carter and who will feel the #WrathOfDixie. This is a very interesting development and one can only make assumptions as to what this means. Has she worked on a deal that will put a hold to MVP's current leadership? Will she only make an appearance to let us know that she is still around? Will she reveal a new signing that will take out the stars under MVP? Dixie Carter is very unpredictable and we can only wait until next week to see what Thursday night will hold.


Last night's IMPACT Wrestling gets a strong A- in my book. Again, the pacing and action was essentually non-stop and was what a true wrestling show is all about. Of course we had the drama we've come to know and love, or hate, but the wrestling was there and it was there in a very impressive way. Not a perfect show, but one of the better wrestling heavy broadcasts this year.

Do you agree with the points made on tonight's edition of the TNA Blog Zone? Do you enjoy the slightly adjusted presentation of my thoughts and opinions? Sound off below and have a great weekend guys. Hopefully I'll feel better soon and I thank you for reading.

Loved Villain Or Misunderstood Anti-Hero,
Ric Santos

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