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Daniels and AJ and Kaz

Rather than talk about something happening with TNA, because I could talk about Hogan's sex tape and how the lawsuit is going, I'm going to play a little DX and talk about our dear friend Alex Barie and TNA News. Anyone who missed the TNA Live Results last night might not know that Alex was at Impact last night. He's also been lucky enough to interview both Angle and Daniels recently. If you haven't made it over to TNANews, you should because they sure are making waves over there. You should also check out Alex on Facebook and on Twitter.

I'm sure Alex is going to have some fantastic tales to tell about his trip to Impact, so we should all stay tuned to what he has going on. As it's getting late and I want to get this out to you, so I'm going to jump right in.

Show Starts

Video > D

I was extremely underwhelmed with the opening video. A rough start to a solid show.

Backstage Segment > B

I liked the way Bully threatened his and A&E's way into the arena. Bully is such a great heel, and it comes across even better because of how great he became as a face.

In Ring Segment > B

Kaz, and especially Daniels, made the first part of this segment great. I have to admit I wasn't expecting them to try to get Fortune back together again, but in some ways it makes a lot of sense right now with A&8's running roughshod over TNA. As much as I love Storm, he wasn't stellar here. But I loved Joseph. He came raring out without a thought for himself, and looked good – at least momentarily. I also have to admit it was nice seeing a 3D again. It's been quite a while. This really helped make up for the opening video.

I'm loving the way Bully keeps referring to Hogan as 'Dad', it makes the whole think closer to home, and grittier. I will give TNA props for how Bully has been booked this past year. There's been some brilliant creative and acting there.

Video > C

I understand why they recapped Mickie becoming #1 Contender and working toward facing Velvet Sky as they're done so little with Mickie and Velvet lately, but it wasn't a great video.

Backstage Segment > D

I have no clue what they were trying to get at with this Hogan segment. Was it just showing us that he'd returned from wherever he'd been? It seemed very disjointed and had little to do with anything that was actually going on so far.

Taryn vs Tara > C+

Tara, as always, looked great in the ring, and sold her work wonderfully, so I'm going to focus more on Taryn here. I actually though Taryn looked fairly solid. She threw some solid moves, and sold what Tara threw at her. What bothers me about Taryn is that she seems so rushed in the ring. She again felt like she needed to get so many moves into the match in a certain amount of time, and really rushed through them. I think if she relaxes a bit, calms down, and really focuses, I think she will make huge strides in the ring. I also have to say she has that Kelly Kelly screaming thing going on. It's as if she can't move in the ring without screaming through it. Now, I know certain male wrestlers make some of the funniest sounds in the ring – when Jericho chops someone in a corner, he usually makes a strange sneezing type noise, though it's lessened quite a bit over the years – but they don't scream through the entire match. I don't know why certain female wrestlers feel the need to do this, but it drives me crazy.

Winner – Taryn (6:30)

Backstage Segment > C-

I might be biased, but these two just irk me. I know that Robbie's lack of brain cells rings true to the man I met out of character. I think I'm just really burnt out on these boring characters who have little to show for themselves.

Terry vs Jessie > B-

There was nothing terribly wrong with this match, but I'm more of technical girl and I like to see moves, not just muscles. Okay, Terry lawn darting Jessie into Robbie about had me on the floor laughing, and Terry is quite the impressive figure in the ring. I'll also admit that Terry's ring work has improved greatly over the past couple years. He could barely do anything in the ring, but he's really starting to hold his own and look believable. Sadly Jessie isn't doing the same. At least he and Tara weren't sucking face through the whole show. That helped a lot.

Winner – Terry

Backstage Segment > B

This segment with Roode was solid, but what made it that much better was the way Aries was skulking around the corner listening. Brings them right back to the little boys they seem to be.

Video > C-

Another recap video. Yes, they needed to make a big deal that Hardy said he might be walking away, and showing us the beating he took in the ring made it so much more real, but I'm annoyed by too many recap videos.

Video > A-

I was really really annoyed with this video when it started. More recapping. But after we saw Ion take out Sabin, the video changed, and the production value went through the roof. Sabin looked sick in that gym, and has an interesting new look with his hair grown out a bit. I'm not happy that he and Shelley are not together and making it big, but maybe with Petey around things will be looking up for Sabin and the X Division. I'm keeping my toes crossed for them and the X Division.

Backstage Segment > B

And Roode and Aries are back acting like little boys, having to argue about everything. Is this the beginning of the end for them?

Tag Team Championship Match > B+

This was a solid match for all four involved. They all worked it hard, threw some serious moves, and sold them all really well. I enjoyed Kaz and Daniels on announce, and their involvement in this match. Normally I don't like screwy endings, but this one advanced a number of storylines and worked quite well because of how they sold it. Kaz and Daniels costing Roode and Aries the TTC will only lead to more problems between the teams, but also possible problems between Roode and Aries going forward. I'm excited to see what's going to happen, and if maybe Fortune will end up back together because of the growing issues. The only big question is what about AJ?

Winners – Chavo & Hernandez (8:57)

Backstage Segment > B

Morgan is selling well on mic, I'm just wondering what he's doing to get this push that he's so obviously deserved for many years.

Video > D

I really don't understand why they feel they need to proceed so many segments with recap videos. Do people really forget that quickly?

In Ring Segment > B+

I might shock people with this one, but I really enjoyed this segment, and I really enjoyed it because of Hogan. Okay, sit and soak it in for a moment, I said I liked something on Impact, because of Hogan. The way Hogan dressed down Morgan worked really well. I would have believed it more if they hadn't been playing the exact same little games with WNW and TNANews, but it is what it is. My favorite part of this whole segment was Hogan saying, "I never heard Andre The Giant come out here and whine like a little bitch!"

Backstage Segment > B+

Bully was really strong here. He came off as low down and gritty. Talking about Hogan being held together with spit and glue, then referring to his boys as assholes. It works really well for this version of Bully. In a lot of ways it feels like Bully and Devon have gone back to their gritty ECW roots.

On The Clock > C

Suicide? They're thinking of bringing back Suicide? Who will be in the outfit, Daniels or Kaz? Honestly, I want to see Spud in the ring.

Knockouts Championship Match > B+

Mickie and Velvet really threw down in this match. I was quite impressed with both women, but specifically Velvet. Velvet was obviously doing more than just selling an injury, she was in serious pain. Both of those women threw a lot of serious moves in that match. This wasn't two women running around the ring slapping and screaming, they really worked the moves and holds. I love more technical matches, and while this wasn't the best, it sure was better than a lot of matches we've seen from the Knockouts, and almost anything we've seen from the Divas in a long time – even though there's a lot of Knockouts and Divas who can throw down A+ matches.

Winner – Velvet (7:28)

Backstage Segment > B+

Bully, again, was fantastic. Honestly, I'm not sure we needed so many little segments about Bully taking out Hogan, but they were all quite short and really worked well. I thought this was the best of the lot, and I think it's because it was just the brothers. After all these years, those two are gold together, even when Devon says barely a word.

Backstage Segment > C-

This was not Brooke's best segment. She's proven she's so much better than this. She just came off as whiny and somewhat pathetic, something she hasn't been in quite a long time.

In Ring Segment > B

I honestly had to go check online because I didn't remember A&8's taking out Pope. It seems like he only returned to get taken out by A&8's, but I don't think it was the biggest loss after the way he'd been used by TNA. Beyond that, I have to say that I liked the way Hogan went out there without any fear, and stared down the Bully. It worked quite well and felt fairly believable. I still have a problem with them spending so much time on Hogan when he can't work the ring, but he sold this one pretty well. Definitely better than he's been the past couple months – specifically since they went on the road.

I thought Bully sold the blows from Hogan really well. He made the blows look more viable than they could be from a man who has so many health issues, and deals with so much pain. Anyone who hasn't had to deal with chronic pain wouldn't understand what it takes out of you on a daily basis. It really makes you a lot shakier and more off balance than you would normally be without it.

The ending was a bit predictable. I wasn't at all shocked that Sting was there. The lights went out and there was no question who was there and why. I liked that Sting didn't give Hogan any slack, but that Hogan didn't make Sting do all the work either. Hogan threw two blows on Anderson, one on D'Lo, and that showed that he wasn't really completely ready to rely on Sting just yet. I'm interested in seeing where they take it from here.

Post Show

After this episode of Impact, I'm really looking forward to next week. Normally I try to stay away from the spoilers, but I think I will be going back to look at Alex's tweets and Facebook page, as well as talking to him about the time he had at the event. Make sure you stay tuned to Alex and TNANews, because I know he has a lot in store for us.


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