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TNA Blog Zone – You Ready To Take A Ride On The Dixie Train?

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Hulk Hogan & Dixie Carter

Normally I beat myself up if I don't post the BZ on Thursday nights, but this week I have to admit that I' very glad I didn't post this last night. In fact, as I'm writing this, I have only seen part of the show. I just felt too miserable and went to bed during the show. I don't know what event happened in the Gauntlet Match, but I'm thrilled because of what I found on the front page of WNW today. Okay, I won't say I was thrilled, because, as Richard said, sometimes you just can't unsee something, and that's what I'm dealing with right now.

When a wrestler, or wrestling company, does something that just floors me, I say to Stacy that ___ just handed me my pre-blog. Well, Hogan handed me this week's pre-blog in a huge way. Sadly it was a bare assed and desperate sort of way. I'm sure you've seen by now that Hogan decided to go all Miley for the fans, and I have to say that it's a side of Hogan I never wanted to see – even in his prime! I don't know why Hogan would do such a thing, other than out of desperation – he needs to earn more money some way, as he's obviously not going to be squeezing out of TNA any longer! I can understand where Hogan might feel like he needs to do something to stay relevant, but I think his bare ass went way too far with things. Are we going to be seeing his wagging his naked ass at Alan Thicke next? Robin seemed to enjoy Miley doing it, but his father is older and slower, wouldn't be able to run away from Hogan as quickly. After this one, I know that Hogan has no self respect and will do anything for a nickle. I'm worried what might come next!

Honestly, and I might be showing my age, and the fact that Sam is smart enough to not be interested in Miley after Hannah Montana, but I had to go and watch the video to see exactly what Hogan was trying to prove. I guess the best part about this whole Hogan video thing is that he didn't feel the need to roll around licking everything in white skivvies and a wife beater to show off his man boobs.

Show Starts

In Ring Segment > B

AJ came off strong here, but he still doesn't feel right in this angsty role. It's not as bad as it was when he was really down, but it still doesn't feel right. He held his own against Bully, but in reality Bully was stronger than AJ here. In many ways Bully on mic has carried the show for months, and he helped carry AJ here.

Backstage Segment > D

An exit sign taped over whatever the door actually went to was funny. I guess we should be glad that they noticed that and at least slapped a sign over it. Why not actually film this at an exit?

Sabin & King vs Manik & Hardy > B

So, last week (same live show), Manik faced Hardy, this week they're tagging. I know there's respect between Hardy and Manik, and that Hardy rescued Manik from Sabin last week, but it seemed to be too fast. Then again, they've had months to put together BFG, and they're throwing together matches now. I know they WWE is cutting it to the wire, but they've had such a short time to get it done, unlike TNA right now. I'd hoped that with only four PPVs a year they would step up the storylines, but they're struggling to get the storylines on track.

Aries on announce helped make this match a little more bearable. At least it wasn't all Taz and Tenay on announce for this one. I also have to mention that I find it interesting that after all that went down on Impact between King and Aries last week, now King is out of the Ult X Match. Easy come, easy go, and all in the same night!

Winners – Manik & Hardy (7:09)

Backstage Segment > C-

Dixie is worse than Bisch? That's hysterical!

Backstage Segment > B-

Is Magnus suddenly standing up to Sting? Problems in MEM already?

Gauntlet Match – Magnus vs EGO > B+

Those goggles on Daniels worked well for his character, but it was his ring work that drew me in. Daniels worked that match beautifully. He looked great out there, and was wonderful in how he stayed in character. Actually, Magnus and Daniels in the ring together looked really strong, and was quite enjoyable to watch. I loved how Magnus took out the BME and finished the match.

Winner – Magnus (3:56)

It's interesting, and might be because I was feeling so poorly the first time I watched part of this match, but I kept forgetting that it was Kaz in the ring with Magnus. Nothing against Kaz normally, but he looked even stronger than usual in this match. His work was just a bit bigger, stronger, and more graceful. I was quite impressed with Kaz's work against Magnus.

Winner – Magnus (12:26)

Of course they had to finish this with Roode, but it was obvious that EGO wouldn't be playing fair and at least one of them would be involved in this last match. Magnus absolutely could beat Roode on a good day, but it was the way Magnus reacted that made this so much more interesting. Where's Magnus going to take this from here? I love seeing him play this character after that day Alex and I were lucky enough to interview him. Magnus was so sweet and humble that day, and watching this shows that he is a strong actor. I love that Sting is giving Magnus this match at BFG, and I can't wait to see it. A great match here to set up a greater match at BFG.

Winner – Roode (20:01)

Backstage Segment > B

Vegan vitamins? Too funny! Aries was strong and to the point here, but I can't unsee what's been seen!

Video > C

I will give production props for taking Hogan's match with Sting and making it look a lot better than it was. Stacy was trying to figure out how he missed that match, until it clicked as to which match it really was. They did a solid job of making Hogan's tenure in TNA look a lot stronger and more interesting than it actually was. They were also good with sticking Dixie in there as much as possible – both in how Hogan screwed her, and how they worked together.

Backstage Segment > B+

Velvet hasn't seemed very happy with Sabin when she's been ringside with him, and now he's more worried about himself than her match? Are we heading for a big break, or a big heel turn by Velvet? Or maybe both? Beyond that Sabin really handed himself really well in this segment.

Backstage Segment > B+

Roode is playing the goober along with Daniels and Kaz, but after the vicious and evil side we were seeing until recently, so some of this was just unbelievable to me. All that aside, this was hysterical!

In Ring Segment > D-

The most interesting part of this match for me was that Velvet came out more covered up than Tessmacher, that way she looked that much skankier. Velvet looked lovely, and very sexy in her outfit while not being over the top about it.

Then Tapa came out and tried to be TNA's new Awesome Kong and failed miserably. From what she showed in the ring here, her personality hasn't solidified, and she hasn't learned much about how to work the ring. Why TNA would bring in someone who's known to be both a loose cannon in the ring, and sloppy. Yes, some wrestlers work stiff, as she does, but she also works sloppy and hasn't gotten better about that. I'm not at all impressed with anything but her hair.

Video > D

Ethan? I wasn't impressed with that promo.

Video > C

I enjoyed seeing Storm and Gunner talk about how they came together and how they're working together, but we've been seeing it, why do they need to tell us?

Video > A

Even with Angle going through rehab, after all he's done for TNA, it does make sense for him to be inducted into the TNA HOF. And what a great video for him. I hope he's doing well.

Joe vs Bully > B

Joe and Bully in the ring looked solid together, but the two of them, of a similar build, all in black, they looked too similar and strange. Beyond that, the match was solid, interesting, and told a story more than most. The bump that Earl took was possibly the most obvious that I've ever seen from him, but he's getting older and shouldn't be taking these bumps. It was nice to see Bully losing via DQ for playing his games.

I wasn't at all surprised to see AJ back and saving Joe from Bully, but the way security looked like bumbling idiots made me laugh. Further, that bald guy in the audience that AJ grabbed, his night was made. He was about glowing as he kept AJ on his feet, and held onto him for dear life. It's great to see a fan so happy when something like that happens. He will have this video to show his friends, family, and someday his kids.

Winner – Joe via DQ (10:32)

In Ring Segment > D

Dixie can take Hogan's career to another level? And what level would that be? Dixie is the strongest in this business? Some of the things said in this segment about had me on the floor laughing. This was a travesty! Though that I have to say ti still wasn't as bad as Hogan's naked ass!

Dixie is a pathetic mess as the heel boss, and really looked horrible in this segment. For the first time, she actually looked her age, and not as spry. Hogan did a solid job of not being gentle with Dixie grabbing on to him. He really dragged her up the ramp, or would have if she could have held on and slid along the ramp.

Obviously they needed to write Hogan off TV, and this was the easiest way of doing it, but they continued to make Dixie look that much more erratic, and weaker than ever. That might be the plan, but she really did come off as someone who's trying to make it look good, rather than someone who actually believes in what she's putting out there for the fans.

Post Show

Well, I have to say that this wasn't a very strong episode of Impact, and makes me worry about what's to come. Most of the ring work wasn't memorable, the Knockouts weren't worth the time, and most of the mic work was not up to TNA's regular snappiness. Add in that they're suddenly jumping together to put together matches for BFG, when they had months to create and perfect storylines. Too much rush and not enough of interest this week.

Queen of WNW

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