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TNA Predicts - Bound For Glory

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This Sunday, October 14, TNA presents Bound For Glory from the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Not only is this TNA's biggest PPV of the year, which they have gratefully taken out of the Impact Zone, but this weekend is also the first induction into the TNA Hall of Fame. Sting is more than deserving of this honor and more. I'd like to think that Sting is thrilled with this honor and sees it as TNA making another long and arduous step toward catching up with the WWE.

This time around Guy Landau and Alex Barie are joining me with the predictions. Guy has given his full outlook on this PPV, where Alex has a lot on his plate this week, so he gave his basic predictions for BFG, which will be found at the end of this post.

Ken Predicts - X Division Title Match - RVD vs Zema Ion (C)

I'm so disgusted with how TNA has made the X Division a throw away. It's almost less cared about than the TV Title! And then there's the way Ion's been pushed to be so great he's left little piles of injuries in his path. Yes, I know the wrestling industry gives us despicable stories – Punk will take credit for King's heart attack, and honestly, I expect this – but this one is pissing me off because Ion has actually had a hand in these injuries. I really hope RVD flattens the heck out of Ion and his Goku hair! RVD could be a decent leader to the X Division, even though he's older and a bit bigger than what I think of as an X Division wrestler. But there was Joe! Anyway, RVD win and they get Doug Williams back to feud with him – as we know that injury was only storyline. Honestly, I'm just hoping this isn't a horrible match that brings down the entire PPV with its crappiness, and that RVD doesn't get hurt – work or shoot – and leave the X Division in the sorry state it's in right now!

Ken's Predicted Winner – RVD

Stacy's Predicted Winner – RVD

Guy Predicts - X Division Title Match - RVD vs Zema Ion (C)

This is a very interesting match, and one I was really not expecting. I'm not sure what would be best for the division in terms of a winner - building the new star or letting the established RVD hold the title? Well, I think TNA are going to give Ion the victory in dirty fashion. RVD is above the X-Division weight limit, so it's nice to see TNA backpedaling off that ridiculous choice.

Predicted winner: Zema Ion/RVD by DQ or countout

Ken Predicts - TNA TV Title Match – Magnus vs Samoa Joe (C)

Honestly, I wasn't sure going into this one as to who I wanted to win this. I think either of these guys could run with the TV Title and make it a lot more fun than it was just before Devon got screwed by TNA. Okay, do I flip a coin? No, I'm thinking that this feud would get a lot more fun, and a lot uglier if Magnus cheats to beat Joe. That could bring us many interesting fights and swerves on Impact each week, and since they're going to have a TV Title match each week, why not shake things up at the biggest PPV of the year?

Ken's Predicted Winner & new TV Champ – Magnus, dirty

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Magnus

Guy Predicts - TNA TV Title Match – Magnus vs Samoa Joe (C)

This, I think, is going to be the most well-wrestled match on the card. This is also the culmination of a months-long feud, and with the way Magnus has improved and Joe being... well, Joe, this is bound to be a glorious classic.

Predicted Winner: Joe

Ken Predicts - Al Snow vs Joey Ryan – If Ryan wins, he receives a TNA contract. If Ryan loses, he leaves TNA forever.

I think this one is pretty cut and dry. TNA has done a lovely job of keeping Ryan around, even though he didn't win his Gut Check. Ryan has done a lovely job of staying in our faces, and Snow's face for that matter. I think Ryan would be a fabby (short for fabulous) addition to TNA, and really could shake up the X Division! Thinking now, RVD with Ryan chasing him for the X Division Title could be a lot of fun! But in all honesty, why would TNA make this match if Snow wasn't going to put Ryan over. It could be fun to watch Ryan continually rub this in Snow's face, but I hope Snow isn't made to look the fool in this match. I'm hoping that the booking is solid to make both of them look strong, but in the end Ryan gets the three. Then again, if Snow is doing the booking, I'd hope he's not going to make himself look too weak in the end. I adore Snow, and I have to admit that I'm thrilled we get to see him in the ring, but am also glad that this isn't a regular part of Impact. Snow is good at what he does, and his time to be in the ring as a regular competitor on TV has seemed to pass – no matter how much I love the man.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Ryan

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Ryan

Guy Predicts - Al Snow vs Joey Ryan – If Ryan wins, he receives a TNA contract. If Ryan loses, he leaves TNA forever.

Well, here's another feud that is a culmination of months of build-up. With the amount of resources put into this feud, I can't see TNA just letting Ryan go.

Predicted Winner: Joey Ryan

Ken Predicts - Knockouts Title Match – Tara vs Miss Tessmacher (C)

Ugh! I so don't want to see this match! But, of course, TNA is going to jam it down our throats, so I have to pick a winner. I'll admit that I'm worried over Tessmacher's possible injury – you know, the one that happened as she was dancing in the ring celebrating the win of a match at a house show – but I think it would be better if she retained. Hear me out! Tara has made such a big deal about her bf and what will happen when she's Champ. To me that's setting up for some big mess where Tara doesn't win the Title. Just my thoughts on the matter, I'd sooner fast forward through anything Knockouts right now, but that's just me.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Tessmacher

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Tessmacher

Guy Predicts - Knockouts Title Match – Tara vs Miss Tessmacher (C)

All I can say is this: I hope Tara wins.

Predicted Winner: Tara

Ken Predicts - Street Fight – Bobby Roode vs James Storm – Special Guest Enforcer – King Mo

This will be sick! While I'm going with my heart that Storm will exact his revenge and smear Roode all over Phoenix, I have to wonder about King Mo possibly pulling a Tyson. Think about it, Mo has been siding with Storm a bit too much, so he very easily could go heel and help Roode in some way, ala Tyson. Being that this is BFG, I could see that happening, and I'm almost sure there will be a King Mo twist of some sort, but I'm still going with Storm for the win. The only thing that bothers me about all of this is that it's not for the WHC, as it should as Storm more than deserves to be Champ – more than Hardy, right now, in my opinion.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Storm

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Storm

Guy Predicts - Street Fight – Bobby Roode vs James Storm – Special Guest Enforcer – King Mo

Well, This is bound to be James Storm's revenge, finally, over Roode. This feud has been masterfully built over the past year, with my only gripe being that it isn't for the WHC.

Predicted Winner: Storm

Ken Predicts - Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match – AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs Hernandez & Chavito vs World Tag Team Champions of the World Daniels & Kaz (C)

There's so many directions they could take this. I'm sure there will be issues between AJ and Angle, and of course there will be issues between the two challenging teams, but the big question is, will the World Tag Team Champions of the World be able to sit back and steal the win in the end? Okay, here's my pick for this – after this is over, we'll see another feud between AJ and Angle. Daniels and Kaz will somehow win – most likely in a sneaky and underhanded way – but will continue feud with Hernandez and Chavito, who will finally beat the World Tag Team Champions of the World before or at the next PPV.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Daniels & kaz

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Hernandez & Chavito

Guy Predicts - Three-Way Tag Team Championship Match – AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs Hernandez & Chavito vs World Tag Team Champions of the World Daniels & Kaz (C)

I can't help but feel that the AJ vs. Kaziels feud has been rushed. Yes, I know how dumb that sounds, but with a feud that was going for a year, one can't help but assume it would culminate in BFG. Then the actress paying Lynch backed out of her role, and they rushed the end of the feud without so much as a payoff match. This is the only match on the card that doesn't feel like it belongs on BFG.

Predicted Winners: AJ & Angle

Ken Predicts - Aces & 8's vs Sting & Bully Ray – If A&8's win, they receive full access to the Impact Zone. If A&8's lose, they leave TNA forever. I have to say that TNA has built for this match in a wonderful way. I know a lot of people are burnt out on A&8's, but I'm loving how they're handling things and thrilled that they haven't ended up TNA's version of nWo with Bisch leading the whole bloody mess! I think it's pretty obvious that A&8's will be winning this match. They have to so that they could continue this storyline in any way, shape, or form. While TNA has done a fairly decent job of trying to make Bully look semi-reliable, I think it's pretty obvious that Bully is going to swerve in some way. It's been rumored that Bully would be turning on TNA and be the leader of A&8's, but I don't think he's the leader. I think the leader of the group is Hogan. That black shoe polish on his face has sure been a big indicator that something's up. Possibly too big of an indicator, but no one (on TNA TV) has mentioned it, so I'm going with that elephant in the ring. Back to Bully, I think that when he was the last one seen with Abyss, he had his hand in getting Abyss into A&8's somehow. Where does that leave Joseph, who we all know has been kidnapped by A&8's? I think this is where Abyss' multiple personalities steps in. Yes, I'm saying that Abyss is part of A&8's, but Joseph has been kidnapped by them, and Chris Parks knows nothing of his alternate personalities! So we have Hogan, Bully, and Abyss as part of A&8's. Then there's D-Lo. We all have pretty much agreed that D-Lo has done some of the talking for A&8's, but after that little segment between him and Prichard last week about Morgan getting involved at a house show, and that little segment where they were trying to figure out if anyone in Hogan's office might be part of A&8's, I think D-Lo is going to be revealed as part of the faction and continue to be a bit more visible on Impact for a while. Then there's Morgan. I'll admit that I'm bummed that Morgan won't be with the WWE, but if he's a big part of A&8's and has a solid character (not swapping back and forth from heel to face and back again every couple weeks), I might be a bit mollified. Who does that leave? There's Mordetzky (Masters), Harry Smith, Dinsmore (Eugene), Guffey (Jimmy Rave), Daivari, Hankinson (Luke Gallows), Mueller (Trevor Murdoch), Maritato (Nunzio), Savia Vega, and Melissa Anderson (Cheerleader Melissa) – I know we haven't seen any women, but I'd love to see her back on TNA TV, and this would be a great way to do it. And don't forget about Jeff Jarrett! I'll admit that I went and looked to see who has been employed by TNA for King Ka Ring and picked the names I thought would best translate to A&8's. While a lot of time we've only seen a couple members of the group, there's been other times that they seem like a huge herd. Not sure how TNA will make show bonuses for everyone, but I see the group starting off big, then weeding out who might not work out for a variety of reasons. Either way, it should be fun! Well, it will be as long as it doesn't turn into nWo! Ken's Predicted Winner – Aces & 8's Stacy's Predicted Winner – A&8's, dirty, but they get away with it!Guy Predicts - Aces & 8's vs Sting & Bully Ray – If A&8's win, they receive full access to the Impact Zone. If A&8's lose, they leave TNA foreverWe know A&8s aren't going anywhere, so the only thing I have left to assume is: Bully betrays Sting, revealing himself as the leader of A&8s.Predicted Winners: A&8s Ken Predicts - TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries (C) I'm going against everything I've learned about TNA and going with my gut. I will admit that I liked the swerve Aries gave us on Impact the other day. He said what many of us think, that Hardy is TNA's golden child who can do no wrong and is on the fast track to screwing over Aries. Aries, even though he's been great as the Champ, is being set up for failure. All that being said, I think it's time for Aries to actually go over TNA's beloved Hardy. I'm so sick of Hardy getting pushed just because he's Hardy. Yes, he really seems to have cleaned up his act, and is doing a lot better (his personal life and demons) than he has through most of his career, but I don't think it's time for Aries to drop the strap. Aries is a strong Champ and has done a wonderful job with it. I want to see where else he can take TNA while being 'the man'. It's not time for Hardy to beat the man. I'm expecting Aries to win through some sort of dirty deed, and I expect this feud to continue, but not end with Hardy as Champ, just yet. Ken's Predicted Winner – Austin Aries Stacy's Predicted Winner – Hardy via DQ, Austin Aries retainsGuy Predicts - TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries (C)I don't have much to say about this match, to be honest, except: We've been hearing for almost a year now, since Roode won the title, that there were plans to strap Hardy. So... Predicted Winner: Jeff Hardy (unfortunately)Alex Predicts - X Division Title Match – Zema Ion TV Title Match – Samoa Joe Singles Match – Joey Ryan Knockouts Title Match – Tessmacher Street fight – James Storm Tag Title Match – Chavo & Hernandez Tag Match – Aces & 8's (I predict them to be Luke Gallows & Gunner) TNA Title Match – Jeff Hardy I have to admit I'm wonderfully excited for Bound For Glory this year. I think the card looks great, and I'm thrilled to see where TNA will take all these matches and storylines. Make sure you check in with WNW for continuing live coverage of TNA Bound For Glory this Sunday! KB, Stacy, Guy & Alex

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