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TNA Predicts - Bound For Glory 2013

Welcome to WNW's Bound For Glory Predictions! This year's Bound For Glory PPV will be emanating from the Viejas Arena in the 619, San Diego, California! This month, we have Kendra, Alex, myself, and Bradley Drysdale doing full predictions, while Gesus will be on Quick Picks! But before we get started with the actual predictions, let's hear what some of the writers thought of the build to Bound For Glory.


Typically, I complain about how the builds to whatever PPV is coming up has failed to fulfill my admittedly lofty expectations, however, I realized that with Bound For Glory, TNA has really botched the works for it. TNA had 4 ½ MONTHS from Slammiversary to Bound For Glory. That is a good month longer than they should have needed, considering I expect that they should be giving us a PPV every 3 months now that they have reduced their schedule down to 4 PPVs a year. Each PPV should have that big fight feel to it, that feeling like the company or the storylines very fates hang in the balance depending on the outcomes of the matches there in. We should be getting depth of storylines and a long, slow build to each and every match on this card. Even if we don't know exactly where each match will fall, we should be able to have a general idea of the card about a month ahead of the event. Instead, we got a slapdash attempt to build a PPV around one storyline and the possible fallout from it, with a couple others that have a lesser build and then a bunch of filler. TNA should be ashamed of the product they are putting out from a logic standpoint, however, I can say that other than the Tag Titles matches, I am expecting a superior wrestling card. Just about every match on here has the ability to be a show stealer. The question is, will we have any questions after the PPV?


Bound for Glory is TNA's biggest pay-per-view of the year. However, it really hasn't been built like that this year. Sure, I love the match card as I think it delivers on all standards, but some of the match build has been delayed or rushed. Some haven't been fully pushed to the level they should be. The last, and only, TNA PPV I bought was Bound for Glory 10/10/10. What sold me was the whole "They're Here" story. However, I feel like the best build to a Bound for Glory was 2008. I still remember that build and that day it was going to air. I was hyped up for the show. I didn't even order it but I wanted to see how it all went down. Now, I don't like to compare TNA with WWE, but there are some things we can compare. One thing is the hype for their biggest show of the year. While Wrestlemania hasn't had the best hype in the past 2-3 years, I do remember the hype 4-5 years ago and it was off the charts. I was stoked all weekend long! I am excited for Bound for Glory this year only because I run and I want to hype up and discuss the full coverage of the PPV. I will be ordering this PPV on a number of reasons, but I honestly think it will be a good one. It has to be a good one. The build has been lackluster, but the card doesn't disappoint.


The build to BFG this year was not as strong compared to past years. This is evident with the Knockouts Title match, the Tag Title match and also the pre-show number 1 contenders’ match being rushed together with no real intrigue or story to why. But seeing as it’s the biggest pay-per-view of the year the titles absolutely need to be defended. Angle vs Roode was only put together last week, though it’s a match that doesn’t need a whole lot of story behind it- we just want to see these two tear each other apart in a classic match. I think the BFG series took a lot away from the build to this year’s BFG, and the Knockouts and Tag divisions suffered because of it- yet TNA have shown us that they have the ability to put on a momentous and exciting card come October, and this year’s Bound for Glory doesn’t disappoint. I’m very excited for this PPV, although I would like to see at least one more match on the card…perhaps featuring Abyss and the TV title. Is it too much to ask?

Preshow Tag Team Gauntlet to determine who will compete for the Tag Team Championships later in the evening:

Bad Influence vs. The Bro-Mans vs. Joseph Park and Eric Young vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez


This is going to be a rough one, especially if the foreshadowing on this week's Impact doesn't come to pass and Knux and Baby Bisch aren't added into the mix. If they are not added in there is only two ways this can go thanks to the current storylines. The first is that Bad Influence comes out on top due to Daniels' constant companion, the Appletini, setting up the showdown of the drinkers for the titles. The slightly more logical approach would be for Chavo and Hernandez to go over here, as they had that half-hearted attempt at a feud with Gun Storm a few weeks back when Chavo was “Unfit” to compete. Personally, considering the circumstances with that, I don't really think he should have a chance at the Titles, but we have seen more daft decisions from TNA Management. But granted, that all goes out the window if A's gets added to the mix. If that happens, then they have to win to keep things moving along smoothly, as I will outline later.

Jesse's Predicted Winners: Bad Influence, A's and 8's if involved.


Looking at this list of tag teams in TNA, I'm quite disgusted. Chavo and Hernandez are really terrible right now, and the Bromance is that much worse. I love EY and Joseph, but they're faces, so it doesn't make sense that they go after the TTC right now. That leaves BI. I think it's obvious, even though Bromance got the upper hand in this match by winning on imp, that BI will be walking out of this one with a win.

Kendra's Predicted Winners: Bad Influence


I looked at the tag teams in this match and really two teams stand out. First off, Robbie E may have won on this past week's Impact Wrestling, but I don't see them winning this match at all. BroMans just don't sell. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez, one team who I find boring, haven't really had the momentum leading into this match. With Hernandez being involved in the BFG Series and Chavo being gone while that was occurring, it's hard to even get behind them. Joseph Park and Eric Young have their Road Trip on Impact's site which not only hypes them up but it builds the match. I find them highly entertaining, but that's about it. They have great comedic chemistry but they won't win the in-ring chemistry against Bad Influence. Daniels and Kaz are the perfect fit to win this match and go on to face James and Gunner. I don't see why TNA wouldn't push them to the PPV itself. It's heel vs. face and it's the top stars in the division going at it.

Alex's Predicted Winners: Bad Influence


Why this match is on the pre-show is beyond me, especially since the card seems a little short this year. Park & EY have had a small rivalry with the Bro Mans, but we haven’t seen Chavo and Hernandez very much on TV at all. Only Bad Influence are viable threats in this match, and I’d be very surprised if they don’t win this one easily. This match is a strange one for the biggest PPV of the year, but TNA are trying to show us that the tag division is well and truly alive.

Bradley's Predicted Winner: Bad Influence

Justin's Predicted Winner: Bad Influence

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Bad Influence

TNA Tag Team Championship Match:

James Storm and Gunner (c) vs. Gauntlet Winner

First off, this is the first televised defense for Gun Storm since they won the Tag Titles back in June. That's right, they have been champions for 4 months and have yet to defend them other than at house shows. That really says something for the division and for TNA's priorities! Add in the fact that this match was thrown on here to blatantly fill time, and I don't see how or why any fan could really care for it at this point. However, I think we could expect a bit of the unexpected here with the possible A's curveball. Picture it, we see Garrett and Knux celebrating a bit in the back about getting the title shot when a very intense Bully Ray comes in and ask them why they are partying already. They haven't won the big one! And they best win again tonight, because if they don't, whoever loses is OUT! We get the match and all seems to be going well, until Knux mistimes a clothesline for their double team and hits Garrett. Gunner takes Knux out and Storm gets the pin on Garrett. Bully comes out, seething with anger and vengeance, and demands Garrett's cut. Knux steps in between him and Garrett telling Bully this isn't how it goes down. Bully moves towards Garrett and Knux lays out the Champ! Garrett and Knux head to the back with a dumbfounded and angry Bully Ray in the middle of the ring wondering where it all went wrong. However, regardless of what happens, I can't see Gun Storm losing in their first defense.

Jesse's Predicted Winners: James Storm and Gunner


With the way I predicted Roode's match, and as TNA has done so little with the Tag Team Titles during the BFG Series, I think it's time TNA shake up the Tag Division and put the straps on BI. I'm hoping for a fierce match, with Storm and Gunner in control of the match until Daniels and Kaz cheat to win. Hopefully this change will bring some interest to the TTC.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champions: Bad Influence


Since I have Bad Influence winning in the preshow, it will be Bad Influence vs. James Storm and Gunner. I sure hope this is how it turns out because I really want to see it. Not only do James and Gunner have chemistry that I wouldn't think if you asked me a year ago, but Bad Influence continues to impress and entertain. Kaz and Daniels have chemistry very few tag teams have. They are what tag teams should be about. Teams with chemistry. You usually see random pairings that never work. They worked. James and Gunner even work. They also have the look. I expect to see some great action in this match from both teams. No one is going to stop short. No one is not going to impress. I actually see a title change tonight. James and Gunner had the titles since Slammiversary, and honestly, their reign has been lackluster. They really had no competition. Influence comes in and takes the titles setting up a possible great tag team rivalry between them and James/Gunner.

Alex's Predicted Winners and NEW Champions: Bad Influence


I’m a huge James Storm fan but I’ve been terribly disappointed with his and Gunner’s run. Have they defended the straps once since winning them in June? Not that I can remember… Storm is a fantastic tag wrestler, but at the moment I think he is needed in singles competition. He showed us that he’s capable of having good rivalries, and I enjoyed seeing him feud with Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels during this short run. I also believe he’s one of the characters that the fans are more invested in. I would like to see Storm in more singles actions and get another title shot- time to take the straps off these two. Bad Influence has undoubtedly been the best tag team over the past 12-18 months and are very deserving of the straps. Time to give Kaz and Daniels their dues.

Bradley's Predicted Winners and NEW Champions: Bad Influence

Justin's Predicted Winner: James Storm and Gunner (Beer Gunny!)

Gesus' Predicted Winner: James Storm and Gunner

Knockouts Triple Threat Championship Match:

ODB (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke


Speaking of status' falling, what about the Knockouts Division? This time last year, the Knockouts division had twice the number of competitors as it has now! In this one match, we are seeing 60% of the active performers in a single bout. TNA really dropped the ball here. And while I expect some insanity here, as Kim and ODB can really go when pushed, Brooke has shown that the 6 months she had off was really detrimental to her ring work. My only real concern is if Lei'D Tapa is going to make an appearance. I sure hope not, as she is just the absolute worst worker I think I have seen in the last 5 years. She is sloppier than Ryback on his worst day, moves like a female Khali, and has the emotiveness of a rock wall. I really don't see how she wasn't cut when Taeler Hendrix was other than the fact she probably works for pennies compared to the other Knockouts. Anyways, tangent aside, I really can't see this going any other way than an ODB win. We have 3 heels on the roster, and Velvet is kind of a tweener right now, simply because of Sabin's heel status. ODB has to retain here, otherwise the division will only have one person logically able to challenge based on alignment.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: ODB


This is another match I've thought long about. If Kim wins, it sets up for what I think TNA is hoping will be a second round of Kim versus the big scary monster, but Jesse wrote perfectly about Tapa, so I'm not even going there. ODB has been a great Champ, but I'm not sure they're going to leave the strap on her. Then there's Tessmacher. If things go the way I think they will, I don't know as Bully would deal well with Tessmacher being strapped while he loses his. Can he handle that? Screw it, I'm going with Tessmacher. I just have a feeling after her interaction with Kim on Impact this past week.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Brooke Tessmacher


First off, before I go into this match I have to ask... why is Gail Kim in it? Don't get me wrong... Gail Kim is one of the best women wrestlers today, maybe the best, but how did she get in it? Brooke is involved because she won a #1 contender's match. Obviously they added Gail Kim to this match so she will be shown at the PPV. How can you not show one of the best? I think they did the same thing with Samoa Joe for the Ultimate X. They didn't want to leave them out. At any rate, I actually think this could be a great match. The Knockout division is not like it was in 2008, but we do know what they are capable of today. Remember Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell? Gail still has it in her. ODB can throw her weight and any weight in that ring. Brooke hasn't really been showcased as a wrestler in awhile, but we do know she has improved when we did see her last. The question lies whether Lei'D Tapa will interfere, but I honestly think TNA will save her for the following Impact. ODB will retain and it will set up her against Tapa.

Alex's Predicted Winner: ODB


With Taryn Tarrell ‘out’ (for a while) and Lei’d Tapa ‘in’, the Knockouts division stands at a mere 5 wrestlers. This match has lacked story progression and was together rather hastily. However, these 3 girls have the potential to put on a very good quality match, although I wish it was another Ladder or other gimmick match, to increase the stakes for the Knockouts Championship and excitement around this match. I hope Lei’d Tapa doesn’t get involved, and I’m choosing blindly here. There hasn’t been much indication of how this one will play out, so it’s hard to have an opinion. In saying that, ODB deserves a long reign and I think she’ll retain.

Bradley's Predicted Winner: ODB

Justin's Predicted Winner: ODB

Gesus' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Brooke

Ultimate X Match for the X Division Title:

Manik (c) vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe


Now here is an absolute treat of a match, and it isn't even Halloween yet! We get three of the arguably best talents in TNA and possibly the entirety of Professional Wrestling in Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe, Manik, who has really shone through the last few months, and Fail Sabin, who has went from the TNA Title to a heelish joke of his character. This match is sure to leave all of us on the edge of our seats and I can't really say who will win this. Hardy has tons of experience in insane, high profile matches such as this, but it is his first Ultimate X Match and he will surely be somewhat out of sorts with it. Aries has stated that this type of match is really not his bag, but he has been successful in it before. Sabin has the most experience in Ultimate X, this being his 16th time competing in it out of the 32 iterations, but with the slope he has been on, I can't really see him winning here. Manik won his current reign with the title in Ultimate X, but that was against lower quality opponents. A win here could really propel him up the card. But then there is the wild card in this match, Samoa Joe. Joe has only been in one Ultimate X match, which he lost, but considering his size, speed, and ability, he could easily have a career night and bring home some gold. With everything considered, I have to go with the long shot and choose Joe. Hardy and AA don't need the X Division title, Sabin needs retooling before I can see him as a viable champion, and Manik could be better as a challenger than as champion, especially if they start doing more backstage promos with him.

Jesse's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Samoa Joe


I've been thinking long and hard about this match. I think there's a number of people who could win this match, but it's hard to come up with who will. As much as I love TJ, the Manik hood and name is killing his character, and his run has been rather boring. I still blame a lot of that on Bisch and his dislike of the X Division, but now that Aries is so strong, and Hardy is working with the X Division. Sabin just isn't believable as a heel right now. It's just not working for me. I also like that Joe has been brought back into the X Division, he's always been an interesting addition to the Division. All that being said, I will be shocked if Aries doesn't win the X Division Title in this match. I know Hardy is the golden child, but Aries is so much stronger in the ring, and I think he carries titles better than Hardy.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Austin Aries


This is one match that I have a hard time predicting. Really I can see any star winning it. The last guy I see winning it though is Samoa Joe. It just doesn't fit him. He was announced a week after the official match was announced. It just shows that TNA didn't plan it out fully. They forgot about him and had to add him on the card somewhere. I mean, remember the rule about the weight limit in the division? That is thrown out the window. Another guy I don't see winning it is Austin Aries. I do see Aries going back to the top of the card sometime soon. The way I book the main event may be hard for Aries to come up (since we seen him fight this guy multiple times), but I don't see Aries getting this title. Now it is a toss up whether Jeff Hardy will win, Manik retaining, or Chris Sabin winning. I don't see Chris Sabin simply because he is involved with Velvet Sky. It looks like he could have a little feud with Aries after this match or continue to go after random people. I am a huge fan of Manik in the ring (not so much of a fan of Suicide to TJ Perkins to Manik). However, Manik is as entertaining as anyone. I will have to go with Jeff Hardy though. Jeff hasn't really been involved with anything for quite sometime. He lost the title at Lockdown and really hasn't picked up after that. He was in the BFG Series but lost. Jeff needs something. I see him getting the title and it will light up the X-Division. I can see some pretty entertaining matches coming afterwards. Putting Jeff in the division is debatable, but I will take it if he will help and improve it. Just remember, it's time for new people to rise up in the main events.

Alex's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Jeff Hardy


I’m looking forward to this more than the main event! This is an instant classic but I hoped Kenny King would get involved to give this match a bit more flair. What’s exciting about the X-division title is that I can picture any of these 5 walking out of Bound for Glory on Sunday with the title, as any are capable of having a very successful X-reign. Seriously! This is a tough one to predict and will be a strong favourite to take out match of the night. I think of all these guys, Austin Aries has been getting the biggest rub as of late, and he looks to be the biggest threat to ending Manik’s reign.

Bradley's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Austin Aries

Justin's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Austin Aries

Gesus' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Jeff Hardy

The Icon vs. The Future:

Sting vs. Magnus


This, along with the other 3 “big” matches on this card, can easily become the match of the night. Whereas the Ultimate X match will have us all talking about the incredible spots in the match, the World Title match will have us on edge wondering where it will go storyline wise, and Angle/Roode will wow us all with its technical superiority, this match will easily tell the best story in the ring. Magnus and Sting, while not having much of an established storyline, has been brewing under our noses ever since the BFG Series started. With Magnus' early victories garnering him a huge amount of success and his inevitable loss crushing his spirit, it only makes sense that he would be paired with The Icon in this match. The subtlety of the story's development was great, and I am sure the match will be even better, but there are only two ways they can book this. First, they can have Magnus go over, get that huge win that propels him straight
to the top in a symbolic passing of the torch or acknowledgment of respect a la Undertaker and Hardy in 2002. Second, they could put Sting over here and have Magnus snap, brutalizing Sting after the match and leaving the Main Event Mafia in the process. Both options seem like viable stories, and the latter could write Sting off TV for awhile, letting Magnus now feud with the people he thinks held him back. With both options on the table, I think I have to go with Sting here. I think Magnus is better as a heel, and he could easily transition into the title scene after this.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Sting


Other than the X Division Match, I expect this to be the show stealer. Sting will leave it all out there to push Magnus to his limit. This could be a huge jump for Magnus, and I expect it will. Sting will do all he can to put Magnus over, and I know Magnus will put all of himself into this match as well. I'm excited to see where this big push will take Magnus, and I wonder if he might be turning heel in the process.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Magnus


I have speculated that it would be Magnus vs. Roode at Bound for Glory or Magnus vs. EGO or something like that; however, they had those matches on Impact Wrestling. I wasn't quite sure why they took the Sting vs. Magnus route, but after thinking about it, and looking at how they are building it, I don't mind it. Sting is at the point of his career where he has to put over the young talent. Sting said he will put Magnus on the map. That is why this match is going on. Magnus is frustrated as he truly wonders when he will make it to the big time. It makes sense since his recent loses. I do have to question whether the Main Event Mafia is done. No more Rampage Jackson and we have Sting vs. Magnus. This is a face vs. face battle though. I don't see either turning at the PPV. At any rate, there's no reason why Sting should win. He can't fight for the TNA Title anymore. He is here to put over the future. His goal is to make Magnus look like the very best. Magnus has the look and the skills. This is going to be his shining moment!

Alex's Predicted Winner: Magnus


Magnus vs Sting… Every year I have counted Sting out, saying that he’s too old and it’s time to move on. What do I know? This guy is like a fine wine, he just keeps getting better and better. His title match with Bully Ray at Slammiversary proved people like me wrong and I believe in Sting until the day he says that he’s finished. So in a psychological bout like this one, Sting is going to dominate and teach the young Brit a thing or two. I also think that TNA are going to turn Magnus on his Main Event Mafia mentor, and have these two feud over the next few months. Sting will win at Bound For Glory, but Magnus will probably deliver quite the bloody beating to the Icon afterwards.

Bradley's Predicted Winner: Sting

Justin's Predicted Winner: Magnus

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Magnus

Singles Match:

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode


First off, Kurt Angle looked better on Impact a week and a half ago then he has in years! He was ripped and is obviously in a much, much better place than he was a couple of months ago before he entered rehab. And while I expected that he wouldn't return to the ring until after BFG, I have to say that I am very excited for what is sure to be an instant classic. Between this match and his HOF induction, I expect it will be an emotional night for Angle. We all know that Angle and Roode can both put on a technical masterpiece and tonight will be no exception. Two years ago, Angle was champion and Roode had won the BFG Series and they faced off in the main event for the TNA World Championship, which Angle won. This time, while the stakes aren't quite as high, I see the pressure being almost equal for both men. Roode needs to reassert himself as a top heel and Angle needs the win after a 2 month layoff. I have to call this for Angle, as he needs the win for personal reasons and I am a sucker for a good sob story.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle


As strong and devious as Roode is, Angle is being inducted into TNA HOF, and that pretty much guarantees that he's going to win this match. It doesn't hurt that it's also Angle's first match back, and he's really jacked from working out so hard during his time away.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle


I am really looking forward to this match for a number of reasons. First off, I like to thank Sean Prem for hyping this match up in his latest article on After reading his article you realize the history these two have. More importantly, these two talked about that history on Impact this past week. I am surprised how this match was only announced two weeks ago and it is one of the most anticipating matches of the card. It shows how great these two are! Another reason why I am excited for this match is because it is Kurt Angle's return match. I may be a slight mark for Kurt Angle, but he is my childhood hero. He is still one of the best in the world today. Every Kurt Angle match is a pleasure of watching. Kurt is probably in the best shape of his life right now. I am expecting big things in this match. Don't forget Roode. He is one of the top stars in the company. He can even be described as underrated. Roode has it. He has evolved in the past two years to be something really special. When I watched him in Team Canada I knew he would be in the main event someday. I was right. How will TNA book this match though? It's hard. Not only is it Kurt Angle's return match, but he is also going into the Hall of Fame. However, Bobby Roode is the current and future. The veterans should put over the younger stars. We have to remember though, it's not the wrestlers that decide. It's the creative writers. They decide who wins. I just can't see Kurt Angle losing. Not on this PPV... on on this stage!

Alex's Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle


I was really, really hoping that this match would go ahead and my wish was granted. We saw this match main event BFG exactly 2 years ago, but it was under very different circumstances. Kurt Angle was World Heavyweight Champion, and Bobby was an up and coming star with lots to prove. Now, Bobby is an established main eventer and he has grown lots in the past two years. Kurt Angle will have received his Hall of Fame induction the night before the match. This one is going to be emotional. Tense. And hopefully a bloodbath! Has Bobby come far enough to avenge his loss to Angle in 2011? I think he has, but Kurt will have momentum on his side and pull off the win after a fantastic and lengthy bout.

Bradley's Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle

Justin's Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle

Gesus' Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle

No Disqualification TNA World Title Match:

Bully Ray (c) vs. AJ Styles


This is the story that we have been building the whole summer to. But if you told me 4 months ago we would have Dixie Carter as a heel and AJ Styles possibly about to leave TNA, I'd have told you that you need to have your head examined. But despite Dixie's ineptitude at being a heel, this does have me rather interested. AJ has been the face of the company for years, despite everyone who has come in, despite awful booking of his character, despite every single roadblock thrown at him from every aspect of this company, he has thrived. Bully Ray has turned from one of the most accomplished tag team wrestlers the industry has ever seen to one of the best singles characters and most over heels in the industry. With the BFG Series winner's challenge matches being split, I can't base my prediction solely off of that, unlike Option C at Destination X. Considering Bully's issues in A's and AJ's sudden storyline focus, I can't see this going any other way than for him. Expect some heavy interference in this match, as I am sure EC3 will attack AJ because he is Dixie's “Nephew” and A's to come in at some point, possibly to attack Bully in a show of defiance if my previous scenario doesn't pan out. But in the end, AJ will walk out of BFG as the champ, and out of the company in the same night!

Jesse's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: AJ Styles


Knowing TNA they will go against what they obviously need to do. AJ needs to win the WHC so that he can gain control and stay in TNA. Also, someone needs to work against Dixie, and it seems as though AJ's the one stuck doing it at this point. I'm wondering if Knux and Garett are going to cost Bully the strap, as would make the most sense.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: AJ Styles


I do not have any hesitation when I think of who will win this match. I have predicted since April that AJ Styles would win the BFG Series and go on to fight Bully Ray at Bound for Glory. We hit bumps along the way and I even questioned my assumption, but I stuck with it to the very end. Fast forward 6 months and I was right. In that same prediction, I had AJ Styles winning the match... meaning he will win the title. I am sticking with it. AJ Styles will be the new TNA World Champion. We all question AJ's contract status. It expires in December, so he has a few months left. Whether he signs or not, he will get a title run. After Impact, Dixie announced that this match will be a No DQ match. That doesn't change anything. The only thing that does change is who could get involved. It could be Ethan Carter III or Aces & 8s, or Mr. Anderson, or Hulk Hogan, or even Jeff Jarrett. Anything is possible. I was talking to a casual wrestling fan today (Friday) and he said there has to be something explosive happen at the PPV. It has that feeling. Something needs to happen. I sure something will. I'm very interested to see how TNA ends this match. At the end of the day though, AJ Styles will walk out as champion.

Alex's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: AJ Styles


The big one. I’ve loved the AJ character progression. However I felt like the animosity between Styles and Bully could have been given more time instead of AJ/Dixie. But moving on, there is a lot of emotion invested in this match. Week after week fans grow to hate Bully even more, and as AJ himself pointed out- the long wait is almost over. It’s been almost 4 years since AJ was World Heavyweight Champion and fans can’t wait to see AJ back on top where he belongs. So while the wait has been long, I hope on Sunday that AJ is going to overcome the odds and win in stellar fashion, ending Bully’s reign of tyranny, and putting the final nail in the coffin of the Aces & Eights.

Bradley's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: AJ Styles

Justin's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: AJ Styles

Gesus' Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: AJ Styles


Bound for Glory is in a matter of hours. We really have waited since June for this PPV. TNA's last one was Slammiversary. It was a long time ago, but that is TNA's PPV model. It works though. TNA doesn't need 12 PPVs, but I would have expected them to really build every match at least a month in advance. There have been several problems along the way though from Hulk Hogan's contract expiring to Mr. Anderson's to Kurt Angle taking time off. TNA had to work around it to the best of their ability. I give them props because everything has worked out even though it hurt the build. Bound for Glory, for me, sets the stage to build stories... not end them (Making that assumption based on previous BFG PPVs). It's going to be interesting where they go after. It could very well be a new era! Then comes 2014 and that's when, I will be he first to say, many changes will happen! Get ready!


Well said Alex! Don't forget to join us tomorrow for our Live Coverage of Bound For Glory!

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