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TNA Predicts - Destination X

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TNA presents Destination X this Sunday, July 8th from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. While I have rarely agreed with Hogan these past couple years in TNA, I will say he is right in saying that the Impact Zone makes TNA come off as "minor league." As the original Tweeter said, it's a "Major turnoff." What I will give them credit for is the fans in the Zone have come back from the doldrums they were in. Between putting more pretty girls in the front row, and the hot crowd, I'm enjoying watching Impact more. I'm not sure if they knew the crowds would be as hot when they went live, or if it was a happy bonus, but it's added so much to Impact, and I hope it will add to Destination X this weekend.

Ken Predicts – BFG Series Match – Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe

I think this would be a lovely match to start the show, but I'm willing to bet the will want to start the X Division Tourney early to give the guys time to recuperate between each match. But these guys don't need that time, and they will leave it all out there. While Joe's chubby and Angle's older and a bit delicate, these two could bring the match of the night. As usual, I will twitch every time Angle takes a bump, but I've been doing that for a couple years now. I do like that this is a friendlier match than they've had in the past. There's little behind this other than their past feuds, but I'm okay with that for these two because we know they're going to hit that ring and do everything they can to leave us on the edge of our seats with our jaws hanging open. I know that I will be yelling and bouncing around through this match because it will be so good. After a little thought I have to give this to Angle. The only reason behind it is that he just couldn't pull off his Olympic return which has to suck for him, so a win here would be nice. Wait, backup, if Angle doesn't get injured in this match, then he will win.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kurt Angle

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Kurt Angle

Ken Predics – Fatal Four Way Match for final qualifier for X Division Tourney – Rubix vs Mason Andrews vs Dakota Darsow vs Lars Only

I have to say that most of these guys didn't overly impress me in their qualifying matches. Darsow botched a bit, so he didn't have much of a chance to shine – in my opinion. Andrews came off as gawky and odd, but not in the best of ways. Lars Only, well, yeah, he threw a couple of beautiful moves, but does that make for the winner of a match? I have to say that I'm giving this one to Rubix. He impressed me prior to coming in to TNA, and he bowled me over in his match on Impact. I would love to see him win this match and move on.

Ken's Predicted Winner - Rubix

Stacy's Predicted Winner - Rubix

Ken Predicts – Last Man Standing Match – AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels

While last man standing matches are usually some of the best matches I've seen, the wrestlers in the match walk a very fine line between being strong with stamina, and looking like silly super men. The believability can be a serious issue, depending on who's in the match. For me the LMS match that sticks out in my mind is from the 2004 Royal Rumble when Triple H and his best friend HBK fought to a draw, so Trip retained his WHC. Those two men know each other so well, that they were able to leave the fans stunned quiet and passionately screaming. While I worry about the booking of this match, and the time allotted, what we don't have to worry about is the skills, or how well these two know each other. If they have the time, this match could leave us drooling, but I have to admit that I'm a bit over Daniels and AJ feuding. The storyline to go with it is very good, but it's time Daniels finds someone else he doesn't like. Because of all that's going on, I don't see this as the end of their feud, but I do see the possibility of a number of people getting involved. First off, unless something changes, Kaz will absolutely be involved in this match in some way. Then there's the possibility of maybe Dixie, Clair, or some other person involved in this that we don't even know about yet. While I'd love to see AJ win this one, I don't see this storyline being over yet, so I don't see AJ coming out on top. There's just too much going against AJ here, so I'm giving it to Daniels, but I don't see as he'll think this is vindication or validation of him being superior to AJ, so he will continue to push and attack for a while longer.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Daniels

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Daniels

Ken Predicts - X Division Quarter Finals - Kid Kash, Douglas Williams, Zema Ion, Sonjay Dutt, Kenny King, Rashad Cameron, Flip Cassanova and one more competitor TBA

Okay, I'm doing this as one and picking four guys to move on to the Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship. As I picked Rubix as a big favorite in my book, I'm going to start with him. As soon as Kenny King was announced for his match on Impact, he was a favorite to win in my book, but I'm not sure what game he's playing with ROH as he was said to have a verbal agreement with them. Dixie better make sure things are on the up and up with King as they don't want to end up in another lawsuit, this time on the naughty end. But I'm still going to stick with King to be a top four.

When Dutt came out for his match, I started yelling. I'm a HUGE Dutt fan, and loved his chemistry with Lethal when they were running together, then feuding. He was one of those amazing wrestlers who made me fall in love with TNA, so I'm thrilled he's back and hopefully sticks around. I have to go with Dutt here. I also have to go with my beloved Douglas Williams. I have been very vocal over Williams as he needs to be on TV on a regular basis and needs to be one of the leaders of the X Division. Of the wrestlers involved in this tourney, I have to say that this is my dream Ultimate X Match.

I want to touch upon a few names I didn't pick. Flip was a botch-fest in his match and while I see where he could be good, his showing on Impact was enough to sour me. I will say that getting squashed by Ryback didn't sour me on Cameron, actually, I'm pretty impressed that he worked TV matches for both the WWE and TNA in the same bloody week! Yes, there's a but, he just rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn't his character or his mic work, he actually came across quite well (better than Dutt on mic), but there's something I can't put my finger on that tweaks me out. On the other hand, I love Kidd Kash and think he absolutely deserves to be X Division Champ, but I ran out of room in how many I could pick. Sadly Kidd was squeezed out. Then there's Ion. While I do beliieve that Sabin might have glass knees, it just sucks that someone else got badly injured while high flying with Ion. Beyond that, not even taking injuries into account, I think Ion is too green and a bit reckless. I truly feel he's a liability and that TPTB in TNA need to open their eyes beyond his interesting look.

Ken's Predicted Winners – Rubix, King, Dutt & Williams

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Rubix, King, Dutt, & Williams

Ultimate X Match for X Division Championship

Okay, going off the four men I picked to win the X Division Tourney, I have to pick a winner. Before I heard what was going on with King and ROH, he was my early pick to win it all. That small segment he had on Impact with Aries seemed to foreshadow that a bit more, but then there's the possible ROH issues. So as hard as it is for me, because King is quite great in the ring, I'm passing on him. Rubix is very cool, quite the lovely wrestler and will add a lot to this match, I don't see him winning it. That leaves Dutt and Williams, two men a absolutely adore. Hear me out on this one, I'm not dissing on my man Williams here. I see Dutt winning this match so he is brought back to TNA. Further, I see something happening between him and Williams in this match that sparks a huge feud, therefore bringing Williams back to TV on a weekly basis! See, still big love for Williams, but I really want Dutt back in TNA and winning the X Division Title would be a great way to do it.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Sonjay Dutt

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Sonjay Dutt

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Bobby Roode (C) vs Austin Aries

I have to admit that I might cry if this match goes down as I think it might, but on the other hand, the match that will be coming up after is something I've been waiting on for so long. Aries deserves to win this match. Aries has had the best year, and this would be the perfect way to wrap it up beautifully, and with a big sparkly belt! Yes, another but, we have to remember that Roode's feud with Storm is far from over and Storm is at the top of the leader board for the BFG Series, and doesn't appear to be stopping any time soon. We've waited quite a long time for that match, and Storm truly deserves to beat Roode for the WHC. The only problem I have with Roode and Storm fighting it out at BFG is that Aries gets bent over the apron for it to happen.

After saying all that, I think this match is going to be sick! Roode is an all out nasty heel who will stop at nothing to win, and Aries who was awe inspiring when he came into TNA, has become something of a freak of nature because of how breathtaking he is in the ring. Right now, to me, Aries is the total package and the most enjoyable to watch. He draws me in more than anyone else right now. To think Aries had appeared to be hanging up his boots, now look at him! Actually, it was June 9th that it was reported that Aries had left Evolve and Dragon Gate USA to pursue a different career. So, just over a year ago it appeared he was leaving, yet four days later he was in TNA. While that is a bit odd, this would really be a culmination of an astonishing year for him.

In the end I see Roode cheating to get his victory. I don't see the ending being clean, therefore it won't be over between the two of them. Aries more than deserves to be WHC, but I will admit that I like the time Roode has been carrying the strap. That he's held it, by hook or by crook, for so long gives it more validity than if it was passed around at each PPV. I'm expecting a lot for this match, but I also expect I will be very upset when it's over as Aries really should be Champ. If it wasn't for the Storm feud, I'd be picking Aries without batting an eye. So I'll keep my fingers crossed for Aries, but I have to pick Roode.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Roode

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Roode

I have to state that I write up my predictions for each match, then ask Stacy who he thinks will win. I try not to say anything that would sway him in one direction or another, and I don't think I did here, though he picked everyone I picked. So either we'll both do really well on this one, or we'll both completely bomb. Of course I'm hoping we'll do well, but this is TNA and they're... unpredictable, to say the least. If you're not able to watch Destination X, make sure you check in to WNW for the up to the minute updates of the PPV.

KB & Stacy

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