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TNA Predicts - Genesis

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Sunday, January 13th, from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida, TNA Impact Wrestling presents Genesis. I honestly have no clue how this PPV is going to play out as the card doesn't look bad, but that TPTB in TNA couldn't be bothered to book any of these matches before last week, most of them were spur of the moment bookings during the most recent Impact. While most of the matches make sense, it really feels as though they didn't care enough about booking this PPV. I know that TNA is dropping down to four PPVs a year, and it's a smart move, not caring about the PPVs they have now makes me wonder how much they're going to care when they're working for four a year. On the other hand, I am looking forward to the Friday night PPVs as they bring me back to TNA's early days. Hopefully they will be worth the time and money, but I'm worried about them being taped shows going up against Smackdown which is very established on Friday nights.

Ken Predicts - X Division #1 Contender Tournament Finals – Kenny King vs Christian York

As Christian York is a face and Kenny King is a heel, and Kenny King has been up in RVD's face a lot lately – or as 'a lot' he can be when the X Division Champ is almost never on TV – I'm going with Kenny King for the win here.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Kenny King

X Division #1 Contender Tournament Finals – Kenny King vs Christian York

This is one match that should be good. These two stars just came into TNA a few months ago and they are already making an impact. I love it. York had me hooked since the beginning. Kenny not so much but he is growing on me. I like Kenny in the ring, but I still see people noticing his sloppiness. King already got a shot at the title, but I don't see why TNA wouldn't give him another. King has the character and attitude to do it and I think TNA sees that and will give him the push for it.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Ken Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match – Hernandez & Chavo (c) vs Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan

They have been skirting this a lot, and actually giving all four of these guys some face time on TV, even if it seems like an afterthought the way it did on Impact this week. I will say that it's nice to see Morgan hasn't been suffering from Matt Morgan Syndrome since his return to the company, but I'm not holding my breath, TNA will screw things up and change Morgan's character too many times for us to follow and he'll be back to a confused mess – but at least he looks strong in the ring. The same can't be said for his partner. My interest in Ryan has dropped lower and lower the more we've seen of him. He was more interesting before he 'earned' his 'contract' by having Morgan help him beat Al Snow.

On the other hand Hernandez and Chavito have been a strong and cohesive team that could really hold the TNA TTC for quite a while and make them worth something. I think that means that Morgan and Ryan will cheat and beat Hernandez and Chavito for the belts. There's a lot they could be doing with Hernandez and Chavito, yet they've been wallowing and floundering. Maybe losing the straps will help make them more interesting, but I worry that they're going to be pushed into non-televised purgatory, never to be seen or heard from again.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Morgan & Ryan

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Morgan & Ryan

Alex Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match – Hernandez & Chavo (c) vs Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan

I don't know what to say about this. Chavo and Hernandez keep surprising me each time they defend the titles. They surprise me because....THEY WIN! Their reign has been nothing but spectacular. I think the partial reason, if not full reason, is the tag division in TNA is pretty lackluster. I love the team of Ryan and Morgan. Joey has me hooked into his sleaziness (That may sound bad)! At any rate, I actually see the reign ending. Joey, and Matt for sure, deserve a push and they deserve gold. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan win the titles!

Alex's Predicted Winner – Morgan & Ryan

Ken Predicts - Devon vs Joseph Park

I have to admit that I really want to see this match not fall into a DQ mess more than most others. I want to see Joseph come into this match a bumbling mess with Devon in control, but then Joseph is somehow busted open and takes Devon down for the three with his 'brother's' black hole slam. It's time for Joseph to take a step forward in his wrestling career, and to do that, he needs to win this match. After it's over A&8's can run in, but before that, Joseph needs a clean win.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Joseph

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Joseph

Alex Predicts - Devon vs Joseph Park

This is another case of the Aces and 8s. Aces and 8s haven't won in a long time and I don't see them winning at all at this PPV. It's about revenge. Sting is getting his revenge and so is Parks. Parks may get beat up, big time, but he will come back and take Devon down. However, I do see some type of interference. It only makes sense. It would lead to a Parks win, hence the DQ on Devon.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Joseph Park

Ken Predicts - Knockouts #1 Contender Gauntlet Match – Gail Kim vs ODB vs Miss Tessmacher vs Mickie James vs Velvet Sky

Who is going to beat all the other Knockouts and go after Tara for the Knockouts Title? After all she's gone through, Velvet Sky absolutely deserves this, but she doesn't have a piece of beefcake following her around, and she'd need that to get past Jessie and take Tara down. If EY was around, I might pick ODB to go over, and then there's the fact that Tessmacher was all hot and bothered in the ring by Robbie Terry this week. Kim and Mickie also don't have boy toys at their beck and call, so I'm going with Tessmacher. Tara has history with Tessmacher, and Terry could be just what she needs to take Tara and Jessie down.

If they throw the Knockouts Title Match into Genesis, I'm picking Tessmacher to go over Tara and win the Knockouts Title with Terry by her side.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Tessmacher & Tessmacher

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Tessmacher & Tessmacher

Alex's Predicted Winner - Knockouts #1 Contender Gauntlet Match – Gail Kim vs ODB vs Miss Tessmacher vs Mickie James vs Velvet Sky

I did not like how TNA did not hype this match at all on Impact Wrestling. They had a 30 second announcement of the match and that was that. Well, I do like the match though. Having all of these knockouts in one ring, will not only look good but it has amazing talent. The thing is, I only see one or two clear winners. Tara is the champ, a heel, and the only main people in the division now are Mickie James and Velvet Sky, faces. Mickie already got a shot at the title, so I think they will place Sky into the mix.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Velvet Sky

Ken Predicts - Christopher Daniels vs James Storm

I'm running on the old cliché that if the good guy keeps losing on live TV, then he will win at the PPV. In all reality, TNA needs to come up with some storyline for these three other than Kaz and Daniels keep attacking Storm because AJ is no longer on Impact to kick around. And speaking of AJ, where is he? Is the face of TNA getting completely screwed, rather than only partially screwed?

Ken's Predicted Winner – Storm

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Storm

Alex Predicts - Christopher Daniels vs James Storm

I completely forgot about this match. Oops. I can see this match going on for a 10 minute type style, hopefully more. Daniels is on a role with his character and I love it. So is James though. I honestly would love Daniels to win here and go on for a monster push. I would love to see Jeff Hardy vs. Daniels. TNA, MAKE IT HAPPEN! While I WANT that to happen, I don't think that will happen. TNA is behind Storm and wants him to continue the things he is on.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Storm

Ken Predicts - X Division Championship Match – RVD (c) vs TBA

I would love it if TNA gave a flying fig about the X Division, but they don't. Further, it's obvious that they don't give a flying pot about RVD! Why is RVD staying with TNA after all the crap they've fed him? Why is there still an X Division Title at this point? Hogan hates it, so why hasn't Dixie done away with it? Dixie seems to do everything Hogan says these days! Ugh, I'm so disgusted with all of this! Either way, it's more than time for the X Division Title to change hands. I know it's wishful thinking that TNA will do something with the X Title, but maybe on King something will happen? They've been pushing him a bit. I'm going there and hoping it's not a total mess.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kenny King

Stacy's Predicted Winner – RVD

Alex Predicts - X Division Championship Match – RVD (c) vs TBA

While I have King winning, it could be York, but either way, it should be a good match. I see TNA pushing the X-Division again and that is what I like to see. Another thing, they are listening to me. I said that Rob Van Dam can really elevate the division. While he is, he is doing it slowly. He defends his title more than Devon does with the Television Title. RVD can still be champion as he helps put King and York and whoever else over. RVD can really help this division. They need to put it on the tracks and let the train go.

Alex's Predicted Winner – RVD

Ken Predicts - DOC vs Sting

I'm going with Sting on this one. It's time for people to get the upper hand on A&8's. There's going to be a lot going on with them in the coming weeks – A&8's and Sting – since his return and the coming wedding of his (TV) bestie's daughter. I don't think Sting will get out of the ring without a total brawl erupting, but I think he'll win the match before that happens

Ken's Predicted Winner – Sting

Stacy's Predicted Winner – DOC

Alex Predicts - DOC vs Sting

While I would pick Doc on this, there is absolutely no way I can. Aces and 8s haven't won a match in, I don't know how long. Doc doesn't stand a chance to the returning Sting. Sting is out and will get this victory.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Sting

Ken Predicts - Triple Threat Elimination Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs art Aries vs Bobby Roode

As much as I hate to say this, I see the golden boy retaining. I think this will be the match of the night because of the fighting between Aries and Roode, but in the end Hardy will get the final pinfall. After that both Roode and Aries can claim it wasn't their fault they lost and demand new singles matches, but getting to that point will be a lot of fun.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Jeff Hardy

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Jeff Hardy

Alex Predicts - Triple Threat Elimination Match – Jeff Hardy (c) vs art Aries vs Bobby Roode

This is the match that I am most looking forward to. This match can really be the start of a great year of wrestling. Aries and Roode have amazing chemistry and it doesn't matter if they are with each other or against each other. Jeff has shined the past few months and I really like him as champion, especially his in voice monologue. Anyway, I can see this match only going one way and that is a Jeff Hardy win. Hardy is close to signing a new deal with TNA....maybe he already signed one, but I see him having it at least another month till his contract expires.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Jeff Hardy

I really tried to look at this PPV in a positive light, but I'm worried. The wrestlers might be able to carry it off, but creative have shot them all in the foot. I guess it's a good thing they're dropping down to four big PPVs a year because if they're setting them up like this, no one will be spending the money on them. Make sure you check in to WNW for up to the minute coverage of Genesis!

KB, Alex & Stacy

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