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TNA Predicts - Hardcore Justice

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This Sunday, August 12, TNA presents Hardcore Justice from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. While they have some very interesting matches on the card, I worry that the PPV won't get over as well as it could if they had left the Impact Zone for the night. While the overall look, feel, booking and wrestling has improved recently, staying in Orlando for almost every live show is a serious issue for the company. Orlando just can't support enough of a changing crowd for the shows to be new and exciting, so the majority of the fans are regulars who just don't have the heart to cheer and boo as if it was fresh an exciting every week, even if it is.

Ken Predicts - Tag Team Match - Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Kid Kash & Gunner

I'm really looking forward to this match. I'm excited to see Chavito in the ring on TV. I've been a huge fan of his since before he was Lieutenant Loco in WCW! While he doesn't have the same charismatic spark that his Uncle Eddie had, Chavito is just wonderful in his own way. I'd love to see him do well in TNA, but I worry due to all the issues the company has behind the scenes. Either way, this match should be lying, cheating, stealing entertainment. From the little bit we've seen, it's obvious that Chavito and Hernandez have great chemistry, if a bit clichéd. I've been high up on Gunner for a long time now, and I'm very happy to see him back on TV and in a PPV match. I still believe that Gunner has most of the three things needed to succeed in pro wrestling – he has an interesting look (not huge, but different from a lot of the guys out there), his ring skills have improved week to week since he lost Murphy as baggage, and his mic work isn't too bad. Of course he could continue to work on his ring and mic skills, but everyone should be doing that to stay fresh and on top of their games. Then there's Kash who I just adore. These four together should be a great match, and I think it would be a smart way to start the PPV, but that's just my feeling behind the issue. While this should be a solid and exciting match, I see Hernandez and Chavito pulling out the win because Chavito just joined TNA. If he'd been around longer, I would have had to put more thought into this, but I think this is a great match for Chavito to start on a high note and bring Hernandez back to some serious TV time. I'd love to see a continuing feud between these two teams so we can see all four on TV more often as they all deserve it.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Chavito & Hernandez

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Chavito Hernandez

Ken Predicts - 20-Point Bound For Glory Series Falls Count Anywhere Match - Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

I have to admit that I really like these three big BFG Series Matches. Okay, I can completely see how people would feel that this is a cheap way to fill a PPV without pushing storylines and feuds, and they would be correct in some ways, but right now the BFG Series is the big storyline in TNA, so they should be pushing some big point matches. I can't say that a Falls Count Anywhere Match is my favorite, but this is TNA and they could do it up big. I'm not thrilled with Pope in this match, but maybe it could be a time for him to prove himself. Since he went heel on Joe, then Magnus, then Devon (none of which really working), I've not been the biggest fan of his. That he couldn't get over as a heel really bothered me. But beyond Pope, I expect a lot from this match, and I think Pope could really step up when surrounded by the other three, because Pope can be really great, but will he be as half of the heel side of this match? Or is he face and Magnus is the only heel?

That's neither here nor there, these guys should give us a great match, if booking is behind them. While I'd love to see Magnus pull this one out and push him up in the standings, I think it will be either RVD or Anderson pulling this one out. Between the two it's basically a coin toss. Heads, Anderson, or tails, RVD. Okay, it's heads, so I'm going with Anderson on this one... Wait, no, I'm not! After I flipped the coin I had this feeling it was wrong. Screw it, I'm going with Magnus. The man has been proving himself more and more, and it would be nice to see him up at the top with Joe and Storm, watching Joe getting into it big time with his former partner to try to get to the top.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Magnus +20

Stacy's Predicted Winner – RVD

Ken Predicts - TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match - Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Madison Rayne

I find it very sad that this match won't be decided by whoever is better in the ring, but by what Earl does as a ref. Will he do the honorable thing, or will he be out for nookie? They might try to make something of his history of being a heel from early on, and maybe the Montreal Screwjob, or maybe Earl will stand up to Madison and call this match down the middle. Nope, I see Earl playing the dirty old man and following his hormones. Unless Brooke Hogan or someone else gets involved – possibly even Brian Hebner – Madison will be walking out with the strap.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Madison Rayne

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Tessmacher

20-Point Bound For Glory Series Ladder Match - AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

These four men in a ladder match is recipe for something huge! This very well could be the match of the night, and that's saying something considering the main event! So the face of the company and his sometimes friend, usual enemy, the Olympic wrestler and the scariest Samoan in TNA are all going to climb ladders together – yeah, that's going to be quite the match.

So AJ and Daniels will have it out, Clair and Kaz and possibly Dixie will get involved (Did you notice that nothing came about from Serge hitting AJ? It's like it never happened!), so neither of them will have a chance. That leaves Angle and Joe. While I think Angle has a chance and will really leave it out there (as always I worry about him pushing too hard and getting hurt), it will be Joe taking the win and the points. Notice the words I used here, Joe will be TAKING the win. After his fabby bit of mic work on Impact, he really should take these 20 points.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Joe +20

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Joe

Ken Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Match - Zema Ion vs. Kenny King

Get the belt off Ion! I can't watch Ion in the ring without cringing, and he's not the person to wear the X Division Title. He's worn the belt for too long already, it's time to strap King, he's great and I think would be a wonderful Champ.

Ken's Predicted Winner – King

Stacy's Predicted Winner – King

Ken's Predicted Winner - 20-Point Bound For Glory Series Tables Match
- Bully Ray vs. James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E

If Robbie E wins this, I will crawl under my desk and cry! I'd prefer Hardy winning this over E. We all know that T will get involved, maybe he will go through a table as well. Actually, T could be put through earlier in the match to really get the fans up to fever pitch – or as fever pitch as the fans get in the Zone these days. Actually, I see it coming down to Bully and Storm, and since I think the BFG Series will end up being between Joe and Storm, so I have to give this one to Storm. Yes, Bully had the upper hand as it is a Tables Match, and TPTB in TNA might want to push him to try to get him to re-sign with the company – what better reason than going into a Title reign? I could see that happening, but I see that as dirty dealings – something we know Bisch isn't above as he tried that with Benoit in WCW – but I hope doesn't happen here. Bully has really grown lately, but I don't think he should end up being Champ. Storm could hit SCM on almost anyone and they could fall back through a table, so it works.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Storm +20

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Storm

Ken Predicts - TNA Championship Match - If Aries loses, he will not get a rematch - Austin Aries (c) vs. Bobby Roode

Yay, this is the other match I'm looking forward to. I really think Aries needs to retain here or his win and Title reign will be the fluke Roode is always calling it. I'm not sure how long Aries will retain as I see Storm winning the BFG Series, but I've also been wondering when Storm would be turning heel. I don't know if he's part of Aces & 8's now, but I think he'll be pushed into joining and turning heel because of all the accusations. But this is about Aries and what a great Champ he's been. Okay, he hasn't been given the chance he deserves, but Aries is totally awesome, so he should continue to have a long Title reign so that he can fight against other top wrestlers. I'm really looking forward to this match and Aries retaining and Roode being shut out of the Title run for a bit

Ken's Predicted Winner – Aries

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Roode

I am sure Aces & 8's will get involved in the Tables Match, and possibly more. Maybe some backstage attacks. I'm not sure they will have much to do with the outcomes of anything, other than to maybe help Storm to further push the questions surrounding him. I see this PPV being a mix of good and bad, hopefully it will be mostly good, though I'll admit to being worried. Either way, make sure to check in to WNW for up to the minute coverage of TNA's Hardcore Justice!

KB & Stacy

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