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TNA Predicts - Sacrifice 2014

Welcome to WNW’s Sacrifice 2014 Predictions! Sacrifice will be emanating this year from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I am Jesse Sherwood, and in addition to myself we have Kendra Bunyon, Alex Barie, and Matt Kunka providing full predictions, while CJ Blaze and WNW reader David Jr. providing quick picks. Before we get started, I wanted to let Alex Barie have a few words on the build to Sacrifice.


I have been quite vocal about the build, or lack of build, from TNA toward Sacrifice! Here's what I don't understand. TNA wants cut down on their pay-per-views for multiple reasons but one of the reasons is because they want to have a solid build for each PPV. Well, they build Lockdown for months and then turn around and only have a little more than a month build for Sacrifice. I'm pretty sure we established that having a PPV once every month is a horrible idea yet TNA wants to do it right now. Another gripe I have with this card is that most of the matches were announced online. They didn't announce it on Impact Wrestling. They made it known on their website. If TNA wants to capture their audience, wouldn't you capture the people who are watching the product every week? You want to capture the people who not only watch it every week but who also tune in for the first time. This PPV may have a build to it, but they fail in advertising the show. Most people I talked to didn't even know Sacrifice was this weekend. Even more so, the ones who even knew the PPV was happening don't see it worth the money. Each Impact Wrestling should be used to build not only to the following Impact but to the PPV. While that may be debatable, each match on the card should be worth it. No one thinks it is, so TNA didn't really accomplish anything. If no one thinks it is worth the buy then they aren't even going to purchase it.

3-on-2 Handicap Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship: 

The BroMans and DJ Zema Ion (c) vs. The Wolves 


Since this is announced as a handicap match, I am guessing Zema Ion will also be in the match. I am not sure who booked this, or why MVP would allow this since he is all about The Wolves, but it seems to be a disadvantage. However, we will run with it and I see Wolves winning at the end. They had their fair share of problems with The BroMans and I see this as a final nail in the coffin that they defeated all three men to capture the gold. Better yet, it is at a PPV instead of some live event which no one even remembers.

Alex's Predicted Winners and NEW Champions: The Wolves 


It's time for the payoff for the fans. The Wolves won the straps off TV, and then lost them again and they were never really recognized as Tag Team Champs because of TNA's screwy TV taping schedule. It's time for the Wolves to take down Robbie, Jessie, and even Zema in this match, and leave them all laying in a heap. Maybe I've been watching too many WCW PPVs (1996-1999), but I can actually see the carnage across the ring in my mind, and it's beautiful. I'm expecting that MVP will end up involved in some way, even if it's helping them take out the Bros after they lose the straps, but he should be out there in some capacity. That will give the Bros something to complain about on Impact as they wander around without gold to show off.

Kendra's Predicted Winners and NEW Champions: The Wolves 


First off, I think TNA's biggest coup of the last 6 months was picking up Edwards and Richards after WWE decided that they didn't think The Wolves would work out for them. The Wolves personify what tag team wrestling should be, even if they are a bit heavy with their spots. And for as much as I like to dog on the BroMans and get annoyed with Ion's airhorn, I have to admit that Robbie E and Jessie have really solidified their ring work and turned into a viable tag team, and can even say they are worthy of holding the Tag Team Titles now. And even though the odds should be stacked in The BroMans favor, they can't come out of this match still the champs. The fan reactions for The Wolves are so much greater than BroMans can ever achieve. Plus, it would be nice to see the hunters of TNA become the hunted. The question is, who will be the ones to do it? Right now, the two teams in this match are the only ones in TNA. So hopefully, we will see some new ones emerge in the coming weeks.

Jesse's Predicted Winners and NEW Champions: The Wolves 


I have been back and forth on how I feel about this match. The Wolves have always put on some truly fantastic tag team in-ring work. The BroMans are more hit or miss. The past few episodes of Impact, they have been much more improved than they were a few months ago. Using dirty finishes and slippery tactics, The BroMans have been able to continually hold on to the tag team gold. I expect this match to be not only some good back and forth, but some of the higher points of the night. I fully expect The Wolves to come out of this one with their heads and their hands held high.

Matt’s Predicted Winners and NEW Champions: The Wolves 

CJ's Predicted Winners: The Wolves 

David Jr's Predicted Winners: The Wolves 

TNA Knockouts Championship Match: 

Madison Rayne (c) vs. Angelina Love 


I could see this match going either way. I am a fan of both Knockouts so whoever wins the championship will not disappoint me. Rayne won the championship in January and while she put on some great battles with Gail Kim and Velvet Sky, I sense a transition is upon us. Angelina Love didn't come into the company just to get beat up. She came to be on top and that is what is going to happen at Sacrifice. Whether there will be interference or not, I see Love winning the gold.

Alex's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Angelina Love 


I'm not at all surprised The Beautiful People are back together, but they need to return all their fake fur to (female) Gorgeous George and 1999, because they've forgotten that fashion is a 20 year cycle. Beyond that, I'm not at all happy to see Love back in TNA. I wasn't thrilled with her before, and she's back to put Velvet Sky one more step back on the Knockouts roster. I didn't miss her while she was gone, and the Knockouts Division did so much better, and looked so much cleaner, without her. That being said, I see Madison being completely screwed out of the Knockouts Championship in this match. With Velvet around to help Love, Madison doesn't have a chance. I hope other face Knockouts come out and help, but in the end it will be Love with the strap, and the faces of the Knockouts Division going after TBP all over again.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Angelina Love 


I am not going to lie, this match is making me physically ill just thinking about watching it. Love has shown TONS of ring rust since returning, and her looking like an anorexic raccoon has made me want to change the channel every single time she is on TV. Madison is one of my favorite KOs, and while I wish she could win, I know that the Beautiful People being back means only one thing: Love getting the belt yet again. But it is how she will get the belt that will raise a few eyebrows though. The last few weeks, Madison has been followed by a young rookie named Brittney, whom Madison has pushed away every chance she has gotten. With her being scorned week after week, I could see the "concussion" Brittney suffered this past week to be a long ruse to gain a third member of TBP. Brittney will come out under the guise of helping Madison, only to spray her in the eyes so Love can pick up the win.

Jesse's Predicted winner and NEW Champion: Angelina Love 


Neither of these women do much for me. I’ve been more and more unimpressed with their ring work. Madison Rayne had some really good chemistry with Gail Kim over the past four or five months. I guess because the rest of this card are Lockdown rematches, TNA had to shake this one up. This is the only bout on the card that I can say that I am not only NOT looking forward to, but I hope it happens first so we can enjoy the whole PPV without interruption from this match.

Matt’s Predicted Winner: Madison Rayne 

CJ's Predicted Winners: Madison Rayne 

David Jr's Predicted Winners: Angelina Love 

Final Match of the Best of Three Series for the X Division Championship: 

Sanada (c) vs. Tigre Uno 


Tigre Uno looked quite sloppy in his last match against Sanada, so I hope he picks it back up for this bout on Sunday. Both are unique from their home country and it is really a toss up on who will win. The way Sanada has been booked and showcased really makes him over the top compared to Uno. Sanada has video package after video package as he represents Japan as well as The Great Muta. I can't see Sanada losing the title right now. I don't even think his reign started yet. He could really improve the division.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Sanada 


Having Sanada and Tigre Uno in TNA is a great coup for the X Division, and the company as a whole, but I worry about how they will be utilized long term. I was lucky enough to make TNA's biggest mistake in AJ Styles last night, and I worry with the continuing issues in TNA, that these two won't be used to their greatest potential. Beyond that, this could be a show stealing match, if given the time and the booking. No matter what's going on during Impact, we all always stop and watch when these guys are in the ring, because they're just that great. Either would be wonderful going forward as X Division Champion, but I would like to see Tigre Uno win it to continue this feud they have going. Normally I'd go with Sanada, because it's time someone really good has a longer run with the strap to return some prestige to the X Division Title, but these two guys can return the prestige by continuing to work great matches between themselves, and others.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Tigre Uno 


If you haven't seen Seiya Sanada wrestle yet, you are doing yourself a great disservice and I implore to go watch some of his WRESTLE-1 or All Japan Pro Wrestling stuff and get caught up on why The Great Muta thinks this young man can be the future of this business. Don't worry... I'll wait here for you to get done... Now that you have seen what he can do, as well as Extreme Tigre (Tigre Uno), you have to be pumped for this match. It is easily the best the X Division has to offer, and makes me incredibly optimistic of the Division going forward. X is what set TNA apart from everyone else, and I hope that Sanada can bring a legitimacy back to the division by not only continuing to defend the Title overseas, but by putting on 4 and 5 star matches every other week. I just hope he pulls out all of the stops and uses his submission move known as THIS IS IT to pick up the win.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Sanada 


The best move TNA has made in the past six months has been reigniting their X Division. I feel like this renewed vestment in it is going to benefit TNA in the long run. It was one of the things that set TNA above WWE by utilizing the best cruiserweights in the industry. It faded, but now it’s back! Sanada from Japan and Tigre Uno from Mexico are two of the biggest cruiserweight stars in the world. Putting them against one another is just money.

These two have faced off and teamed together this year. Every time they are in the ring, I can’t turn my head away. I’d even find a way to keep my eyes open if I sneezed to watch these guys. I expect this match to have some really high and impactful spots. The crowd will be razzle dazzled by this match, for sure. It’s one of those where the winner and loser will both be cheered. In turn, it makes the champion less relevant because at least we have some amazing matches.

Matt’s Predicted Winner: Sanada 

CJ's Predicted Winners: Sanada 

David Jr's Predicted Winners: Sanada 

Committed Match (The loser will be admitted to an asylum): 

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw 


When this match was announced on TNA's website I wondered what a Committed Match was. In fact, I am still wondering because I don't think TNA even explained to us what the match is about. Whatever the case may be, I am a huge fan of Samuel Shaw as he is my favorite character to look forward to on Impact each week. The character is so different and out there but it is hard not to be intrigued. That combined with the experience of Mr. Anderson and you have a feud that works perfectly. Ken is a great face and can really get the crowd behind him. I have no idea what this match has in store for us, but I can't see this being the end of Shaw. They really need to keep his character going.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Samuel Shaw 


Straight up, it's time Shaw is committed. I'm expecting this to be a solid match, and hopefully not too gimmicky, but with some Hemme involvement. After a solid back and forth batter, Anderson has to win and take out Shaw, even though I'm sure Shaw will find some way of escaping the loony bin in the weeks that follow.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Mr. Anderson 


And here we are... Back to Russo 101 booking. In this day and age, do they really think we, or any fan for that matter, are going to believe that either of these men are going to be committed if they lose this match. Even my 7 year old son knows better! That's not to say I haven't enjoyed the Norman Bates-like Samuel Shaw or his obsession with Christy Hemme. In fact, it is one of my favorite storylines right now, if for no other reason than the fact that Shaw is playing his character up so well. Why they didn't let us see this side of the man last year when he was trying to win his way into the BFG Series is beyond me. Anderson, though, has seemed to be stuck in yet another holding pattern after his feud with Bully Ray. The man is clearly a top level talent, so why not let him go into top level feuds? Personally, I think it could be interesting to see him take on EY or Roode somehow. Of course, considering how the stipulation is, Shaw has to lose this match. TNA could easily provide us with weeks of entertainment of Shaw in the loony bin trying to escape and weasel his way out of it.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Mr. Anderson 


As much as I’ve enjoyed the horror rip offs from this feud (look up the early 80s horror film Maniac and tell me Shaw isn’t a carbon copy of the lead), I am ready for this to be over. Samuel Shaw is a good wrestler and this gimmick is hampering him from evolving. It’s certainly not making him better on the mic. It’s forced and just, as the crowd says, creepy.

Throwing the stipulation of whomever wins this match will be sent to a mental institution just makes me smack my head in my hands. Mr. Anderson is one of the better wrestlers on the TNA roster and I want him to move forward and on to the title picture. I think Anderson and EY would put on some hella good matches. With that said, it’s almost too obvious that Shaw is going to lose. I think TNA bookers are going to throw a monkey wrench into this one. I can see Hemme turning on Anderson and kissing Shaw or something. This will cost Anderson the match and send him to the looney bin.

Matt’s Predicted Winner: Samuel Shaw 

CJ's Predicted Winners: Mr. Anderson 

David Jr's Predicted Winners: Samuel Shaw 

I Quit Match: 

James Storm vs. Gunner 


I am really enjoying this feud and how it came about. My suggestion to James Storm is to not team up with anyone anymore. At any rate, Gunner has the potential to be a huge star in TNA Wrestling. I also feel like it is James Storm's time to shine once again and be on top of the card. With this being an I Quit Match I expect this to be one brutal bout. We seen these two fight in the past and they do not hold anything back. The work ethic and what these two stars give have to be respected. They put their bodies on the line for entertainment purpose. It's crazy. Anyway, I usually notice that these type of matches usually have the face go over. I can't see Gunner saying "I quit," and while I can't see James saying it either, I see Gunner scaring James straight. I see him scaring him to say, "I quit!" It could be from a weapon or one more shot to the head or groin, but whatever the case, I see Gunner walking away victorious.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Gunner 


I'm a huge fan of both Storm and Gunner, so this should be an exciting match, continuing an exciting feud. This has really helped push Gunner up the ranks, and helped his growing future. Since Gunner first started, I've been a fan of his, and hope that Murphy would go the way of the dodo. Luckily I was right and Dixie didn't screw this up as well! All of this – Storm and Gunner tagging, then into their feud – has been leading up to Gunner getting the upper hand and continued push in TNA, so he has to win this match. I'm not sure how Storm is going to quit, but I'm expecting the involvement of someone else here. Possibly Gunner's father? Or maybe Knux will debut? Something unexpected will have to go down to continue storyline, but also so Storm doesn't completely cleanly say, "I quit!"

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Gunner 


This match is easily the best built one on the card. It has been building and boiling since Gunner won the Feast or Fired case over Storm, and every single match, or even encounter for a promo has built this to become such a personal feud. And I absolutely love how Storm has subtly changed his appearance to reflect his alignment. His hair being somewhat disheveled, the change to his facial hair, and just the way he carrying himself to the ring... Storm is a fantastic example of the older school mentalities that are sorely lacking in today's workers. And Gunner continues to improve and impress me with each passing week. All he needed was a slight push to show he was ready for the big time, and now that small push is showing that he had more than what most people thought he would. I'm calling it right now that the last half of this year will be Gunner's time, and he will take the first real steps on that path here.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Gunner 


I’m absolutely loving this feud. Ever since Storm became the heel, it just made it all the more interesting. Gunner’s character is trying too hard to have this John Cena feeling of family and military. When Storm attacked Gunner’s father, it was just so awesome. Stuff like that makes for great TV and adds a level of personal hate to the feud. Translation: great, hard-hitting wrestling match. Not much to say about this match other than it’s going to be some old fashioned ass whooping. This being an “I Quit” match is going to make it all the more violent. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some color, too.

Matt’s Predicted Winner: Gunner 

CJ's Predicted Winners: James Storm 

David Jr's Predicted Winners: Gunner 

Tables Match: 

Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode 


I am really looking forward tot his match as Roode and Ray are both great. These two have some great chemistry together and we are only a month into their feud. I love the work by both men and really like how they build Roode up as the master of the tables. Obviously that is Ray so he has to defend his right. It all stems back to Lockdown and how Bully Ray turned on Roode and Dixie Carter. The mere fact that Dixie would trust Ray is laughable, but it set up a great feud. Either one could walk out as victorious in this match, but I see Roode getting the little torch from Ray in this Tables Match. I don't know if their feud will continue after this match or not, but I do see Roode coming out on top.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Bobby Roode 


This should be an exciting and fun match. These two are at the top of the company, even though not in the main event, and really prove each week how great they are. They're both well rounded wrestlers and entertainers who give it their all each time they step in front of the camera. This match is going to be back and forth, and I have top admit that I'm hoping for some color to add to it all. I think, after a number of times that it looks like Roode's got Bully beat, that Bully is going to do one of those things he does best, and put Roode through a table to continue his amazing career, and further piss off both Roode and Dixie.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Bully Ray 


It's Bully Ray and a Tables Match, need I say more? *Gets a scowling look from Kendra.* Ok, ok... Honestly, I've liked how they built up this match. From the moment Bully screwed Dixie and Roode to Roode shaking up Bully with the numerous times Bully has been driven through a table in the past few weeks. The later has really made some doubts on whether or not Bully could even win in his signature match, which rarely happens. However, I know that this match will easily be a match of the night, as Bully and Roode both have shown that they clearly are on the train going up in their careers. I just hope that at some point either before or after the match, Dixie takes one for the team and goes through the wood Mae Young style. I think both in the fans eyes as well as the boys in the back, that could net her some serious respect.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Bully Ray 


Ever since Bully Ray cost Roode a part of the company at Lockdown, I knew this match was inevitable. They have both been getting the better of one another, taking turns putting each other through tables on various episodes of Impact. What these guys don’t know is that they’re putting on top of the card matches that are thrown in the mid-card.

The high quality that these guys can perform at is going to make this match a stand-out of the night. It’s really hard to predict a winner because both men have steam coming into this match.

Matt’s Predicted Winner: Bobby Roode 

CJ's Predicted Winners: Bully Ray 

David Jr's Predicted Winners: Bobby Roode 

Kurt Angle & Willow vs. EC3 & Rockstar Spud 


It is the veteran group vs. the hot youth. I liked how they combined the feuds together as Ethan was going after Angle until he had to go into surgery. However, Spud and Ethan's story with Jeff Hardy developed earlier as it started around December when Spud pushed Jeff off the ladder in the Dixieland match. Jeff came back with his alter ego and now seeks revenge. Angle also seeks revenge. It's a great set-up and Ethan and Spud are getting great pushes against two of the best stars in wrestling history. These two are veterans and working with them has to be a treat. They can learn a lot. I don't see Angle and Willow losing though as Kurt has returned from injury and he has to be booked strong while Willow needs to continue his reign of success otherwise what was the point of coming back?

Alex's Predicted Winners: Kurt Angle and Willow 


This whole Willow thing has been a monster flop. If they had pushed him to be someone other than Jeff Hardy, it might have worked, but they're basically pushing him as a drunk and deranged Hardy, and it's just horrid. Add him in with Angle who has me worried that his body parts are going to go flying in all directions every time he takes a bump, and that team is a mess! Then there's EC3 who has finally seemed to find the personality he lost when he signed with TNA, and Spud who is adorable, but way out of his league in this match, and that's after what I said about Hardy and Angle! I'm not saying Spud can't work the ring, just saying that the character he's running with right now is such a wormy mess. I think it's time he finds the stones that Dixie took from him when he came to this side of the pond and signed with TNA. Wow, both members of the heel team lost a lot signing with TNA, never mind what Angle and Hardy lost! Anyway, I don't see the heels walking out of this with a clean win. It's time for the good guys to prevail, no matter what Dixie tries to pull at the end of the match.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle and Willow 


I am glad to see Angle healthy again. He is one of those guys when he is missing from TNA, you notice it. But I have to say, while I have loved Hardy's promos as Willow, the gimmick has not worked out the way I had hoped. No changes to his move set, no variance to his ring gear other than the mask, and the aforementioned promos are few and far between. And the fact that the announcers acknowledge that it is just Hardy in a mask irritates the heck out of me. But the man that has surprised the heck out of me in all of this is Rockstar Spud. That little British nugget of joy and fun has made Impact a treat, especially during the Dixieland phases we went through. Sadly, the odd man out here is EC3. He has a ton of charisma and is a ton of fun when he is felt to be himself, but sadly it seems like TNA has wanted him to squash all of that in favor of being "A Carter". I just hope as Dixie fades to the background again, EC3 doesn't get lost in the shuffle. As for the match itself, I can see Hardy carting off Spud early on in the match so that Angle and EC3 get the singles match we were all promised last month. With it being 1-on-1, Angle will easily overtake EC3.

Jesse's Predicted Winners: Angle and Willow 


The fact that Angle and Willow can make extremely short work of EC3 and Spud makes me wonder if this match is going to be what it seems. EC3 put Angle out of action so there is an actual feud there. Willow has just been scaring the little man, Spud. I don’t see that being anything too special as I’m still confused as to why TNA chose to activate Hardy as Willow.

Angle is out for retribution on EC3. If anything at all, those two are going to put on a good match while Hardy and Spud gimmick this match to death. I still smell something funny with this one so I am going to predict the underdogs just because everyone assumes Hardy/Angle are going to win so TNA is going to throw us off.

Matt’s Predicted Winners: Rockstar Spud & Ethan Carter III 

CJ's Predicted Winners: Angle and Willow 

David Jr's Predicted Winners: Angle and Willow 

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: 

Eric Young (c) vs. Magnus 


This match has has slit build compared to the other matches on the card but that's because of the huge transition from Samoa Joe to Eric Young in a matter of a week or two. Eric Young's win came out of nowhere and while I love how unpredictable it was, I would have rather seen a better story play out. With Samoa Joe out, Eric Young is in and is ready to take the company to the next level. We haven't seen Eric Young in TNA full time for quite sometime as he has been filming his television show and so forth. Eric is back though. I am still curious about Samoa Joe and where he will fit into TNA's stories. We have to wonder if he will be back at Sacrifice to cost Eric Young the title, or even Magnus, but we also have to worry about Abyss. I sense some sort of interference in this match, but at the end, Eric Young will walk out as champion.

Alex's Predicted Winner: Eric Young 


This is the match that means the most to me. Magnus more than deserved to be TNA Champ, but it was how it came about, and how his reign was booked that killed all the goodness that his first reign should have been. Magnus is a great wrestler, and great performer, but the booking of his win and reign was horrendous. He really isn't the one to blame in the mess it was, the blame should fall squarely on Dixie. Further, I have to say the same for EY winning the TNA Championship. EY has deserved this for more than half the time TNA has been in business, yet the only real reason he's Champion now is because of Daniel Bryan. Don't get me wrong, I love Bryan, but EY deserved to be Champ, and really proved that he could be Champ so many years ago, yet he kept being shat on by TNA as a whole. I love EY, and I've loved EY since I first saw him in TNA. He has a goofy charm, and a pure honesty to him that shines through all he does. I'm not much of a fisher, but I love watching his fishing show because he's so endearing in all he does. There's a lot resting on this match for TNA as a whole, and their Championship specifically. EY and Magnus need to have a solidly booked and executed match without any messy interference, or other screwy happenings. This match has to be clean, and EY has to go over Magnus cleanly for TNA to continue to hold any respect in my eyes. They've screwed up too much over the past couple years, and doing this match right could be a big step in returning to something viable. Do I think this will happen? I think there's a 30/70 chance of it being done right, and that I have so little respect for TNA at this point it really upsetting, but it is what it is at this point.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Eric Young 


Three weeks ago, I am not ashamed to say I cried when EY won the Heavyweight Title to become the first Pentacle Champion (Having won 5 major titles in TNA) and to finally have the gold to show just how he is the heart and soul of TNA. Let's face it, if you had been treated like EY had at your job, would you have stayed? Would you have taken 2 pay cuts over the years, placed in a position where you would win a Women's champion, made to look MR, played a superhero, act like you were afraid of your own entrance, and many more degrading and derogatory things? Heck no, you wouldn’t! But EY did, and his loyalty was well rewarded. Granted, he won it from a champion that looked so weak that Moppy could have beat him, but at least Eric won the belt, and in a great match to boot. But something about all of this has felt off... And that is that Samoa Joe suddenly dropped off the map just days before EY won the Title. Call it the conspiracy theorist in me, but I can't help but think that Magnus has another trick up his sleeve, and that is the purchase of a Submission Machine. With that said, I think we are going to see EY pick up a DQ win here, simply because Magnus needs to chase it a bit more. His current heel role, while it is generating the wrong kind of heat thanks to TNA's booking machine, is the perfect foil to EY's good guy attitude.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Eric Young 


When EY won the TNA WHC a few weeks ago on Impact, it changed the entire flow of the company. Obviously, TNA had to deal with them clearly copycatting WWE. Underdog indie darling with a beard turns World Champion in double duty in one night being emotional….yeah come on. Fortunately for TNA, EY can still wrestle with the best of them. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the fact that TNA did so obviously rip off WWE here because it cheapens this feud. We have a man who has come from so far to win the title. We need to let him have his moment in the spotlight.

Magnus was always the paper champ. I never saw him being a long time champion. I think this match is going to blow off their feud and open the doors for another contender. Samoa Joe is absent from this PPV, but I see him maybe coming out to cost Magnus the match…or EY. A feud between Joe and EY would be something worth tuning in for every week. Magnus is still capable of putting on a great show. I thought he did a great job at Lockdown and will do so for this PPV. I do not, however, see EY losing his title now or any time soon. TNA finally has support from both their own fans and the IWC for giving EY his belt. They’re going to keep riding this wave of support.

Matt’s Predicted Winner: Eric Young 

CJ's Predicted Winners: Eric Young 

David Jr's Predicted Winners: Eric Young 


While the build for this PPV has been lackluster and the matches were only announced online, the match card is solid and should feature some pretty great wrestling. I'm hoping that these matches don't turn out to be interference after interference or dirty win after dirty win. I'll be covering Sacrifice for you right here on and while I am writing live coverage, I will still be analyzing the show. I don't want TNA to pull a sloppy PPV together as they really only have at least 5 a year. This PPV seems out of place but hopefully TNA can pull it off and make it worth wild!


I've been going with a lot of faces going over in this PPV, but that's one thing that PPVs have historically been good for – the good guy finally triumphing over evil. That's what drew the fans to buy the show, and they got the payout at least 75% of the time. But this is TNA, and they've never been good with the payout to the fans. They've eschewed the proper way of doing things (most things), and have left the fans hanging more often than not. At least those two big companies that went under to the WWE would give the fans so much to look forward to at most of their PPVs, something TNA has really dropped the ball with more often than not. It's sad to say that I'm beyond disillusioned with TNA, and each week almost dread turning on the TV every Thursday night, yet I'm a diehard wrestling fan, and I keep coming back for more abuse, and will be doing the same this Sunday for Sacrifice. Don't forget that we're doing an Open Thread discussion for TNA's Sacrifice, so come join us for much discussion and fun, no matter what happens on Sacrifice!


Thanks to everyone for joining us and for reading! Feel free to leave your Predicts in the comments below, and don't forget to join us for our Watch Party here on WNW as we give you live results and analysis!

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