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TNA Predicts - Slammiversary

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This Sunday, June 10th, TNA will present Slammiversary from Arlington, Texas. Yes, I said June 10th, not September 10th as Dixie stated recently on Impact. I'm positive that having Slammiversary outside the Zone will make it at least 1000 times better. Since this is TNA's 10th anniversary, I'm betting that they will go all out and give us an amazing show.


We're coming up on the tenth anniversary of one of TNA's biggest PPV events, Slammiversary. I would have expected that the show on the 7th would have been a much stronger lead in, with more of a cliffhanger feel. There's a long card, but it looks partially thrown together. I would expect an unannounced match or two, but other than Bully Ray v. Joseph "Abyss" Park, I'm not feeling the need to see who succeeds. But in any case, we need to see if I can guess the outcome more often than not.

Ken Predicts - Hernandez vs Kid Kash

Wait! What? Huh? Where did this come from? If anything should be a dark match, it's this one. If they give this match a solid chunk of time, doesn't have to be long, but at least five minutes (for TNA, that's crazy long), this could be a fun little match. While I love both of these guys and they've both been stuck backstage lately, I don't think TNA needed to put this match in the show. This could be a great match, but since there's no background and and no setup for it, I don't even understand why it's on this PPV! I can either go with KK because I adore him and he deserves a solid push, or I can go with Hernandez who I really like and deserves a solid push now that TNA got rid of his dead weight (Anarquia). Screw it, I feel like KK has shown a harder edge when we last saw him, so I'll go with him on this one – even though this whole thing is daft.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kid Kash

Hernandez vs. Kid Kash

Well, with this match we now know that Kid Kash and Hernandez still work for TNA. I expect they've been seen at house shows, but not on TV, so I haven't thought about either in months. I'm going out on a limb here to propose that they are going to push Kid Kash into a contender for the X Division Championship. To that end, I expect a hard hitting but not overly long match with Kash the victor.

Stacy Predicts: Kid Kash

Ken Predicts - Crimson vs TBA

I hope they get this out of the way early. Obviously they're really starting to push Crimson's 'streak' again after his rather nasty Goldberg comment on the last Impact, so I see them going full boar with this for a while. Because of that, I don't see Crimson losing this match, though I will say that whoever Crimson faces should be someone who will be starting a feud with Crimson and hopefully end his streak before too much longer.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Crimson

Crimson vs. ???

Do we need to even say anything here? There's no way the streak is ending for Crimson unless Undertaker has signed with TNA.

Stacy Predicts: Crimson

Ken Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match – Christopher Daniels & Kaz (C) vs AJ Styles & Kurt Angle

This match could be exciting even before anyone steps in the ring. I have to admit that I'm loving the AJ and Dixie storyline. I'll write more about it when I get my Blog Zone out tomorrow, but for now I'll say that their tension should add so much to this match, even if not one word about it is spoken – though you know they will. After all that's gone down with these four recently, if they actually get to a decent match – as there's a possibility that everything could fall apart before the match even starts – it will great! While Kaz sometimes gets lost between these strong forces, the four of these men in the ring is (almost) always amazing. All that being said, I don't see Daniels and Kaz dropping the straps here. AJ needs to continue to be brought down and not winning the strap (and maybe having Angle turning on him) is just another step in this.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Daniels & Kaz

TNA Tag Team Championship Match - Christopher Daniels & Kaz vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle

I expect that the big secrets Kaz and Daniels are holding will be revealed. I'm almost interested, but somehow I'm not that invested with what they're doing. I've liked Daniels quite a bit for a long time, I wouldn't mind in the least if he drifted more into his Fallen Angel character, I think he needs the edge a darker character will deliver. However, I don't expect secrets revealed to prevent Styles and Olympic Gold Medalist Angle from winning this one. Not only must good prevail over the evil of bribery, but the Olympics are coming soon, and I would think they'd try to use Angle's credentials to gain whatever value they can from Olympic goodwill, much as everyone else does.

Stacy Predicts: AJ Styles & Kurt Angle

Ken Predicts - Knockouts Title Match – Gail Kim (C) vs Brooke Tessmacher

If they don't strap Tessmacher after all this, I'm going to be annoyed. But, if they strap Tessmacher when there's so many others who have really worked hard and keeps getting pushed aside (Velvet, Love, Winter, Tara). Yes, Tessmacher has really worked hard lately and her ring work has stepped up in a big way, I'm just not feeling her the way I do so many of the other women (keep your minds out of the gutter). While I don't think it's time for Tessmacher to be strapped, I'm going to go in that direction. I just have a feeling and they need to shake up Kim a bit as she's been rather boring lately.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Tessmacher

Knockout's Title Match - Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Oh, this is probably pointless. I've seen Gail Kim wrestle well, she's good, she's entertaining. But this hasn't really happened lately with the Knockouts. Did it ever happen? I'm told it did, but I am beginning to think that was someone's fever dream. Gail's really held the strap long enough, I'm not feeling the heelness from her, or much excitement. Perhaps the former Miss. Tessmacher will be a good enough champion to get someone to do something more than screeching.

Stacy Predicts: Brooke Tessmacher

Ken Predicts - Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe

How did this feud all come about and why isn't this for the X Division Title? This is TNA's 10th anniversary, and Slammiversary, but the building block Title of TNA isn't being defended? That's total bull in my opinion. It's not like Joe isn't X Division material, he's held the strap before! Either way – though I think they're taking so much away from these two awe inspiring wrestlers by not making it for the gold – this match will be jaw dropping. There's no question that Aries and Joe will go out there to kill each other and about kill themselves in the process. My biggest hope is that these two are given solid time and free range to let loose. In the end I think TNA would totally destroy their X Division if they let Joe go over here if it's not for the strap. So I'm going to give an odd prediction. If this is made into an X Division Title Match, then Joe will win and he will have a sick feud with Aries trying to get the Title back. If this isn't turned into a Title Match, then Aries will win and Joe will be so infuriated that he will keep going after Aries until he's satisfied.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Joe or Aries

Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

This feud is just getting under way, and both of these competitors can give us a good match. Will they get the time, or is this a filler before the Knockouts come out? (Yeah, I know, that makes no sense at all, but does TNA's creative staff know this too?)Given that Joe caused Aries to loose at the last Impact!, Aries has all the motivation needed to win. Aries really must win, or feuding with Samoa Joe is going to make the current X-Division Champion look too weak, someone not able to hold his ground with Joe around.

Stacy Predicts: Austin Aries

Ken Predicts - Devon & Garett Bischoff vs Robbie E & Robbie T

I really wish Robbie E showed his true potential and talents in the ring. I really held nothing for him in the ring until I saw him live. He was great in the ring when he wasn't playing his over-the-top character, but when we see him on Impact and TNA PPVs his ring work is so yucky. Yes, he's a character, but little more. Looking at this match, Devon, even saddled with Garett, should be able to overcome the Robbies, but there's one factor I'm not sure of... Madison. She's been on stage mooning over one of these four guys and I have a feeling something's going to go down in this match. The best thing about all this is that we don't have any clue who is might be that Madison is crushing on. I really hope it's not one of the Robbies. I think the most interesting would be Devon, but I'm really stuck on AJ stalking Punk and Kane, so I want to see things get down and dirty – though there's already one down and dirty storyline in TNA now. This match could be taken down by a Knockout, but how? I'm going with Devon, that man has really rocked it out this year with the weight loss and how strong he's looked in the ring. I also hope that Devon has really taken Garett under his wing as that boy needs some serious guidance from someone other than Eric.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Devon & that Bischoff kid

Devon & Garrett Bischoff vs. Robbie E & Robbie T

Conventional wisdom would say that since Devon did rather well two weeks ago, the Robbies would beat our heroes. I think, though, it will be better if they don't. If Robbie E & T are going to be heels, they seem to work better to me when they have a lot to complain about. That basically means they have to lose here. So I expect a good bit of cheating, but Garrett and Devon will pull it off at the finish.

Stacy Predicts:

Ken Predicts - Bully Ray vs Joseph Park

I'm so excited about this match. I've finally caught the Bully bug and have been able to get past my issues with him – too old, time to hang it up, too chunky, just not as interesting, can he be on his own? - and have really grown to enjoy him again. Then there's Chris Park (formerly Parks), who has taken on a whole new character and is running with it in a way I really didn't think possible. I've always known him as, you know, Abyss (hand held a couple inches shorter than my actual height), under a mask, and while his character has had many facets and creative turns, he's always been Abyss. I can't wait to see how Joseph works the ring against Bully. He's going to have to be work in a totally different way, and I'm excited to see it. I also can't wait to see how they handle Abyss in this match, if at all. I have the gut feeling that Joseph is going to accidentally be able to beat Bully. No clue how it will go down, but if Bully wins, there's nowhere to go from here. Joseph wins and there's so many ways they can take it. I hope they don't take the easy way out here.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Joseph Park

Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park

Though I'm not that fond of Bully Ray, this feud has been working for me. I really like Abyss, and I've enjoyed the similar but different characters he's developed. Around our house, I think the gesture Joseph Park makes while asking if people have seen his brother is going to be a running gag in our household. Clearly things are going to get serious now. I expect that Joseph Park will be replaced at some point before this match really begins (and this is a big part of what I'm looking forward to). It's time for Abby to get his revenge on the violence Bully did to him some time ago.

Stacy Predicts: Abyss

Ken Predicts - Three Way Match for #1 contendership – Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson vs RVD

This is going to sound cranky, but I don't care. Storm needs to come back and take Roode down! It's not for any of these three to do. No matter which of them win – unless Storm shows, in which case he will win this – they won't beat going on to defeat Roode. So I'm not going with a clean win. I really see this going nowhere, unless Storm needs more time off. So I'm going with some sort of screwy ending here, which could include Storm returning, being put in this match and winning it.

Ken's Predicted Winner – screwy

Three Way Match for #1 Contendership - Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson vs. RVD

Who will be Numbah One? Ok, I like Mr. Anderson and it's time for him to get a good push. However, creative or management clearly want to maintain and revitalize Jeff Hardy. He's an investment, they need to get their money's worth. RVD is good, no doubt deserves a chance win another title. Just from my preferences I'd like to see Anderson win, but I'm really thinking that they're going to want to promote Hardy. He's popular, but needs continued pushing. It might be sleep deprivation talking, but I'm going with Jeff as the winner and eventually #1 contender.

Stacy Predicts: Jeff Hardy

Ken Predicts - TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Bobby Roode (C) vs Sting

Roode just continues to cause problems for Hogan, Sting and TNA by being the bad boy Champ. He's doing a great job with it and I don't think he should drop the strap until it's too Storm. The problem I have with this is that Sting can't continue to going on losing to Roode. Because of this I just can't see Roode going over cleanly. Something will go down and Sting will get screwed out of the win and the Title.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Bobby Roode – dirty/DQ

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match - Bobby Roode vs Sting

Conventional wisdom again says that Sting won't win after defeating Roode recently. In what should be a good and longish match, does it make sense for Sting to win again? There won't be any lumberjacks, and Roode wants to keep the title and extend the record for holding it. We were shown that Sting can beat Roode if he doesn't run away, so I expect once Sting has the upper hand for a few minutes, Roode will take the route of least resistance and exit stage left.

Stacy Predicts: Sting by DQ, Roode retains

Gesus' Predicts

Hernandez vs Kash > Kid Kash
Crimson vs TBA > Crimson
Tag Team Championship Match > Daniels & Kaz
Knockouts Title Match > Gail Kim
Aries vs Joe > Austin Aries
Devon & Garett vs Robbie E & Robbie T > E&T
Bully vs Joseph > Joseph Park
#1 Contender Match > RVD
TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match > Bobby Roode

I'm expecting this to be a very interesting and hopefully entertaining Slammiversary. It's really time for TNA to put up or shut up. They've been running for ten years and a big part of that time they've barely been on the radar of most wrestling fans. They really need to go big for this Slammiversary and leave the fans something talk about; leave us needing to tune in to see what wonderful things they will give us next.

KB, Stacy & Gesus

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