TNA Predicts – Slammiversary 2013

Slammiversary 2013

Welcome to WNW’s Slammiversary 2013 Predictions! Slammiversary will be emanating this year from the Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts. I am Jesse Sherwood, and in addition to myself we have Kendra Bunyon, Alex Barie, Anthony Moorman, and Eltimer Alexandrov providing full predictions and Sean Prem providing quick picks. Before we get started, however, let’s take a look at this PPVs buildup!


Honestly, I think TNA did a better job this time around compared to when they did Lockdown. But I may be in the minority here in thinking that TNA has dropped the ball in building these matches. Most of them, unless they involve A’s and 8’s, have had spotty builds at best, and that is thanks to the way they tape their programming. You can’t expect someone like Kenny King and Chris Sabin to be able to cut a promo for one show then work the next and it feel as organic as any of the other feuds, thanks to the new rules they have implemented in the X Division. And then there is the Gut Check tournament! One of the biggest wastes of TV time I’ve seen, because TNA can’t honestly expect us to think either of these two men to be able to hang with the likes of Angle, Joe, Storm, or Aries in the BFG Series. But what irks me the most is that out of all of the matches on the card, other than the main event, the best built match is the Last Knockout Standing match, as they have built that since the last PPV. TNA needs to find a better balance.


The build to Slammiversary has been long and tiring, but it has also been exciting and predictable. From Lockdown to Slammiversary seemed almost forever. I love having TNA PPVs every month last year because most of their PPVs were quite good, wrestling wise, and I always looked forward to them. Now I only get 4 a year and it is hard to wait. I have been waiting though. This build for Slammiversary has been better than the build for Lockdown. Lockdown seemed rushed and unorganized. This time is quite different. TNA had a lot of time. They have some great stories going on right now. This is what TNA is all about right now. They focus on stories. They have long stories that really have a meaning. Sometimes you have to look between the lines, and sometimes you have to look outside of the box. It's unique. I like it. This PPV might be predictable and I'll explain that as I give my predictions.


You would think, with so much time between PPVs, TNA would go all out with their builds for each PPV. I know this is a new procedure for TNA, and they did a lot with certain storylines, but it seemed as though the actual matches were not created until right before Slammiversary. I understand that some matches would be created right at the end, but it’s most of them that were just put together. I guess I’m still expecting way too much from TNA, but after all this time, with the talent pool they have, and with Hogan and Bisch being BMOC, I think we should be expecting and getting more. A lot more.


This Sunday is TNA's third ppv of the year, and it's eleventh annual anniversary show Slammiversary! With only one more ppv left this year for them one would belive that TNA is going to put out a loaded show with big surprises.

This show has definitely had a stronger build than any other show in recent history. However we all know that's not a big feat. None the less, despite starting the real build for the show later than this viewer would have liked, I think the company has done pretty well establishing it's stories, and giving us something to look forward to in each match advertised on the card. This is the start of the "Road to Bound For Glory" and I think we are in for an above average show!


I am actually pretty excited for this year’s Slammiversary! A lot of good things are happening in TNA right now, such as the reinvigorated focus on the X Division and the Knockout division. In addition, Styles vs. Angle to me is enough to justify the price of a Pay-Per-View buy, as these two are always a treat to watch in the ring together. TNA’s new, lighter PPV schedule has provided Slammiversary with a decent build-up, but the most impressive thing is, the card does not rely exclusively on the established names to sell the show. The lineup features the likes of Gunner and Suicide, who have recently made their return to TNA programming, as well as a match between Gut Check winners Jay Bradley and Sam Shaw. Fresh faces are being given the chance to shine at the big stage of Slammiversary, which deserves our admiration.

Sam Shaw vs. Jay Bradley:


Honestly, other than their Gut Check appearances and one appearance for this tournament, we haven't seen enough of these two men to really form a good opinion on their work. So I have to base my opinion on this match with what I know from TNA’s own media machine. Of the two combatants, Jay Bradley is the only one scheduled for the meet and greet. If he isn't going to win, then why have him start promoting himself?

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Jay Bradley


I am quite excited for this match, but I am having a problem as to where TNA might book this match. I would almost say to put it at the beginning, but you don't want this match to open the show. If you put it in the middle, it might drag the show down and it could affect the latter part of the PPV. I sure hope these two have their game on. This is a big night for them. They can really impress everyone. I really don't care who wins this... I just want to see how these two do. Strangely, on the's Fantasy Wrestling game, someone released Sam and no one picked up Jay. These two are fighting at the show and Slammiversary is the show where series 1 for Fantasy Wrestling starts. One of them will move on, but I think no one really knows. By looking at the way TNA booked these two, I think I see what they are doing. When Jay fought, he won his match and then had an interview afterwards. Sam really never had a match and then Aces were going to attack him. TNA already invested some time in Jay, so why stop now?

Alex’s Predicted Winner: Jay Bradley


I don't think TNA has done enough to really push this tourney, even though the BFG Tournament was so wonderfully executed last year. Yes, I said a TNA tourney was great, but I said that last year while it was happening. It's one of the very few pro wrestling tourneys that has worked well. You already know I'm a bit daft in my predicts, so my reasoning why I go with Sam Shaw here shouldn't surprise you in the least. First off, I can barely remember who Jay Bradley is, because of how little these Gut Check winners have been shown on Impact, but more that that, I've really enjoyed what I've seen of Sam Shaw – both on Impact and online. Did you know that Shaw is quite an artist? You should check out his work. It's sad that I know more about Shaw with a pen in his hand than his ring work. Shows how little TNA has pushed these guys. I think it's time TNA shows off the guys in this tourney rather than throwing them at us with little info.

Kendra’s Predicted Winner: Sam Shaw


These two I think should put on a great match, they have different, yet complimenting styles. I really wish Shaw got more TV time and had some type of characters development. He is extremely talented and given the nurturing I could see him becoming what Dolph Ziggler currently is. However it's easy to see TNA is looking to build a star here in the BFG series and Bradley is the one with the current moniker to do so with. Bradley takes the win.

Anthony’s Predicted Winner: Jay Bradley


I have not seen enough of Jay Bradley to form an opinion of his work, despite his WWE run as Ryan Braddock. Sam Shaw, on the other hand, has impressed me with his high-octane wrestling and it does not hurt that he has been over with the fans ever since his Gut Check performance. He has definitely left a bigger impression on the audience than Bradley and it makes more sense for him to score a place in the Bound For Glory Series. Are there big plans in store for Sam Shaw? Judging by his confrontation with The Aces & Eights from one week ago, there may be.

Elto’s Predicted Winner: Sam Shaw

Last Knockout Standing:

Gail Kim vs. Taryn


It is about time we got a storyline with the Knockouts! And while I am not a big fan of Kim on the mic, she is one of the few women left in the business that can still flat out go with the best of them. Sadly, WWE has made women's wrestling a dying art form, but that is a subject for another time. Taryn has really impressed me with her growth over the last three years. If she will slow her match pace down, I'm sure she will be a great contender one day. However, this isn’t her time.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner: Gail Kim


I honestly didn't have any interest in this match a week ago. I was actually wondering why this match was made. Now that it is a Last Knockout Standing match and I am looking forward to it. Gail is probably the best female wrestler in the world. Taryn actually got to a level that she never got to in WWE. Taryn can fight. The match can go either way as Taryn could get her revenge, but Gail is on a role right now. She is on this destructive force and wants the title. After she was part of the Knockout segment on Impact on Thursday, I picked my winner. Gail wants the title again and I think TNA will plug her in there as well as Sky for a possible Triple Threat.

Alex’s Predicted Winner: Gail Kim


It's pretty well know how great Gail Kim is in the ring, but TNA has done so little with her lately, so it's hard to remember that this is the same woman who brought the Knockouts Division to a fever pitch with her ring work against Kong. Because of how great she is, Taryn has been looking that much better in the ring. I'm not saying Taryn hasn't been working really hard and improving, because she has. It's obvious that Taryn has been working her butt off to prove herself, and I'm impressed with her work, but it doesn't hurt that she's in the ring with the best. I've actually enjoyed the feud between these two, and I'm looking forward to this match. These two are really going to hit it hard, and I hope this is booked to let these women really show off their work. If they're booked like Kim was back in the day, this could be a really memorable match. Honestly, this could go either way and be great for both of them if give the freedom to really let their talent shine, but because of the push she's been getting, I'm going with Taryn for this one.

Kendra’s Predicted Winner – Taryn Terrell


Any women's match with Gail Kim is a good women's match. It's really great to see her being utilized in a meaningful way again. Taryn is doing a great job in her roll, she's not the best in ring performer but she's working hard and improving, however to maintain Gail story she has to win here.

Anthony’s Predicted Winner: Gail Kim


Taryn Terrell has been very over as a babyface and I think she has a very bright future in the Knockout division. Nevertheless, Slammiversary feels like too early for her to win a championship title. I felt like the last Impact Wrestling episode was teasing a future 3-Way rivalry between Gail Kim, Velvet Sky and current titleholder Mickie James, and it is definitely something I would enjoy watching. Taryn’s time will come, but for now it is best if she is left out of the title picture, as Mickie and the rest work on restoring the championship’s prestige.

Elto’s Predicted Winner: Gail Kim

Ultimate X Match:

Kenny King (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Suicide


This has to be one of the most emotional storylines TNA has produced in a while, and it is strictly because everyone can relate to having something they love taken from them because they got hurt or some other extenuating circumstance beyond their control. And Kenny King has played a perfect foil to Sabin’s return. However, King has more than ran his course with the X Division Title. The real advantage here is the stipulation. This match will mark the 30th time Ultimate X has been contested, and Chris Sabin will have been in 15 of them. Obviously, he has a clear advantage.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner And NEW Champion: Chris Sabin


This match could be one of the show stealers. One of actual many. This match isn't just a X-Division match. It is not only an Ultimate X Match. This match has a story. A story has been made between Kenny King and Chris Sabin. I am happy Chris is back. Kenny has been a great champion though. I really like how TNA rose him up. King is this cocky young gun who really keeps on rolling. He won every challenge in his way. Suicide is thrown into the mix and that brings for an even more explosive match. Suicide has been getting rave reviews from the IWC and casual fans. My one casual wrestling friend thinks Suicide is great. He said he has seen moves that he hasn't seen before. Suicide is preforming these moves. He also has the mystery and the fanbase behind him. TNA did a right thing into bringing that character back. This match, however, won't go to him, I don't think. Chris has had a rocky 2 years. TNA wants to reward him for coming back. Let's face it, Chris almost left TNA. TNA wants to make him happy. I can see them putting the title on him now. This will be Sabin's night. I sure hope everything goes fine in this match. No injuries makes for a great night.

Alex’s Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Chris Sabin


This is one of the few matches that I'm bummed to be missing at Slammiversary (taking my daughter to a WWE house show instead of going to Boston for the PPV) as I know it's going to be spectacular. TJ Perkins has brought a whole new dimension to Suicide, though I wish we were seeing him and not this terrible character. If not for the way they have been pushing Suicide, I'd say Sabin is a guaranteed win here. Kenny King has not been at all impressive as the X Division Champ, and it's more than time there's a new Champ, but who? TJ, Sabin and Petey (even though he's not in this one) are marvelous wrestlers who would be intense Champs, but that doesn't answer the big question of who it will be. I'm going to state again how I detest the way the X Division is being run right now as there's no room for feuds with the way the matches are going down. I think creative is being lazy with the X Division, though I have to say how thrilled I am to see that they are getting some serious ring time. Will it be Suicide or Sabin? As outstanding as Suicide has been in the ring, I have to give this one to Sabin. After the injuries he's had, he seems to be better than ever and showing some real drive and intensity. All that being said, I wouldn't be surprised if Suicide won either.

Kendra’s Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Chris Sabin


This has match of the night written all over it! They are building a story within the division finally, granted it's a story between 2 guys in a division that only allows for matches with 3 guys, but at least it's a step in the right direction. There is no way to maintain the impact of Chris Sabins return without him winning the gold here. TNA has been trigger shy in the past with giving guys a run with the gold while they're hot (see James Storm) but I feel this will not be a repeat situation. Chris Sabin wins the gold.

Anthony’s Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Chris Sabin


Let me start off by saying that TJ Perkins, who is currently working as Suicide, is a fantastic high-flyer and I cannot wait to see what he brings to the table in the Ultimate X match. In terms of the title, while Kenny King is a very good in-ring performer, I do not think he has found his identity yet in terms of persona, and quite frankly, I think the title should be held by someone who is more over. Chris Sabin seems to be the X Division’s top draw at the moment, so I think it is time for his heart and dedication to be honored with a championship win.

Elto’s Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Chris Sabin

Television Title Match:

Devon (c) vs. Joseph Park


Chris Surrency, one of our fellow writers on, made an excellent point during this week’s Watch Party. He raised the point of what would happen if Bully was the only person who lost at Slammiversary? Would A’s turn on him like he has threatened to do to anyone who doesn’t get the job done on Sunday? But my thoughts are, what would happen if Bully is the only one who wins? This PPV is the perfect time to have a flashpoint to start drawing down A’s. And what better way to do it than to start their night with the Sergeant-at-Arms falling to the upstart lawyer Joseph Park. Devon hasn’t done anything with the title in months, so this is a great way to bring it somewhere they can focus a bit heavier on it. Granted, I know it won’t be a clean win for Joseph, as Abyss will have to make an “appearance” to distract Devon.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Joseph Park


Will Abyss return tonight? Abyss came and went in one week, but he hasn't been forgotten. Here is the main problem though. I don't know where TNA is going with the Aces & 8s after Slammiversary. I know Ray will keep the title, but what about Devon? What about this whole war thing? Ray isn't afraid to take people out like he took D-Lo out. Who will be next? If Devon loses this match, then he can very well be kicked out of Aces. I also see Parks bleeding in this match and turning into the monster. Will he get the win after that? Huge upset for sure, but I have a feeling it will happen. This, by far, is not going to be the match of the night, but it certainly is one of the hardest to call. I have to go with what I would do. I would put Devon over just because I don't think we will see the last of Devon vs. Parks. There's always next week on a live episode. Devon holds onto it for a little longer.

Alex’s Predicted Winner: Devon


I have a feeling that this will be the screwy match of the night. Joseph has been a wonderfully created and worked character, but with the possibility of Abyss coming back, things have been getting that much more interesting. There's always one match on the card that goes wonky, and I think this will be it because of Abyss, and even possibly D'Lo. I'm not sure if it will just be Abyss' music, or if we will have another fake Abyss the way they did way back, but I don't see this match happening without at least some involvement by Abyss. Then there's D'Lo who is going to have a hand in causing A&8's problems at Slammiversary, so why not in this match. Bully said that he would throw out anyone who lost their matches, including his brother Devon, so why not screw over Devon and make sure he loses his TV Title. Imagine how cute Joseph would be getting ‘The W’ and getting ‘Strapped!’ It could lead to a lot of problems for A&8’s, and make things that much more interesting for Joseph and Abyss.

Kendra’s Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Joseph Park


I don't care who you are, TNA has done a tremendous job creating the Joseph Parks character. This has truly shown just how versatile this guy can be, from Abyss to Joseph, the characters are night and day, and he has done a tremendous job with it. Devon on the other hand is still just Devon. Don't get me wrong Devon is great as a heel and he has a job he does very well, but that job does not need the TV title. Putting the strap on Parks is a great payoff for all the fans who have followed his character and development for so long now. So I'm going with Parks to take the gold here. (unless of course it's actually in Devons contract that he is always the TV champion)

Anthony’s Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Joseph Park


There has been a double identity story going on with Abyss and his brother Joseph Park, which may eventually lead to a massive push for The Monster. Nevertheless, it does not make sense for Park to win a title at this point. I think both characters need to undergo further psychological development before any of them can be strapped, so I predict a win for the current champion.

Elto’s Predicted Winner: Devon

Four- Way Elimination Match For the TNA Tag Team Championship:
Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c) vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode vs. James Storm & Gunner


While we haven’t seen the team of James Storm and Gunner in this mix, I will say that it is more than time to thin out the teams in this feud! We have been around the block with Dirty Heels, Bad Influence, and Chavo and Hernandez so much that I honestly just don’t care who wins this match, as long as it will get at least 2 of the teams out of the mix on a regular basis, preferably Dirty Heels and Chavo and Hernandez. I yet again will leave this to chance. I had a friend pick a number between 1-100, and whatever it divided out to would be my pick, with 1 being C&H, 2 BI, 3 DH, and 4 S&G. He picked 42, so Bad Influence!

Jesse’s Predicted Winners and NEW Champions: Bad Influence


I am so glad I am not writing this match play-by-play style because I expect everything to come out in this match. 4 teams... 8 stars... elimination style. If TNA does this right, it can seriously make for a tag team division revival. TNA has great teams, Chavo/Hernandez, Bad Influence and while Roode/Aries aren't friends... they certainly have chemistry. Now we have Storm/Gunner and they can certainly stay in the division after seeing Gunner on Impact. I know Storm is injured though, and with that being said, he won't be winning. I don't see Aries/Roode winning either. It just doesn't seem like TNA is going in that direction. I mean, we barely heard from Aries in the past two weeks other than hearing that he paid a fine. I honestly think Bad Influence will shine in this match. They have been waiting for a long time. I was expecting them to win the titles over a month ago but that never happened. This could very well be their time and I think it is. Chavo/Hernandez are boring for me. While they are stepping it up in the ring, they really don't have characters through the mic. Daniels/Kaz have it though.

Alex’s Predicted Winners and NEW Champions: Bad Influence


If this match is booked well, it could be a show stealer. Most of the guys in this match are top guys in TNA, so it's almost guaranteed to be a great match. Sadly it's seemed as though Hernandez and Chavo have not been at the top of this group recently, which is not saying much for the Champs. Obviously something could happen where they end up retaining, but I doubt that will happen. That this is an elimination match should make it that much better, and less likely that the Champs will remain champs, but who will be the winners? Either heel team would be great as champs, and have been great champs, but with the surprise return of Gunner as a face, and Storm's new partner, I see him being the last man standing and the newest team being champs.

Kendra’s Predicted Winners and NEW Champions: James Storm & Gunner


If Storm hadn't been injured I'd say he and Gunner are getting the win here, but with his injury I just can't. I would love to see Bad Influence walk out with the straps, because that could set up a great program with Joe & Magnus, to lead into BFG, but I also think that is asking too much effort to be put into the tag division, therefore I see TNA staying the current course.

Anthony’s Predicted Winner: Chavo and Hernandez


James Storm’s return to the Tag Team Division was a somewhat sudden plot twist and the resurfacing of Gunner was even more of a surprise. Considering the momentum the duo has garnered over the course of just two weeks, I feel like TNA may be going with an immediate title change. The three other teams involved in this match have been feuding back and forth with each other for the past several months, so a new tag team basically needed to be introduced to keep the division interesting. A win at Slammiversary would legitimise the duo of Storm and Gunner and it would open the door for some great feuds against the likes of Bad Influence and the team of Austin and Roode.

Elto’s Predicted Winners and NEW Champions: Gunner & James Storm

Six Man Tag Tem Match:

Wes Briscoe, Garrett Bischoff and DOC vs. Magnus, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy


While I have already explained my thoughts on what will happen in A’s and 8’s matches in a basic form during the TV Title match, each one has merits as to why it will go the way it will. In this match’s case, it is as simple as this is Jeff Hardy’s, TNA’s biggest draw, return to the company after a 2 month hiatus. If he loses his first match back, then he looks incredibly weak and we can’t have that, can we? With a second loss for A’s, this will infuriate Bully further.

Jesse’s Predicted Winners: Team TNA


Let me bring this point up... why would Jeff Hardy return if he would lose in his return match? With that being said, I see Team TNA going over. Just don't see TNA making Hardy, Magnus, and Joe look weak in this stage of the game.

Alex’s Predicted Winners: Team TNA


A&8's have been getting the upper hand a lot lately, even though the heel faction is starting to show cracks and have already lost one member. This is one match where I hope that the classic, yet cliched, booking of the faces losing until the PPV then going over in a big way. I know that this is where Hardy makes his gallant return, and I'm sure they're going to let him get the pinfall, but I hope both Joe and Magnus get some serious ring time. I'm sure this loss is going to be a bad one for A&8's, and specifically for Garett, Wes, and DOC. I'm hoping this match really pushes the A&8's storyline in the coming weeks.

Kendra’s Predicted Winners: Team TNA


I'm very happy to see Magnus and Joe back together, they make a fantastic team, and can really add a lot to the tag team division, neither one is going to get a monster push yet, and so pairing them together is a great plan. Of course Jeff Hardy is returning which his name will sell a few extra ppvs but that's really all him being added to this is going to do. Many won't believe Hardy will lose in his return match, and I can't say there's a strong argument against it, but I'm going out on a limb and saying Aces & 8s pick up the win here

Anthony’s Predicted Winners: A’s and 8’s


The tone of Bully Ray’s voice as he was threatening his fellow Aces & Eights members for what he would to do them if they did not “get the job done” may have foreshadowed dissension in the ranks. The club’s rivals need a few victories here and there in order to be considered a threat to the group’s dominance. Especially with Jeff Hardy making his return, Slammiversary provides a good opportunity for a comeback by Team TNA.

Elto’s Predicted Winners: Team TNA

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles


Now this is the match I am looking forward to most on this entire card! And while I know that they have feuded countless times over the past 6+ years Angle has been in TNA, their matches never grow stale or tiring. And with AJ playing into his character so well, I see this match not being contained to the ring. Of course, with Angle having the huge target on his back and AJ turning down A’s, I see Mr. Anderson and Knux getting involved here to try to take them both out, causing the match to get thrown out. However, AJ and Angle will team up for just long enough to fend off A’s and set up a great segment for the next Impact.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner: No Contest


I can't wait for this match. While the Ultimate X might be the show stealer... so can this match. It's so funny how I can't wait for this match as some people actually think this match is boring. I don't understand how this match can be boring. These two are the best in TNA in the ring. Kurt is the best wrestler in the world and AJ is so amazing. These two always put on classic matches. These two have chemistry. It's going to rock. At the same time, I called this match about a month before it was announced. I saw it coming and stuck to it and it happened. I don't like predictability, but I love that this match is going to take place. I know Kurt don't mind at all. Where will we go from here though? If Kurt wins, where does he go? If he loses, where does he go? Honestly, AJ has much more in line for him in the coming months. I already wrote that I expect him to go for the TNA World Title at Bound for Glory. AJ has to win that match to move on. Kurt is great, but I don't see him going for the title. TNA has so much left for AJ. Kurt is just there, sadly.

Alex’s Predicted Winner: AJ Styles


There was some real crap flung around on WNW by a TNA 'fan' this week, specifically about how sick he was of this one match happening yet again. Honestly, if it was almost anyone else – refer specifically back to the Orton/Cena feud – I'd be annoyed too, but this is AJ and Angle! There's no question that these two will be putting on one heck of a match, but what's going to happen, and where's it going to lead? There's been a lot about AJ's crankiness, and which direction is he going, and what he's going to do, but we haven't seen a lot of Angle lately, other than him fighting A&8's, so I'm not sure what direction they're going with this or what they're planning on doing with it. Even though Angle has seemed to be losing a bit lately, it looks as though AJ is going into a push, so I think he's going to end up winning this one.

Kendra’s Predicted Winner: AJ Styles


Another candidate for match of the night here. These two can both flat out go. They have great chemistry together, and have had some classics. This will not disappoint. This is also impossible for me to predict, I have no clue where they're heading with Styles but I'm loving the ride, and if Angle loses it sets him back.

Anthony’s Predicted Winner: ???


AJ Styles is “the lone wolf” of TNA, yet his role in the Aces & Eights storyline is an important one, as his character is currently intended to distract the good guys from the on-going war against the motorcycle club. It makes the most sense for Angle to lose in the midst of all this confusion. In addition, The Phenomenal One needs to pick up a major PPV win in order for him to still be considered a major player in the storyline, despite his decision to stay neutral. I expect nothing less than a breathtaking match from these two.

Elto’s Predicted Winner: AJ Styles

No Holds Barred Match for the TNA Championship
If Sting loses, he can’t compete for the TNA title ever again.
Bully Ray (c) vs. Sting


This is the one match I have been torn on all week to write about; because I haven’t wanted to say what I know needs to be said. It is time for Sting to finally leave the title picture for good. I love Sting and all of what he has done in the industry, but being in the title picture does absolutely nothing for him. I am not saying it is time for him to retire, because he still has plenty he can offer the rising stars in the industry. And it isn’t like there is a shortage of talent for the main event. Simply put, the stipulations really don’t matter here, as TNA needs Bully as champion right now. With how I have booked the night, Bully has to go over for A’s and 8’s to have any power left in TNA, but don’t be surprised if we see this turn into a situation similar to when the TNA Front Line was battling the Main Event Mafia and we have a massive brawl during this match, leading to Sting getting distracted and Bully picking up the win.

Jesse’s Predicted Winner: Bully Ray


Here comes the main event and here comes lots of discussion. First off, I was at Impact when Sting vs. Matt Morgan happened and I wondered who would face Ray. Ray vs. Matt would be cool, but I don't think that match would sell and I really don't think it would be that top notch main event. Sting would be able to pull it off and draw, but do we really need to see him go for the title? With that being said, this will be a predictable match. There's no way Aces are going to be taken down right now. The group is still in tact. They are still leaving an impression on the show. In fact, they just called "War" on the show. It's not over yet. I don't know if TNA will do any swerving in this match with false finishes, a lot of interference, or if the referee gets taken down. The point is, it is No Holds Barred and this could be Sting's last World Title match. If Sting loses, he doesn't lose anything. Sting is established. It won't hurt his career by any means. Bully is a different story though. Ray is at the top of his career. He is World Champion. He is on top of the show. He is great in the ring and on the mic. If he loses, then his whole credibility will be lost. Sure, he has to lose sometime, but it shouldn't happen yet. Ray and Aces are still powerful. With the No Holds Barred stipulation, I expect some interference, but at the end of the day, Ray will still hold the title.

Alex’s Predicted Winner: Bully Ray


I have been thinking long and hard about this one because it really could go either way. Somehow, some way, Sting wins and will not only be Champ, but will not be out of the WHC forever. Or, Bully cheats somehow and wins, and Sting will be out of the WHC run for the rest of his career. Honestly, I don't think it would be a big thing if Sting was out of the WHC race at this point in his career, and we're talking about professional wrestling – they think we have no memory for these things, and histories change more often than not. Even if Sting loses, I'm not sure it will be the last time he has a Title shot, and thinking it through, I think Sting is going to lose – but not clean. I thing that Hogan is going to say that the stip doesn't hold water since the win was so obviously because Brooke turned heel to help her husband.

Kendra’s Predicted Winner: Bully Ray


What do we gain if Sting wins? Nothing. I love Sting but nothing is gained with him taking the gold, on the flip side Bully Ray is at his prime, and is hitting home runs every night. He is the best heel in wrestling today, the biggest mistake they could make would be him dropping the belt here.

Anthony’s Predicted Winner: Bully Ray


It was recently announced that if Sting loses at Slammiversary, he would never again be able to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship. While a stipulation of this kind would usually benefit the contender, I think The Icon does not have an issue with being discarded from the title picture. At this point Sting should be utilized to put other workers over, without necessarily being in the spotlight himself. Taking the belt off Bully would be insanity at this stage, as TNA wants to keep his momentum up until he has run with the ball for long enough.

Elto’s Predicted Winner: Bully Ray

Sean’s Picks Gesus’s Picks

Jay Bradley Jay Bradley

Gail Kim Gail Kim

Joseph Park Joseph Park

Chris Sabin Chris Sabin

Chavo & Hernandez James Storm & Gunner

Team TNA Team TNA

AJ Styles AJ Styles

Bully Ray Bully Ray


I wrote a piece about this PPV about a month ago and I stated that this PPV could be a "Throw away" event. I called AJ vs. Kurt and I really don't see Sting winning the title. More matches have been announced since then and I really change my feel for the event. This match should be jam-packed. There are some excellent matches that will take place. I'm expecting some great wrestling and fast pace action. After this starts the road to Bound for Glory. That just sounds really bad because of how fast this year is going. On the flip side, I love the Bound for Glory Series. That PPV really brings the best out in TNA. Hopefully Slammiversary does that for TNA too. Make sure you follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page as Slammiversary airs on Sunday. Will be giving my compete analysis of the show!


Thanks to everyone for the analysis! I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and don’t forget that we will have live coverage right here on WNW! Feel free to give us your picks in the comments below!

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