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TNA Predicts - Turning Point

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This Sunday, November 11th, TNA presents Turning Point from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. Lucky us! I really loath to start on such a pessimistic note, but TNA has a really rough track record for PPVs in the Impact Zone. There are some really solid matches on the card, yet they're not having a Knockouts Championship Match. I'm not saying the Knockouts Division is my favorite right now, but to be completely cut out of a PPV is strange. Hopefully they pull out a strong PPV, and the fans in attendance are rowdy and into the show; add a lot more than they've added to TNA PPVs in the past.

Ken Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Match – RVD (c) vs Joey Ryan – Matt Morgan is banned from ringside

Even though Morgan is banned from ringside, I think something will happen with him. He'll either attack RVD before the match, or after. My guess is that it will be before. I'm an RVD fan, but he's been X Division Champ for how long, and I can't think of anything he's done since then. I think RVD is going to be a transitional Champ and Ryan is going to walk out of TP with gold on his waist. After winning it, I'm sure Morgan is going to help Ryan keep it.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Ryan

Stacy Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Match - RVD (c) vs Joey Ryan - Matt Morgan is banned from ringside

RVD is more than secure enough to handle losing to Joey Ryan. On the other hand, Joey and Matt are going to look rather pathetic if they don't win. Yes, Matt's banned, but he'll find a way to be helpful, perhaps before the match.

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Joey Ryan (with help)

Alex Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Match – RVD (c) vs Joey Ryan – Matt Morgan is banned from ringside

A lot of people were angry when Rob Van Dam became the X-Division Champion. They did not see it help his career like it could have for others. RVD, may not the the classiest person in the business, but I respect him though his performances in the ring. He may not be like he was back in the '90s, but RVD can still fly and take bumps. RVD is the definition of the X-Division. I see this more of him helping the division than it helping himself. RVD can put the division on the map with his skills. As far as Joey Ryan, I don't see him helping the meaning of the division in any way. This title will help him, but not to the extent of others. Joey is not the type of X-Division that should be champion. While typing, I was actually leaning toward Joey as I know he has Matt Morgan at his side. I remembered Hogan talking to Matt this past week on Impact Wrestling and he told him that he can't interfere in the match. I missed what Matt said. Matt may not show up, but he might just to show Hogan that he can do whatever he wants. In order to move the Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan story further, I think they would have to win this title. If not, Joey will look weak and Matt would look like a joke being around Joey. I give this to Joey.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Joey Ryan

Ken Predicts - DOC vs Joseph Park

At first Doc is going to beat on a fleeing Joseph. In some ways I hope they make this into a Hardcore, or No DQ Match, then it will be much more fair – or at least look that way for a bit. So Doc will be destroying Joseph, but then I have a feeling that Joseph is going to 'snap' on Doc and really go all Abyss on his bum. I am not sure if we're going to learn anything about Joseph's multiple personality disorder, or whatever they're going to do with him, and I don't think that Abyss will be appearing just yet, but I know something is going to go down so that Joseph somehow wins this match. No clue which direction they're going with Joseph and Abyss, but I think he needs to win this match to continue on with any storyline with him. Hogan needs to have some faith in Joseph so that he can continue hanging around. I'm willing to bet Sting and/or A&8's will get involved at some point, my only worry is Sting getting involved and throwing the whole thing for Joseph – meaning making him look weak. Joseph needs to prove his strength in this match above all else, beyond that A&8's and Sting can make a hash of it all.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Joseph

Stacy Predicts - DOC vs Joseph Park

Given DOC's hammer thrashing of Sting, I expect he'll be ready to do it again to our favorite lawyer. We'd all love to see Joseph trounce DOC, but though he'll have a surprisingly good showing for a lawyer, at some point the hammer will return and Joe will loose. Will someone step up to "train" Mr. Park on the finer points of wrestling?

Stacy's Predicted Winner - DOC

Alex Predicts - DOC vs Joseph Park

I love how this match was made. You have Parks kidnapped, Hulk and Sting rescue them, but only if Sting and Bully Ray fought at Bound for Glory. Parks gathered info from when he was kidnapped. We have yet to learn what that is, but he wants revenge against the faction. Hogan won't let him because he is not a wrestler and doesn't want to be liable. Funny thing is, Parks fought before and that match was violent. Hogan finally agrees to have Parks fight. The Parks character is a hoot. I love how it's shown on TV. You can connect with it. Parks knows how to move around the ring too. He impressed me in the past. I have no doubt he will impress himself in this match, along with me. I see Devon winning against Kurt, well Kurt winning, but Aces getting the upper hand like they won, I see this match going to Parks. He gets the win and then will reveal his info he has next week or so. Doc is not as big of a focus as Devon is in the group, so I don't think it will actually hurt the Aces and 8s as a whole.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Mr. Park

Ken Predicts - Mixed Tag Team Match – ODB & EY vs Tara & Jessie

Ugh! This is going to be a cluster***k! I try really hard to keep my language in check, but this match falls into one of my favorite words – see above. All I hope is that EY is happy in his future endeavors, because he's sure been screwed six ways to Sunday by TNA. My biggest question is what are they going to do with those Knockouts Tag Team Title belts? Has the Championship been completely scrapped? Is it going to be a Mixed Tag Championship after this? Are ODBEY going to lose the belts in this match, or will Tara and Jessie just acquire them next week and turn them into something else? We know TNA has no problems play BS games with titles, how many times did Booker T's belt change hands and names before becoming the TV Title? Just as long as this doesn't kill the crowd and gives EY a decent sendoff, I'll be happy. Oh, and of course Tara and Jessie will win and drive EY out of TNA.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Tara & Jessie

Stacy Predicts - Mixed Tag Team Match - ODB & EY vs Tara & Jessie

ODB will carry 90% of this match, but in the end, EY will get caught and pinned. ODB will give him a shotgun divorce and he'll be all ready to leave TNA.

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Tara & Jessie

Alex Predicts - Mixed Tag Team Match – ODB & EY vs Tara & Jessie

This match has a very interesting set-up. You have Tara and Jessie join together in this love team while ODB suddenly enters the picture and tells them off. A match is set for Jessie and ODB, which Brooke Hogan made, and Jessie wins. Long story short, Eric Young and ODB will team up to face the other love birds. We don't see Eric Young a lot, and I don't expect to see him on Impact Wrestling much after this. With that being said, I think this will be a Jessie and Tara win. If they go under, I don't see them lasting long.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Tara & Jessie

Ken Predicts - Angle vs Devon

I'm hoping that this will be as good as it could prove to be. My big worry is Bully Ray. He doesn't have a match of his own on the card, so he's either going to find himself a match, get involved in a match, or come out as part of A&8's. Okay, I don't see the last thing happening, at least not yet, but I do see him causing problems with A&8's, and that could mean costing Angle his match with Devon so Bully can get his hands around his brother's throat. This, like the other A&8's match, has me worried that it could turn into a totally screwed up mess. Because of this, I'm going to call this the screwed up non-ending of the night. I see this match not ending in anything clean.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Something Screwy!

Stacy Predicts - Angle vs Devon

Devon had no trouble giving DOC advice, and I think he'll be eating some of his words after this match. Angle's out for blood and needs a win here. It won't be easy, as Devon wants to look good for his boss.

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Angle

Alex Predicts - Angle vs Devon

Kurt was talking about his match against Devon on his Twitter Friday and he says he is ready to take Devon out. Of course I just paraphrased it, but you get the point. After watching Kurt compete in the tag team match this past week on Impact Wrestling, you can clearly see that he has never lost his step. He was tagged in and exploded. He went after Devon and Doc and tore them up. Kurt, in the ring, is one of the best of all-time, no doubt about it. I know Kurt more than most people. It's quite unique. Kurt is in his mid-40s but he feels like he is in his high 20s. He doesn't have those days every day though. He of course feels the affects after 13 years in pro wrestling and 20 years in amateur. Kurt is in amazing shape though. As far as Devon, he really stepped it up. I never was a huge Devon fan. I liked him and Ray together, but when they split, Ray really proved himself. I became a huge fan. Devon wasn't working for me. Devon came back as a member of the Aces and 8s and, so far, I like it. Devon is a better heel than face. Ray still wins heel wise, but Devon is proving himself. I like it. Devon is on this role with the Aces and 8s. While I see Kurt getting revenge, you can't have Devon lose. you can't have Aces and 8s go under at this time. It will make them look weak and useless. I don't see Devon winning cleanly though. He can't take Kurt down. I except a run in that will cost Devon the match but will give the upper hand to Aces and 8s.

Alex's Predicted Winner - Kurt wins after Aces and 8s run in for a DQ

Ken Predicts - No DQ Match for TV Title – Samoa Joe (c) vs Magnus

I worry that Magnus has been booked too weak to go over Joe and carry the TV Title. On the other hand, who better to light a fire under Joe than that bad boy who has no issues with fighting dirty and cheating to win? Magnus has really come into his own these past couple months, and really has put Joe on edge. Joe, on the other hand has chubbed up a bit and doesn't seem to be moving as well as he did when he was a little thinner. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Joe fan, and want to see him work through Hogan and make his way to the WWE where I think he could do really well. My biggest worry is how other people see his weight. I was really put out when Hogan and Bisch decided Joe needed to lose weight, but then I saw how it elevated his ring work. As a woman and someone who is too conscious about her weight and how the world perceives people (sometimes my Crohn's Disease makes me too thin, then meds make me quite heavy), I hate to say that about Joe. On the other hand, Joe's ring work looked crisper, and even faster – something I didn't think possible – when he was thinner. I'm also sure that if Joe ended up in the WWE, at some point, VKM would be on him about his weight – even though he's absolutely sick in the ring. Sorry, tangent, what I need to say about this match is that I think Joe is going to go out there and 'Joe's gonna kill you' Magnus, but in the end Magnus will cheat to win in some way. This will really light a fire under Joe's bum and heat up the feud for the coming month, and possibly more.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Magnus

Stacy Predicts - No DQ Match for TV Title - Samoa Joe (c) vs Magnus

This should be a barnstormer. Both Joe and Magnus have the strength to keep going at it, with any luck they'll keep the action level high long enough to make us forget any prior matches that might have been less than stellar.

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Samoa Joe

Alex Predicts - No DQ Match for TV Title – Samoa Joe (c) vs Magnus

I don't see why Samoa Joe did not defend his title on Impact Wrestling, which is where it is suppose to take place, but is putting it on the line at a pay-per-view. In any fashion, Joe is champion and I am grateful for that. Joe deserves to be shown on camera as well as be at the top. Joe and Magnus were a team but separated. Magnus went the heel route while Joe stayed face. Every time I think of Magnus, I think of my interview with Kurt Angle back in August. I think of the moment where Kurt put Magnus over. Kurt really sees something in Magnus. Since the interview aired, we did see Magnus appear on TV as he was absent from the show. Magnus came back and received a push. After seeing Magnus in action and on the mic, I do see potential. Magnus has the look and the ability. He does play the heel character off well like when he attacked Joe with the chair about a month or two ago. Magnus continues to be around Joe and they will compete here. I don't see any reason why Joe would be un-championed, but I do see why Magnus would be crowned champion. It's hard to tell, but at the end of the day, I see Joe keeping his title. He has been on a roll and they need him to stick with it. At any rate, this is a No DQ match so I except great things from both of these stars.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Joe retains

Ken Predicts - 3 Way Match – AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode vs James Storm – The winner becomes #1 Contender, wrestler who gets pinned will NOT get a WHC Match until Bound For Glory 2013

This match is very confusing for me to predict. I need to pick one of these guys to win and become the #1 Contender, and I need to pick one to get pinned and not get a Title shot for about a year. It all comes down to who is going into a huge push and who's going to struggle all year, and that's a really hard thing to figure out for anyone in TNA. They're very closed mouth about what's going on backstage and in the company, and (like the WWE right now) they change their direction on a dime.

First off there's AJ. I didn't think he really fit into this match until this past week on Impact. He now has heat with both Roode and Storm, so going into this match makes more sense. They have made a big deal of AJ being the face of TNA through his short time in this feud. That AJ hasn't been anywhere near a championship in quite a long time, and he's been beaten down all year with the 'baby daddy' storyline makes me think that he will not be the person pinned in this match.

Roode was not allowed to fight for the TNA WHC while Aries was Champ, but now that Hardy is carrying the gold (too much and too ugly in my opinion), Roode can again fight to be the top bad boy in the company, even though I think Aries is doing a fabby job of it himself. If Hardy was to retain the WHC, Roode could be quite an interesting opponent for him. They would give us some great feud and ring time, but something about it feels cliched and expected.

And then there Storm who keeps getting slapped down at every turn. While I'd be pissy about him losing and not being able to fight for the WHC for the better part of a year, I can't think of anyone who would work harder and end up being the #1 Contender for the WHC at BFG '13! On the other hand, I think Storm facing either Hardy or Aries for the WHC in the near future would be off the hizzle. It would be unexpected and glorious!

Where does that leave me? I have to give Roode the loss and the year away from the WHC. If anyone can carry that and make it work for a year that he's pissed about it, it's Roode. That man can work being a heel better than so many in TNA these days. So, who will be #1 Contender? Screw it, I'm going with AJ! There's still a lot that needs to happen between Storm and Roode, so why not add some twists to their feud and push AJ for the first time in a very long time. I think AJ more than deserves a push to the top after all the floundering he's done the past couple years. A lot of people might not think AJ needs to wear gold to be the face of TNA, but I think it would be good to push him back into the main event. AJ could work wonderful WHC matches with either Aries or Hardy – or maybe both?

Ken's Predicted Winner – AJ & Ken's Predicted Loser – Roode

Stacy Predicts - 3 Way Match - AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode vs James Storm - The winner becomes #1 Contender, wrestler who gets pinned will NOT get a WHC Match until Bound For Glory 2013

I have a suspicion that Roode and Storm just might be getting back together after Storm got into nice guy AJ Style's face at the last Impact show. It might be wishful thinking, but perhaps Storm and Roode will patch over their minimal differences, at least long enough to gang up on AJ and put one of them in as the No. 1 contender. As a guess, I think Storm will be the victor, to keep his push going after his recent return.

Stacy's Predicted Winner - James Storm, AJ gets pinned means he might head over toward the X division title

Alex Predicts - 3 Way Match – AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode vs James Storm – The winner becomes #1 Contender, wrestler who gets pinned will NOT get a WHC Match until Bound For Glory 2013

While I said the ladder match will deliver, I expect this match to be off the charts. I am a fan of all three men. While I really do not agree with this whole match as I think each and every one of these stars should get a title shot sometime during the next week, we know one person won't. I think that is the person who will be pinned or who will tap. I see Bobby Roode going under, sadly, but he was the last person to hold the title compared to AJ and James. James really never received a real title run while AJ never had a title run since 2010. I like Jeff as champion, but I would much rather see someone else like James or AJ. I wouldn't even mind Austin Aries having it. I feel like AJ, James, and Roode should be champion sometime as they all deserve it. While I think Roode is going under, it is now a toss up between AJ and James. This is hard. Both could win in my mind. There is a possibility that AJ and James could move on, and it wouldn't surprise me, but I do see just one. I am going to go with James Storm. James will go for the title and I think it will set-up a Roode and AJ rivalry.

Alex's Predicted Winner – James Storm, Roode to be pinned

Ken Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match – Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c) vs Daniels & Kaz

This match should be a lot of fun and serious ring work. These four with the addition of Joe and Magnus, gave us one of the best tag matches we've seen in a very long time on this past Impact, so I expect them (all) to take it even further for the PPV. Thinking this through, if Chavito and Hernandez are not feuding with Daniels and Kaz, what other tag teams are there? It seems as though TNA and the WWE have swapped positions on the Tag Division front. I even went to their website to see if I was overlooking any established teams, and the only pair that could even slightly turn into a 'team' are Ryan and Morgan, but I'm not sure how they would mesh in the ring, or even the direction TNA plans to go with these two. So I'm still right where I started, no clue what's going to happen with this one! I think that to keep things hot and interesting Kaz and Daniels need to win, but Chavito and Hernandez have more than proven that they are wonderfully strong Champs. While I think Chavito and Hernandez are going to win, the ending will be questionable in how honest it was – that way Daniels and Kaz can continue feuding with them and going for the gold.

Ken's Predicted Winners – Chavito & Hernandez

Stacy Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match - Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c) vs Daniels & Kaz

There's no reason Chavo and Hernandez should drop the straps right now. It's time for them to be the champs for a longish time and give the title some prestige and verisimilitude.

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Chavo & Hernandez

Alex Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match – Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs Daniels & Kaz

I wasn't against Chavo and Hernandez winning the tag titles, but I was for Daniels and Kaz keeping the titles. Both of these teams have chemistry that really make the division as well as the matches. It's hard to find two people who have chemistry together, but Daniels and Kaz really do and they beat Chavo and Hernandez in that aspect. Kaz and Daniels are one of those upper heel type stars. They aren't in the main event, but they attack the very top like Hogan and Sting. I want to see more from the two, but I have a feeling their tag title spotlight is over right now. Chavo and Hernandez have it and they will continue to reign the division.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Chavo & Hernandez retain

Ken Predicts - Ladder Match for World Heavyweight Championship – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Austin Aries

Simply put, this is going to be a high flying, spot monkey, hot mess of a match. Hardy is going to hit some sick moves that will leave me cringing and closing my eyes on landing. Aries is going to take things to a whole new level in this match, but I don't think it will be enough. TNA has built Hardy to be huge, and then put him in a match that's all his. I think the only way Hardy will lose this match is if he really hurts himself – something that wouldn't shock me. BUT, and it's a BIGBUT, I see a huge swerve coming in this match. If you didn't see the end of Impact, go watch the last five minutes and come back. Have you seen it? Why not? Go do it! It's really important for what I have to say!

Okay, so they had a double hook up there with both belts hanging above the ring. I have a feeling that Aries is going to get one belt and Hardy is going to get the other. Further, I have the sinking feeling that Aries is going to end up with Hardy's butt ugly belt and Hardy will end up with the sexy real WHC belt. Honestly, this could really screw the pooch for the man who wins the #2 Contender Match.

Winner – Hardy & Aries!

Stacy Predicts - Ladder Match for World Heavyweight Championship - Jeff Hardy (c) vs Austin Aries

As much as I'd like to see Austin Aries get his title back, I can't see any reason why TNA would be willing to take it back from Jeff. I expect to see a bit of chicanery from Aries, and he'll get close to the prize, but Hardy will be on the top with the titles at the end.

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Jeff Hardy

Alex Predicts - Ladder Match for World Heavyweight Championship – Jeff Hardy (c) vs Austin Aries

This match is one match I am greatly looking forward to. Their match at Bound for Glory was stellar, but I knew they could keep it coming. I knew each other had more and I am so glad we are going to see a rematch. This is one thing I do applaud TNA for is that they are moving this rivalry along with a stipulation match while WWE would do the same Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio match. Anyways, I except this match to deliver. I sure hope so. Jeff is not afraid to take bumps, we seen that on Impact Wrestling this past week, and I don't think Austin will be trying to shy away from doing or taking something from Hardy. While this will be back and forth with a great lead-up to the match, I do see Jeff Hardy winning. They would not give him the title for a month as his contract is running out and TNA needs him now more than ever.

Alex's Predicted Winner – Jeff Hardy retains TNA World Title

After writing, and reading what others have to say about this PPV, I'm thinking it won't be too bad if booked well. The wrestlers involved are all really solid and can bring it if allowed to do so. I'm wondering what matches TNA will be adding to the PPV, and wonder if there will be a Knockouts Championship Match, and not sure how I feel about it either way. If they don't have a Knockouts Championship Match, then it shows how little they care about the Title, but if they do have one, it will be completely thrown together and have little to no meaning. It just looks bad all the way around.

Either way we will see when it all goes down Sunday night at Turning Point!

KB, Stacy & Alex!

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