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I will fully admit that I am thrilled November is over! NaNoWriMo about kicked my bum for the first time ever. I have participated for nine years and completed every year, but this was the hardest. On the other hand, this is the first year that the dawn broke on December first and I wanted to continue pounding away at my story rather than shoving into a box for six months before even thinking about looking back at the horrible mess.

So I hit the NaNo challenge with 50,050 words of my novel in 30 days. I also have kept track of my WNW word count for the 30 days. I honestly thought I would pass fifty thousand words, but only got to 42,137. Normally just under twenty percent of NaNo participants actually reach the goal of 50,000 words. I think over ninety-two thousand words for the month is a very respectable month's work. (Yes, I'm at a loss for something interesting happening in TNA/IW to write about.)

Show Starts


A > While I don't like the way TNA/IW uses the children of their wrestlers, I thought this was a great video and a fabby way to take Roode!

In Ring Segment

C > I really liked Sting's look in the ring. The black v-neck shirt, the black leather jacket and sunglasses, just a great look for Sting! A little less wrestler, little more boss-like, but still very Sting. Other than that, it was nice to see Roode's heel humbled a bit and the Match set up looks good, but I wasn't overwhelmed with the glory that was AJ or Hardy in the segment. Sting and Roode were solid, but that's it.

Backstage Segment

D > Ugh! More Karen. I will admit that Madison looked a lot better in that bikini than I expected her to. Also, that bikini was sick! I rarely find swimsuits I think are fabby, but I wish I could look half that good in that bikini! Only for Madison's bod in that suit did this segment not fail terribly.


N/A > Robbie, Roode and Abyss doing a VGA commercial for Spike? When are we going to be getting TNA/IW commercials from Spike at any time other than during TNA/IW? Put up or shut up Spike!

Backstage Segment

C+ > As little as I like JJ, he is saying what so many of us feel. So many from TNA/IW defending Hardy, but he hasn't proved squat to us fans yet. Hardy ripping off his shirt at the end did nothing more to endear me to him. He has never worked in the past and I don't see it working in the future.

Backstage Segment

D+ > Get Abyss back on the team and Ray can do it? That's too funny! Almost as funny as Bisch whining about Garett becoming a star in the ring.


B+ > I'm liking Roode's family or 'family' talking about how Roode has changed since winning the strap. It's been done before, but this is hitting a positive note for me. It's working really well. Also, they're not making the videos long and annoying, just little quips; big part of why it works so well.

Backstage Segment

Yes, Tara looks hot, and not just 'at her age.' Yay, ODB! Bummed that we were stuck listening to Karen again, but she's a big star you know. Huge. Why she was just being held back in the WWE, that's why she had to go to TNA/IW to push her star power. Oh, wait, it was Angle who was the big star in the WWE and Karen who did not like the way VKM treated her and Kurt. How did I forget that he was the big fish in the big pond and not her? Might it be that we see more of her on TNA/IW TV than we see of her ex-husband?

TNA/IW #1 Tag Contender Match - Ink Inc w/ Toxin vs MexA w/ Sarita & Rosita vs Devon & Pope

B- > Earlier Matt Morgan stated on Twitter that Sarita is the most underrated female wrestler and I tend to agree. Morgan did a lovely Q+A for the fans answering questions from the serious to the silly and was very cool about the whole thing. BTW – TNA/IW has Taz and Tenay pushing TNA/IW on Twitter now.

The Pope with a shoulder block, slam and clothesline from the ring on Hernandez? On Anarquia it was believable, but not on Hernandez! Devon looked great in the ring on both Anarquia and Hernandez, but he has to loose those slim cut pants. Actually, Devon looked as good as ever in the ring. He should not be able to work the ring as well as he does after the years of abuse he's taken.

I was bummed to see how little Ink Inc was in this Match, but I understand if they were not sure if Neal was staying with the company at that point. With all we know, that was the direction that Match should have gone at the point it was taped. MexA just isn't doing well and the Ink Inc questions, that left Devon and Pope who had barely been seen other than the issues with Devon's boys. Hopefully TNA/IW will do something decent with Pope and Devon from here rather than the silly little issues they have been having.

Winners – Devon & Pope

In Ring Segment

C > Double A is all man in street clothes, but in his ring gear he gets all pink and fluffy. It's an interesting dichotomy and I can't think of anyone else in the industry who could or has pulled it off as easily as he does. Please, tell me if you can think of someone who plays both sides so well. Add in his great ring work and his solid mic work and he's one heck of a wrestler and TNA/IW is lucky to have him, but now they have to give us more than AA facing Sorensen and playing KK the fool. I want to see AA facing a lot more X Division guys, even all at once. X Division is TNA/IW! There's so many fabby X Division boys who we haven't seen in a long time. Where's Shelley and Sabin? What about Kaz, Kendrick and even Ion? Where is Williams who I love so much?

KK said that before AA came into TNA/IW, KK had held the X Division Title and did so longer than anyone else in TNA/IW. Well, that's total malarkey! There are quite a few who have held the X Division strap longer than KK, Daniels being the longest with a reign of 182 days. KK did hold the belt longer than anyone before him with a reign of 77 days back in 2003.

Other than the camera angle being terrible, them shaking hands then both punching each other at the same time was great! That was the best part of this segment. Even though AA is so good on mic, that glaring screw up by KK killed most of this for me.


D- >Gunner's looking for Garett? That could be fun,but would be better if TNA/IW was showing us in ring wrestling rather than a wild goose chase.

Backstage Segment

B > I love how AJ can be so cocky and full of himself, but so absolutely face. He has this way about him that makes you just want to root for him. Other than the first couple weeks after AJ turned heel and started rolling with Flair, I didn't like or believe AJ as a heel. AJ shows us that being a good guy, a nice guy and a real face doesn't mean you have to be corny and pander to the children the way Hogan did back in the day, the way Cena does now. AJ is just a really nice guy you want to root for, now, if he could do something about that horrible spray tan...


F > Gunner can go into a gym and attack guys out of the blue and no one stops him or calls the cops? The line gets blurred between wrestlers and non-wrestlers and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I know why they did this, but I don't like how.

Backstage Segment

B > I love how JJ called out Sting on Hardy and how it was Sting in the ring with Hardy on that fateful night. Even if Sting doesn't believe what the script says, that the Sting character is standing up for Hardy after that PPV, sends a big message to the fans. I have to say that was a very calculated step for TNA/IW, no matter what I think of Hardy at this point.


B- > Again, don't like the use of Roode's kids, but they're doing a solid job with these videos and keeping them short so they're not annoying.

Backstage Segment

B > Ray keeps going on and on about Abyss getting right back up after he was put through a table – no one else has ever done that! I love how Scotty talked about his freaks. This should be fun!

#1 Knockouts Contender No DQ Anything Goes Street Fight – ODB vs Mickie James

B > What is it about the names of these matches getting longer and longer? At least it's not a tampon (I mean mistletoe) on a pole Match like on Tuesday's SD! Mickie first slamming ODB to the stage looked so fake! I do have to give ODB credit for not giving a poo about readjusting her tata – reaching right in there and juggling things around inside her two layers of padded bras – right in front of a camera. Mickie played broken ragdoll really well after taking some bumps from ODB. ODB is one tough chick and not someone I would want pissed at me, but Mickie held her own well.

I'm always annoyed to see them use cookie sheets as weapons. Who thought that cookie sheets would make good weapons? Frying pans have handles and rolling pins swing so well and they make a lot more sense to me. Either way, they both worked really hard, took solid bumps and sold well. Not saying I want No DQ Matches from the Knockouts every week, but I would like to see them throw down as we know some of them can!

While Mickie held her own in this Match, I really wanted to see ODB win this one, even though that wouldn't make sense for ODB to face Gail for the Title. The one thing I will say is that the more I see of ODB the more I like the strength she puts out there. She's loud and crass, but she's also built more like the rest of us than most the Knockouts and Divas. I rarely hold my tongue and say things at the least appropriate times, also I'm built very much like she is. While I wouldn't like my youngest to act like her now, I would be very happy to see her look up to ODB over a lot of the other female wrestlers who are little more than eye candy.

Winner – Mickie


A > I was enjoying Storm before Angle came out. He was enjoyable, but after Angle started on him Storm showed that spark, that passion that makes the TNA/IW originals so worth watching.

Backstage Segment

D- > Idiots like these two give women a bad name! Rich, hot and has a cute little butt? That's what they think of wrestlers? They obviously haven't watched much wrestling and are giving female wrestling fans a bad name. Then again I'm not the norm when it comes to which wrestlers I find hot (as was discussed in the SS Live Blog).


C > Okay, the videos were good early on, but they keep showing them and they're already starting to wear a bit thin. If we saw more in-ring action, then I wouldn't have a problem with all these little video bits. Two matches so far, that's not cool!


C- > Roode's family and friends again talking about Roode's turn. This is a good storyline and it is being well executed, but these video segments are the same ones we've already seen a couple times, just remixed for this longer video clip. I wouldn't have any issue with this longer video if Impact was showing us wrestling, not just talking.

Backstage Segment

B+ > Roode really reacted to that video wonderfully. Full on heel and not taking any blame. Short and well executed.

TV Title Match - RVD vs Robbie E ( c) w/ Rob Terry

C+ > RVD looked a bit puffy. Mostly in the face and he isn't as young as he used to be, but he obviously looked puffier than I'm used to seeing him. On the other hand RVD was hitting his moves and taunted Terry beautifully. Rolling thunder seemed to land on Robbie's face, but it could have been the camera angle.

As little as RVD has impressed me lately, Robbie continues to impress me that much less. RVD should not be losing to peons like Robbie, even with the help of the likes of Daniels. The pathetic leg kicking from RVD made me wonder if he was mocking the whole thing with those waving legs.

Winner – Robbie

Backstage Segment

F > Okay, that was just icky. What the heck were they implying happened to those girls at the hands of Abyss?

Backstage Segment

D > I went to a car wash and a wrestling Match broke out? Wait! Did I just see Williams? Either way, it's not enough. And like we didn't expect fighting to break out while they were out there washing the cars in their bikinis. Talk about cliché!

Jeff Hardy vs AJ styles vs Bobby Roode

B > Of course AJ and Hardy could only work together for so long until Roode played them both. I love how it's still a Double R spinebuster even though he's now going as Bobby Roode. I also love AJ's inverted DDT! He usually makes it look so effortless. Hardy also looked pretty solid in this Match. Of course that shirt had to come off, but it seems almost obligatory now.

This was a solid Match, but it just felt like more of the same. I was happy to be seeing the fourth Match in two hours and have it actually last for a decent length of time, but it was nothing very exciting. These are three amazing wrestlers – yes, even Hardy – but this Match wasn't anything thrilling or even main event worthy. It was just okay.

Winner – Roode

In Ring Segment

C+ > So I guess this mean AJ will continue to feud with Roode as JJ and Hardy will be in a cage at FR. It was nice to see Sting stand by his word and even nicer to see Karen having a cow about it. The woman about dropped a heifer over JJ going into a cage with Hardy. The way Sting mimicked Karen would have worked better if she hadn't started jumping around and flailing right there with him. I will admit I'm looking forward to seeing Karen cuffed to Sting outside the cage at FR. Normally I'd rather not see her, but that should be ejoyable.

Post Show

I find this episode of Impact very interesting. They dropped the ball horribly on many segments, but others were quite interesting. I enjoyed AA and KK in the ring, as well as watching Devon dominate. Mickie and ODB really left it out there for a non-PPV Knockouts Match. Heck, they were better than most PPV Knockouts Matches! The Roode videos started good, but became draggy pretty fast, even though I think they're taking this in an interesting direction if they don't screw it up. I like JJ being held responsible for his actions, even though that means we're stuck seeing JJ and Hardy in the ring at FR.

Then there was Robbie in the ring and Daniels causing RVD lose to the likes of Robbie! Gunner randomly attacking people in a gym really blurred that line that should be solid and unquestionable to children who will not understand the difference between who is a wrestler and can be hit from those who can't. I remember years ago hearing about a child freaking out thinking that a wrestler would come after him because that line was blurred so badly. And then there were the 'freaks' sent to Abyss, that was just wrong and icky.

Going into Impact each week I mostly hope for more good than bad. I think they managed that this week, even though we didn't see an X Division Match and only got a glimpse of who I think was Williams. I'm going to continue to keep my toes crossed that Impact and TNA/IW as a whole will get better.

Due to family issues I will not be writing the RAW Results or my RAW Is Blogged this week. Please be kind to whichever WNW writer fills in for me. See you next Friday morning, way too early!


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