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I have been sitting around all day trying to figure out what to write about. Everything has distracted me from writing today. My brain is mulling, but it hasn't reached my fingers so neither this nor my novel have progressed at all. I was starting to get worried that you were going to have to deal with me weeping like a child over the Angle/Roode/Storm debacle.

Then Richard posted some Premium News. I will admit I was completely admit that I was rip roaring pissed. I'm very impressed with how Richard can report the news without getting emotional about it. Watching and writing about TNA/IW as I have these past couple years has made me feel invested in TNA/IW in a wouldn't if I was just a casual fan. I write about TNA/IW week in and week out. I put a lot of time and thought into this BZ every week and it means a lot to me. I feel almost personally screwed when Hogan and Bisch throw a swerve into it all for no obvious reason other than to set up for their boy, Jeff Hardy to lead TNA/IW!

I was one of the few who didn't get it when the WWE pushed Jeff to main event. The fans were behind Jeff, but I didn't see it. For me Jeff was a tag wrestler and a wrestler who hit sick high spots, but wasn't Champ material. I didn't like it when Jeff was strapped in the WWE and I really didn't like when TNA/IW brought him in with all of those legal problems hanging over his head. If those legal problems weren't bad enough, Jeff took being an idiot to a whole new level by showing up to a PPV so screwed up on drugs that he barely made it to the ring. That certain people want to push Jeff as the face of TNA/IW makes me ill. Just throw aside the core group of wrestlers who have been with TNA/IW all along and have carried the company for years. The wrestlers that the fans want to see, chant for, they're just pushed aside by the duo who didn't get it back in the day and don't get it now.

Show Starts


C > That strap looks right hanging over Storm's shoulder. Roode would have made more sense at BFG, but then Bisch and Hogan changed their minds and screwed up any sense the storylines had going for them. But the video was smart to start with this week.

In Ring Segment

B- > Storm and Roode were decent in the ring. Storm was actually much better than Roode for me here, but that makes sense as we all know Roode turns on his partner during this show. This segment would have received a much higher grade if it hadn't been a taped show.

Backstage Segment

F > Lucky us, Ronnie from Jersey Shore! Ugh!

Knockout Tag Team Title Match – Tara & Tessmacher ( c) vs Gail kim & Madison Rayne w/ Karen & Traci

D > Okay, those outfits on Tessmacher and Tara were a bit much for me. But I will say that Madison's need to wear nude panties in the ring is so revolting that I will easily forget the red, white and blue outfits. That back body drop from Tara on Kim looked really wrong. Like they were trying for something else but changed in mid-stream.

I don't like how Taz goes on and on about Kim never being heel, never acting like this. Yes, she's been mostly face in TNA/IW, but she hasn't always been heel. They make references to the WWE when it's convenient, but forget it exists when they need to. Further I don't like heel factions like this that are just so nasty and over the top. Yes, it's the way heels gain straps and it's the way it's been for as long as this business has existed, but Karen annoys me so much that I want to scratch my own eyes out, but only after the ice pick to the ears. Heel factions serve a great purpose, even toward the end of the nWo, but Karen Jarrett shouldn't be on TV.

Winners & new Champs – Madison & Kim

Backstage Segment

C+ > Garrett backstage looks great! I didn't recognize him at first. He looked darker, more smarmy, but sexier than the ref he was playing. I like it! Though I have to admit I never thought I'd refer to anyone with the last name of Bischoff as sexy!

In Ring Segment

C+ > Garrett was actually better on mic than I expected. He sold his feelings well and got out when the getting was good. I actually really liked that segment as it set up for a lot more. If Garrett is at all decent in the ring, a feud with Gunner might be interesting. As long as we don't have to see Flair in the ring with Garrett, I'll be fine.

Backstage Segment

C+ > Joe threatening Sting? Love how Sting handled it! What I didn't like was the exposition Bisch gave about their contracts. I'd love it if Bisch was contracted right out of TNA/IW, but that would be too wonderful for all of us but Bisch!

Backstage Segment

C+ > Even though I wished they hadn't turned Daniels heel, he does a decent job with it. I'd rather see RVD turn heel. Actually, after RVD's comment about being the best wrestler in the company, maybe it would be the best thing to turn him heel. I'm burnt out on RVD. He's being booked terribly, his matches haven't been awe inspiring and he's turned into a mid-card wrestler without any direction. Even a feud with Daniels isn't exciting. For me it's RVD who would be bringing Daniels down, not RVD helping Daniels up, the way most established wrestlers should. I guess I'm just disappointed in RVD for not manning up.

Austin Aries vs Jesse Sorensen

B+ > I know AA is flamboyant, but that capelet was horrid! Yes, capelet is a word and the name of that garment, but I feel uber girly even talking about it. AA must be VERY secure in his manhood!

Actually, I thought AA looked a little mechanical at the start of the Match when Sorensen was in control. KK on announce was kind of annoying, especially asking why you would jump out of a perfectly good ring unless it was on fire? But then AA did just that, smooshing Sorensen and himself into the barrier with a fabby sound. And after all KK said about Sorensen, Sorensen looked great in the ring with AA. These two have done much to carry the X Division lately and have brought Impact up a huge level every time they wrestle!

This Match was no different. TPTB, and I don't mean Hogan and Bisch, really need to gauge crowd reaction to matches like this. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to realize that the fans want to see X Division matches above all the old fools making jackasses of themselves in the ring just to keep their egos up! The worst things I can say about this Match is that it wasn't long enough and wasn't followed up with another X Division Match!

Winner – Sorensen

Backstage Segment

B- > TNA/IW is trying to set up for Roode and Storm to face off and it would have worked if they hadn't built Roode over so long, then trashed him in one Match only to follow up with Storm making Roode look that much weaker for not being able to beat Angle when Storm did it in one move. This could have been fun live and spread over time. I feel bad for these guys.

In Ring Segment

D > Lucky us, more Jersey Shore crap and more EY abusing. As if Robbie and Terry weren't bad enough, to have Ronnie come out wearing a strap of any sort, even one that means nothing. It would pis me off almost as much if Ronnie had come out with Jeff Hardy's horrid strap on his body. Then again, Hogan and Bisch wouldn't let that happen to their golden child.

EY took quite the clothesline and sold it, but it was Ronnie who took some serious abuse! I saw Helms Tweet about Ronnie being lashed and how no Special Guests would take anything like that and I have to agree. I don't want to see Ronnie back in the ring for any reason, just not where he should be, but at least we get a little EY? Such a catch 22 as I want to see EY, but not at the expense of being in the middle of this mess. I feel even worse for EY than I do Roode and Storm! Loyalty again getting payed off with stupidity and abuse. Only reason I didn't fail this segment is for the abuse Ronnie took without a glance. That was impressive.

Bully Ray & JJ w/ Karen vs Anderson & Jeff Hardy

B- > I will say that Hardy looks to be back in fighting shape, I just don't want to see him in the ring. Even better, everything interesting is going on on the bottom of the screen, so TNA/IW takes that area to advertise their upcoming shows! I thought this was a taped show with more than a week of editing time, but they can't manage to not cover up the majority of the action in the ring during one of the few matches they care to give us. Sorry, just really annoyed with this.

Poetry in motion off Anderson's back looked cool, but then they couldn't let the Match end in any natural way. It was bad enough that one heel faction – Karen leading the heel Knockouts - won their Match, but then Immortal caused their Match to end the way it did. Looks like Russo might still have his hand in the way matches are being booked!

Winners – Hardy & Anderson via DQ?

Backstage Segment

B+ > Garrett and Sting face to face, they do look more father and son than I see between Bisch and Garrett. Gesus mentioned it to me and I couldn't not see it. Anyone know about Garrett's ring skills? Does he have any?

In Ring Segment

B- > Morgan sounded very condescending when he told the fans he loved each and every one of them too. I know we all have good days and bad days, but the way he said it really rubbed me the wrong way. He's the top giant in the industry? I like and will almost always back Morgan, but he's not the top guy over seven feet in the business. Even if Big Show hadn't shown us just how great he can be this past Monday on RAW, I still would go with Big Show over Morgan. Morgan is great and has grown leaps and bounds since h-h-h-he l-l-l-left W-W-W-W-W-E! Would I like to see Morgan and Big Show mix it up in the ring again. The had a mini-feud in May-July 2005, but after Big Show eating a couple of F5s, he was drafted to RAW and started feuding with the baby doll punter himself, Snitsky. And while saying I'd love to see them mix it up in the ring together, I'm almost positive that Big Show would make Morgan look better than Crimson will in their upcoming Match. I'm a huge Crimson fan, but the boy is still very green and I worry about the mess these two could make in the ring, but I dohave to say that Crimson did a fair job of holding his own on mic here. We so rarely hear him that I forget that he's not horrid on mic, but I'm still glad this was a short segment.


B+ > A beautiful set up for this main event.

TNA/IW Title Match – James Storm ( c) vs Bobby Roode

A > The coat Storm wore to the ring was sick! The studs and chains on that camo trench * drool*! The start of the chain wrestling between them, then the way they bounced back up to smile and regroup – Storm had such a smile and looked like he was having a blast in there! He looked so happy, even though he knew he was losing the strap. That's love of the industry that few show so openly. It was a beautiful moment that I will file away for future reference as one of my favorite real moments captured in this 'fake' industry. Yes, I know it's not fake, blah, blah, blah, you know what I mean. I'm just glad I was able to look through the shine of it all to see the true love of it all.

They both really worked hard in that ring. Between the blows and then that superplex, they left it out there. Some of the best matches being between partners and friends – I always go to Trip and HBK when I think of how well friends work together - this is one of those matches. I'm not saying that this is as good or better than some of those great matches between HBK and Trip, I'm not saying it's not as good, I will have to watch it a couple more times, absorb it before I can decide, but this is a Match that I want to watch over and over. That's saying something because I really don't want to watch many of the matches either TNA/IW or the WWE have given us lately, though I do want to re-watch Big Show and ADR again to see the beauty of how Big Show carried and sold.

This Match was worth the wait through much of the rest of Impact, but the end was just more of TNA/IW's inability to let matches come to an organic conclusion. There's always some sort of gimmick or melodramatic swerve that makes me think that TPTB, or Russo, doesn't believe in the wrestlers enough to let them end a Match without a weapon, run-in or some other screwiness. That they couldn't finish the Match without a ref bump. They wanted to turn Roode heel? Cool, but the way they did it made it feel like they didn't think Roode would be able to turn heel without using Storm's bottle as a weapon. And why couldn't they just strap Roode at BFG without all this mess? Oh yeah, that was all Bisch and Hogan, I forgot.

Winner & new Champion – Bobby Roode

Post Show

I have to admit that there were a couple of decent segment and a couple of decent matches on this show. Gesus told me he'd give the entire show a B-, but I had only seen to the end of Hardy/Anderson vs JJ/Ray Match as was annoyed with Hardy being on Impact as well as how badly booked that Match was. After seeing the X Division Match, the main event, Sting backstage and Morgan in the ring with Crimson, I have to agree with him. This show was a solid B- which is a heck of a lot better than last week!

I do have say that I'm sorry, but I don't think the World Series had THAT much of an effect on Impact's rating. I think people tuned in after BFG to see what Hogan would say and do with and to Sting. I won't completely bring down the house with my crankiness and venom yet; actually the main event could bring the ratings back up. I look forward to seeing what TNA/IW's ratings are for this episode and will step back from my crankiness if the ratings prove me wrong.

To keep everyone up to date, I've written words 5017 for WNW and 4451 words for my NaNovel so far this month. Guess I'd better get backon my novel this weekend!


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