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Getting through the holidays is always tough. Even when perfectly healthy, the holidays take a lot out of you. While I know it's sucky to be sick through the holidays, I can't imagine what Matt Morgan has been going through. Losing someone close is always a shock, no matter how sick or how long they've been sick, but it seems that around the holidays makes it harder. From everything that I have read, Morgan and his father were very close. I can only hope that Morgan believes what he said on Twitter about his father finally being at peace. My heart goes out to Morgan and his family.

While little can follow what Morgan is dealing with, I do have to talk about one other thing before the show starts. I was shocked to see Lashley talking about having unfinished business in the WWE and him being open to returning there. Does he mean he'd be open to returning to the WWE or to RAW? I highly doubt he'd want to be on SD with Hayes after their previous issues. Actually, it seemed as thought Lashley had quite a few issues in the WWE. Though I have to admit that the issues Kristal had won't really matter now that they're not together. That he'd even contemplate going back – other than for the money as he did say he'd want to do something big – after all that's gone down. Honestly I don't see VKM bringing Lashley for anything BIG as Lashley's not a big name. He could have been a really big name if he'd stuck things out in the WWE, hadn't bailed when things got a little tough. Yes, things were say that were very wrong, but you don't let the person who pulls that crap win. It only encourages them to continue. The WWE did suspend Hayes, but Lashley didn't do anything about it himself. To me that means either Lashley's the bigger man,or Hayes won. As I don't know Lashley, I can't say, but I also don't think suspending Hayes did anything to change his personal views.

I also found it interesting that Lashley didn't mention TNA/IW. Of course, Lashley and TNA/IW did little to help each other. That was a relationship that was destined to fail from word one.

Show Starts


C > Okay, I'll admit I enjoyed seeing Karen and JJ getting fired again. Then Madison getting attacked, just lovely. The problem I have with this is that it's setting up for too much Knockouts time on Impact...

In Ring Segment

B- > Lucky us, more Madison and her screech. And I complained about Karen's screeching! I was just waiting for Sting to slap Madison down from her high horse. Even better was Sting mocking Madison as he had Karen. Kim defending her strap and Taz asked who more deserving than Mickie? I immediately answered, "Tara." Stacy agreed with me on that one. Mickie did look better than she had, but Sting up Madison's screech was what made that segment worthwhile!

Backstage Segment

C > I can't wait for Abyss to turn on Scotty and Ray. It's going to be fun.

Semi-final Tag Team Tourney Match – Steiner & Abyss vs AJ Styles & Kaz

Four solid names in the ring, three of which are TNA/IW guys through and through, Scotty's been a big name for years and with TNA/IW for quite a while, but the fans were barely reacting. The front row of fans are the same front row as last week's show. Yes, I know that they tape a couple shows a day without fan turnover, but that's part of TNA/IW's problem! The local TNA/IW fans are bored and boring! The most important thing for a company is location, location, location. TNA/IW has proven that they need to change their location or the shows are going to be worse and worse.

While Scotty might be physically showing his age (the way his skin sags and slides around over his muscles, specifically on his torso), he sure hasn't lost any strength! That man is scary strong! But then Abyss did as we've been expecting. This was a good Match and the right team won. Should be fun to see what happens with Abyss now!

Winners – AJ & Kaz

In Ring Segment

B- > Tired of Abyss imposing his will on them? Bullying them? Ray's bigger than Abyss? Too funny! Even funnier was Ray's freaking out. Nice to see Ray looking a bit afraid. Monster's Ball? That should be fun!

Backstage Segment

B > Sting is so great in this role! It work beautifully for him. While I never thought of Sting as a GM, he's perfect in the position.

Backstage Segment

C- > Hasn't someone told Flair that professional wrestling isn't a sport the way he means it? Doesn't he know it's scripted? Actually, I'm shocked he's backing Gunner, even though it is scripted. Guess it's anything for a buck these days. I like Gunner, but he's not the type to be backed by the likes of Flair.

3rd Best of Three Series Contract On A Pole Match – Zema Ion vs Anthony Neese

C+ > Wait, the front row is different from the last Match. Guess they're bouncing back and forth between days they've been taping. I guess that's good in that the woman who was feeling up Neese last week when he won is no longer in the front row; she was during the last Match. Now there's mostly white hoodies across the front row, except for the four girls who have regularly been in the front row for months (more?).

I know I should be paying attention, but this Match just doesn't have that edgy feel that their Match last week had. Even worse it's a Russo Original Tampon On A Pole Match! Not an exciting Match for me. A couple good moves, but these two have proved that their much better than this Match. I blame Russo and the bookers for this one. Shame on Kenney, D-Lo and Snow!

Winner – Ion

Williams vs Gunner w/ Flair

D+ > Yay, Williams is back this week! I'm so happy to see Williams back and on Impact in what is starting to seem to be a regular basis. Now they need to give him a storyline, not just throwing him into matches for no reason.

Putting Williams in a Match with such a loose cannon is a waste of Williams' skills. I do like Gunner and believe he's going places, but I don't like him with Flair and I don't like Gunner taking out people the way he is. Hopefully Williams will be back to really take Gunner on.

Winner – Williams via DQ


D > That same video with Roode's family talking about his changes. It was fine the first time or two, now it's been played too much and it's old.

In Ring Segment

B- > Okay, it kind of makes sense to have played that video as Roode had to talk smack about his friend's comments on that video. Even better, Tracy was there – shocker! That they're making it out that Roode has completely dropped not just his friends, but his parents, wife and kids for the Title belt on his shoulder – interesting way to run with this. Of course Hardy had to rush in to save Tracy from Roode. Interesting idea with Roode dropping everyone who loves him, but TNA/IW needs someone else to be the hero, not Jeff Hardy.

Backstage Segment

C > They're in love? Well ODB is admitting they are in a relationship, sorta. A wrestling relationship! Not their best segment.

Backstage Segment

B+ > Angle sure is full of complaints and is whining. Typical holier than thou Angle, but he sure is good at it.

Semi-final Tag Team Tourney Match – Samoa Joe & Magnus vs ODB & EY

C > It's interesting that EY so easily got the fans chanting for ODB. The fans seem to want to see them succeed. ODB sizing up Magnus was great, but even better was her on him with those slaps. I didn't like the boobs to his face and them rolling around and kissing, but EY getting mad about it was cute. Actually, more than that, EY looked decent in the ring until Joe attacked from outside. I think that's one of the best wrestling segment of any Match we've seen from EY in a very long time!

You get in the ring with the big boys and you're bound to get hurt. I didn't like Magnus putting his hands on ODB, but she was asking for it by attacking him first. Joe and Magnus are the team that should be going on in this lame Tourney. I want to know what's really in ODB's flask.

Winners – Joe & Magnus

Backstage Segment

D > Mickie said she's a better athlete than Kim? Actually, Mickie sounded pretty bad here. Also, the lighting was really bad in showing off that scar in the middle of her forehead. Just not a becoming segment for her.

Angle vs RVD

C- > I have to admit that I was happy to see Storm in this Match as I was getting bored. I wish I wasn't. I wish I could have been sitting on the edge of my seat my attention held tightly to the TV screen, but I wasn't. Angle said in an interview that he wasn't working any lighter in the ring, just less dangerously. Sorry, but Angle seems to have lost his spark. He just wasn't fun here. RVD has really lost his heart for wrestling in TNA/IW and is phoning it in the way Booker had been doing for so long. It really sucks to see a wrestler who just doesn't care any longer because the company they're working for has driven it from him.

Winner – Angle via DQ

Backstage Segment

B > The last call isn't a wrestling move? I'd love to see Angle tell HBK that. Angle sounded really whiny there, to character, just whiny. Storm, as he has been lately, was all heart and it worked well.

Knockouts Championship Match – Gail Kim ( c) vs Mickie James

B+ > I will say I'm impressed with TNA/IW for making a Knockouts Title Match as the main event. They haven't done that in a very long time. Not since Kong, I think. Is it because Gail Kim is now a bad girl that she can show the nipples off? I comment only because I'm shocked to see them.

Honestly, other than that, these girls looked decent out there. I won't say it they were as good as Kong and Kim, but they're better than most of what we've seen on TNA/IW and about everything we've seen from the WWE Divas! Kim is amazing in the ring, both on the mat and flying. Some of her submission holds are sick! I don't like Kim's new finisher, but everything else she does is exquisite.

On the other hand, the way Kim took Mickie's clotheslines looked terrible! Kim was falling back before Mickie could get to her. Some moves look fake, these looked absurd. Speaking of absurd, great way to make the Knockouts Champ look totally weak and ruin what was the best Knockouts Match and one of the best main event we've had in quite a while. They brought Kim back, double strapped her, now won't let her win clean. Ugh!

I wanted to shake Taz and Tenay for their clueless bumbling in trying to figure out who ran in. As if Madison hasn't been up Kim's bum 24/7, just look at the move she hit on Mickie! It was Madison's finisher. Only when she peaked out from under the ring were they able to figure it out. Are we taking bets on who did Madison's face pain? Hardy? Sting? Someone else? To me it screamed Hardy, but that's just me.

Winner – Gail Kim

Post Show

It felt like TNA/IW gave us three matches almost in a row here toward the end of Impact! Okay, they weren't exactly in a row, but it felt more like it than a regular episode of Impact. But then two of the matches of the night ended in DQ, one had a team member attacking the other to cost them the Match, one was a Russo Original and the main event had a run in for the win. Even so, I don't feel I can complain too too much, or as much as I normally do because TNA/IW actually gave us some wrestling matches, more than they normally do, even if they ended in the typical TNA/IW style of screwing it all up before the bell.

I have to shoot out a huge thanks to Gesus tonight. I had to leave the room for a few minutes so I stopped the DVR, but while I was gone my cat decided to dance on my remote. I lost a couple segments of Impact and was not able to retrieve them. Gesus went hunting for me and found Impact online so that I could get my Blog Zone up as quickly as possible. As per usual Gesus, thanks for covering for me!


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