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I have to start this by thanking Blitz and the Professor. They both stepped up (I specifically asked Richard for Shawn and Rick) this week and took over my work for me. Shawn with my RAW Results and Rick with my RAW Is Blogged. I already knew that they're both fabulous writers as well huge wrestling fans, so I knew they would do a great job, but both went above and beyond the call of duty on short notice. I'm sure I sound like I'm just pushing WNW, but everyone here is just fabby.

What's not fabby is Dixie and TNA/IW's issues that keep popping up. First off, Dixie's interview and her career goals. I've never been a fan of her's, but I really wonder if she has any business acumen after reading that! I have always wondered why Dixie hasn't advertised TNA/IW to any extent. I guess it's because she's doing things differently. Lucky us!

Then there's the Jakk's Pacific action figure sales issues. Honestly I'm not at all surprised by this as almost every TNA/IW action figure I've seen has looked horrible. It's actually become a game between Stacy and I. If I'm out shopping without him and come across a wrestling action figure, I take a picture of the face and send it to him. It's his job to figure out which wrestler it's supposed to be. Usually the worst, by far, are the TNA/IW action figures, but one older Orton figure stumped him completely. He did look more like HBK. But honestly, I won't buy TNA/IW action figures at their regular price. They just are not worth it.

Further on the crap list is what's going on with Spike losing UFC and how that will royally screw TNA/IW in the long run. I don't follow UFC, so I don't know where they're going or what the plan is for them, but their leaving will seriously hurt TNA/IW. If only TNA/IW and Spike had invested some time and money into advertising, then they might not be in this trouble. Right back to the same issues I've had with Dixie and TNA/IW for a very long time. I honestly feel that TNA/IW could be something great if they were being properly led by someone with a clue about business, advertising and seeing through the smoke screens of legendary names with all sorts of promises and ideas who can't and don't deliver.

Flair really thinks he has a lot to contribute to TNA/IW? Flair says he will leave when he has nothing left to contribute? This is just another instance that shows that Dixie has absolutely no clue what she is doing. While Hogan, Flair and Bisch might have big names in the industry, they've done more the hurt the company than help it. Yes, I am standing by that statement, no matter the ratings. One high rating on an Impact following a PPV with a lousy Hogan Match does not make for the company's success as a whole.

Okay, their project in India and the new TV deal in the UK are both promising (even though their TNA/IW name isn't attached to it), the problem is that they're going into them with the same, not so talented, business people running the ship. Between Dixie, JJ, Hogan, Bisch and even Russo still being involved, TNA/IW is screwed six ways to Sunday!

The only true positive note is that Robbie E got married this week. I hope he and his new bride are happy together.

Show Starts


D+ > They showed Storm all bloody and Angle's threats. Nothing new or exciting here.

In Ring Segment

C- > I have to say Roode got some heat and the fans actually seemed to be more awake than they usually are. If they were going to show a video, it should have been about Dixie's involvement with Roode. Honestly, I'd forgotten that it had happened. Roode talking about advertisers and promoters wanting him is funny now after the news about possible advertising issues now that UFC won't be on Spike. Actually, it's fun to listen to Roode say a lot of things to Dixie that I feel, specifically about her ability as a business woman and how she shouldn't be referred to as such. As little as I think of Dixie's business sagacity, the spitting in her face was too much, even from such a heel. That's one thing that always bothers me.

Backstage Segment

C > Why is it that we see D-Lo and Snow so often? Just find it odd that they're always there breaking up fights. I love Snow, just find it odd.

Samoa Joe vs Abyss

C+ > While I'm not complaining about seeing Joe in the ring, I'm just wondering why we're seeing it, especially against Abyss. Ray and Steiner are determined to bring Abyss back to the dark side while Joe had been pissy at the new Tag Champs, but this comes from the blue for me. Again, not complaining, just don't see where the Match is coming from where normally there's some obvious reason, even if it makes less than no sense, for matches.

Theses are two big and powerful men who work that ring hard. They rarely leave me wanting for more. Joe moves like men much smaller than him. I'm always amazed at how he does it. Things were actually interesting and entertaining in the ring until Ray and Scotty showed up. While it was nice to see Abyss destroy Scotty, then go after Ray, it sucked that this Match was cut short and only really set up for Ray and Scotty to help Abyss and push their issues further. Grrrrr! TNA/IW frustrates me so much sometimes!

Winner > Abyss

Backstage Segment

D- > Madison really annoys me. I complain about Madison's screech enough, but Karen's voice makes me want to stab myself in the ears with ice picks. Only for who she's married to does she have a job on TV. JJ made her a star, at least in their own eyes. Personally I think it's time they both leave the industry.

Backstage Segment

C > If we'd had Gunner last week like this, not terrorizing a gym, then I wouldn't be so sour about him now. That was a decent little segment between him and Sting. Not great, but decent.

In Ring Segment

B- & F > Devon was really solid on mic here, but he went on a bit long. It was really nice to see the respect between him and the Champs. If Morgan or Crimson had called Pope a racially negative name, then everyone would have been gunning for them – in or out of TNA/IW. Why is it that Pope, even as a heel, get away with comments like that? The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. If all Pope and Devon's boys could do is leave Morgan in the ring holding his pee-pee, then Devon and Pope don't have a chance. (The F is all for Pope.)

Madison vs Mickie

D > Between the camera being up in Mickie's crotch the way it was, then Madison's nude panties, I'm wondering if TPTB in TNA/IW are watching old clips of Sable, Kat, Terri and the rest of those Divas from that time frame when sex was more important than ring work. Last week Mickie and ODB worked hard out there and impressed me, this week Mickie was stuck working with Madison who just can't hold her own in the ring. I'm just hoping Gail and Mickie leave it all in the ring this weekend. TNA/IW needs to get back to their Knockouts Division that was so great for so long by getting rid of the eye candy and letting the girls who can really work the ring do so.

Winner > Mickie

Backstage Segment

B- > Scotty and Ray are a comedy of errors and are actually kind of funny.


C > The pushing of Garett was decent.

Gunner vs Garett

D > So much for Bisch and Flair not being ringside for this one! Gunner sends them off, but it irked me that they were out there and took any time from the Match. Some of Garett's moves were so loose that he barely touched Gunner, but Gunner went with them. Gunner looked a little loose cannon here. I know he always is, but his wrestling has been tighter in the past. I know it's going with the flow of the storyline, but Gunner has better than this. That Garett got that pin made all of Gunner's moves look weak and pathetic in the end. And you don't put your hands on Earl! Certain people don't get pushed around and Earl is one of them. When Bisch came running down telling Gunner to stop, I knew he was going to do something to make the move even worse. It's Bisch and he's as transparent as a soap bubble – his character and his trying to play it cool online even though he and Hogan so obviously don't have a clue what they're doing and are covering with bravado.

Winner > Gunner

Backstage Segment

F > Bisch and Flair backstage with Garett was just revolting. Old guys who have no business being in the ring. Then the EMT doing chest compressions on Garett as they left? That was pushing things to beyond silly.

In Ring Segment

B > Storm was solid there. He was passionate and emotionally left it out there. Storm's made huge strides this year and especially these past couple months. He's proving himself over and over every week.

Backstage Segment

F > And more Karen, ugh!

Backstage Segment

C- > Wow, that was quite the slam to Pope into the wall. I'm wondering where all this with Devon's sons is going. As I've said before, and Guy disagrees with, I don't think those boys should be working the ring until they're 18. I don't say this because I don't think they're ready, I have no clue about that. I say this as someone who's family business employs teenagers. I know how tight child labor laws are in the USA and how scary it can get when a teenager is injured on the job. Laws, insurance and so many other things factor into all this and TNA/IW has more than enough troubles these days that you'd think they'd play things safe, but obviously they're not.

Backstage Segment

C > AJ didn't seem as into it as Hardy did, or maybe I'm reading into things that aren't really there because of my own biases. I think TNA/IW was stupid to bring Hardy back and will pay for it in the end. I hope I eat my words, but it will take a very long time for me to trust that Hardy won't be right back to his old tricks.

Gail Kim vs Traci Brooks

C+ > Nice to see Traci back in action. She and Gail worked hard in there and while it was a bit sloppy, it was hard action from Knockouts. I really wanted to see Karen eat a knuckle sandwich from Traci, but of course TNA/IW couldn't let that happen! I only wish Traci's pants had fit her so she wasn't constantly adjusting them. I don't feel bad at all about Traci losing that one dirty because she showed spunk and drive. Traci and Karen are of an age (approximately the same age as me), so let them go at it in the ring. Let Karen get out her tata envy issues while Traci demolishes her! I have to add that Gail losing one set of false eyelashes during the Match looked rather gruesome. I missed it the first time around as I was too busy watching Traci shake off any rust, but after a mention from Gesus I saw how creepy it looked. I vow to make sure I never lose any false eyelashes in the heat of battle.

Winner > Gail Kim

Backstage Segment

C- > Roode was good here, JJ just looked old and like he's heading in the direction of Flair. I know JJ can still go some in the ring, but he's starting to get that desperate look around and in his eyes. It's not an attractive look for him.

Backstage Segment

C+ > Singlet like a colostomy bag? Why do they continue to harp upon digestive disorders? Actually, Daniels was rather funny there. Not hysterical, but humorous. I don't like the Bob Van Dam thing, but that's me and my need for the right word to be used for every situation.

Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett & Bobby Roode

B- > Borash's Wrangler spot in announcing the main event really blew! I can understand why it was there, but Borash looked like he was trying to play with the big boys and repeating something they might like to hear.

There was nothing very interesting or exciting in this Match until near the end. After JJ and Hardy left with Karen trailing them, that's when this Match got interesting. Roode and AJ worked the end of this Match wonderfully. There was tension, feeling and questions about which way it will go.

As soon as AJ turned around, I knew Roode would be back out to attack AJ's knee. Actually, until Roode attacked he had been made to look very weak after the Match ended. Not the best way to make your Champ look going into a PPV whether he's slated to win or lose. I hope their Iron Man Match on Sunday is the Match they're both capable of and AJ's not stuck trying to sell this silly knee injury. The whole think looked bad from his first landing and (sadly) bad selling.

Winners > Hardy & AJ

Post Show

What a long week, and this show didn't help. I'm willing to admit that I had forgotten going into this show that there was a PPV this weekend, but this show did nothing to really make me want to watch the PPV. This was an average show that I would expect between PPVs, not the go home show to a PPV. It lacked anything exciting or interesting. I'll fully admit that it might be that I'm emotionally whipped, but I do think this show was blah. If it was me, please let me know what you liked and what worked for you. See you in the Predicts!


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