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TNA/IW Blog Zone - Storming Around Backstage

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As you must know, this past Sunday was the five year anniversary of Eddie's death. Well, a few weeks ago my friend Gesus sent me a link for a wrestling Match on YouTube. I wondered what I was getting into, but then I watched the Match. It both brought tears to my eyes and made me smile. While I posted the video through FaceBook, I held onto thisuntil now for here. I don't know exactly when, even what year this was, but it was a qualifier or semi-final for the FWA's King of England Tournament.

During the past couple weeks I've Tweeted about and to Doug Williams a couple times. The biggest thing is that he should be back on Impact. It's just downright silly to have such a talented wrestler just riding the locker room (is that the right way to say that?). He's solid on mic, great in the ring and works well with wrestlers of so many styles.

One last thing I have to throw out there. As many of you know Shawn, more formally known as Big Van Blitz, took over Who Am I for Rick, better known as the Evil Professor. After one nice comment from me to Blitz for joining the WNW family, the Evil Professor decided it was time to go heel and throw all sorts of nasty in my general direction. Okay, more than just my general direction, directly at me and not holding back in any way. I just want to state that while I have intestinal fortitude that the Evil Professor will never possess, I will not sink to the childish name calling and poo flinging that he has been trying to dish out all over WNW, but I will say that in the six sided wrestling ring of life, I will powerbomb you through the mat and leave you in a puddle of your own gravy!

Show Starts


Of course they had to start the same way, but at least they talked about Roode winning dirty at TP.

In Ring Segment

B- > Okay, I don't know what the bloody heck was up with Roode and his spray tan, but he had this curvy line on his forehead that delineated this orange face from his actual coloring. It was as if he was trying to keep it out of his hair and did a piss poor job of it. A couple weeks ago Miz was dripping spray tan down his neck, now this. I think it's great that these wrestlers are going about getting color in a safer way; they won't look like the loose skinned naugahyde barcalounger Flair had turned into, but they're having some issue with the products. Don't they look in the mirror before heading to the ring? Are they paying for professional spray tans? If they are, then they need to demand a refund! I could barely pay attention to what he was saying as his line was so distracting.

I would have loved to see Storm up in the ring with Roode, but Roode played the perfect scared heel. I loved Storm's guilt by association, then AJ on Roode's ass hard. That slightly off tackle from AJ might leave Roode feeling a bit more sore than usual, but it looked great. Honestly, I think it's great that Roode was getting the 'Bobby sucks!' chants, just shows that the crowd isn't dead and Roode did a great job of turning so completely heel in one swing of a beer bottle. Psychological work like that, when it all comes together so beautifully, is what makes the writing for wrestling worthwhile. Workers like Roode can take the writing and booking and make it into something magical. While I wasn't really happy about TNA/IW breaking up BMI, but Roode is doing a fabby job with it.

While I don't like long segments full of talk, I like how they went to commercial and came back with AJ talking and verbally abusing Roode. And then Sting. Actually, I'm liking this silly and slightly off kilter Sting as the boss. Iron Man Match between Roode and AJ is going to be sick! I love Iron Man Matches, but an hour seems to drag just too much. Thirty minute Match sound great!

Ringside Segment

C+ > So much for Dixie staying off TV! What I will give her props for is being in the middle of Roode's attack the way she was. I was also impressed with Roode, as when he realized he was standing on Dixie's hair, he very quickly moved his foot. Why is it that almost all fights end when the Mighty Booking Trio make their way out to the ring, or to the middle of any fight? Now, I love Al Snow, but watching him, D-Lo and Kenney bumbling around, but managing to end fights makes me laugh, sometimes out loud!

Backstage Segment

B > Nice to see Joe back on Impact. Rather see him in the ring, but this segment could have set up for just that. I could handle watching Storm and Joe in the ring. The only problem I had with this segment was that we just saw and uncontrolled fight, so it felt over used doing it two segments in a row.

Backstage Segment

B > Short and nicely executed between Roode and Sting.

TV Title Match – Robbie E ( c) w/ Robbie T vs Devon w/ his sons & Pope

D+ > I always forget how jacked up Terry looks until he takes his shirt off! And every time Devon's boys are there, there's an issue. Of course Devon wasn't going to win this Match because of Pope and the boys, but pushing back against their father? Interesting! And while it wasn't part of the Match, I loved seeing EY out there going after Terry with that chair! It's about time EY get a little pissy and take it out on someone – even thought those someones should be Hogan and Bisch!

Winner – Robbie

Backstage Segment

B+ > I'm liking this Garrett Bisch character. I'm shocked and impressed. Even further, I loved the look on Morgan's face when Sting put Morgan and Crimson together to face MexA. Will this lead to Crimson' loss? Either way, this worked so well because it was short and didn't drag out. The flow of Impact so far as been quick which made the first half hour fly by with only one Match, but it didn't bore me as they're want to do much of the time.

Backstage Segment

B+ > Oh, I like Sting here! Sting up Bisch's bum talking up Garrett as he did. This is a great role for Sting! I didn't even absolutely hate watching Bisch and Flair here!

Austing Aries & Kidd Kash vs Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen

A- > Sorensen's chest looked a bit uncomfortable from TP, and Kendrick cut his hair. It isn't short, but a little clean cut for his character. Starting this Match Sorensen looked sick against KK. Even Kendrick on KK looked sick until that drop kick that didn't touch KK but sent him flying from the ring.

Back to Sorensen and KK in the ring. Sorensen's northern lights suplex was sick! The four girls in the front row tried to start a chant for Sorensen, but few joined in. Makes me wonder just how much they're being paid. More that that, Sorensen looked sick in that Match. I didn't see much of his Match at TP, but he's grown a lot more relaxed in the ring since he came into TNA/IW. He's been able to throw the moves since he came in, but in this Match I actually got some feeling from him. He wasn't just robotic.

AA sure controlled that Match! I can't wait for AA and KK to feud. It's coming and will be great!

Winners – Sorensen & Kendrick

Backstage Segment

D > I think it's hysterical that Karen is always worried about Traci covering her cleavage when none of the other Knockouts do. I've always live by the 'you've got them, flaunt them' theory and Traci does just that in a great way. Then there's Madison. I wonder how long it's going to take her to realize that Karen and Kim are just using her. She's doing a great job of playing the dumb non-blonde!

Backstage Segment

B+ > I love what Storm said about assholes. It was nice to see Anderson supporting his hometown boys in his Green Bay jersey playing GB in the video game. 9-0!

#1 Contender Gauntlet Match

C- > Velvet Sky is not a very tall girl, but she was a head taller than Rosita! Velvet Sky went through both Rosita and Tessmacher so quickly that I thought this could be a quick and easy Match for Velvet Sky, but no.

Angelina looked decent, but then Mickie looked like a mockery of a farm girl. Sorry, that outfit was just horrid and whoever made it should be ashamed. Sarita looked great in her bright ring gear and no mask! Sarita should be in the ring every week with her lucha style and creative holds! Okay, she looked great until she bounced off the center rope wrong. That looked painful! Mickie's DDT should have looked painful, but Sarita's head never came near the ring and it was obvious. It actually looked as though Mickie didn't get Sarita up as she should have.

But then the holds between Mickie and Tara looked great! The fans were chanting for Tara over Mickie – interesting. Winter's suplex was lovely. It is so nice seeing Winter's milky skin in the ring. It's a nice change from all the golden spray tanned bodies. I also think Sheamus looks good in the ring for the same reason. That both of them work the ring so well doesn't hurt either.

ODB sure did a number on Mickie and looked great doing it, but it was how Mickie rolled up Madison that had me cheering. That was fun to watch, even if much of the Match could have been done without. Yes, it was nice to see the group of Knockouts each have a few minutes in the ring. They mostly all looked great in the ring too. I think it's that I'm so burnt out on the tits and ass overshadowing actual wrestling. Honestly that wasn't a bad Match, none of them really brought it down, but I still would have rather seen Storm vs Joe, or Kaz vs Gunner, or even Abyss vs Steiner. I feel like I'm saying I'm not happy when they're not giving us wrestling, but now that they did I'm still not happy. I'm not saying that anything the Knockouts did was bad, just that I personally want to see another kick butt X Division Match or Doug Williams facing anyone at this point. To end this on a high note, I'm thrilled Mickie won and can't wait to see some sick matched between Kim and Mickie, even if it's not for the strap.

Winner – Mickie

Backstage Segment

B+ > I have to stand up for all the freaky haired girls with glasses. She's too good for that bully! Bully didn't list Flair in listing Immortal, interesting! Even better was Storm telling Bully that he's not getting laid. Priceless! That comment alone brought the grade for this segment up. I will admit that it being short and to the point didn't hurt either.

Backstage Segment

C > Garrett is getting a bit cocky, could hurt him, literally!

In Ring Segment

F > The double Jeff Match at TP being a hat trick for Hardy just annoyed me. It annoyed me at TP and still annoys me now. Maybe he has really cleaned up his act. We've all been so burnt by him that I just can't trust him. But worse than not trusting Hardy is listening to Karen for three seconds. She has the biggest balls in the company, but JJ wears the pants in her family?

Women who threaten and beg a man to hit them are a huge pet peeve of mine. As if she wasn't bad enough that we had to listen to all her screeching, she begged Hardy to hit her, then assaulted him? I understand wanting to push the envelope, but they didn't do it here. They just further made Karen look like an idiot. I have so many questions about why she pushed Kurt to leave the WWE and join TNA/IW. Just so many questions that will never be answered. If I'm feeling bad for Hardy to be in a segment, that's pushing it for bad.

Backstage Segment

C+ > Sarita's abs are sick! I don't know how I missed them earlier, but that girl is cut! I think that segment went pretty well. It was short and we didn't have to listen to Anarquia. Having the Knockouts talk there really worked much better for the group.

Backstage Segment

D > It seems as though TNA/IW is loving the Backstage Segment tonight as there's been more of those than anything else, by far. And what was up with that strange camera shot? Way down the hall I could barely tell if it really was Gunner or not! I know they like their creative camera shots, but that's a bit ridiculous!

Tag Team Title Match – MexA (Anarquia & Hernandez) ( c) w/ Rosita & Sarita vs Morgan& Crimson

B- > Wow, Morgan didn't sell anything well in this Match! Crimson took a lot of abuse and sold it well. In reality, all I cared about was getting the straps of MexA. They have become very boring and stale. Hopefully something will happen with tag teams now?

Winners – Morgan & Crimson

Backstage Segment

B > Storm looked strange here. Somehow he didn't look like himself. Might be that he looks better in a cowboy hat than a ball cap, but he didn't look like sexy Storm who I drool over every week. Can put my finger on why.

Gunner w/ Bisch & Flair vs Garrett

C+ > That big clothesline from Gunner was a bit sick. The way Garrett hit the mat made me cringe. I'm not sure if it was one or both of them that caused it, but they're both green. Garrett over sold, just trying to even it up from Morgan who didn't at all. All that abuse from Gunner and one DDT takes him out? Doesn't jive with all we've seen of Gunner so far.

Winner – Gunner

In Ring Segment

B > Sorry Storm, your jeans aren't tight enough honey! Storm and AJ? I loved the confusion, that it looked like Storm might be going heel. Could have been fun to keep that going a bit. No, now Angle's up in Storm's business after one superkick? Actually, this could be quite good for both of them and especially for the fans.

Post Show

Five matches in one show? Am I sure I counted that right? While they did try to make every other segment a backstage segment, most of them were shorter and to the point. The flow of the show was much faster and enjoyable. I feel great that I can sing the praises of something on Impact. It's not all complains tonight, a first in quite a while.

I'm enjoying the shake up between the heels and faces, mostly to do with Storm's attack and Roode's nasty disposition. Sting is a great TV boss, making Laurinaitis look as bad as Adamle. Now all TNA/IW has to do is show us even more wrestling, give us good Knockouts matches and get Williams back on TV and we'll be golden!


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