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I have to say that going into Final Restitution, I mean Final Resolution, I had high hopes, yet I also had some worries. That card looked solid. Even the Knockouts Match looked as though it could have been good. But then we had to worry about Hogan, Bisch, Russo and even Dixie! None of them have done much good for TNA/IW in at least two years, longer for some. I thought the worst they could do was book FR terribly, but Bisch took being a crappy businessman to a whole new low!

It was bad enough that a couple of the matches just were not what they could have been because of the booking, the end of the 30 Minute Iron Man Match was only thirty minutes as obviously they didn't trust AJ and Roode enough to book them in a true hour long Iron Man Match, that they let the Match end on a tie, but that Hogan and Bisch couldn't even be bothered to show up to Final Resolution!

What type of crap is that? Not only can't they push TNA/IW whenever handed huge opportunities - Hogan can only talk about himself and Bisch can only complain about politics – but Bisch decided that Tweeting nastiness during FR was the best way to spend his time. It obviously was a much better way to spend his time than talk about FR with fans on Twitter, or possibly even being at the event in person? I'm completely floored at the lackadaisical behavior they have about TNA/IW and how they don't seem to give a flying fig other than when they need ego boosts to remind themselves that they were once big names in the industry.

I really wish someone would shake Dixie and Janice, show them how badly screwed up everything is and why Hogan and Bisch should not be earning one red cent from TNA/IW for any reason. Heck, I'd rather we were just stuck dealing with Russo after all Hogan and Bisch have done to TNA/IW. I agree with Richard, there's no way TNA/IW will ever compete with WWE at the rate their going.

Show Starts


C+ > Hardy was just sidetracked? That's one of the funniest jokes I've heard on TNA/IW. Wait, it wasn't a joke? Ugh! At least issues from Final Resolution will finally be resolved, maybe.

AJ vs Roode

B- > I don't know what it is about those light blue pants on AJ. They left nothing to the imagination. They're almost as bad as Mark Henry's white singlet that he only seemed to wear soaking wet. Just not something I want catching my eye during what could be a great Match.

I wasn't at all surprised that Roode waited out the five minute Match. Beautifully executed as a heel, but I'd still prefer a solid win over all these ties. Yes, Roode won in the end when AJ tapped, but the booking to that point (including Sunday's booking) totally sucked! I feel used and not at all satisfied by any of these matches between them this week.

Winner > Roode

Backstage Segment

C > Well, Roode sure can complain like a whiny heel! AJ came of whiny too. Actually, it was obviously well orchestrated and put together over the past couple days. It was too slick. They need to think about going live as this is working less and less for me.

Wild Card Tournament > Rob Terry & Hernandez vs Steiner & Abyss

C+ > It's been a couple weeks since we've had a Tourney, so why not? I'm so sick of TNA/IW's tournaments! They are not the cure all, end all, be all and TNA/IW creative doesn't seem to get that!

I have to say that Scotty looked very slow moving out of his pin and into his pushups in this Match. Beyond that, I loved how well Terry and Hernandez worked the ring together and how Abyss wanted virtually nothing to do to help Scotty until late in the Match. It was very interesting to watch if not wonderfully wrestled.

Winners > Scotty & Abyss

Backstage Segment

C > Oh, scary, Angle's unhappy with Sting! Sting should be scared! Oh, no!

In Ring Segment

C- > Well, Angle sure has the whiny locked on in this segment. I really don't like threats that involve those outside the industry. If just one little kid in Storm's town saw that and got scared, that's one person too many. It just rubs me the wrong way.

Best of Three Series > Anthony Neese vs Zema Ion

B > What is going on with Ion's ring gear? Those pants are a travesty! Neese on the other hand comes off as very Storm, Lance Storm that is.

Ion was good, but almost too flashy. I want more of Neese! Yes, high flying and wild has been a big part of the x Division, but Ion comes off as an arrogant little kid. And what did Neese do to deserve to be made to look so weak? I really didn't like the end of this Match even though most of the moves in this Match were fabulous. These moves are X Division and this is what the fans want to see!

Winner > Ion

Backstage Segment

D > JJ and Karen each wanting to leave over the other? Okay, they can both go!

Backstage Segment

C- > Ion is all about being pretty it seems. Sorry, little about wrestling is really pretty. Hot? Sexy? Exciting? Sure! Pretty? Not so much. And honestly, there was little that was pretty about this segment.

Backstage Segment

D- > So Gunner does the work but they both make an example out of Jesse? Flair's holding onto Gunner's coat tails!

Jesse Neal vs Gunner w/ Flair

F > From behind Gunner looked like and action figure brought to life! His legs and arms moved in such a strange way. Sorry, it really distracted me from the start of the Match. Not that the Match lasted any length of time anyway! That was pretty sucktastic!

Winner > Neal via DQ

Backstage Segment

B+ > Karen liked Sting's jacket and hitting on him? And now Karen doesn't want to get fired and throws her hubby under the train? Could that camera zoom in on Karen's boobs any more than they did? Okay, Sting was a blast there! Between teasing Karen and his 'poor Jeff' comment. This is a wonderful role for Sting!

In Ring Segment

C+ > Wow, Hardy was really boring in this segment! I hate to admit it, but Ray brought interest to this segment. Someone should tell Ray that Immortal starts with the letter I!

Backstage Segment

B- > Joe sure is cranky, but the way he's been booked, I don't blame him! Should be fun to see Joe and Magnus on the same team.

Wild Card Tournament > Robbie & Williams vs Magnus & Joe

B+ > This kind of sucks. Joe deserves to advance, but I have been lobbying to see Williams back in TNA/IW for months now! Watching Magnus and Williams chain wrestle was a lot of fun. Actually Williams looked really strong in this. Then again, compared to the turnip he was partnered with, Williams's actually able to work the ring! Of course Joe got the win and he and Magnus looked decent in the ring together.

Winners > Magnus & Joe

Backstage Segment

C > I love that both JJ and Karen are backstabbing each other. It's just too funny! And what is it with all these comments about Sting's jacket? It's truly heinous.

Backstage Segment

B > EY's mom dresses him and sends him on his way? And now he and ODB are life partners? He is too funny and I like the idea of him and ODB tagging together and possibly hanging together some. TNA/IW won't treat either right, so why not let them have a little fun? Those two together are already funny and very entertaining.

In Ring Segment

D- > Pope comes out with Devon's sons? This whole thing makes me twitch. The boys aren't going to learn anything from Ray and Devon in ECW? That's really funny! It's about time Devon snaps and takes Pope out. Pope shows them how it's done with pansy punches? Either way, I still don't like this. They might be training, but in this country they can't take bumps and I worry about them crossing that line. It continues to leave a bad taste in my mouth, but I think a big part of it is these boys with such a famous father are you and impressionable and learning about the industry in the likes of TNA/IW with all the crap that's going on there. I would hope Devon would want his kids to work to the top, but working TNA/IW means they will never get a high spot in the WWE, no matter how good they are.

Backstage Segment

C > I love the lying here. Just too funny! One of the first segments of theirs that doesn't make me want to stab my eyes and ears out with an ice pick! And there's no way those are her boobs! Strapless at our age after two kids? Yeah, no way!

Traci vs Madison

D+ > Ugh, Madison is showing off her lack of class with her nude panties again. Again, Traci needs pants that fit her and doesn't need to tell everyone that she has Double D's. It's usually obvious which girls have Double D's and which don't. Taz said Madison looks like the girl next door? I'd sooner move than let my kids live next door to a girl who likes looking like she doesn't have panties on. A couple solid moves doesn't make for a good wrestler. I'm still not a Madison fan and don't see that I ever will be. What I will say is that it's nice seeing the Knockouts working the ring hard, not just flouncing around like they're afraid to break a nail. Also nice that this is the fifth Match so far. Not all have been log, but there's actually been some wrestling!

Winner > Madison

Backstage Segment

A > Sting sure loves taunting and teasing Karen. Either they get along well and both laugh about it afterward or he can't stand her and is loving every moment of it. But the best was both being 'fired' from TNA/IW and blaming each other for it. I haven't enjoyed them anything from JJ and Karen the way I enjoyed that! The best part is that we'll be without both of them, at least for a couple weeks. No one ever seems to stay fired from TNA/IW. Well, other than Petey Williams!

Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy

C- > Hardy's over selling to start the Match was a bit annoying. I will say that Ray looked better in the ring than he has in a while. The weight loss has really seemed to help Ray in the ring. A couple clotheslines, head scissors, two twists of fate and Hardy wins? After all the abuse he took, then he came back as Super Cena, I mean Super Hardy. This really felt like a RAW main event to me, and not in a good way.

Winner > Hardy

In Ring Segment

D+ > Then Roode barely bumping into Hardy completely destroyed him again? This looks very WWE to me. Actually, Ray putting Hardy through a table does look very WWE – from a lot of matches. Huh, attacking Sting. Will we be seeing Sting tag with Hardy soon? Sting and Hardy working the ring together? I never thought I'd see that. I guess I'll have to wait and see, though I admit that the spoilers are taunting me a bit at this moment.

Post Show

I guess I should be happy with six matches? Not saying they were all good or strong, but there were six matches there. I am thrilled to FINALLY see Doug Williams back on Impact! I have been pushing for his return and finally he has. Hopefully this won't be a one off Match without him showing back up again.

I'm going to keep hoping that TNA/IW will give us more matches. I actually didn't completely hate this show and really did like the Jarrett segments. Maybe it was because I knew we wouldn't be stuck watching them both on Impact, at least for the rest of the year. You know they won't be gone for that long!


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