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TNA/IW Predicts - Against All Odds

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This Sunday TNA/IW presents Against All Odds from Orlando, Florida. After two weeks in the UK and some wonderful matches, I'm quite worried about AAO. Hopefully they won't drop the ball with this one, but I must admit that I don't have my hopes up. One last thing... Is anyone interested in an AAO Live Blog? The TNA/IW Live Blogs are historically slow, and as of right now I think it's only Blitz and I, and it doesn't make sense to run a Live Blog with just the two of us. If you're in, please tell me so in the comments, or on Facebook, that way if there's enough interest I can get it up and running. I love the Live Blogs and it's rare that you can sit around and shoot the bull with a group of wrestling fans.


Blitz here to make his picks. AGAINST ALL ODDS, I have calculated who I believe will be the winners of the matches on this solid card. Hopefully the dirty finishes will be kept to a minimum...Oh who am I kidding? Let's just hope TNA doesn't foul this up.

Ken Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match - Matt Morgan & Crimson (c) vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus

I would love to see Magnus and Joe win this one as they've been quite the team as of late. Joe actually seem to be getting that spark back, even though he's packed on most of the weight he had lost. Honestly, I'm done with Crimson's streak, but TNA/IW has a habit of not forgetting storylines, even though this one should be forgotten. So, the question is, does the loss matter if Morgan is the one pinned? I think so, but I'm not sure they agree. Either way, I want to see Magnus and Joe win the straps as they've actually been looking good and I'd rather see the Guns going after them than Crimson and Morgan. Yes, this is me hoping that the Guns will be back together sooner rather than later. So while Magnus and Joe should win this, I don't see it happening here. I'm calling for a double count out, or no contest, or something happening that makes this end in a screwy way.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Screwy Ending!

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Joe & Magnus

Blitz Predicts - TNA tag title match: Morgan and Crimson vs. Joe and Magnus

This feud has provided good matches, but the promos have been mostly awful. I will say, however, that Joe and Magnus have solidified themselves into a solid tag team. I would like to think that Doug Williams appears to help his buddy Magnus win the straps, but it's not going to happen... Something just tells me that this is going to be a no contest, so that's what I'm going with to give them another month to feud and hopefully introduce another tag team into the mix.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - NO CONTEST

Chris Predicts - Tag Team Title Match: (C) Morgan & Crimson vs Samoa Joe & Magnus

I want to see this feud continue and since there is nobody else for the champs to feud with, the only way the feud continues is Joe and Magnus go over, if not, they are just the nuggets who refuse to be flushed. Magnus has been tremendous as of late, and Joe is not as lazy as he has been.

Chris' Predicted Winner and NEW champions, Samoa Joe & Magnus

Ken Predicts - #1 Contender Match for the X Division Championship
- Jesse Sorensen vs. Zema Ion

I really want to like Zema Ion, but he's just so annoying! His hair, his ring gear, his too green ring work – all of it! I really do like Sorensen, even though he is also rather young and green. Of the two of them, I'd prefer to see Sorensen win, but I also have to take into account the X Division Title Match and who might win that. If Shelley wins the Title, then you'd want Ion to win this match, and the opposite of AA retains. Then again, if Shelley wins, AA will be up his bum for a rematch. Anyway, I do think this will be a high flying match with sick high spots, but I worry about sloppiness and possible injury. I don't know how hungry these two are, but if they're really wanting to prove, at a PPV, that they're the ones who should be on top of the X Division, I worry about them taking unnecessary risks that they're not ready for. This should be a sick match, only topped by Shelley vs AA, but in the end I just have to go with Sorensen on top.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Sorensen

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Sorensen

Blitz Predicts - X-division #1 contender match: Jesse Sorensen vs. Zema Ion

I yawn at the idea of Jesse Snoreson (props to whoever came up with that nickname) and Zema Iono-why-I'm-annoying both being in line for an X-division title shot when I can think of at least two other contenders that are more worthy, one being Doug Williams. In the end, I personally don't give a flying (insert appropriate words here) who wins, but in the interests of making a pick, I'll flip a coin and pick Ion.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Zema Ion

Chris Predicts - #1 Contender's Match for X-Division Title: Sorenson vs Ion

Who cares. No, really, who cares. We have been given no reason to are about either of these guys, further more, until I read the offical card on TNA's site, I didn't know this match was planned. I would like to list the winner as "hopefully neither" but since I must.....

Chris' Predicted Winner - Sorenson (because they refuse to stop shoving him down our throats)

Ken Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Match - Austin Aries (c) vs. Alex Shelley

This is the match that should be the match of the night. AA has been on his game every time he's been in the ring. I haven't seen AA have an off night in I don't know how long. Any ideas on that one? I'm thrilled to see Shelley back, even though I think he is looking quite thin right now. I normally love longer Title reigns, but it's time to shake up the X Division and really get the fans pumped up. They've been proving over and over, just how amazing they are, so why not throw a curve ball in and give Shelley the win. I know I just said that if Shelley wins, then Ion should win the #1 Contendership, but there's so many people who would be on Shelley if he wins this, that having another semi-face coming after him would be no biggie. Shelley would be dealing with AA wanting to get the Title back, possibly Ion, even if he doesn't win, hopefully Williams back into the shuffle. So I'm going with Shelley to win this one and let the cards fall as they may.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Shelley

Stacy's Predicted Winner – AA

Blitz Predicts - TNA X-division title: Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley

I'm going to catch heat for this, but I think Shelley is a wonderful addition to the division. However, his time as a champion is past. He's a well-established veteran that can get the job done, but he doesn't need the strap to get over. It would be obvious to pick Shelley to take the strap, but it's not going to happen. Shelley wins but he's not getting the strap.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Alex Shelley by DQ/countout

Chris Predicts - X Division Title Match: (c) Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley

We haven't seen Kash lately, be prepared for a run-in, and while you are at it, keep open minds on the health of Chris Sabin and a possible major return. Since I'm not sure how soon Sabin is returning, I don't want to believe Shelley will get a singles run if he is coming back. One thing is for sure, not even Aries is good enough to get Alex to wrestle a good, solid non-spotfest with good psychology.

Chris' Predicted Winner and still champion, Austin Aries

Ken Predicts - TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match - Gail Kim (c) vs. Tara

I think Mickie's teasing a heel turn is going to come into play here. I think Mickie will be out there to even the odds of Madison being ringside to support Gail, but Mickie will turn on Tara and cost her the match – whether by DQ or actual pinfall or submission loss. Hoping that Velvet Sky, or even Tessmacher, comes out to try to even things out with Mickie, but it will be too late.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Gail Kim

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Tara

Blitz Predicts - Knockouts title match: Gail Kim vs. Tara

It really wasn't fair that Gail and Tara got relegated to a backstage pull-apart while Mickie and Velvet got a subpar-at-best match. This is one reason why I have such an issue with WWE and TNA: The non-world champions aren't being booked as the best in their division, which is what the term "champion" is supposed to mean. Madison Rayne is going to be in the area once again and interfering if she isn't removed quickly. Tara is like Alex Shelley in the respect that she's a well-established veteran and really doesn't need the strap. I can't put the strap on Tara. Gail Kim wins, hopefully clean.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Gail Kim

Chris' Predicted Winner - Knockout's Title Match: (c)Gail Kim vs Tara

I will be completely happy either way in this one. These are two of the all time greats in my book when work rate is considered. Both women have made a career out of making women of a lesser wrestling pedigree look like stars. Brooke or Karen could make a return, and I believe we all know that Madison will have a run-in spot at some point because it wouldn't be TNA if it were a clean finish to a title match.

Chris' Predicted Winner and still champion, Gail Kim

Ken Predicts - Singles Match - AJ Styles vs. Kazarian w/Christopher Daniels

There's so much they could be doing with this one, but they aren't. They really could have ramped up the tension between these guys with little outside the ring incidents, but they've been dropping the ball with one of the biggest names in TNA/IW, AJ, as usual. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to have so much talent being wasted backstage – I'm including Daniels and Kaz in with AJ on this. I'm really hoping this will be a knock down, drag out, high spot hitting, down dirty and gritty match with Daniels causing all sorts of little problems, but I just don't see this being booked that well. As I wrote earlier about Ion and Sorensen, how hungry are these guys and how willing are they to push the envelope? Sadly probably not as far as they could, and should. But when all is said and done, I feel AJ will come out on top. That will burn Daniels' biscuits that much more. I see AJ pulling out a semi-clean win after putting Daniels in his place outside the ring, but Kaz not having the heart to really beat up AJ in the ring.

Ken's Predicted Winner – AJ Styles

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Kaz (dirty)

Blitz Predicts - AJ Styles vs. Kazarian (w/Daniels)

This will certainly be a good match, but it will all be overshadowed by the presence of Daniels, who is pulling Kazarian's strings (and AJ's indirectly). There won't be a clean finish here... Kazarian wins, but it certainly won't be clean.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Kazarian

Chris Predicts - AJ Styles vs Kazarian w/Daniel

I never thought I would be indifferent about anything that AJ was involved in, but I am. This is just a stupid, slow building storyline that I don't see going anywhere entertaining. I am one of the few members of the IWC that is not smitten with Daniels, or Kaz for that matter. I think they both have the words INDY written all over their faces, and years passed booking has shown that management follows my thoughts. Dirty, pointless ending here.

Chris' Predicted Winner - nobody, I am calling for a NO CONTEST here

Ken Predicts - Singles Match - Garett Bischoff w/Hulk Hogan vs. Gunner w/Eric Bischoff

This is the match on the card that I don't want to see. Honestly, if this was about Garett and Gunner, then it might be worth the time to see Gunner destroy Garett, but it's not about them. Can't these fogies get the point that they're not in the primes of their careers and the fans don't want to see two old guys trying to act like they're back in their 20's? Ugh! These two disgust me more each week. They need to be out of TNA/IW, out of wrestling – other than doing meet and greets, signings and a guest spot now and then – and into the old wrestler's home. But because this is about Hogan and Bisch, of course Hogan is going to come out on top, meaning Garett will win this one as his father give birth to a VW Microbus ringside.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Hogan (oops, I mean Garett)

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Garett (after a say your vitamins & eat your prayers type of match)

Blitz Predicts - Garrett (with Hogan) vs. Gunner (with Bischoff)

Would it be too much to ask for Gunner to hit cemented piledrivers on both Bischoffs? Hogan, for one, should not be in or around any wrestling ring where there's a risk of him being bumped. Eric Bischoff shouldn't be in or next to the ring as his time is long past. Garrett has a lot of potential but this match is going to be a stinker. Sadly I can't see Gunner winning this. Under duress, I'm picking Garrett to win.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Garrett

Ken Predicts - Four-Way Match for the TNA Championship - Bobby Roode (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm vs. Bully Ray

I'm absolutely disgusted just thinking that Hardy could ever win this Title. While I won't boycott TNA/IW if he does win, you can bet I will be raging bitch at your service! For my own personal reasons – Hardy has screwed over so many as well as screwed up so many times – I'm not picking him to win this. I also am not going with Bully Ray to win this, but I can see Ray causing Roode some serious problems in this match. Looks as though the good buddies aren't as close as they used to be. That leaves it down to Roode and Storm, as it should have been from the start! Okay, I'd love to see Storm win this and hold it over Roode's head, but I'm not sure how much faith TPTB in TNA/IW actually have in him. Screw it, I'm sticking my neck out there and going with my heart. Storm for the win!

Ken's Predicted Winner – Storm

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Storm (because Hardy needs to show true contrition before earning a chance, not this plastic crap he's been showing)

Blitz Predicts - TNA title match: Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm vs. Bully Ray

This four-way rivalry has been heating up for months now and comes to a full head in this match. I have confidence that it will be a good match, but let it be said that I absolutely can not stand multiple-man (or woman) singles title matches. It should be one-on-one, meaning either the champion gets the pin or the champion gets pinned. None of this screwy crap where non-champ A pins non-champ B and cheats the champion. That being said, it's time to break down the odds. Bully Ray will not win the title as he's just not main-event material. James Storm won't win because Hardy is in the match and we know that the folks backstage really want Hardy strapped. Bobby Roode's had a really good run with the title, but I have a feeling that it's coming to an end. Against my better judgment and definitely against my real hope of seeing Hardy's neck being broken to the point where he'll never disgrace a wrestling ring with his presence again... Hardy wins the strap in a somewhat dirty fashion.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Jeff Hardy

Chris Predicts - TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: (c)Roode vs Bully Ray vs J.Hardy vs J.Storm

While I would personally like to see Bubbah win his first top tier singles title, it isn't going to happen. He is in this match to provide credibility. I also don't see them giving James the nod again so soon, or Hardy. Roode is currently the longest reigning world champ in the business and has only been booked half and half, barely skating by and keeping his title every defense. This is perfect booking for a heel champion (see Ric Flair) and Roode's mic work has been getting better and better.

Chris' Predicted Winner and still champion, Bobby Roode

Gesus' Predicted Winners

TNA Tag Championship Match – Matt Morgan & Crimson
#1 Contender Match – Zema Ion
X Division Championship Match – Alex Shelley
Knockouts Championship Match – Gail Kim
Singles Match - Kazarian
Singles Match – Gunner
TNA Championship Match – Bobby Roode


TNA Tag Championship Match – Matt Morgan & Crimson
#1 Contender Match – Jesse Sorensen
X Division Championship Match – Alex Shelley
Knockouts Championship Match – Tara
Singles Match – AJ Styles
Singles Match – Garett Bischoff
TNA Championship Match – James Storm

I have decided to start including Gesus' lovely girlfriend, Rikki, in our WNW Predicts as she's been regularly beating most of us with her informal predictions. Maybe now that she's being posted with the rest of she'll crumble with the rest of us! Or she will just continue to show us up. Only time will tell!

I really hope TNA/IW is able to pull Against All Odds out, but I'm worried about the PPV being in Orlando. They've proven how much better the show is on the road because of the fans, but now they're back in the Impact Zone and I worry that everything will fall apart. Keeping my toes crossed that this won't be horrible, and let me know if you're interested in the Live Blog!

KB, Blitz, Chris, Gesus, Stacy & Rikki

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