TNA/IW Predicts - Final Resolution


This Sunday, December 11, 2011, TNA/IW will present Final Resolution from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. While I enjoy TNA/IW PPVs more than most, I prefer when they're outside the Zone as the crowd there is a bit burnt out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this PPV will be as good as the card shows it can.

I want to mention that Gesus and his lovely girlfriend Rikki moved this weekend, therefore his basic predictions will be posted at the end of this Blog. Next month he'll be back to plowing through the predictions with the rest of us, unless Jeff Hardy is somehow strapped, then he'll be boycotting TNA/IW completely! If he's able to get his full predictions to me, I will get them up.

We've come up on our final TNA PPV of 2011, aptly named Final Resolution. Blitz here to throw my picks into the ring with those of Ken and anyone else who remembers, capping off a busy week of WNW writing where I'm pretty sure I've written enough to cover at least two university-length term papers and then some. This card is very solid and has entertaining matches on tap (minus Robbie vs. EY) as long as TNA doesn't do anything particularly screwy. At the end of the night, the matches will have reached their Final Resolution. The Blitz has spoken.

The "Professor" has managed to dust off and give the ol' crystal ball a shine in hopes of getting a clear view for the Final Resolution PPV this Sunday from TNA. I am quite hopeful for this card as the TV shows have improved considerably over the last several weeks. Story lines are actually making sense for a change. It is also nice to see the younger guys continuing in their push while the older talent takes a backseat for once. Refreshing to say the least.

I'm getting images in the I had better get foretelling. The wrestling world awaits with unbridled anticipation!

Ken Predicts – Daniels vs RVD

I really want to see Daniels beat RVD down and end all of this horribly booked RVD. Either treat him right or let him fly high and free (yes, pun intended). Honestly, it has looked as though it is all getting to RVD as his ring work hasn't been as spot on as it used to be, that is when we actually see him! So give it to Daniels and let RVD move on.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Daniels

Stacy's Predicted Winner – RVD

Blitz Predicts - Daniels vs RVD

Nothing new has really been added from their last match, so this is basically a filler match. I really REALLY want Daniels to win this one as it's about time he wins. However, for the sake of my picks I have to think logically and go with RVD.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - RVD

Professor Predicts - Daniels vs RVD

Rob Van Dam has been less than impressive in the ring over the last few months as it appears that he has just been mailing it in. Christopher Daniels, who is doing great heel work, is barely getting any TV time at all. This hasn't helped in setting this match up for any type of success. What has the potential to be great will, once again, underwhelm. Certainly, TNA won't have Van Dam go over Daniels again, would they? When is the last time Daniels actually won a match? I think the screwdriver comes into play and Daniels ends his losing ways.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Daniels

Ken Predicts - TNA/IW X Division Championship Match – Austin Aries ( c) vs Kidd Kash

While this should be a good Match, I want more. I want more from the X Division than these two who have dominated the Division since coming into TNA/IW (this time around). As dirty as AA has been lately and the slight stagnancy in the X Division, I'm hoping to see KK win this one. Either way, this should be a decent Match, I just wish we were seeing more of the Division on a regular basis.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kidd Kash

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Kidd Kash

Blitz Predicts - TNA/IW X Division Championship Match – Austin Aries ( c) vs Kidd Kash

A-double has been a monster on the mic, efficiently cutting down every opponent he's faced since coming to TNA. The one thing he hadn't had is a decisive victory over a veteran, and Kash is just the guy to do it. I have a feeling Kash won't be with the company too much longer, but he'll give Aries that rub needed to boost his stock in TNA, possibly even to a main-event spot in the future. Rarely does a heel vs. heel feud succeed well, but Aries (and Kash to a lesser extent) has the charisma to make it work. Aries wins with underhanded tactics and the brainbuster.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Austin Aries (retains)

Professor Predicts - TNA/IW X Division Championship Match – Austin Aries ( c) vs Kidd Kash

This one has me definitely intrigued. A heel vs heel match. Austin Aries has been sensational in ring and on the stick. It's a shame that he hasn't received more TV time. I thought TNA would do a better job of promoting this match going into the PPV. Kash should be a formidable opponent and we will see great things out of both men. Don't expect a face turn for Kash though. Somehow, Aries escapes defeat.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Austin Aries (retains)

Ken Predicts - TNA/IW TV Championship Match – Robbie E ( c) vs Eric Young

Ugh! Again, my best to Robbie as he just got married and I hope they're wonderfully happy. But talking about Robbie E the character, I just want him to go away. His ring work isn't the best and his character's Jersey persona makes me want to scratch my own eyes out. I will even go as far as saying Terry deserves more than being stuck following around Robbie and being his bouncer. The velvet rope thing is beyond lame. We all look back at character through the years, but this isn't good enough or bad enough for anyone to care to remember in ten years. I just hope EY doesn't get lost in the shuffle too. Honestly, I don't expect much from this Match. I also don't expect EY to come out on top here. I think Terry will cause EY's loss. This will be the Match for the potty/beer run, not the Knockouts this PPV.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Robbie E

Stacy's Predicted Winner – EY

Blitz Predicts - TNA/IW TV Championship Match – Robbie E ( c) vs Eric Young

-yawn-. That's pretty much all I can say about this entire feud, and it's not because of EY, who is entertaining at times. I've seen little to no build, so logic says Robbie E wins...but I'm going against logic here because I don't particularly care about this feud anymore.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Eric Young

Professor Predicts - TNA/IW TV Championship Match – Robbie E ( c) vs Eric Young

Funny thing is I'm not nearly as annoyed by the Jersey Shore gimmick from Robbie E as I thought I would be. He is actually getting a following from several in the IWC. I have enjoyed a lot of Eric's comedy. This is exactly what we can expect from this match...comedy relief. I can't stand that this is overshadowing an actual title though. Anyway, I absolutely see Robbie T getting involved, yet again, to spoil Young's attempt at reclaiming the gold. It is what it is. If you are expecting a great wrestling match, you will be sadly disappointed with this one.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Robbie E

Ken Predicts - TNA/IW Knockouts Championship Match – Gail Kim ( c) vs Mickie James

While I don't expect to see Mickie win this one, I think it will be worth waiting to run to the loo or for a beer. This should be more of the Knockouts comeback. I doubt it will be anything like Gail and Kia's PPV slobberknockers, but it should be a step in the ring direction. I expect to see Madison and / or Karen getting involved in this Match and possibly helping Gail win this one, though I do hope to see Traci possibly helping Mickie in some way. I just don't think it's time for Gail to lose the strap.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Gail Kim

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Gail Kim

Blitz Predicts - TNA/IW Knockouts Championship Match – Gail Kim ( c) vs Mickie James

This one is actually going to be the toughest one to predict. You have Mickie James, who has rarely lost cleanly since coming to TNA... You also have Gail Kim, who has the backing of Karen Jarrett and Madison Rayne. This is going to be one of the better Knockout matches we've seen recently but in the end Mickie will Eat De-feet. Gail Kim wins with interference.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Gail Kim

Professor Predicts - TNA/IW Knockouts Championship Match – Gail Kim ( c) vs Mickie James

Things will start to unravel for Karen Jarrett and her unholy alliance of Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. When Mickie starts bringing the heat to Gail, Karen will send in Madison to do the dirty work. Traci Brooks will come out to thwart Madison's evil intentions and Mickie will pick up the clean victory over the previously surging Kim. This will lead to a showdown in the ring between Gail (w/Karen) and Madison. Right when it appears that Madison will get a beat down, Traci will once again appear and send Kim and Karen scurrying to the back. This will lead to an interesting dilemma with the KO tag team titles held by Kim and Rayne. We shall see how this unfolds.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Mickie James

Ken Predicts - Steel Cage #1 Contender Match – Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarrett – Karen Jarret will be cuffed to Sting – Hardy loses and he's fired – if JJ loses, either he or Karen will be fired!

I saw the added stipulation about either Karen or JJ getting fired if JJ loses this Match and was thrilled! What a wonderful way to get rid of Karen. Yes, I want to see Karen gone over JJ. I think it's what the Knockouts need at this point as she's destroying it piece by piece with her shrewish screech. That would be so lovely! I bet we'll all have to get our jollies watching Karen being cuffed to Sting. That could be the best part of this Match! Actually, I think Hardy has a lot to prove and will do so through some serious high flying, even though he's not in perfect health. Why they would push Hardy, as they so obviously are, if he's not in the best of health, I don't understand, nbut this is TNA/IW we're talking about here. So, if Hardy shows up and is in condition to work this Match, he will end up winning it, without question.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Jeff Hardy

Stacy's Predicted Winner – No Contest / No clear winner

Blitz Predicts - Steel Cage #1 Contender Match – Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarrett – Karen Jarret will be cuffed to Sting – Hardy loses and he's fired – JJ loses and either he or Karen are fired

Let's get this straight: JJ wins, Hardy's out...If Hardy wins, he gets a title shot. I'm not even going to waste my breath on how big a waste that stipulation is, especially given how hard Hardy has been pushed lately. Hardy wins and gets his title shot at Genesis.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Jeff Hardy

Professor Predicts - Steel Cage #1 Contender Match – Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarrett – Karen Jarret will be cuffed to Sting – Hardy loses and he's fired – JJ loses and either he or Karen are fired

Finally, we will see the culmination of this ongoing feud between the two Jeffs. For those that do agree with Jarrett's ascertation of Hardy's will all be moot. Hardy is going to batter JJ beyond belief in that cage and plenty of blood shall be spilled by the King of the Mountain. I see Bully Ray and Scott Steiner coming to Jarrett's aid by attempting to assault the Stinger at ringside to get in the cage. They will fail mightily in their attempt as Abyss gets involved and save's Sting from harm's way. Hardy claims the win.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Jeff Hardy

Ken Predicts - TNA/IW World Tag Team Championship Match – Matt Morgan & Crimson ( c) vs Devon & Pope

I so don't want to see this Match! Yes, I want to see the Tag Division grow and round out into something beautiful, as it once was, but this Match won't be doing that. This Match will somehow involve Devon's sons and they will somehow lose the Match for their father and their surrogate father. It's just the way it is. Hopefully Morgan and Crimson will find some worthy opponents for the next PPV.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Morgan & Crimson

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Morgan & Crimson

Blitz Predicts - TNA/IW World Tag Team Championship Match – Matt Morgan & Crimson ( c) vs Devon & Pope

Once again, the dissension between Pope and Devon will be the downfall of these challengers. The twin boys are 16... and according to a friend of mine, they can legally work with TNA under the provision that they don't wrestle...but I see a potential interference distracting Devon or Pope leading to the other getting pinned. I don't see the champs losing their titles this soon so I pick the champs to win and take on a new set of challengers.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Crimson & Morgan

Professor Predicts - TNA/IW World Tag Team Championship Match – Matt Morgan & Crimson ( c) vs Devon & Pope

This one took a few interesting turns on this week's Impact show. I see it being a given that Devon's sons get involved (with Pope's blessing) and ends up costing Pope and Devon their opportunity at the tag belts. Devon will, once again, blame the Pope and will firmly plant the seed for their long anticipated feud. Unfortunately, once again, we will lose yet another tag team in TNA's depleted ranks. This makeshift tag team crap isn't doing it for me. Hopefully, Crimson and Morgan stay champs for a while and reinvigorate the division.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Matt Morgan & Crimson (retains)

Ken Predicts - Kurt Angle vs James Storm

More than anything, I hope they're both very careful in this match. We all know that Angle goes full out in every Match he's in, even more so in PPV matches. Storm always throws it all out there, especially in PPV matches. Basically I'm saying that they're both going to leave it all in the ring, give us a fantastic Match that will leave us all wallowing in puddles of drool and hopefully both of them will walk out without injury. Honestly, after that, I don't much care who wins, but this is me and that's James Storm, so I have to go with him for the win, even over Angle.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Storm

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Angle

Blitz Predicts - Kurt Angle vs James Storm

This one has the potential to be a show-stealer with the bad blood between these two guys. The promo work by both guys has been exceptional. I'm pretty sure that Storm has passed his concussion tests or else the match would have been edited out of the card rundown. Every PPV lately has had that feel-good moment that we all love to see, so this match will have that moment. Storm gives Angle the Last Call.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - James Storm

Professor Predicts - Kurt Angle vs James Storm

I have been waiting for this rematch to take place as I'm curious to see if TNA books Angle to lose two in a row to Storm. After extended viewing into the crystal ball, I think it does happen. Kurt is preparing for the Olympics and needs to go into full on training mode soon. This match will be a great way to write him off of TV while elevating Storm into the upper echelon. I fully anticipate a bloody, battering war between the two men that will end after the Cowboy gets his revenge for Angle's previous locker room assault. Storm will "injure" Angle for what he did and will walk away the victor in this one.

Professor's Predicted Winner - "Cowboy" James Storm

Ken Predicts - 30 Minute Iron Man Match for TNA/IW World Heavyweight Championship – Bobby Roode ( c) vs AJ Styles

A thirty minute Iron Man Match? Okay, this is TNA/IW and they're not big on giving us long matches, so I guess thirty minutes isn't too bad. TNA/IW has always been the company with time limits on their matches, not that any of their matches have reached significant length as of late. Time aside, it's really nice to see two TNA/IW home grown wrestlers in this main event. Honestly, I expect this Match to be exciting and worth the time. Of course they will play up AJ's new 'knee injury' and Roode will be all over his knee, but there will be much more to this Match than just AJ's knee. They will go back and forth through the half hour, both getting pinfalls as well as possible disqualifications (Roode). Actually, it could be interesting if different people got involved when the Match gets laggy. No matter what happens, Roode will come out on top of this one. He's not had the easiest Title run, but he's also not ready for it to be over. He has so much more to do with that strap on his waist.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Bobby Roode

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Bobby Roode

Blitz Predicts - 30 Minute Iron Man Match for TNA/IW World Heavyweight Championship – Bobby Roode ( c) vs AJ Styles

Roode has done a good job of taking on all comers and cementing his status as a heel. This is going to be a good match with a hot crowd, which is always good. Look for Roode to use leg submission holds to wear down AJ's knee and AJ to be more grounded in his offense than usual. I don't think AJ's going to win this but it will take a last-minute huzzah, possibly underhanded tactics, from Roode to keep the title, possibly a last minute leg submission that sends the match into overtime.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Bobby Roode

Professor Predicts - 30 Minute Iron Man Match for TNA/IW World Heavyweight Championship – Bobby Roode ( c) vs AJ Styles

This one will go down as the best match of the night. The big question going in is how will Styles' injured knee respond to a grueling Iron Man Match with the World Heavyweight Champ? I see Roode getting off to a very fast start and securing two or three pinfalls in quick fashion as AJ adjusts to his injury. Styles will recover and manage to tie this affair up going into the last few moments of the match. Roode will begin to resort to his "selfish" ways and will find the means to gain the advantage over AJ. After using the weapon of his choice, with the referee somehow incapacitated, Roode will secure the cheap victory over Styles after the referee recovers. Bobby will continue in his punishment of the Phenomenal One after the bell has sounded and will focus on taking out Styles' injured knee. A broken down AJ Styles will be assisted to the back, as the show concludes, and will signal that this war has only just begun.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Bobby Roode (retains)

Gesus Predicts

Daniels vs RVD Gesus' Predicted Winner – Daniels
Austin Aries vs Kidd Kash Gesus' Predicted Winner - AA
Robbie E vs Eric Young Gesus' Predicted Winner – Robbie
Gail Kim vs Mickie James Gesus' Predicted Winner - Mickie
Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarrett Gesus' Predicted Winner - Hardy
Tag Team Championship Match Gesus' Predicted Winner - Morgan & Crimson
Kurt Angle vs James Storm Gesus' Predicted Winner - Angle
Bobby Roode vs AJ Styles Gesus' Predicted Winner - Roode

This card looks very solid, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Bisch, Hogan and Russo don't screw things up in a huge way. I hope to see everyone in the WNW Live Blog.

KB, Blitz, Professor, Gesus

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