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TNA/IW Predicts - Turning Point

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Ken Sunday November 13, TNA/IW is presenting Turning Point from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. While the card seems really over packed and some of the matches appeared to be last minute (of Impact) and thrown together (almost literally), I still expect a lot from this show. TNA/IW has pulled out their heavy hitters for some solid looking matches. I'm not holding my breath, but I do see this PPV to be top notch (as long as Hogan, Bisch and Russo are kept out of the booking).

ShawnBlitz here to bring these picks to a Turning Point. This card looks pretty strong on paper sans Hardy/Jarrett and Knockout involvement in the tag title match, but it’s always possible to stink up a good thing. Once again I’m joining up with Ken and the crew to bring a little spice to the proceedings.

Rick It appears that the ol' crystal ball is in fine working order. Now, the Professor will gaze into the orb, successfully foresee the actual results of Turning Point, and lead you down the path of true enlightenment. The correct road of travel will begin with staying totally clear of Queen Kendra and her rambling warbles. The failure to do so will only cause you great pain and mental erosion. Beware! You have been warned, my friends!

Hey, a PPV with no Angle, no Bischoff, no Flair, no Hogan, and no Sting on the bill! Maybe it is a "turning point" after all! Wait...oh. There's Bully and Steiner. I guess expecting no fossils whatsoever would be asking for too much from TNA...but, hey, it's a start, right?

Ken Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Three-Way Dance – Austin Aries ( c) vs Jesse Sorensen vs Kidd Kash

This Match should be an absolute blast! I don't like the way KK brought Sorensen in, but that's TNA/IW for you! Of course I expect to see AA and KK banding together to beat down Sorensen, but then one will go for the pin, the other will get pissed and the real fight will be on. Personally I think Sorensen is way too green to win the X Division Title just yet, but I'm sure he will hit some scary sick high spots. While I'd love to see someone more homegrown win the strap, I'm going with KK on this one. He's a hard ass heel who has no problem screwing over his good buddy to get the strap.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kidd Kash

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Kidd Kash

Gesus Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Three-Way Dance – Austin Aries ( c) vs Jesse Sorensen vs Kidd Kash

I am not sure why Kid Kash was involved but I will admit that I like him. Don’t really know why I do but I like him. I will never support Sorenson simply because that's my bosses last name though I do wish him all the luck in the world. AA for the win simply. There hasn’t really been anything as far as build that stays in my mind. At least not enough build for me to care. I see AA winning this simply because they really haven’t done anything with the X-division title.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Austin Aries

Blitz Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Three-Way Dance – Austin Aries ( c) vs Jesse Sorensen vs Kidd Kash

This should be an interesting match as Sorensen has done well against both these men. We’re coming up on two months that Aries has been X-division champion and he’s done a very good job of restoring prestige to the title. I personally don’t think Kash has any business being in the match but his presence will definitely change the outcome of the match. I’m looking for it to be a show-stealer, so I’ll give Aries the nod in putting his opponents away and keeping the title.

Blitz's Predicted Winner – Austin Aries

Professor Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Three-Way Dance – Austin Aries ( c) vs Jesse Sorensen vs Kidd Kash

The heels are licking their chops to get to the goody two-shoes Sorensen. I have to admit that he has grown in the ring considerably over the last few weeks but he is nowhere near the level of Kash or Aries. The feud between Jesse and the Kid has been somewhat confusing as there really hasn't been much of a motive established for Kash to focus on Jesse. However, it is nice to actually see the veteran, Kash, get some TV time as I thought he would easily get lost in the shuffle when he resurfaced. When all is said and done, I see Aries pulling the wool over Kash and grabbing the pinfall over the stunned veteran. A new feud is a brewin'.

Professor's Predicted Winner – Austin Aries

Ken Predicts - No Disqualification Match – RVD vs Christopher Daniels

While I love Daniels, I'm not loving RVD much lately. Yes, his cocky attitude about being the best on the roster pissed me off. If RVD had said this back in ECW, I would have thought his ego was a bit wild, but he was young and could work the ring like few others, but this isn't ten to fifteen years ago and RVD just can't go like he used to. Even more than that, RVD's heart just hasn't seemed to be in it. Mine wouldn't either with the way he's been booked. For me it's more that time for RVD to poo or get off the pot! If he's doing what most older wrestlers should be doing at this point in their, then he will put Daniels over in this Match. Further, I think Daniels needs to go over to continue with the path or his character the way it is. Not saying Daniels should go over clean, but this Match should be his.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Daniels

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Daniels

Gesus Predicts - No Disqualification Match – RVD vs Christopher Daniels

This I guess could be an interesting match. I would have preferred it had been AJ v Daniels but hey like I said AJ has a main event match I wont take anything away from him. I don’t exactly understand where RVD fits into this feud with AJ but what the heck I love watching Daniels preform, he is a dedicated athlete to TNA and wrestling itself. I see Daniels cheating to win, but then again its no D.Q. so what’s really considered cheating?

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Daniels

Blitz Predicts - No Disqualification Match – RVD vs Christopher Daniels

This will definitely be an interesting match to watch if you’re into beatings and hardcore matches… I’m not into that unless it’s to FINISH a feud, and I don’t think these two will be done with each other any time soon. Look for the screwdriver/toolbox to come into play as it’s become Daniels’ little toy lately… My brain’s saying RVD gets the nod, but I’m going to give the W to Daniels, who needs that win to solidify his position and continue the feud.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Daniels

Professor Predicts - No Disqualification Match – RVD vs Christopher Daniels

I am having a difficult time accepting Van Dam's claim as being the best wrestler on the roster. In my opinion, he has phoned in his performances for quite a while now and is nowhere near the top of his game any longer. Daniels heel turn has provided a much needed boost to the Fallen Angel's character. I'm really enjoying the psychotic looks and expressions he has been providing lately, though, I can do without his "lapses" in memory. The screwdriver schtick is getting old, too. I see Van Dam controlling the majority of this match but Daniels will resort to the heinous screwdriver to pull out the victory.

Professor's Predicted Winner – Daniels

Ken Predicts - TNA TV Championship Match – Eric Young ( c) vs Robbie E

Why? Just why? This is lame and not worth EY's time. He's too good for this! I remember when EY and Roode were at odds and the whole 'Don't Fire Eric' storyline. Now Roode is Champ and EY is being made into a fuzzy joke! EY might never be Champ material, but he also doesn't deserve to be treated so terribly. I know I complain about this a lot, but I find it very upsetting. I further find it upsetting that Robbie is still getting TV time over so many others who could wrestle better in their sleep! Where's Doug Williams through all this? If it was Williams' facing EY here, then it would be a good Match, but Robbie? Even through all this, I think Robbie is going to win this strap. I'm very worried about what will happen to EY after it, but I see Terry help his bro get the Title.

Gesus Predicts - TNA TV Championship Match – Eric Young ( c) vs Robbie E

As long as there is no jersey shore character this match has the ability to be at least decent. EY has been humorous in his run, but hasn’t really seem to legitimately proven himself or added much prestige to the title. Though with the recent tapings of Impact him being on there having matches all are nice, especially since its not just old men babbling on. I really want to see EY carry the title more. He is a solid wrestler to have strapped. He deserves the title. This should be a decent match. I am not impressed with Robbie. I find it more of a chore to enjoy his matches. I really hope TNA doesn't dropped the ball by making EY drop the title.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - EY

Ken's Predicted Winner – Robbie E

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Robbie E w/ help from Terry

Blitz Predicts - TNA TV Championship Match – Eric Young ( c) vs Robbie E

I was afraid this was going to happen. Look for interference from Robbie T, but at the end of the day, this is just going to be another filler match so that IW can say “Look, look, we defended all our men’s titles! –claps hands like a self-satisfied idiot-“. This will probably be the opening match or dark match. I don’t think there’s more than a handful of people excited to see this, but at least EY gets a match.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Who's going to care? … Err ...Eric Young

Professor Predicts - TNA TV Championship Match – Eric Young ( c) vs Robbie E

Who cares? Robbie freakin' E! Seriously? Admittedly, I have seen humor in Young's TV title antics and have found it, for the most part, to be good comic relief but this Jersey Shore crap is getting on my nerves quickly. Robbie E. does not impress me one bit as I feel Eric is a vastly underrated wrestler who should wipe the mat of the E. Unfortunately for Eric, the other Robbie will get his huge mitts involved in this match and T. will end the title reign of Young. Great...more Jersey Shore. TNA, c'mon! We don't watch it on MTV and sure as hell don't want to watch it in TNA. Which is exactly why it will go down as Robbie E. winning the belt. TNA doing what the fans want? Yeah, right.

Professor's Predicted Winner – Robbie E (New TV Champion)

Ken Predicts - Singles Match – Jeff Hardy Jeff Jarrett

This is another Match that I really don't care to see. JJ doesn't need to be wrestling in the USA and Hardy shouldn't be anywhere other than in his house for the next four months. While others might have similar probation to Hardy's,very few actually travel to Orlando and hang out with their friends for their job. I know it's much more than that, especially in the ring, but I don't think Hardy should be employed by TNA/IW at all these days. After saying all this, I'll be shocked if Hardy doesn't go over JJ in this one. TPTB obviously want to push Hardy after all the times he's burned them. Only in TNA/IW can you burn the same bridge over and over, but still be able to dance on said bridge – or wrestle in said ring – whenever the flight of fancy strikes you. Must be nice to not live in the real world.
Ken's Predicted Winner – Jeff Hardy

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Jeff Hardy

Gesus Predicts - Singles Match – Jeff Hardy Jeff Jarrett

There isn’t much more I can say about this. Anyone who follows what I say in Kendra's Blogs know exactly how I feel about Hardy. I don’t care about this match, this is equivalent to a Divas match. If TNA really wanted me to care about Hardy and if he really wanted to get a fresh start, he should be back carrying bags and wrestling his way back to the top, not starting one notch below main event. Just disgusting. Just a thought, instead of this stupid match why not have EY v. Robbie or Douglas Williams just simply in the ring charming us. Give them the show bonus instead of someone who doesn’t need it. I hate that hardy has the backing of HH I really do.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Jeff Hardy

Blitz Predicts - Singles Match – Jeff Hardy Jeff Jarrett

Really? Really? This is probably the only match on the card that shouldn’t be there. Double J hasn’t rubbed me the right way since the late 90s (and I thank Debra’s presence for tolerating him even at THAT time) and Jeff Hardy just looks off these days. During that tag match with Anderson vs. Bully Ray and JJ, Hardy did Poetry in Motion twice off Anderson’s back and both just looked sloppy. This is gonna be pure blech. I fully expect to see some Immortal interference and maybe Abyss to stave them off…but in the end Hardy will get the win to further play into this sympathy game baloney.
Blitz's Predicted Winner - Jeff Hardy

Professor Predicts - Singles Match – Jeff Hardy Jeff Jarrett

The battle of the Jeffs has kept me involved more than I thought it would. Jarrett has made valid points in his disdain for Hardy being reinstated and, so far, Hardy has said and done all the right things. Personally, I don't think Hardy should be anywhere near the big leagues ever again for his unprofessionalism earlier this year in his "match" against Sting. we are and the show must go on. Jarrett will deliver a beating on Hardy and will score several near falls before the Enigma mounts his much anticipated comeback. Hardy will hit the Twist of Fate and Jarrett will fade with the sunset.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Jeff Hardy

Ken Predicts - TNA Women's Knockout Championship Match – Velvet Sky ( c) vs Gail Kim
Ugh! I don't want to deal with Karen! If it was just Kim and Velvet I'd be fine as Velvet's made huge strides recently, but it won't be. Actually, I have to comment on how little we've seen Velvet since the prodigal child, I mean Knockout returned home. Sad, so sad. I'm not saying Kim isn't amazing in the ring and one of the prettiest Diva/Knockout there is, but putting her at the top while pushing almost every other Knockout off the show isn't cool. And I will be shocked if she doesn't win this strap as well – of course Karen will make sure of this.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Gail Kim

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Gail Kim dirty

Gesus Predicts - TNA Women's Knockout Championship Match – Velvet Sky ( c) vs Gail Kim

I forgot this match was on the card until I read it. Didn’t Gail Kim just in the knockout tag team titles. I really hope Sky wins this match. I don't see why Gail should have 2 titles. I don't like the idea of burying Sky the next ppv after BFG where she won it. I don’t see her winning, but I hope she does.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Velvet Sky

Blitz Predicts - TNA Women's Knockout Championship Match – Velvet Sky ( c) vs Gail Kim

Well ain’t that nice, you jump someone and put ‘em out of action for a week or two and you get a title match! Maybe our own Mr. Choice Matt Andrews should try that out! :D Karen Jarrett has a hard-on against Velvet Sky, so I definitely don’t see this match ending cleanly. While Gail Kim has the momentum, Velvet gets the nod after failed interference to continue the feud with Jarrett (who really needs a muzzle!).

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Velvet Sky

Professor Predicts - TNA Women's Knockout Championship Match – Velvet Sky ( c) vs Gail Kim

Gail has re-entered TNA with the push of all pushes in the Knockouts division. She's been back less than a month and already has the Tag Team title and is poised to take the Knockout title, too. Eventually, we will see the fifth wheel, Madison Rayne, do something to screw Kim out of an opportunity, but I think it's too soon for that. I honestly can see Gail winning this match with Rayne and Karen's help to clean sweep the Knockouts belts. For some reason, I don't see it going down that way this time. Velvet is too over for her to lose this early. My feeling is that Traci Brooks costs Gail this match and Karen will go ballistic. By the way, what happened to Jackie and ODB????

Professor's Predicted Winner - Velvet Sky

Ken Predicts - TNA World Tag Team Championship Six-Person Tag Match – Mexican America ( c) vs Ink Inc.

Another Match that feels thrown in without much of a lead up. Yes, they've been going back and forth for a while, but it's been so long since we've seen it! Yes, TPTB showed off these four and their tartlets for a few seconds on Impact, but in reality we saw more hair, tatas and tushies (Rosita's) than big muscular wrestlers. I'm hoping this will be a solid Match, but I'm not holding my breath. At least we know Jesse's significant other should be able to keep Sarita and Rosita out of the way most of the time. Actually I think she'll be the deciding factor in it all. I see Ink Inc coming out of this on top. Maybe we'll actually see the Tag Champs if Ink Inc wins.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Ink Inc

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Ink Inc

Gesus Predicts - TNA World Tag Team Championship Six-Person Tag Match – Mexican America ( c) vs Ink Inc.

This has been a decent feud so far I guess. Decent in the fact that its lasted more than 2 weeks and wasn’t just dropped. I don’t like Christina Von Eerie but I think its simply because she's dating Jesse Neal. I will keep an open mind to it though. I have really come around to Shannon. I don't see with Mex Am getting shut out week after week in matches and back stage brawls there's no way they can win.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Ink Inc

Blitz Predicts - TNA World Tag Team Championship Six-Person Tag Match – Mexican America ( c) vs Ink Inc.

I’m really not happy about this. If it’s a tag title match it should be the tag teams 2-on-2, but that’s just me. Since this feud’s going to go a while as there isn’t too much tag title competition, I see possible Rosita interference and Sarita pinning Toxxin to win the match for her boys. Screwy ending, but this is a screwy match, just sayin’.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Mexican America & Sarita

Professor Predicts - TNA World Tag Team Championship Six-Person Tag Match – Mexican America ( c) vs Ink Inc.

TNA has only shown us little snippets of what has become an engaging feud between the two teams. Everyone who reads the Predicts knows my feelings on Anarquia. Mexican America, as a whole, blows chunks. Mostly because of Anarquia. To my surprise, they haven't been as miserable to watch as champions then I had originally imagined. Shockingly, I think this is because TNA hasn't shoved them down our throats like they did before they won the straps. I fully expect Toxxin, who I'm awaiting to surface in the Knockouts division, to wreak havoc on Rosita and Sarita and carry Ink Inc. to tag team glory. The chick is impressive! Neal and Moore can thank her later.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Ink Inc

Ken Predicts - Singles Match – Crimson vs Matt Morgan

As much as I love Morgan, he won't be beating Crimson here. I'm willing to bet it will be either Angle or Joe to end the streak, but it won't be happening here.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Crimson

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Crimson

Gesus Predicts - Singles Match – Crimson vs Matt Morgan

My heart goes out to Morgan and his entire family. I am actually really upset this match is on the card and I hope there is some way they write this off. I simply don’t see Morgan putting on a good match in light of everything going on. How can one remain professional and focused knowing they are going job to someone who is fresh onto the scene after something like a death in the family just happened. Anyways if this match does take place I really hope Morgan wins. I don’t see them ending Crimsons streak, but to be honest I really don't see anything in Amazing Red’s older brother that makes him worthy for this streak.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Morgan

Blitz Predicts - Singles Match – Crimson vs Matt Morgan

Now under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be thrilled with this, but the challenge issued by Morgan made these two look like little boys at the playground and made me laugh. As Morgan put it, the irresistible force really is going up against the immovable object. Now it seems that just about every TNA/IW card seems to have a DQ or no contest so I’m going to go ahead and say this is the no contest match as A) Joe isn’t done with either of these two guys, B) Crimson’s streak isn’t going to end yet, and C) I’d like to see this continue on for a couple more months.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - NO CONTEST

Professor's Predicted Winner - Singles Match – Crimson vs Matt Morgan

After what has happened to the family of Morgan this last week, I will be completely shocked if this match actually takes place. However, Matt is a pro and it wouldn't be out of the question if he does choose to perform despite the pain he must be going through. Crimson is an up and coming star. He has a good look and is getting better each week on the mic. Does he "deserve" to be pushed with this undefeated streak? I don't think he does but my feelings certainly aren't going to change the outcome of this match if it does go down. The streak continues. Matt isn't big enough of a name to put a halt to Crimson's winning ways.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Crimson

Ken Predicts - Tag Team Match – Mr. Anderson & Abyss vs Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

This is another Match that makes little sense to me. Ray and Anderson have issues. Immortal threw Abyss out. Scotty is part of Immortal, so he has to stand behind his idiotic brethren. Still doesn't really make give a flying fig. Both Scotty and Abyss hit some solid moves this past Impact, so I can't say one team over another. Since I'm picking Green Bay to win this weekend, I'm going for Mr. Green Bay to lose this one. Honestly, I have no clue and don't really care enough about this Match.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Bully Ray & Scotty Steiner

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Anderson & Abyss

Gesus Predicts - Tag Team Match – Mr. Anderson & Abyss vs Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

I am happy to see Abyss getting bit of a story line. When I read that he was considering being okay if they took his mask off I was a little upset. I like his character now. I could see taking the mask off hurting him in the long run like it did Kane. I also don’t care about this match to be completely honest. The only thing I'm looking forward to is what or if Anderson will wear some sweet Green Bay packer outfit for them being 8-0. This whole card really hasn’t made me want to buy this ppv.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Anderson & Abyss

Blitz Predicts - Tag Team Match – Mr. Anderson & Abyss vs Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

Anderson and Bully Ray on opposite sides of the ring again and there’s no IW title shot up for grabs? Sooner or later TNA’s got to push one of these two guys for a title shot. Abyss and Steiner should be interesting adds for the match, no doubt. Anderson-Bully Ray has become a truly hot feud with each trying to take out the other at every turn. It’s really hard to go against Anderson/Abyss for the simple presence of a 6’8, 350-pound monster, but they’re up against two of the most decorated tag wrestlers of all time. I’d pick the old guys to win, but I’ve already picked a bunch of heels, so Team Anderson pulls out a win.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Anderson & Abyss

Professor Predicts - Tag Team Match – Mr. Anderson & Abyss vs Bully Ray & Scott Steiner

Abyss FINALLY made his long awaited face turn this week on Impact and he is ready to dismantle Immortal, one by one. Anderson can't seem to get his career back on track for the World title and is mired in yet another battle with Bully Ray. Does anyone know where the real Big Poppa Pump is? He has been nothing more than a glorified jobber over the last year. What a shame. After several setbacks, Ken finally gets his revenge on Ray and puts an end to this prolonged feud. Abyss provides the beatdown on Immortal and Mr. Anderson secures the pin over Bully Ray.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Anderson & Abyss

Ken Predicts - TNA Championship Match – Bobby Roode ( c) vs AJ Styles

It's about time! Two TNA/IW originals in the main event of a PPV. Be nice if more matches were like this one, but Impact is only about talking. I see this being the Match of the night, by far. These two will leave it all out there, I just hope that it doesn't have a screwy ending that makes no sense. These two deserve better. They deserve a great Match with Roode coming out on top so that he can continue his Title reign. It's just way too early for Roode to drop the strap.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Bobby Roode

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Bobby Roode

Gesus Predicts - TNA Championship Match – Bobby Roode ( c) vs AJ styles

I am a little curious as to why this match is on the card. A.J. has been so under utilized. More curious is why he is being in a main event after the words he had for hogan. I am excited just nervous outside and hope that its proof that even though Hogan and Bisch are trying desperately and hopefully futile to hold onto the main event scene, Mr. Prichard is doing whats right for TNA. The only thing I don't like about this match is that the feud between Storm and Roode isn’t main eventing, but then I remember A.J. is finally in the main event scene again and I’m chipper. With all the hot shotting of story lines now a days in both companies, I’m happy to see a ppv go without a feud. For some reason I just don’t buy Roode as a heel. When he gets his relaxed heel face alls I can I think of is Team Canada. Either way will try to be optimistic. I don’t see the title changing at this ppv. I just remembered that AJ is injured also. I really hope this match will take place. If it does, I could see Storm or Roode creating a D.Q. to push Roode over as a heel, not have the title change hands, create trouble within the stable.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - AJ Styles – no Title changes hands

Blitz Predicts - TNA Championship Match – Bobby Roode ( c) vs AJ styles

Not much build to this one, sadly. Champion eliminates challenger from the proceedings, his buddy steps in….where have we seen that situation before? Oh yeah that’s how Storm got the title! It’ll definitely be a good match as Roode vs. Styles before BFG was as close to an A+ match as you can get. However, it’s just too soon to take the strap off Roode, so I take Roode to win with a little “international object” help. Look for Storm to interfere in the proceedings or at least attempt to do so.

Blitz's Predicted Winner - Bobby Roode

Professor Predicts - TNA Championship Match – Bobby Roode ( c) vs AJ styles

This is my selection for Match of the Night and it should be. It's for the World championship! Roode has turned heel in drastic fashion, much like your esteemed Professor!, and Styles is out to avenge his fallen comrade, James Storm. The dissolving of Fortune has been pretty much cemented. It really is wonderful to see Styles in the upper echelon again. However, this match came out of nowhere, with no build, with only three days before the PPV on Impact! No way Styles is going over Roode atTurning Point! In fact, I see Roode going on a dominant run as champion for a considerable amount of time. This match will be fantastic and would actually be thrilling if Styles had a chance of realistically winning the thing. Should go back and forth several times before Bobby drops AJ and continues his reign.

Professor's Predicted Winner - Roode (retains)

I'm hoping that this PPV is greater than the sum of its matches. Some of them look like absolute sleepers. Hopefully the rest will pull them up and round off the Match into something really good. Make sure you check into the WNW Live Blog to hang out with other wrestling fans during the PPV!

KB & Gesus & Blitz & Professor

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