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TNA/IW presents Victory Road from the Impact Zone on Sunday March 18th. Hopefully the fans in the Zone will be on and give the wrestlers the reactions they need to really put on a great show because there's a number of solid matches on the card. While it's not a lot compared to WrestleMania, it's sure good for the direction TNA/IW has been going. Just to change things up, I asked Stacy to write out his predictions for this PPV. While he doesn't watch Impact as closely as I do, he really has an interesting way of thinking about things.

Ken Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Match - Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion

This match has to be spectacular. There's just no way that these two could let us down. I'm talking about the wrestlers themselves, creative and booking could bend us over the apron, but since AA has appeared to be vocal about the X Division lately, I'm really hoping he's going to flex his ego and push for something great here. With AA celebrating being the longest reigning X Division Champ, I think he's going to continue being Champ. There's no way that Ion should hold the strap at this point in his career. He's grown quite a bit on mic lately, and his ring work is looking better, but he just isn't there yet. While I believe (personally) that it was supposed to be Sorensen to win the #1 contendership, Ion has impressed me in his work with AA. I'd like to see this feud continue as it will only help Ion grow into a more rounded performer, but AA should retain at this point.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Austin Aries

Gesus Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Match - Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion

I had a discussion going on my Facebook status about how I hate when companies feud heel v heel. In my opinion the entire match is just watching and waiting to see who can cheat better. It’s to me boring and takes away the actual wrestling. Just waiting for the other boot to drop isn’t entertaining. AA is a great champ and I am simply an AA mark. Lets hope Zema’s green as goose poo style doesn’t get the man hurt.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - AA

Stacy Predicts - TNA X Division Championship Match - Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion

Zema Ion's hairspray trick worked for the win last time, but I think that at Victory Road he will be more successful in using it without being caught. Aries will dominate Ion through most of the match, but I expect the hairspray to return and finish the match.

Stacy's Predicted Winner - Zima Ion, dirty

Ken Predicts - Tag Team Match - AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Last night Gesus had an all out fit at me about Anderson being gone for four months to be repackaged and he came back as the exact same character. I understand his ire, but I saw no reason to change up Anderson in the first place. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! What I did find interesting was Anderson returning to help AJ. Anderson gets on these lone wolf kicks where he can't be bothered with anyone, but I like him coming back to join AJ. It just feels right to me. Now, if Anderson had lost to Daniels on this past Impact, I would be sure that Anderson and AJ would win this match. Just following the old routine that if the face continues to lose, then he will come back at the PPV for the win to elate the fans, but Anderson won. I have a feeling that Kaz and Daniels are going to cheat and fight dirty at every turn to win this one, but they won't. I just have this gut feeling that AJ and Anderson will somehow get the win. But then will Kaz and Daniels finally explain themselves?

Ken's Predicted Winner – AJ & Anderson

Gesus Predicts - Tag Team Match - AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Here is another feud I am deeply confused with. Not to mention how peeved I am about Mr. Anderson. Being left off television to redo his great character, yet debuts with the exact same character? Also being thrown into an already confusing feud. I think this is just TNA’s attempt to take another crack at AJ v Daniels. I have simply lost interest. I will watch it because I love the 4 competitors and that's really about it.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Daniels & Kaz

Stacy Predicts - Tag Team Match - AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Styles and Mr. Anderson should be fired up enough to give Daniels and Kaz real trouble, to the point that I'd expect to see a good bit of delay as Daniels or Kaz scamper off outside the ring. I enjoy all four of these wrestler's ring work, so this should be an entertaining match, and in the end I think Styles and Mr. Anderson will get past a certain amount of dirty pool for the win.

Stacy's Predicted Winner – AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson

Ken's Predicted Winner - Open Challenge Singles Match for the TNA TV Championship - Robbie E (c) w/Robbie T vs. TBD

I'd love to see Williams show up and take the belt from Robbie, but that would mean TNA/IW would have faith in Williams, which they obviously don't, and it would mean Williams would have to carry around that piss poor piece of crap belt. Since they've been putting virtually nothing into the TV Title and the Robbies, I doubt that the Title will change hands, or that this will be anything more than a piss poor filler match.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Robbie

Gesus Predicts - Open Challenge Singles Match for the TNA TV Championship - Robbie E (c) w/Robbie T vs. TBD

Yawn, I really don't care.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - TBD

Stacy Predicts - Open Challenge Singles Match for the TNA TV Championship - Robbie E (c) w/Robbie T vs. TBD

TBD's recent tornado crush-fest through half the locker room would... Okay, right, I don't actually know who TBD will be, but I'm sure given recent Robbie & Robbie matches, whoever it is will do okay with Robbie E, then get smashed by Robbie T. I'd rather that something different happens, and Robbie E gets whacked hard enough to cause some General Hospital style amnesia so Robbie E can drop the Jersey Shore gimmick. I hear he really has more talent than we usually see.

Stacy's Predicted Winner - Robbie E w/ T

Ken Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match - Samoa Joe & Magnus (c) vs. Crimson & Matt Morgan

Magnus and Joe have been on a role lately, and there's been mounting tension between Crimson and Morgan. I doubt there's any question who will win this match. Of course there will be huge issues between Morgan and Crimson leading to them having a huge feud. Well, hopefully it's a huge feud and not something piddling and pathetic.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Joe & Magnus

Gesus Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match - Samoa Joe & Magnus (c) vs. Crimson & Matt Morgan

This has been a decent feud. I am so happy the are doing something with Joe. I really think it would be a great little stable if Douglas Williams were to run with them. Could make for some really interesting programing. Crimson and Morgan are about to self destruct and of course we were all expecting some stupid break up angle in my opinion. If you didn’t you don’t know wrestling. They more often the not come up with a dumb way to break a Tag Team. I can see their frustrations with each other resulting in a loss instead of a squash win.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Joe & Magnus

Stacy Predicts - TNA Tag Team Championship Match - Samoa Joe & Magnus (c) vs. Crimson & Matt Morgan

Now we're back to some real possibilities. Though Samoa Joe hasn't been doing as much as he was back when I started watching a few years ago, he, Magnus, Crimson and Matt Morgan all have the talent and energy to take this match in interesting and violent directions. I'm really unsure where it's going to go, but I'd like to see a long, somewhat hardcore match where they all get good shots in. It seems rather premature for Joe and Magnus to drop the strap after just winning it, so though it might be tough, I think they'll retain in the end.

Stacy's Predicted Winner - Samoa Joe & Magnus

Ken Predicts - Singles Match - Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

I was complaining on Thursday about this feud. Why is Angle all made at and jealous of Jeff Hardy? To use a famous quote of one of our favorite doddering and balding legend, "He's no more than a glorified stuntman." Okay, yes, that is going too far, but I'm still cranky about Hardy and his push in TNA/IW after all the bull he's pulled. Either way, I have to go with Angle over Hardy. There's just no way I can put Hardy – either Hardy – over Angle at any time.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Angle

Gesus Predicts - Singles Match - Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

I must have missed anything to do with this match, I’m guessing because I simply just tune out Hardy. You should all know my disgust for the man by now. This will probably be a boring match since I don't think Hardy and Angle’s styles mesh that well. Kurt needs to focus on the Olympics and not a stupid match like this. Let’s hope Hardy learned from last year, but then again what does he have to learn? He can go get wasted and then paid leave? I won’t be eagerly awaiting this match.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Hardy

Stacy Predicts - Singles Match - Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

Like Kendra, I'm still pretty much off on Jeff Hardy. Though I haven't wanted to see Kurt Angle in the past when he was heel, I'd rather see him win than Jeff. If Jeff works mid-card for a year or two without needing the crazy bucket, and gets back to the skill and showmanship he had back when he was mid-card in the E, I'll be happy to see him move up again.

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Kurt Angle

Ken Predicts - TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match - Gail Kim (c) vs. Madison Rayne

I know some people are looking forward to these two facing off, but I'm not one of them. Maybe Madison isn't as bad in the ring as I see her, but she sure isn't anything glorious or stellar. I'm hoping Kim doesn't drop the strap. I know Madison has been Champ before, but now is not her time. I want to see Kim keep the strap and have a real feud with someone who's solid in the ring – Angelina, Winter, Velvet Sky.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Kim

Gesus Predicts - TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match - Gail Kim (c) vs. Madison Rayne

This is been decent though more or less just in awe about how amazing the days of Roxxie, Kharma, ODB, Kim, etc., can be so destroyed and forgotten for the junk they call Knockouts. The only good thing I can say about the Knockouts is that they are getting potentially higher billing and a slightly better push than the company up north. TNA would be foolish to mix up the division by changing titles since we are all seeing how little anyone cares about the titles. Projection for this match, screaming, hair pulling, and bathroom break.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Kim

Stacy Predicts - TNA Women's Knockout Championship Match - Gail Kim (c) vs. Madison Rayne

Though I've seen really great exciting work from Gail Kim, I'm guessing she's not going to be able to show it off during this delicious beverage & snacks break match. I've been surprised several times when real talent and skill breaks out for a few minutes with most all of the Knockouts, so it really should be possible for Madison and Gail to make us regret spending time in the kitchen. Will it happen that way? Maybe for a few minutes, here and there, then once the yelling and hair pulling is over, Rayne will win for no particular reason. Hope I'm wrong, but...

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Madison Rayne

Ken Predicts - Singles Match - Bully Ray & James Storm

I'm actually looking forward to this match. Ray has stepped up his game lately and has been a great singles competitor as well as great on the mic. Everyone knows I absolutely adore Storm, so I'm thinking this will be a great match. Now they will either want to have Storm win so he doesn't look weak going into his Title Match at Lockdown with Roode, or Ray will win and decide he should be the one inn the Title Match and there will be much hub-bub heading to the next PPV. Either way would work if they book it well. There's also the possibility that Joseph Park will be going after Ray and Gunner over this next month as Gunner was evasive and Ray was the last person to actually see Abyss before his disappearance. Because of that possibility I'm going with Storm over Ray, but only after some serious abuse in the ring.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Storm

Gesus Predicts - Singles Match - Bully Ray & James Storm

Calfzilla and Storm head to head huh? I am excited although another feud I really couldn’t care about. A lot on this card if you won't be able to tell has left a lot for me to desire. Calfzilla is really growing into his own character and 6 months ago you told me I would be marking out for him I would have laughed in your face. Storm also is an amazing competitor. Not sure if you all follow Think Tank but his is were Prof and I deeply disagree. I think with the right build Storm is not to old for Vinny Mac. He would be a great addition to any roster he is in.

Gesus' Predicted Winner - Storm

Stacy Predicts - Singles Match - Bully Ray & James Storm

I predict Bully will show off his calves again. Now if there were some sort of beer brewing device called a calf that Storm could bring to the ring, that could be entertaining. I expect there will be some sort of addition to this match since Ray and Storm can really make the match more interesting with tables, weapons and the like. I'm thinking on this one that Ray will win, probably dirty, given that Ray hasn't won a lot lately.

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Bully Ray

Ken Predicts - No Holds Barred Match - TNA Champion Bobby Roode vs. Sting

I know it's not proper to have someone going over the Champ in a big match when it's not for the Title, but I think Sting will do it here. This match is TNA/IW's way to try to fight against WrestleMania. I know it's nothing compared to Mania, but it's all TNA/IW has right now. I'd love to see Sting end his career in the WWE at WrestleMania, but that's not what we're discussing here. The big question is will Sting go over Roode? Sting understands the industry and what the company should do for the best effect. So, what's best for TNA/IW as a whole? While I want to say that having Roode win, keeping the Champ looking strong is the most important, but what about keeping the man in charge on top of his game? But then Sting seems to be winding down; maybe passing the torch? So many questions! There are ways that Sting can go over and still leave Roode looking strong. If anyone can do it, it's Sting and that's what I see happening. I see this being one heck of a brutal mess, but with Sting being the victor.

Ken's Predicted Winner – Sting

Gesus Predicts - No Holds Barred Match - TNA Champion Bobby Roode vs. Sting

This is the only match I knew for sure was on the card. At first I was angry that it wasn’t for the title, after thinking about it a while it made sense not to. This match I could see barely being in the ring and getting nasty fast. There hopefully will be a god story told. I am loving Roode as a champ even though TNA can’t book a match for crap. My money would be on Roode going over dirty.

Gesus' Predicted Winner – Roode

Stacy Predicts - No Holds Barred Match - TNA Champion Bobby Roode vs. Sting

I'd like Storm and Roode on the same side again, so far for me their building feud hasn't been as entertaining as Beer Money was, but that certainly won't happen for some time. Bobby Roode could lose this match, and if I was right about Ray and Storm, re-form Beer Money after a few weeks. They were both enjoyable to watch and cheer for at the house show we saw a couple years ago. TNA may have moved on since then, but I liked having them around as two guys you could conceivably relax and have a beer with. But we know that TNA is not going to go along with this premise right now. So, what's up for this match? I'm sure Sting wouldn't mind a win, and it will help support his control of the Impact! show. Will it be as interesting that way? Perhaps not, as Roode the victor would help Bischoff and company regain some control over the show and locker room. Given that Bisch is still with the company, and Vince Russo is not, I'm inclined to go with this scenario.

Stacy's Predicted Winner – Bobby Roode

While I have no trouble with Gesus showing me up with his predicts, I'm not sure how I'll feel about it if Stacy beats me. If he doesn't I might ask him to join us in predicting WrestleMania as we've been talking about it so much lately. For a guy who didn't watch wrestling before we got together, he sure has embraced it and has formed some strong opinions about what we see. Hopefully you enjoyed our predictions and post your own.

KB, Gesus & Stacy

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