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Top 10 Pro Wrestling Stories From The Past Week

Let me know what you think of the idea. Enjoy!

10. TNA Impact Wrestling Postpones Much Discussed India Tour

Disappointing or unsurprising - which word fits more in this instance?

When TNA first announced a tour to India in late 2015, it was very shocking. Considering all the talent departures, low television ratings, and their new network already canceling them after less than a year, it didn't make much sense.

How was it happening? Why? Who was going to finance everything? So many questions...

Therefore, the postponement (some are reporting an outright cancellation which may turn out to be true come 2016) was kinda-sorta expected. TNA already canceled a live event tour about a month ago in the United States and already ditched plans to tour China. Now sure why or how that was even an option but whatever.

The reason given is "logistical issues" which sure is coming up a lot for TNA. Safety concerns are also being discussed. That is all well and good, but two other tours were canceled too. What was the excuse for that happening? I would like to give TNA the benefit of the doubt here due to all the concerns in the world right now and traveling. However, their track record has proven to be less than honest in the past.

Just saying.

9. Solomon Crowe Leaves NXT - Unfortunately, the talent pool in NXT was just too much to overcome for Solomon Crowe. Hideo Itami, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Rhyno, all the great women, Finn Balor, etc. The list goes on and on. It became so difficult to shine when everybody else was at such a high level performing. Not to say I was even a very big fan of Crowe (I wasn't), but he is young enough to come back down the road better than ever.

8. Brad Maddox Released By WWE - Don't blame the promo from Tuesday night folks. That is the scapegoat reasoning. The REAL reason? He under performed for the past three years on television. Harsh but true. Sorry to burst your bubble because I know he has a loyal fanbase out there. The guy was given a few golden opportunities and faltered each time. Stumbling through promos was not his gimmick; sadly, that was just him. Like Crowe, if he comes back better than ever and much improved, good for him. Hope it happens.

7. Dean Ambrose Is Back To Square One - One week ago, the WWE Universe was dreaming of Dean Ambrose on top of the mountain. New WWE World Champion. Heel or face, this was HIS time! Except, it wasn't and honestly wasn't ever even a real possibility when taking away the 'fantasy booking' aspect of things. He was headed for a feud with Kevin Owens over the IC Title before Seth Rollins got injured, and here we are - Dean Ambrose is headed for a feud with Kevin Owens over the IC Title. His time on top will happen eventually, but Ambrose was able to sniff the main event picture at WWE Survivor Series only to be right back to square one 24 hours later.

6.Randy Orton May Need Surgery (Cesaro TOO!)

Ugh. Such a tough break for WWE with injuries right now. A few years ago, I wrote a column about how the company should handle their talent schedule. An off-season will NOT work, so anybody still grasping at that idea can scrap. It is not going to happen.

What CAN happen is a simple rotating system for their roster. Each guy/gal gets 60 (extra) days off per year. From January-April during WrestleMania season, it is all hands on deck. For the rest of the calendar though, you plan accordingly.

Maybe Randy Orton gets June-July off and returns for a big Summerslam program in August.

Maybe some lower card guys request ONE week off per month and splits up his or her 60 days throughout the year.

John Cena can miss November and December each year to film any projects he has going on.

Dean Ambrose can be 'taken out' in the Fall season and come back refreshed at a later date while fans anticipate his music hitting again for a loud ovation. Same with Cesaro or Dolph Ziggler - two guys looking for anything to grab onto and make their own.

Basically, everybody gets their mandatory 60 (extra) days off per year to heal up their bodies and refresh their characters in case they are getting stale for a grand comeback story line. It helps keep the company entertaining, creates instant story lines, and best of all - allows their hard working talent to be healthy.

Why do I mention this?

Randy Orton is a prime candidate for this. Perfect example of why guys/gals need to be rotated in and out. No different than sports stars getting random Sundays off or road games on a long trip. Just a little random time off during the year to allow them to catch their breath and feel great again. It is disheartening to hear of yet another injury for Randy Orton. A strict part-time schedule or even semi-part-time schedule may be best for Mr. RKO and overall best for business.

5. Eva Marie Delivered

Another Womens Title match on NXT. Another main event slot. Becoming common place.

The difference this time for Bayley? She had to wrestle Eva Marie, a tough task to say the least. The rambunctious crowd did not make it an easier - for both girls. Luckily, I am happy to report that not only was the atmosphere awesome because of all the paranoid fans fearing a title change, but the bout was good. Eva Marie held her own out there ladies and gentlemen. Save me the tired "so and so carried her!" stuff. It takes two to tango, and it was a fun dance to watch.

Nothing is better when somebody shuts up their critics and proves the doubters wrong. So far, so good for Eva Marie!

4. Sami Zayn Is Returning

Thank goodness for NXT. Normally I tend to stay away from 'fantasy booking' scenarios, but with Sami Zayn returning, I feel like there is a pretty simple direction. He returns to NXT, wrestles a few matches in the main event scene, leaves for the main roster around Royal Rumble 2016 time to go after Kevin Owens, and the two tear the house down at WM32 in a classic IC Championship bout.


3. Sheamus Wins WWE World Title - You knew it was coming. I wrote about it in my last column. Sheamus did not have the Money in the Bank briefcase because it looked pretty. I mean, it DOES look pretty, but you get my point. He was going to elevated at some point. I'm actually glad it is now, so WWE can get it out of their system before the Road to WrestleMania begins. Still, I am a fan of the fella, and it is cool to see him as a top champ again.

2. RAW Ratings Still In The Toilet - I admit it. When Survivor Series went off the air last Sunday night, I felt like WWE accomplished their goal of shaking up the company and gave viewers a decent reason to watch Raw the next night. Love Sheamus or hate Sheamus, it was a (fairly) bold move and got people talking.

Then the viewership numbers came in for RAW, and ouch! No buzz. No post-pay-per-view uptick. No surge in viewers at least curiously tuning in for the first hour. Low across the board and at SCARY levels for WWE and USA Network. Even worse is usually ratings crumble in the Fall but bounce back during WrestleMania season. Truth be told, I think we are well beyond that point. Even if numbers do jump up a little in early 2016, the damage has been done. We all have our grand plans and big ideas, but there is no quick fix here. Nobody truly knows the right answer on how to turn the ship around, and that may be the scariest thing of all for WWE.

1. Roman Reigns Wins His First WWE Title - The man has won the Royal Rumble, also set the record for most eliminations the previous year. He has main evented a WrestleMania, a rare feat for any wrestler. Also, Roman Reigns has had a classic Survivor Series showing (a few years ago), was a part of a dominating faction in The Shield, and now can claim to being a WWE World Champion. Without a doubt, this was my biggest story of the past week. The WWE history books have been written for Survivor Series 2015, and Roman Reigns is in their title history. Short while or not, it was a major moment for him and only the beginning.

Believe THAT!

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