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Watching wrestling is fun. It's so fun, in fact, that it creates a rabid fan-base of passionate fans. The people care about their wrestling and that's a wonderful thing. For something that is deemed low-brow by most of society, wrestling creates compelling stories and combines them with the most impressive physical feats the human body can endure. I have a tremendous amount of respect for this business. To me, it's the most interesting and captivating spectacle in the world. What if your favorite cartoon characters were real? The WWE has always created a mystique around the business that lead me to believe that all my favorite cartoon characters were real. Wacky Wrestling Cartoon World is my way of commenting on the business with satire while accentuating it's inherent cartoonishness. I am aware that the aesthetic of a cartoon is a little bit juvenile, especially in my style. However, from an artistic stand-point, I remain steadfast to the style because I believe it makes a statement on its own. I aim to create something that is enjoyed, so if you're not liking what you're seeing, I'm only a click away. With your feedback and support I will try to make this better and better every week. Thank you. - Danko

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