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Was He Buried? The Case Of Bray Wyatt

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If you’ve been on Wrestling Twitter for longer than ten minutes on any given day, you’ve seen the term burial. Listen to podcasts and they shout it even more. When a WWE superstar is in a position other than where we want them we often say, “they’re being buried.” Also if a superstar picks up a win against the aforementioned “buried” superstar we call it a burial. However is it possible that either, we use the term incorrectly or we are wrong? While there is no Webster’s definition of the wrestling version of buried, I like to think of it as “The intentional devaluation of a character.” Notice my definition, that it must be intentional. Meaning the company intentionally decides to devalue a character.

Where I think many of us get “burials” wrong is when things just don’t work. This brings us to our first superstar I will be looking at, Bray Wyatt. I ran a poll on Twitter and overwhelmingly 71% of people believed Wyatt was buried in 2017. That is absolutely mind blowing to me. Before I go completely mad, let’s take a look at the year Bray Wyatt had in 2017.

– Royal Rumble: Wyatt entered number 21 and lasted over 24 minutes. He was in the top three and was eliminated by Roman Reigns. Wyatt also did not have any eliminations.

– Elimination Chamber: Wyatt wins his first WWE championship and eliminated both John Cena and A.J. Styles. He would hold the title until Wrestlemania.

-Wrestlemania 33: Wyatt would lose the title to Randy Orton. This match would feature some “outside the box” elements. The match would go just over ten minutes.

– Payback: Wyatt would switch to the Raw roster for this. Therefore he would not receive his rematch. However he would defeat Orton in a “House of Horrors match”.

-Extreme Rules: Wyatt would be in a number one contenders fatal five way match. The match would feature the winner, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Finn Balor along with himself.

-Great Balls Of Fire: Wyatt would cost Rollins a match the night after Extreme Rules. This would setup a feud between the two. Wyatt would defeat Seth Rollins at Great Balls of Fire.

-Summerslam: Wyatt would be launched into a feud with Finn Balor. He would cost Balor most of his matches and even defeated him prior to the event. Wyatt would lose to the Demon Balor which is undefeated.

No Mercy- The feud with Balor would continue. Wyatt would take another loss to Balor seemingly ending the feud. However on Raw going forward we would see the debut of Sister Abigail, who would challenge Balor.

TLC- Wyatt would miss this event due to an illness. However he would have wrestled as “Sister Abigail” or atleast that’s what we believe.

To put it all in perspective, he was in a WWE Title Match, facing the champion or a number one contenders match four times last year not including the Rumble. In his other matches he defeated Seth Rollins and lost against Finn Balor. He never wavered outside of the top tier of superstars. He would score wins over Cena, Styles, Orton and the above mentioned Rollins.

So let’s talk about the Wrestlemania projection stuff, House of Horrors and the Balor feud. In a world where we love Broken Matt Hardy and look so fondly on old Undertaker, we destroy the outside the box thinking. We constantly complain about WWE doing the same old thing. Yet WWE and Wyatt takes some chances and we complain about it. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t work however shouldn’t we applaud WWE and Wyatt for trying something new? They tried something outside the box with this different character and we get upset with the outcome.

So now that you have seen the year that Wyatt had, do you believe he was buried? Did WWE maliciously or purposefully attempt to devalue the character? Or is WWE and Wyatt guilty of thinking outside the box and it not coming off the way they hoped? In 2018 Wyatt is involved with Hardy in which Wyatt has played his part well in my eyes. He has picked up a win over Hardy and appears to be headed to a big over the top match at Wrestlemania with him. Is this again being looked at as a failure due to no care of the characters or trying something different than you’re used too?

Let me know your thoughts below in the comment section. Also please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @awesomephinatic. Let me know who you would like me to look at next, and let’s determine if they were buried.

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