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What Could Have Been: 205 Live

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205 Live

Coming off the Cruiserweight Classic I have to admit I was really looking forward to seeing 205 Live and seeing the cruiserweights get a chance in WWE. The CWC was such a success but of course that was fully run by Triple H. 205 Live is run by Mr. McMahon.

The first episode was main evented by Rich Swann defeating The Brian Kendrick to win the Cruiserweight Championship to little fanfare. One of the best things we've seen come out of this 205 Live era has been the emergence of "The King of the Cruiserweights" Neville. Seeing him return and then win the Cruiserweight Championship at Royal Rumble was a good thing for the cruiserweights and would lead to a very lengthy reign.

One of the first big problems in my opinion was how Austin Aries was treated once he was cleared to compete. The first time he got a chance to face Neville for the Cruiserweight Title was at Wrestlemania, the match was put on the kickoff instead of being on the main show. To me, that was kind of a slap in the face to both men. The overall feud between Neville and Aries did the latter no favors. It wasn't too much of a surprise that Aries left shortly after that feud ended. He should have been the one to dethrone Neville in my honest opinion.

Once we finally did see Neville lose the Cruiserweight Championship it was to Akira Tozawa on an episode of RAW nonetheless. That title reign would be very brief as Neville would win back the title at SummerSlam and would hold it for 35 days before dropping it to... Enzo Amore.

205 Live would have a very brief increase in viewers with the cruiserweight debut of Enzo Amore but he is not the answer WWE is looking for to get more people to tune into 205 Live. The fact that Enzo has been in the doghouse and would drop the Title only 15 days later to new cruiserweight Kalisto on an episode of RAW doesn't help matters.

I believe that what 205 Live needs to do is become the only place we see the cruiserweights and to keep them off RAW. They also need to have another lengthy title reign from someone but need to build up several contenders for that championship. We need to be able to differentiate each member of the division; they don't do enough to show that.

I will put it out there that Mr. McMahon has never really known what to do with light-heavyweights or cruiserweights but Triple H did great with the Cruiserweight Classic. Therefore, I believe that Hunter should be in charge of 205 Live; the cruiserweights should have less restrictions as it pertains to their moveset then what Vince has on them now.

I believe that 205 Live has been a failure to this point but can still be successful. It won't be easy but it can be done. It will take more than just one man in Enzo Amore to turn things around. Bring up some guys from NXT (like Johnny Gargano) or stars from the indies. Make a true division that features many bright spots then you will get more people to tune into the show.

I don't see Hideo Itami saving the division though either. Another blow to the division was the incident that just happened with Rich Swann as he was suspended and will possibly face jail time. I'm starting to think that even with the 205 Live house shows that are going to begin next year, this division is really becoming a lost cause ever since Neville disappeared. If the house shows fail then I believe Mr. McMahon will perhaps finally pull the plug on this 205 Live division which is really sad because I've always enjoyed the cruiserweights when they weren't limited.

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