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Who is the face of the company?

Braun Strowman

The face of the company is always something widely debated. It has people hooked to the product, who is the top guy? It also poses the question who deserves to be the top guy. WWE have tried to introduce this into angles such as when Randy Orton would consistently mention being the face of the company, same with Cena and AJ Styles. In terms of the WWE’s perspective, it is hard to look passed Roman Reigns as the face of the company, which you can tell through the consistent Pay-Per-View main events and massive opportunities afforded to him despite a generally hostile reaction towards him.

With this reaction it is hard to assert Reigns as the face of the company, and that poses the question who could it be if not him. Who is it that the WWE are searching for to carry the company forward ten-fold? The best fit as it stands would almost unarguably be Braun Strowman. With a few other honourable mentions, no one really comes close to the monster amongst men. The body of work he has amassed since the beginning of 2018 has been truly fantastic. On the mic, in the ring not many come close to him. A generally believable threat to everyone – which is almost what WWE are missing out on and wrestling in general modern day. This does not mean he does not have the athleticism to match, and the almost “supernatural” corny strength segments actually work for him, lifting ridiculous amounts.

Another superstar who potentially could become the face of the company with the right booking would be Finn Balor. Balor has been a crowd favourite not only of the internet wrestling community, but also the casual fan and anyone who truly tunes into the product way back since NXT. His ring work is immaculate, he isn’t awful on the mic and with his demon persona brings something genuinely fresh and new which after the amount of time wrestling has been around is a rare sight indeed. The problem with Balor so far has been the booking he has suffered through although as things stand it appears he maybe on the right path with Wrestlemania coming up.

Someone else who can become the face of the company would be Balor’s opponent at Wrestlemania, Seth Rollins. He too is in the same boat as Balor where his ring work and mic skills are good enough to carry the company on his back but the booking as of late has not been great for him however this is down to bad luck it seems with everyone he gets involved with going out injured, which makes a change with it not being him for once. Seth has all the tools to progress the company into a new era, which could be the best yet we have seen with the right backing behind the scenes. We have seen glimpses of Seth being on the top when he was champion and I think if the popularity he had at this point can be recapitulated which is what appears to slowly be happening now he would have no problem being top of the pile.

This is the here and now but this is not including those from NXT such as Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black and up and comers in the WWE like Ricochet who potentially could be there in the future. If you disagree with what I have said, or could hazard a guess as to who you think in NXT or maybe even around the world who could come in to be the face of the WWE in the future let me know by tweeting me @WNW_Walker! I look forward to hearing your opinions!

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