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Why Sasha Banks Needs To Main Event WWE TLC In BOSS-ton

Sasha Banks

NOTE: I will be referring to the Divas Revolution as the "Womens Revolution." It is something I have been trying to do for close to a year now and feel it is the right decision. Outside of mentioning the Divas Title and Total Divas, the 'D' word will hardly be used by yours truly going forward.

The current Womens Revolution in WWE has not been perfect. From their shows to their pay-per-view events. Look, we can all agree on that right off the bat. There have absolutely been missteps made since the summer. However, compare the current set up to the division six months ago. Or one year ago. Or ten years ago for that matter. We are so so far beyond their recent woes and in a far better place in 2015, and for all that goodwill built up - there is still one more hurdle to overcome in the industry.

A women's match needs to main event a WWE PPV.

Not only should it happen, I believe it is closer than many think...

Close Calls

Summerslam 2014 - Yes, the recent upswing began in summer 2015, but it actually had a wave of momentum last year. We all know Summerslam is one of the biggest events of the year for ALL of wrestling! Arguably the second or third ranked show behind WrestleMania. Yet, with a stacked card featuring Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and countless others, guess what one of the headlining matches was?

Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella

Two women were not only a big focus of Summerslam, but they closed RAW once or twice during the build up. It may not seem like a lot, but that was a major vote of confidence. Not just for Steph but also the Bella Twins. Total Divas was in full swing in 2013, and the duo were finally improved enough in the ring to deserve a nice spot on WWE television each week. Months later, Nikki Bella was champion and en route to making history.

NXT Matches - It was natural and not forced at all. Throughout 2014 and into early 2015, the women in NXT delivered some of the best segments each week and were a highlight of their live WWE Network special. This was them setting the groundwork for today's revolution as we see it. More was sure to come...

NXT: Takeover Brooklyn - No offense to Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens and their NXT Title ladder match, but they should not have been the main event the night before Summerslam. That spot belonged to Bayley and her reaching the pinnacle of NXT becoming the NEW Womens Champion. I said it before the show and still stand by it. WWE may have missed the boat back in August, but the company soon made up for it.

September RAW - Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella for the Divas Title was the plan for WWE Night of Champions. That was fine and all, but the timing of such a match made no sense. Nikki was going to break AJ Lee's record as the longest reigning Divas Champion of all-time...but didn't even have to defend the title belt beforehand? Come on! WWE did smarten up and make the bout for the Raw before the pay-per-view. My only gripe was that it was a perfect chance to thrust them into the main event. Rating were only down anyways; it is not like you could use the excuse of popping a number for Raw. The BellaTron countdown clock in the corner of the screen all night. The drama. The fan buzz over the match all week. Definitely would have been cool.

NXT: Takeover Respect - The 30 minute Iron Man match for the Womens Championship was an excellent idea and well deserving for Bayley vs. Sasha Banks to end their rivalry. Thankfully, everybody nailed it dead on here in giving the two women the proper main event spot...and it worked. No fan backlash. No controversy. No big fuss. The story line was established, the live audience was invested, and the talent was READY! Any concerns people may have had in giving them the main event role were all shut down. It may have "only" been a WWE Network live special and not a true PPV, but this showed the world it can work.

Last Week - Charlotte and Paige JUST main evented Raw with their Survivor Series contract signing, and NXT JUST had their latest episode main event with Bayley defending her Womens Title before being confronted by Eva Marie. Folks, we are on the cusp of something special happening.

Sorry for all the rambling, but I had to make my point clear.

The signs are there, and we are being primed for the moment where women main event a pay-per-view, and I believe it needs to be next month with Sasha Banks headlining WWE TLC.

Why Now?

Simple. With the Road to WrestleMania 32 sure to be all about returning legends and the WWE World Title picture, the iron is hot NOW. Not much time to strike between January and April. It has to be next month.

The fans have been craving for MORE Sasha Banks on WWE TV. Chants of "We Want Sasha!" are there each and every week, and it is no secret she is a very talented in-ring performer. With Charlotte as the (current) Divas Champion and fellow NXTer, it only makes sense for her to be next in line at the title. It'd really put the stamp on this huge revolution for them two to end the next WWE PPV with a classic bout. Fans would still get their Roman Reigns match, Dean Ambrose fun, tag match with The New Day, and everything else. For the new age and only $10 for the WWE Network, I can not foresee many, if any, complains about the women headlining long as the story is there. Ronda Rousey proves that every time - fans care about the UFC and will happily pay big bucks to watch HER main event in a "man's sport."

Most importantly though, WWE TLC takes place from Boston Massachusetts, which is exactly where Sasha Banks is billed from. Honestly, this all writes itself. Wins a #1 contender's match on RAW. Confronts Charlotte (or Paige) the following week. Promo battle after that and some awesome in depth vignettes/training videos in between. Fans will be all set for WWE TLC, and the live crowd in Boston will be as enthusiastic as ever.

On that night, Sasha Banks will turn Boston into Boss-ton as the new WWE Divas Champion.

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