WNW Predicts – Battleground


This Sunday, July 19th, the WWE presents Battleground from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. As this has been a longer build than the two weeks between pay-per-views that we had been fed by the WWE, this card appears much more cohesive than PPVs past, even if there are not as many matches announced. Personally, I expect a Divas Match will be added the night of the show, as they've recently brought up a number of NXT Divas.

Yes, I'm back. It's been almost exactly three years since I asked Jesse Sherwood to cover the WNW Predicts for me, and he never returned them. Jesse has made great strides with WNW Predicts, and has changed them up in fantastic and creative ways. Because the format he used for Money In The Bank PPV seemed to go over so well, I'm sticking with it again this month. This month I will be joined by CJ Blaze, Jamie Welton, Chris Surrency, Lee Herbert, Eric Staley, Zack Krasney, Paul Rathert. Jesse will return next month to entertain you again.


R-Truth vs Barrett – Winner gets King of The Ring crown


Wade, I mean Bad News, well, KING Barrett has seen his ups and downs over the years and needs to get a win against R Truth seeing as how he is the King of the Ring. With the WWE elevating the US title over the last several months, they should also elevate the status of the King of the Ring. Barrett is more than capable of taking the ball and running with it, whether it be in the ring or on the mic (healthy, that is). As much as I love Truth's character and would like to see him get a legitimate run, he looks to be a “lifer” in the enhancement talent section. With Truth currently in that status, he should not get the win against Barrett. Barrett has remained healthy for quite a while and I believe the WWE needs to invest. Their match will likely be entertaining, but I feel it will be a fairly short match.

Eric Predicts – Barrett


So I’m going to be pretty blunt with you, dear reader. I don’t care at all about this match, not even a little. Honestly, the fact that this match is on the card, but Dean Ambrose doesn’t have a match, makes me furious. King Barrett and Truth have wrestled so many times since Barrett won the King of the Ring tournament, that it truly amazes me that we’re still having this match. This is like Big Show vs. Roman Reigns on a much smaller scale. It’s such terrible booking, why does Barrett even care that R-Truth comes out in a duct tape crown and a plunger and calls himself king. He’s an insane person! This match is a “blow off” match, winner get’s to call himself the King. I actually want Truth to win this one so they can just go forward with Barrett as just Wade Barrett, not Bad News Barrett, not King Barrett. Just Wade Barrett.

Zack Predicts – We all lose with this match, but Truth shall become King.

Ken - R-Truth
CJ - King Barrett
Paul - Barrett
Lee - Barrett wins, confirmed King of the Jobbers
Jamie - Barrett
Sam - R-Truth

Randy Orton vs Sheamus


With Randy Orton returning just a few weeks ago it seems like he is the likely winner against Sheamus. Sheamus has been a strong heel since returning with his new look, but Orton has been on top of the world on several occasions. He is just one RKO away from a three count at any given time and should slither his way past Sheamus' brute strength. We have seen these two compete against each other on several occasions and I do not see why the program should be extended to Summerslam. Orton will come out on top and, hopefully, proceed to a Superstar that has just left NXT. Battleground takes place in the Scottrade Center in Orton's hometown of St. Louis. What better way for Orton to jump right back in the thick of things than to win at home?

Eric Predicts – Randy Orton


Creative has failed to build this recurring feud in a way that makes me care at all about it. Not exactly the best way to build a new Mr. Money in the Bank. If they hope to see Sheamus come out of Battleground with any momentum he'll have to make an impact. I see this match being back and forth with Sheamus ultimately using the briefcase to either get DQ'd or without the referee noticing. Or would that be with the ref's vision "impaired"? Whatever. Either way let's hope this is the end of this feud for a while.

Paul Predicts – Sheamus

Ken - Randy Orton
CJ - Randy Orton
Zack - Sheamus
Lee - Randy Orton, clean
Jamie - Sheamus
Sam - Sheamus

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt


“Anyone but you...”

Three words that we still have no idea what they mean. I want to believe in Bray Wyatt, and I want to think of him as the new Undertaker. The problem is his booking. He’s suffered losses to John Cena, Chris Jericho, and The Undertaker, yet, we are supposed to believe he is this unbeatable freak. 

Bray Wyatt has picked up key wins over John Cena, Dean Ambrose, and Ryback on pay-per-view. Do you know what those three men have in common? Cena won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Dean Ambrose chased the Intercontinental and WWE World Titles, and Ryback won the Intercontinental Championship. All of those happenings took place right after Wyatt beat them. Where did Wyatt go? He suffered losses or just wasn’t featured regularly on TV. Do you see the problem now?

Roman Reigns has had a rather decent year thus far. Roman won the Royal Rumble, headlined WrestleMania, and picked up stop-gap wins over Daniel Bryan and Big Show. Reigns has failed to win the WWE Championship twice this year. He was the favorite to win Money in the Bank before Bray Wyatt randomly pushed him off a ladder.

The build up for this match on TV has been fine. It started out great with Wyatt getting personal, and then Reigns kept getting attacked week after week. This feud is being set up to provide Roman Reigns with a “big” win with the story of revenge.

Where does Bray Wyatt go next? Will he even have a match at SummerSlam? We aren’t even sure what’s next for Roman Reigns either. Putting Reigns over seems like the more logical thing to do here.

CJ Predicts – Roman Reigns

This is one feud I have been loving since it first started airing on television. I said in this weeks Smackdown Breakdown that I felt this feud has helped Bray become that creepy character again that we all knew he was, and I feel we’ve seen a more aggressive yet vulnerable and human side to Roman Reigns at times. I think Reigns has shown he fears Bray during this feud so far and from what I’ve witnessed I’d say Bray has really gotten under the skin of Reigns. His quote on Smackdown this week to Roman about him not realising just how far Wyatt is prepared to go is kind of scary, and suggests that Bray has something up his sleeve for this match to tip the scales in his favor. Do I see Bray winning this match without some dirty, underhanded tactics? No. I certainly think we are going to see Bray exploit Roman’s vulnerability when it comes to his daughter, but equally I wouldn’t be surprised to maybe see the return of Luke Harper to help his former master win a match to add another dimension to this. Heck, could we even see (and this is a long shot) the turn of Dean Ambrose, causing the only person Reigns can trust in WWE to turn his back on him too? No matter what happens all I know is Bray is going to walk out of this one the winner with a follow up match to come at Summerslam.

Jamie Predicts – Bray Wyatt

Ken - Roman Reigns
Eric - Bray Wyatt
Zack - Reigns
Lee - Bray Wyatt
Sam - Roman Reigns

Tag Team Championship Match – Prime Time Players (c) vs New Day


So, this Sunday we get the rematch of the century, a tag title match in WWE that once against actually seems to mean something. I'm not sure what we've done to finally have a tag division forming in WWE these days, but I'm actually thankful for the improvement. The New Day has been a great new faction and I would love to see them running things once again, but I don't feel this is the time for that. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are finally getting their chance to shine, and it's far too long overdue. Titus is a proven commodity, the man is everything a WWE Superstar should be, so hopefully this tag title leads to an eventual singles run for the big man, but right now he and Darren are right where they should be, holding down the tag division. I get the feeling we'll get a little dissension tease at the end of this one, either Woods or Kofi will cost the team the match and we'll see a shoving match between the three. Eventually I think we'll see someone step in to lead The New Day, and a more militant turn, and this could be the catalyst to that moment, if we're lucky.

Chris Predicts – Prime Time Players


You know I was really all about Prime Time Players winning the Tag Team Championship, but now that they have I have to say I have been underwhelmed. They’ve been on commentary a few times, and Titus shutting down JBL’s never ending spew of crap was truly great. Other than that, though, I have been really underwhelmed with them as champions. Even with Prime Time Players holding the belts, all eyes have been on New Day. New Day has shown that they are the guys that hold the spotlight in the Tag Team Division. It might be bad booking and I hate to say it but I think that Prime Time Players are better championship chasers than actual champions. Now again, that could be just bad booking. However, New Day has managed to keep the attention on themselves despite not having the championships. I love the Prime Time Players and I’m glad they were able to win the championships since reuniting, but I am going to have to go with New Day. They have shown that despite not having the titles, they can still be the main attraction of the Tag Team Division, and that to me shows that the titles should be on New Day.

Zack Predicts – New Day

Ken - Prime Time Players
CJ - Prime Time Players
Lee - New Day
Eric - Prime Time Players
Jamie - Prime Time Players
Sam - New Day

United States Championship Match – John Cena (c) vs Kevin Owens


I've been quite excited about this match, especially after how great the past two were, how great Cena has been in the ring with Cesaro, and all the other NXT guys who came up to face him, and how Owens has been poised for Superstar-dome for so long. It's like the stars are aligning for both Cena and Owens in this feud, and everything they've done has worked, and not just worked, but been stellar for both of them. Cena's never had such great matches, and Owens started his WWE TV career working with the face of the WWE.

This being the rubber match between them, Owens having lost the NXT Championship, and Cena really seems to have run out of decent people to come after him for the US Championship. I think he should get out while the getting is good, rather than string it out for too long, as happens so often with these things, and with Cena. At this point, I think it's what's best for business for Owens to win the US Championship, and then feud with either Cena for a bit more, or work with Cesaro. Cesaro has come out as a shining Superstar in this feud that he's not really even part of, but it's doing wonders for his career, so it's time for him to continue after the US Championship, with Owens wearing it, or after Cena for not doing right by him. Either way, I think Cesaro has a great feud ahead of him from this feud he wasn't even really part of, and one that should be blown off with Owens wearing the strap.

This match very well could steal the show, as it has the past two times these two faced off at PPVs, but knowing this is the rubber match, I worry that these two will push too hard and far, possibly hurting each other or themselves in the process. Fingers crossed that they give us all they have, don't get injured, and continue to show that Cena can grow in the ring, especially when pushed by a great Superstar who isn't at all worried about leaving it all out there himself.

Ken Predicts – Kevin Owens is new US champion


It’s safe to say Kevin Owens is having a fantastic 2015 as far as his WWE career goes. The man has done some incredible things in a very short amount of time. One of those incredible moments includes his monumental victory over John Cena at Elimination Chamber. While it wasn’t that shocking to me, it was a huge shocker to many fans. Cena is obviously “the guy” in WWE, so any win over him is huge.

The two champions would do battle again at Money in the Bank, where Cena would pick up the win to even the score. Despite the win, Cena wasn’t the last man standing. Owens laid The Champ out after the hard-fought battle.

Here we are just over a month later. Owens has lost his NXT Championship, but now his eyes are solely focused on Cena’s United States Championship. That’s right, we are talking about the red, white, and blue belt that fans couldn’t have cared less about in the last few years. There’s no doubt that Cena has restored much-needed prestige into the United States Championship with title defenses that steal the show week after week.

And then there’s Kevin Owens. Owens has also put on a match of the night candidate every time he works Raw, SmackDown, NXT, or a PPV. WWE is protecting Owens with their booking decisions every week as well. Many fans believe it is a foregone conclusion that Kevin Owens has to beat John Cena to win the U.S. Title at Battleground. While that could be what it looks like, I don’t see it happening just yet.

John Cena is still “the guy.” And this is WWE we are talking about. Owens is just beginning his main roster run. I don’t think Owens will be winning his first main roster title just yet. If it does happen in the near future, I would say SummerSlam is the place it will be. Owens has unfinished business with Finn Balor in NXT, plus there is also a man by the name of Cesaro that I expect to become a bigger factor in the Cena-Owens saga.

CJ Predicts – John Cena retains

Lee - Kevin Owens
Jamie - Kevin Owens
Eric - Kevin Owens
Zack - Owens
Sam - John Cena

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match – Seth Rollins (c) vs Brock Lesnar


So with no Kane, no J and J Security, and no Authority to help back him up this time around it appears as if the odds are so stacked against Seth Rollins that we may as well just call this match a massacre and hand Brock the WWE World Heavyweight Championship right? WRONG! I fully believe that against al the odds Seth Rollins is walking out of Battleground (maybe not literally walking) as the champion. The question of course in this one is how? After all Seth has pretty much been acting like a scared kid at the very sight of Lesnar the majority of the time he sets foot within feet of him and only seemed to have control of Lesnar when he has had back up. Well we have to remember here that “there’s always a plan b”, and while Seth’s plan b may not be of his own devising I think it’s pretty logical. It’s no secret the Undertaker is set to return and potentially has a match with Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. My theory is Taker will potentially cost Brock the match in revenge for Brock’s attack on his brother Kane. This will allow Rollins to steal a cheap win and give Taker and Lesnar another reason (other than to avenge Taker’s loss at Wrestlemania) for this match to go down. Is it going to be pretty? Not for a minute. I fully expect Seth to travel to suplex city on several occasions, and he will know the next day that he was in a war. However Rollins is going to leave the arena still your WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Jamie Predicts – Seth Rollins retains


Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Lee Herbert and I am the WNW advocate for the Cadillac crushing, J&J conquering, badass avenger who this Sunday makes Seth Rollins pay for his sins, "The Beast Of Battleground"........BRRROCK. LESNAR.

Brock Lesnar is the undisputed top superstar in WWE right now. That's not just because he has been around for so long, or because Vince pays him a fortune to work just the top events, or because he is a legitimate tough guy. No the reason is that Lesnar consistently delivers the best matches and the most exciting moment you see in WWE.

This week WWE published their top ten matches of 2015 and Lesnar was number one. When I did my own review recently Lesnar got the top two match of the year spots (http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com/2015-mid-way-review-part-three-the-best-matches/) and the top spot in my list of the most exciting moments. (http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com/2015-mid-way-review-part-two-the-most-exciting-moments/)

This Sunday WWE needs its top guy back on top and the title away from the outdated Authority stable. Seth Rollins one on one with "The Beast", the man who conquered The Undertaker and made John Cena look like a jobber is not a contest. If there is no Kane, J&J or anyone else to be providing a constant distraction or constantly interfering then Rollins will be given a full tour of Suplex City taking in all the sights and then checked in to the Suplex City hospital for a week long rest.

As we have seen recently on Raw the only hope Rollins has is to lie, cheat and steal which is what will happen if he has any sense and is the likely outcome. But even that will be no match for an angry "Beast Incarnate". As we have seen every time Seth has launched one of his "plans" Brock has still managed to dish out some savage beatings which Seth has mostly managed to avoid by running away through the crowd. This Sunday there will be nowhere to run and the rightful champion will be crowned.

Lee Predicts – Brock Lesnar

Ken - Seth Rollins retains (dirty, messy, screwy)
CJ - Seth Rollins
Zack - Rollins
Eric - Brock Lesnar (Rollins retains WWE WHC)
Sam - Seth Rollins retains (screwy)

Wrap Up
While there's no Divas Match scheduled on the card, but I really think that something will be thrown in, it has to be. Sam and I talked about it, and we really think that there will be a Divas Match added to Battleground, and that Paige, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte will come out on top, with Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina right behind them, and the Bellas looking the mess they are. Now is the time to pull the trigger, they started on Raw, so they need to get them on Battleground in some way.

Then there's the Taker rumors that are flying rampant all over the Internet. Sam was away at camp, and she still knew there was a real possibility of Taker appearing at Battleground – at least according to the IWC. Fingers crossed that the Deadman will be back. Make sure you come and hang out in the WNW Battleground Open Thread Discussion!

Queen of WNW
KB, CJ, Jamie, Chris, Lee, Eric, Zack, Paul & Sam

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