WNW Predicts - Elimination Chamber 2015


Welcome to WNW’s Elimination Chamber 2015 Predictions! Elimination Chamber will be emanating from American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX! Because of the short turnaround for this PPV and the fact that matches were announced at the last minute, We decided to have one writer take each match on the card and do a full rundown of it. Please let us know if you like or dislike this format in the comments below. This time around, we have Kendra Bunyon, CJ Blaze, Zack Krasney, Lee Herbert, Jamie Welton, and myself on the different matches. Let's get to it!

Triple Threat Match for the Diva's Championship:

Nikki Bella © vs. Naomi vs. Paige


I am happy to see that the WWE is giving the Divas a Championship Match at Elimination Chamber, but I'd hoped for so much more than just a Triple Threat Match. Okay, I'll fully admit that these are the three Divas I'd love to see working together, given the WWE Divas roster at this point. But, I think the WWE should have stepped up and given the Divas a real chance to shine. There's enough talent in the WWE (NXT) roster to really outfit an Elimination Chamber Match for the Divas Championship, so when better to do it? Honestly, the biggest problem I'd see in all of this is deciding who to fill the other three pods! There's Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Bayley, and even Dana Brooke. And could easily slide into a match like I'm suggesting, and help make it epic. Personally, my idea of an amazing Divas Championship Elimination Chamber Match would be between Naomi, Paige, Banks, Charlotte, Lynch and Bayley. Those six women are on a level that would actually give us an Elimination Chamber Match worth talking about.

Only one other time in the history of the Divas has the roster looked as great as it does now, and could they have pulled off a Divas Elimination Chamber Match. Trish, Lita, Victoria, Molly, Gail Kim, and Jazz could have worked an Elimination Chamber Match and really impress the fans. Before you start yelling at me that Chyna should have been in that group, I have to say that she was too strong, too advanced, and possibly too much for the other Divas to deal with in a match like this. I'm not taking anything away from Chyna, but will say that she was in a league of her own and deserves to be remembered that way.

We have been begging for the Divas to consist of more than bikini models, and for the first time since the Attitude Era, WWE actually has a roster that's good for much more than time to run to grab a beer. It's time the WWE step up and let these Divas shine, and where better than an Elimination Chamber Match? But, sadly, we won't get to see some of the best Divas there's ever been in this most dangerous match, and I'm not sure we ever will, even though I know the six named could more than give us something to talk about for decades to come.

That leaves us with a Triple Threat Divas Championship Match between three strong Divas, and two outside the ring. It might not be the best thing they could have booked, but I think if Naomi is on her mark, Paige isn't dealing with any (short term) ring rust, and Nikki keeps fighting hard, the way she's been doing, this could be a solid match. Further, Tamina and Brie are the wild cards outside the ring who could make this match much more exciting. I'll be shocked if Brie or Tamina doesn't cost someone the Divas Championship. In fact, I'm going to say that while trying to make sure Nikki loses the match, Tamina is going to make sure Paige does – accidentally. I really want to see the strap off Nikki, and this is the time to do it. Further, having two family pairs coming after Paige for the strap will make the summer that much more interesting and exciting.

Kendra's Predicted Winner:Paige

Elimination Chamber for the vacated Intercontinental Championship:

Sheamus vs. Ryback vs. R-Truth vs. King Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev or his Replacement


Depending on how you look at things, this is the “attraction” match of this PPV. Yes, Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins is the main event, and people are very interested in how it will play out, but this match there is a guaranteed new champion AND it’s an Elimination Chamber match. After Daniel Bryan helped bring some legitimacy to the Intercontinental Championship and John Cena has been showing that secondary titles can be held by main event talents, there is definitely some more at stake here. It will be interesting to see who ends up taking the title away here because I would place these six wrestlers in different places on the card. I would put Rusev and Sheamus above the Intercontinental Championship status, I would put Ziggler and Ryback slightly above, King Barrett is right at, or slightly below, and R-Truth I put below the level of the Intercontinental Championship. If Rusev, Sheamus, Ziggler or Ryback win the title, it stays at the level of prestige that it’s already in, it stays strong. If Barrett or Truth win it, I say that the value of the title goes down.

Let me go off on a mini-tangent here, about Wade Barrett. I am a really big Barrett supporter, I hope he does great things. That said, he has been booked with ZERO confidence. It’s hard as a fan to take Barrett seriously when the only wins he has had in recent months is in the King of the Ring Tournament. Outside of becoming King of the Ring, Barrett looks extremely weak. In his match against Neville at Payback, he literally refused to get back in the ring, and got himself counted out, rather can continue wrestling. That might be acceptable in a match on Smackdown, maybe Raw, but for a Pay-Per-View match?! Unacceptable. It makes him look extremely weak. If he wins, how am I supposed to believe that a guy who was too weak to finish a match with Neville, could withstand 5 other guys in the Elimination Chamber? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Another side note, I hate to be “that guy” but it really bothers me that R-Truth is getting a shot in this match and not someone else. I like Truth, he is a fun person to watch, but he is 43 years old. A spot in a match like this should go to someone who is up-and-coming with some real potential to further their career. The sad truth is that R-Truth will never be World Champion. He’ll probably never make it into the main event scene at this point in his career. The fact is, his spot should have gone to Stardust, Neville, Bo Dallas, hell even Zack Ryder or call up an NXT worker to go into the cage for some cooler stunts. The fact is that R-Truth is a wasted spot in my opinion.

As for who wins this match, I am going to pick Ryback. Ryback has been slowly rebuilding his name in the last year or so, and really has been doing a good job with it. Ever since turning face again, Ryback has done a great job of cutting “worked shoot” promos about himself that has gotten the fans behind him. He may not be the most over guy on the roster, but he certainly gets the people to make some noise when he comes out. He has been fairly directionless since turning face, despite having several good rivalries, including recently one against Bray Wyatt. The Intercontinental Championship would do some real good towards getting him over the directionless hump and get more attention on him. This would also be the first championship of Ryback’s career. Shockingly Ryback has never held a title on the main roster. This would be an ideal match for Ryback to win his first championship, show dominance, and keep the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Ryback

Neville vs. Bo Dallas:


It was 15 months ago that Neville, then Adrian Neville, defeated Bo Dallas in the first ever NXT ladder match to capture the NXT Championship. Keeping in the proud tradition of WWE ladder matches it was a high risk affair with plenty of bumps including Neville performing his Red Arrow maneuver onto Dallas who was strewn across a ladder. Since that match the two competitors have gone down two very different paths before coming together again at WWE Elimination Chamber.

Just over a month after he dropped the belt to Neville, Bo Dallas was introduced to the wider "WWE Universe" when vignettes were aired to promote his return (he had briefly appeared in the main roster after being entered into the 2013 Royal Rumble match). He then went on an unbeaten streak, which now appears to be the kiss of death for a new star if fellow "streaker" Rusev's three consecutive PPV losses is anything to go by. Once the streak had ended feuds followed against Jack Swagger and Mark Henry before injury ruled him out of action until Wrestlemania this year. Since then he has been one of many lost in the mist of the WWE mid to lower card.

Since making his debut on the main WWE roster at the end of March Neville has lost to WWE champion Seth Rollins only after interference from J&J Security, defeated “King” Barrett in his first PPV match and then was the losing finalist against Barrett in the resurrected King of the Ring tournament. He also defeated US Champion John Cena by disqualification and Barrett at Payback by count out. It was seemingly a promising start for the Newcastle-born star but after his feud with Barrett had come to an end on the Raw following Payback, the same night the feud with Dallas began, his career has taken a backwards step.

An obvious participant for the Elimination Chamber Intercontinental Title match he has been overlooked in favor of R-Truth, who seems to be guaranteed PPV title chances regardless of his status on the flagship show Raw as was demonstrated at WrestleMania this year. His most recent status being a jobber squashed by Rusev in 59 seconds and running away from plastic spiders "released" by Stardust.

It is clear that WWE has moved Neville into the main roster without any sort of long term plan or strategy and now have absolutely no idea what to do with him going forward. It is a worry and the likes of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn should be equally worried about their longevity in the hands of Mr McMahon. Finn Balor has recently stated he is happy to stay in NXT for the time being and who can blame him as Triple H, William Regal and co. are, dare I say it, currently producing the better events.

The uninspiring Neville/Dallas feud began after that last bout with Barrett when Neville did an incredible job of selling his knee injury (others take note). "What's the point of this?" Michael Cole exclaimed which was a question many others were also asking themselves as Dallas went to town on Neville's taped up knee. Cole then explained after the attack that it was payback for the title loss back in NXT, which I suppose sounds better than "we don't know how to use Neville". The feud reached its climax on this week's Main Event when Dallas was on commentary attempting to distract Neville in his match with Adam Rose which about sums it up.

This is not a feud that will be exciting many or going anywhere and it seems inevitable that Neville will pick up the win. However on the flip side there is also no doubt in mind that despite Bo Dallas being a more entertaining orator than a wrestler, the two have proved before that they are capable of putting on a PPV worthy match. I'm hoping that like Cesaro and Tyson Kidd have done recently they put on a great match that then demands more time and effort from Mr McMahon and his team.

What is concerning is where Neville goes from here and if he will be moved back into contention for the mid-card titles or if he will be confined to Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt-esque purgatory until someone does manage to come up with something to do with him. As for Dallas, now that the proposed (and exciting) link up with the Wyatts has been binned due to the potential reunion of The Shield, you can Bo-lieve that the future looks like regular Main Event appearances alongside the likes of Stardust and Jack Swagger for the foreseeable future.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Neville

Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber:

New Day © vs. Los Matadores vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The Ascension vs. The Primetime Players vs. Lucha Dragons


For the first time in WWE history we get to see the Tag Team Championship contested in an Elimination Chamber match. This match has so many exciting and interesting aspects going into it from wondering which two members of the New Day will defend the tag titles, to whether or not one pod can hold both team members, to how eliminations will work, right the way through to who is going to be the team to pull off the most insane spot in the match. This is the first time more than six men have competed in the match so it will be interesting to see how many the match will work with the potential of there being up to twelve bodies in the ring at the same time. Looking at the teams involved in this one we have the champions New Day, who will be challenged by the Ascension, Los Matadores, the Prime Time Players, Sin Cara and Kalisto, and former champions Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, which gives us a match with a mixed bag of teams all competing to become the Tag Team Champions.

I’ll be honest I’m not quite sure why the Ascension and Los Matadores are even in this match because neither team has really set the tag team division alight in 2015 so far. Sure Los Matadores are an experienced team but it’s only recently they have started to make any kind of waves in the division with some fortunately booked wins. Then you have the Ascension, who since their move from NXT to the main roster have struggled to connect with the fans and have found themselves lingering as almost the crustaceans of the bottom of the WWE sea floor. I’d rather see a more deserving tag team in there myself like Macho Mandow and Curtis Axel, who while they are only a new team have more charisma and popularity than Los Matadores and Ascension put together or how about giving the NXT Tag Team Champions, Blake and Murphy from NXT a chance in the match. I’m not expecting either of these teams to make a huge impact in the match or have a chance of winning but they will certainly serve for potential early elimination fodder.

Then you have two teams in the Prime Time Players, and Sin Cara and Kalisto, two teams who are insanely popular with the crowd and are on the rise while making some major waves in the Tag Team division. Both are exciting teams who can bring an interesting element to this match and have to both be considered the possible wildcards of this match. Sin Cara and Kalisto are former NXT Tag Team Champions, who while they are yet to taste success on the main roster as champions have certainly come a long way as a team following their rise up the tag team ladder. Then you have the experience of the Prime Time Players, a team that got back together a few weeks ago and have been rolling like they had never been apart. Both men really struggled to make an impact as singles wrestlers but since getting back together they both look rejuvenated and full of confidence. These two teams aren’t my picks to win either but they both have the skills and ability to be capable of pulling off a huge victory in this match. It would really be the making of both teams and even if they don’t win I think both will come out looking even more credible and stronger than when they went in.

And now we come to the two teams I believe have the best chance of winning this match in Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, and the current Tag Team Champions the New Day. Cesaro and Kidd are without doubt the team to watch in this match for me and are more than deserving of being a part of this great match. Being former Tag Team Champions certainly helps their cause and with their experience of having competed in Elimination Chamber matches before you have to believe this gives Kidd and Cesaro a major advantage over the other teams involved. These two have without been the best tag team of 2015 and I would love to see them get another run with the Tag Team Championship, However I just can’t look past the New Day retaining their championship in this one. They potentially have Kofi Kingston, another man who has experience inside the Elimination Chamber in this one and they would be crazy not to use that to their advantage here. I’m expecting it to be the team of Big E and Kofi defending those titles on New Day’s behalf but don’t be surprised to somehow see some kind of involvement from Xavier Woods in this one.

Whatever the outcome of this match the odds are obviously not in the favor of the New Day, having to face five other teams really makes their chances of retaining slim. But aside from Kidd and Cesaro, I don’t feel that any of the other teams involved are going to provide a huge test for New Day. I’m expecting lots of high flying action and some crazy spots to take place in this historic match but when it’s all said and done I believe New Day will walk out of the match as Tag Team Champions headed into June’s Money in the Bank Pay Per View event.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: New Day

Champion vs. Champion:

US Champion John Cena vs. NXT Champion Kevin Owens


It's not very often I can say WWE gives me a dream match that I never expected to see. But this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, they have done just that between Kevin Owens and WWE's perennial gatekeeper, John Cena. I have waited for this matchup ever since I first saw the man then known as Kevin Steen live for the very first time in 2011. He had recently returned to ROH after the Cornette freeze out, and he had started mocking Cena's shirt style in his own merchandise. All it took was one match from him to know that there was something truly special about him, that he was a shark in a fresh water pond. He had an edge about him that no other worker at the time remotely possessed. And I knew right then and there, if old VKM would look past his body and watch his body of work, he would be a top WWE star. And while I am a huge Owens fan, I have to give respect where it is due with John Cena. I mean, other than Hulk Hogan, there really hasn't been anyone else whose name has truly been synonymous with WWE than him. And he's been the top of the mountain for twelve long years now. Heck, some could argue that in the two months he's held the U.S. Title, he's made it nearly on par to the WWEWHC. And the fact that WWE is finally using him as the true measuring stick in the company and keeping him lower on the card to do so is something of a miracle in of itself.

There's a lot of differences between the two men here. Cena's career has almost always been in the big times, with WWE, whereas Owens was in the indies 13 years before the big break. Cena is the very look of a Superman pure athlete, and Owens is a heftier person. Cena is family friendly, Owens is crass and very abrasive. But despite all of this, they both have the same amount of time plying their craft, and are both are incredible in high pressure situations. And add in the fact that Owens made his debut in one of Cena's U.S. Open Challenges and got the better of him not just there but the following week on Raw, and you have a match that is sure to make the Corpus Christi, TX, crowd positively erupt. I expect a lot of both men, and while I know this isn't going to be Owen's true call up to the main roster, since he is still carrying the NXT Title, I hope that he impresses well enough that we will get more of him sooner than later. But if WWE wants to do things the right way here, they have to let Owens go over clean. No cheap tricks or dirty finishes. Any other way, since this is a non-title match, would just hamper Owens momentum when he does finally come on the road full time. Plus it has the added benefit of making the invincible, kick out at two Superman look vulnerable for the first time in forever. The last completely clean singles loss Cena suffered was October 13, 2014, against Dean Ambrose, and in the last year, Cena has lost only 6 televised matches, four of which had interference or were storyline stacked stipulations. A loss here would make Cena not only look like a champion that could be beat in these Open Challenges he does each week, but it would give Cena someone down the line that could be a credible threat to his title, especially since Owens doesn't want the U.S. Title unless he loses the NXT Title. Let's just hope WWE does right by the fans this time and uses the creative juices they claim to have to plan further down the line.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Kevin Owens

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Seth Rollins © vs. Dean Ambrose


Tables, ladders, chairs, cars, cinder blocks, green slime, a hot dog stand, a stolen cop car, a Lumberjack Match, a Falls Count Anywhere match, a battle in and out of the Hell in a Cell structure, and countless brawls have helped us get to where we are today.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have a story unlike any other. It all began in 2011 when the two rising stars had a series of matches in FCW. From there, they both would continue to succeed in developmental until The Shield made their impact on the main roster in late 2012. The Shield was and still is one of my all-time favorite things in WWE and wrestling in general. Believe it or not, we are now just a few days away from the anniversary of Seth Rollins taking matters into his own hands and ending The Shield.

Once The Shield was no more, Ambrose immediately sought out revenge against Seth Rollins. From June through October 2014, the former friends had many battles that left the fans wanting more and more from them. Just take a look again at my first paragraph. All of those weapons, items, and matches have helped shape this feud to be a legendary one. Despite the numerous battles, Dean Ambrose has only successfully beaten Rollins once, and that was just a few weeks ago before Payback.

WWE has shown us that they are behind Seth Rollins all the way. In developmental, Seth was the first FCW grand slam champion and the first NXT Champion. On the main roster, Rollins has been given many opportunities to work with John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, and Triple H. Rollins won Money in the Bank last year, and became the first man to ever successfully cash-in at WrestleMania just two months ago. Seth Rollins is a guy who has not only reached for the brass ring, but he has stolen it!

Two years ago, fans were sure Dean Ambrose was the one WWE would make a huge star when The Shield came to an end. Ambrose has done a fantastic job with everything he’s been given from main event matches on pay-per-view to doing the job for others. It appears Ambrose has some major supporters backstage, and it’s finally paying off on TV. My question, though, is will WWE strap him with the biggest title in the company?

This feud is already legendary. When I think of Ambrose vs. Rollins, I think of Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock. I think of John Cena vs. Randy Orton. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of what could be another historic rivalry in WWE. Sure, there’s been less than a month’s worth of build to the match, but this one is a long time coming.

So who wins? As the Seth Rollins mark that I am, I obviously don’t want to see him lose his title. But I’m also a big supporter of Dean Ambrose, and I want him to see main event success. Honestly, I just don’t see Ambrose winning the title yet. This could turn out to be another lengthy feud, so we’ll see where things go. For those reasons, I have to go with Seth Rollins walking out with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


Thanks everyone for reading our predictions this round! Feel free to post yours in the comments below, and don't forget to join us tomorrow at 7:00 PM EST for our live coverage and Open Thread Party for Elimination Chamber!

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