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WNW Predicts: Extreme Rules 2014

Welcome to WNW’s Extreme Rules 2014 Predictions! Extreme Rules will be emanating this year from the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey This time, we have Kendra Bunyon, Matt Kunka, and Theo McFadden providing full predictions, while CJ Blaze, Shashank Bhandari, and myself are providing quick picks. Let's get to it!

Preshow WeeLC Match: 

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle 


I think this will be an unexpected gem of a match. Both Hornswoggle and El Torito are solid wrestlers, though Hornswoggle isn't in the shape he was when he first joined the WWE, but that's understandable as he's really had no one to work the ring against. But now, with El Torito, the two of them have really left it all out there for the fans. I wasn't sure about how I felt about all of this when it started, but Hornswoggle has fit in quite well with 3MB, and feels like much less of a joke because of it. I wasn't sure what the plans for El Torito were when Los Matadores debuted, but now I see and I'm enjoying it. The two have gone back and forth with their matches, and when Hornswoggle doesn't show off, he does quite well against the bull. I think this is time for 3MB to get a PPV win, even if it's at the pre-show. They more than deserve it.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Hornswoggle 

Sam's Predicted Winner: El Torito 


WWE is clearly only pushing Hornswoggle because he’s in the upcoming “Leprechaun” movie (which actually looks pretty awesome). Utilizing Hornswoggle with any other wrestler could hurt their reputation as, “you can’t even beat a little person”. So, WWE threw in Los Matadores’ prop, El Torito. The saving grace to this match is that it’s on the preshow. With that said, these two are talented wrestlers and hopefully the gimmick of a TLC match gives them an opportunity to shine. I’m fairly confident this match is going to offend midgets everywhere. I can see them using “mini chairs” and other mini props. Again, SO glad this is a preshow. I’m confident the next WWE movie star will pull this one out.

Matt's Predicted Winner: Hornswoggle 


Why am I excited about this? I absolutely can't wait for this! Really! The truth is that Torito can work. Hornswoggle? He's too much fun – especially since he joined 3MB. I'm going to get absolutely skewered for this but I'm really glad they put this match together. Who wins? Who cares! I'll give it to the one who'll get his Lucha on.

Theo Thinks: El Torito (ARN!) 

Jesse's Predicted Winner: El Torito 

CJ's Predicted Winner: El Torito 

Shashank's Predicted Winner: El Torito 

2-on-1 Handicap Match: 

R-Truth and Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev 


Ugh, what a mess. Of course Rusev will win this, so Woods and R-Truth will continue to be buried. It's time they step away from Rusev and start going after the Tag straps. I'm so over this, and have been for quite a while. I'm not a Rusev fan because of how he's being booked. I know he needs work, but he's better than this clichéd crap.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Rusev 

Sam's Predicted Winner: R-Truth and Xavier Woods 


When Xavier Woods was called up to the main roster, I was so happy. The kid has charisma and in-ring talent. With a seasoned vet like R-Truth taking him under his wing, I really though this partnership would at least turn into a Tag Title shot. Yeah…I was wrong. Instead, these two just happen to be the most recent names that are going to be fed to Rusev in his “squash entrance” to the company. I think it’s terrible because all three of these men could put on a really great match.

However, because of the fact that this match seems ALL TOO OBVIOUS, one has to wonder if WWE is going to throw a curveball. On the other hand, I recently though that TNA would do that, and my predicts made me look like a fool as I got many obvious matches wrong. I am NOT going to give WWE the benefit of the doubt and I’m going to go the vanilla route here and say that Rusev is going to continue his squash spree.

Matt's Predicted Winner: Rusev 


Oh, look – another one that doesn't matter. The WWE gave us a nice long break from the “I-Russian-I-break-you” thing. That break could never be long enough. Sadly, it's over and we'll be subjected to Rusev for a while. I hate that R-Truth and Xavier are doomed to job here. It wasn't long ago that they called Woods up. They've clearly already run out of ideas for him and now they're just going to job him out. R-Truth is another one I want better for. Neither will get that here.

Theo Thinks: Alexander Kozlov (Rusev) 

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Rusev... CRUSH!

CJ's Predicted Winner: Rusev 

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Rusev 

Triple Threat Match: 

Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro 


At first glance this would be an easy one, hand it to Cesaro who should be getting a serious push, but RVD was screwed over the last run he had in the WWE, and really deserves better. Honestly, I am enjoying this three way feud. It makes a lot of sense, and something that doesn't happen often, and when it does happen, it's rarely as organic as this. It makes sense, but in the end, someone will be screwed who shouldn't be. I think it will really come down to Cesaro or RVD going over, and I think it needs to be RVD here – but it won't be clean. Not saying that RVD will cheat, but that Zeb will try to heat for Swagger and it will backfire for RVD getting the win. That will continue the feud between these three, something that could help all three of them in the long run.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: RVD 

Sam's Predicted Winner: Cesaro 


Why WWE thought it would be a good idea to throw RVD into this mix just proves the confidence (lack thereof) in Cesaro. They seemed to be pushing him to the moon for the past 4 months and now just lost all zest for him. Both Swagger and RVD are former champions, so for them to be in this lower mid-card battle really irritates me. I don’t know if Swagger NEEDS another partner or if Cesaro NEEDS someone else, but RVD still in this match is a bigger mystery to me than Evolution (yuk yuk yuk).

BUUUUTTTTTT, all three of these men are fantastic athletes and all capable of putting on a stellar performance. I’d like to see RVD’s cardio pumped up a bit than we’ve seen on WWE TVs recently because he’s been looking gassed and just moving slowly. I think that Paul Heyman’s guy is going to end up using THAT card to his advantage and pull out a dirty win. I just hope that Cesaro comes out of this match as a clear heel or face so he can embrace whatever role that is. Until that is defined, I see his push becoming stagnant.

Matt's Predicted Winner: Cesaro with the help of Paul Heyman 


It's simple, really. Cesaro is on the way up; Swagger and RVD aren't. In truth, I'm not excited for this one. I really don't want to see Cesaro in a feud with Swagger and RVD has almost nothing to do with anything. He was shoved into this. He's been fairly slow in the ring lately and his promos? Beyond his typical point-his-thumbs-down-and-say-his-name, he's got nothing. I'm fairly disinterested in this but the winner is obvious.

Theo Thinks: Cesaro 

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Cesaro 

CJ's Predicted Winner: Cesaro 

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Cesaro 

Diva's Championship Match: 

Paige {c} vs. Tamina Snuka 


As much as I like Tamina, she really doesn't have a chance in this match – unless AJ appears and helps her. Paige continues to show her ring skills, and is amazing when she's in the ring with someone who can actually wrestle (meaning when she's not facing Aksana). In the ring with Brie on Monday showed the WWE audience – beyond those who are able to watch NXT – just how great she is, and that was just a tiny taste. Paige is a star, and many of us have been itching for her to make it up to the main roster, and now that she has, and is Divas Champ, we are loving it. Tamina has gotten stronger and stronger in the ring, but she just isn't enough for Paige, and I think it's way too soon to take the strap off Paige. I'm expecting a great match, but Paige will retain the strap in the end.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Paige 

Sam's Predicted Winner: Paige 


It’s sad to say, but I feel this match is pretty much pointless. Paige is clearly in the midst of a huge push that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. AJ Lee still has a rematch clause that, whenever she returns from her hiatus, she will no doubt cash in on. Because of that reason alone, there is nothing more to say about this paper match. Tamina, thanks for coming but bye-bye.

Matt's Predicted Winner: Paige 


I don't hate on Tamina like most others do but she's still awfully green. Paige, on the other hand, can do anything she wants, when she wants, how she wants. She's like Lady Ambrose. WWE's issue is that they have to make her mean something. So far, they haven't really done it. This win could solidify her and I don't see why it won't happen.

Theo Thinks: Paige 

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Paige 

CJ's Predicted Winner: Paige 

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Paige 

Intercontinental Championship Match: 

Big E {c} vs. Bad News Barrett 


Honestly, I'm torn on this one. I love Big E, but the WWE isn't giving him the chance he deserves on mic. If Big E was allowed to be himself on mic, then the WWE would have a huge Superstar on their hands. Yes, his ring work still needs a lot, but he has a look, he has personality, and he has mic skills. But then there's Barrett who's floundered around, a lot, but finally seems to be coming into his own. I wasn't thrilled with the whole Bad News Barrett thing at first, though it's been growing on me a bit lately – and if I don't say that, half the writers on will be on me for being a hater. All that being said, I see the end of Big E's push as Champ, until the WWE actually allows him to be himself on mic. Barrett, on the other hand, is on a role and will win the IC Championship.

Kendra's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Bad News Barrett 

Sam's Predicted Winner: Big E 


I’m a mark for certain guys and I will admit before writing my predict for this that I’m a huge Barrett mark. Ever since he was in the Nexus, I’ve earmarked him for great things. His injury sidelined what seemed to be a pretty solid push. Can tonight be redemption?

Big E has been a hard fighting Intercontinental Champion. He’s defended it multiple times and there was even a similar bracket a month ago that Ziggler (due to Christian’s concussion) got a chance at the strap. Ziggler was unsuccessful. After this recent bracket tournament, I really thought Cesaro was going to win it to further his push. When Barrett ended up winning, I knew that Big E’s time is numbered. He’s a great champion, but Barrett 1. Is better on the mic. 2. Gives prestige to the IC belt as he’s from a different continent and 3. Has some really strong fan support right now. I do not see a situation where Big E retains.

Matt's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Bad News Barrett 


Poor Big E. It was all looking so good. He broke away from Ziggly-puffs and AJ some time ago. We were sure he was going to the moon. He didn't. He wasn't allowed to be himself and his bullet has been lost. Barrett is clearly on his way back up. His promos were annoying at first but he's really settled into his gimmick now and he's become great. He's also become far less dangerous than he was ring-wise. As much as I hate to say this, Big E. has no chance to speak of.

Theo Thinks: NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett 

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Bad News Barrett 

CJ's Predicted Winner: Bad News Barrett 

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Bad News Barrett 

Steel Cage Match: 

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt 


This is honestly the toughest match for me to predict. It seems to me that after WrestleMania, Bray absolutely has to win this match to continue tormenting Cena, but this is Bray and it seems as though wins and losses mean very little to him, and his standing in the company. I do expect this to be a wild match, with both Rowan and Harper trying to climb into the cage to help Bray, whether they actually make it in, we will have to wait and see. Honestly, I think we will see a lot of near escapes, but in the end, Bray will escape the cage and win this match.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt 

Sam's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt 


Of the three main events on the card, this is the match that I’m most excited for. Bray Wyatt has proven time and again this year that when it comes to PPV matches, he puts on show-stealers. Who better than John Cena to help him get over? This feud between the two was already perfect, but after Wyatt did the creepy children choir on Raw this past week, it got 100 times more interesting. Wyatt is under Cena’s skin and has officially become the master of in-ring psychology.

After suffering defeat at the hands of Cena at WrestleMania, no doubt Wyatt has something to prove here. One loss didn’t hurt him because of how well he handles his character. However, if he lost again, it would completely squash the impact of his character and pretty much show he’s all talk and no walk. Because of that, I think it would be best for his character to go over Cena…but not before putting on one of the best, if not the best, match of the night.

Matt's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt 


The opportunities to make this meaningful are boundless! Could it give Cena more edge? Check! Can Bray become even hotter than he already is? Check! Can both happen at once? CHECK! The ending to this match at WrestleMania was awful and hopefully, nothing like it will be repeated here. What I want to see and what I will see likely have nothing to do with each other. The most I can hope for is great storytelling and I know I'll get that. Say what you will about Cena but he absolutely can work and Bray's ring antics are spellbinding! Who wins? Cena took it at WrestleMania. If Cena wins here, it may hurt Wyatt's ability to be believable going forward. I feel Wyatt has to win here.

Theo Thinks: Bray Wyatt 

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt "He's got the whole world... In his hands..." 

CJ's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt 

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Bray Wyatt 

6 Man Tag Match: 

The Shield vs. Evolution 


This could be the match of the night, if booked right. I love Trip, but I'm quite worried about how it will look if Trip comes out too strongly in this match. He's the old guy, and should not be the one who comes out looking the best in match, especially in the ring with the likes of Ambrose Rollins and Reigns. Honestly, those three guys should be able to wrestle circles around Trip. Not saying Trip is bad, just that times change, and all three members of The Shield could bring in the next generation of wrestlers. Because these guys are the next generation of wrestlers. The Shield won at WrestleMania against Kane and New Age Outlaws, also an older group of wrestlers, but I don't think they will be as lucky here. I have a feeling we're going to see another mess, leading to more feuding over the next month. I see Evo causing a DQ of some sort, so while The Shield will win, it's not what they're really after here.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: The Shield via DQ 

Sam's Predicted Winner: The Shield 


Of this entire PPV, this is the single hardest match to call. Both teams have even (and major) momentum leading in to the PPV. Both have had the upper hand on Raw and both teams have delivered some amazing and seamless promos. I expect this to be hard hitting, full of high spots and SO many false finishes. I’m not even going to speculate more because this will be the match everyone is quiet to while we soak in what a great match it’s going to be.

Matt's Predicted Winner: The WWE Universe for being treated to such a match! 


I am much happier with Batista in Evolution than I was with him on his own. This was one dangerous stable in its heyday and that remains the case. I like that Hunter has stepped back from his “Authority” role to do this. Folks, we are going to get serious “work” here. The Shield (yes, all of them) can work and so can Orton and HHH. Who will take this? The Shield just has to. They just turned them face. It would only make sense.

Theo Thinks: The Shield 

Jesse's Predicted Winner: The Shield 

CJ's Predicted Winner: The Shield 

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Evolution 

Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: 

Daniel Bryan {c} vs. Kane 


This should be a wild ride between two of the best from two different generations. We all knew when Kane and Bryan were hugging it out that they would be facing off at some point, but I didn't think it would be at a PPV for the WWE WHC. These two know each other well, and work so well together, as well as being serious work horses. I do worry that Brie will be ringside and cause some sort of issue, but otherwise, I see this being a Bryan pummeling until his goats up and comes back to take Kane down for the win. It might be a total mess at the end, but somehow, Bryan will pull it off. It's too soon for Bryan to lose the strap as he's too over, and too beloved by the fans. I think he will hold it for at least another couple of months, barely eking out wins over all thrown at him – when the strap is on the line.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan 

Sam's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan 


This was a big question mark for me as to why, of all the clear top contenders, Kane was chosen to have Bryan’s first title defense (full match at least). After the tragic passing of Bryan’s father, Kane was called to write him off TV for a week. The level of professionalism that exuded, I couldn’t respect Kane more. I know he was TOLD to do that, but he handled it so well. Because of that, I am now interested in this. Plus…Kane with a mask is such a better match potential than Korporate Kane with his dress slacks. That was just a joke.

This match is an Extreme Rules match, so I have to wonder who, if anyone, is going to interfere. This is going to be the match where I play devil’s advocate and question…what if WWE wants to neuter the Yes Movement? Daniel Bryan was more interesting when he was being held down and denied. Since he’s been the champion, the crowd doesn’t chant “Yes” unless he’s out there. I think it would be in WWE’s best interest to give Bryan a hunt once more. However this match doe end up going, I see it laying a serious foundation for SummerSlam, despite it being a few PPVs away still. Because I predicted the Streak ending backing it up with realities that were hard for most fans to accept, I am going to do the same here.

Matt's Predicted Winner and NEW Champion: Kane 


Kane has become the monster again and I couldn't be happier! He does that better than being the Authority's henchman. The beatdown he administered to Daniel Bryan (circumstances notwithstanding) really set this up nicely. Kane quite simply doesn't care and he's so much better when he doesn't. Neither Bryan or his wife are safe. There's no way this won't be compelling. There's also no way Kane will win. He can put a serious hurt on Bryan but I doubt he'll take this. Somehow, Bryan will find a way to win.

Theo Thinks: Daniel Bryan 

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan 

CJ's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan 

Shashank's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan 


Thanks for joining us for our Predictions! Feel free to post yours in the comments below, and don't forget to join us for our Live Blog and Results tomorrow night!

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