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WNW Predicts - Extreme Rules 2015

Welcome to WNW’s Extreme Rules 2015 Predictions! Extreme Rules will be emanating from Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois! This time around, we have Zack Krasney, Jamie Welton, Lee Herbert, Paul Rathert, and crazy Kendra Bunyon on full predicts, while myself and CJ Blaze are on quick picks. Let's get to it!

Tag Team Championship Pre-Show Match:

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro © vs. New Day


Freebird rules! New Day will be the breakout Tag Team Champs, the first three man Champs to be Champ since, well, the last time I remember it being used in ANY way was Lay-Cool using it for the Divas Championship, even though that's a variation of the rule. The WWE teased the possibility of using it with The Shield, but that never came to fruition. The last time I could find it used in the WWE was by the Spirit Squad when they held the Tag Team Championship for 216 days in 2006. But, in this match, they won't only have reason to use the Freebird Rule, but also, in an unexpected twist with a confused ref, Kofi and Woods will use twin magic to win the straps. That leaves #FACT a good reason to come back yelling and screaming on Monday Night Raw, claiming they never lost the straps in the first place. The problem being that Lucha Dragons will also come in screaming about New Day cheating, and they will end up in a three way feud!

Kendra's Predicted Winner: New Day!

Sam's Predicted Winner: Kidd and Cesaro


New Day seems to have turned the corner on becoming heels, it took long enough. I still don’t think it’s enough to really to put the titles on them, especially since they’re a trio I’m not a fan of the revolving title thing. I am higher up on Cesaro and Kidd being champions because they both deserve at least to be Tag Team Champions. Have New Day lose and then put Prime Time Players in as the number one contenders and then strap PTP at the next PPV. Lord knows they’re far more entertaining than most of what we have been seeing from the Tag division lately.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Kidd and Cesaro


This match is going to be on the pre-show again, which I feel is rather harsh on the Tag Team Champions in Kidd and Cesaro. They have been the standout team of 2015 so far and have really come a long way in their time together. New Day and their gimmick is working the way WWE seemed to hope it would, with the over the top happy gimmick finally starting to rile up the fans and turn them against the New Day. I was a little surprised to see New Day become the number one contenders in all honesty as I don’t really see them as a team capable of holding the tag titles right now. However that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to have a great match with Kidd and Cesaro. I don’t see any other outcome other than Kidd and Cesaro retaining their Tag Team Championships, and going on to face a more worthy opponent such as the Lucha Dragons. New Day will no doubt try some tactics to get one over Cesaro and Kidd, but I just can’t see WWE taking the chance on the New Day at a time when the crowd is at the tipping point with them.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Kidd and Cesaro


Cesaro opened the main show at Extreme Rules last year winning a red hot encounter against Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger. I wonder if he had any idea then how his career would plummet in the next year. Saying that he was involved in a good match at WrestleMania, even if it again didn't make the main card. The thin on talent tag team division desperately needs some stability and with The Usos out of action the pairing of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd are the obvious choice. As well as a shiny new t-shirt they've also added a bit of humour to their act with this daft "fact" catchphrase they have started using repeatedly at every opportunity, bless them. Expect outside interference from both sides and a clean win for the champions.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Kidd and Cesaro


It’s been interesting to see New Day embrace a heel role with The Uppercats playing the faces (when not on TV) during the recent European tour. For both teams this is a stark contrast to how they were being used prior. Many have been waiting on New Day to be used differently as all three members are talented and the original gimmick was so cringingly stereotypical you had to feel for them. Their clap so they don’t snap movement has caught on and their Network-only segments are uniquely comical. I’m hoping this match exhibits each superstar’s talents in a match that sees who can out-cheat the other. Natalya could prove to be the wildcard for Kidd and Cesaro.

Paul's Predicted Winner: Kidd and Cesaro

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Kidd and Cesaro

CJ's Predicted Winner: Kidd and Cesaro

Intercontinental Championship Match:

Daniel Bryan © vs. Bad News Barrett


While I've been unable to confirm Bryan's injury, or even if he is injured in any way, I didn't know where to go with this match. Either Bryan isn't bad off and will retain, or it will be a quick match and Barrett will easily be Champion again. The problem is that I've been sitting around waiting for Barrett to be injured since he's returned. Sorry, but Barrett has a glass jaw, and while he seems healthy, he's not been as many matches as I'd have thought he should be in when he was IC Champion, and even at WrestleMania he worked lighter in the ring than the rest of the guys. All of that being said, I think Stardust will suddenly appear in the ring and take them both out, and cause a double DQ, so Bryan retains and no one is injured further.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Bryan Retains

Sam's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


Well I guess the real prediction for this match is whether or not this match will even really happen! Daniel Bryan’s health is in question going into this match and honestly I would rather see Bryan ride the pine on this match than risk his health. Like with Cena, I am glad to see a secondary championship being held by such a high level talent like Daniel Bryan, and I hope that they leave the title on him for a bit longer to really help restore the prestige that the title used to have. It’s nice to have guys like Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler battle for the secondary titles and have it really mean something. Bad News Barrett has been floating around the midcard for far too long and I have the feeling that, unfortunately he should get comfortable there, because I don’t see him ever ascending to the main event again. Not to say that he shouldn’t be there, but I think WWE just won’t ever get him up there. The rivalry has been average at best, and I’d like to see Daniel move onto bigger and better things, perhaps a rivalry with Sheamus for the title next.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


The bigger question about this one rather than who wins is whether or not the match actually even takes place. Did Daniel Bryan return too early? There’s certainly an argument to say yes, but until we know exactly what is up with him we can only speculate. I was really pleased for Bryan to see him win the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania, and I hope he will be able to bring back some of the prestige the belt has been missing over the last few years. Bad News Barrett is one of the brightest talents WWE has but I feel he really has been wasted ever since the original Nexus, and he has been very unlucky thus far in his career with injuries. Should this one go ahead I think these two will be able to put on one heck of a match with a good mix of all out brawling, wrestling, and fast paced action. I would expect Daniel Bryan to retain the championship here, but it’s not impossible Bad News Barrett could take back the gold. I’m going with my fan boy head though and picking Bryan.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


At the time of writing it is still unclear as to whether or not this will go ahead. If there are long-term injury concerns around Bryan then I assume the opportunity will be used for him to drop the title and take some time out again for rest, rehab or surgery. Hopefully if this is the case they have Barrett take full advantage of his medical state, batter his neck all over the place and use the chance to establish himself as a major heel, setting up a rematch on Bryan’s return. If it turns out he doesn’t have a serious injury and it was just precautionary then I’d predict a Bryan win. They say no news is good news so I’ll go with that.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan


There are rumors, emphasis on the rumor part, that Bryan may not be healthy enough to participate in this match. If that’s the case I think you’ll see Neville make his pay-per-view debut versus BNB to defend the honor of his fellow not-typical-WWE-sized brethren. If Bryan can give it a go then you have to assume he’s healthy enough to take some bumps. With 7 matches during the main show (the Tag Title match is currently scheduled for the pre-show) we don’t need a marathon out of these two. They picked the right guy to bring some prestige back to the IC belt in Bryan and I hope he recovers quickly. If there is a title change maybe that gives us some insight into his long-term health.

Paul's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Match doesn't happen, or if it does, Barrett wins in quick order due to Bryan's injury.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan

Chicago Street Fight:

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper


I guess the big questions are -

Who will fly from the highest point in the arena? Who will use the heaviest weapon? Who will use the most creative weapon? Who will use Al Snow's famous bowling ball? Who will steal a car? Who will be run down by the car? Who will win this match?

My answer to all of those, except who is run down by the car, is Ambrose!

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Sam's Predicted Winner: Luke Harper


This match felt thrown together out of a lack of direction for either midcarder here. This was just a capitalization on the big ladder stunt from WrestleMania. Honestly, I’m frustrated in Ambrose’s lack of direction in the last several months. He was so hot coming off his injury last year and WWE just completely let him go to waste. Now he’s doing throw away rivalries in the midcard that waste his potential. I’d like to see Ambrose at least get strapped with a secondary title in the next few months. Ambrose needs direction, Harper does too for that matter. He is a very talented big guy. The difference is that I feel that Harper has a little more time to develop Harper than they do with Ambrose. I look forward to seeing what these two, especially Ambrose, will do with a Chicago Street Fight stipulation. We should be in for a treat there! I think Ambrose needs the win more than Harper so he is my pick.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


This match pits probably two of WWE’s legitimately crazy superstars off against each other. After the power bomb by Harper on Ambrose through the ladder during the Wrestlemania match for the Intercontinental Championship that left Ambrose looking like he had suffered a serious injury this match is no doubt going to go to a whole different level of crazy. We all know Harper and Ambrose are not afraid to take some of the craziest risks we’ve seen anyone take since Jeff Hardy was on the scene so it will be less of a surprise for me to see these two not make this match the crazy affair we expect. The match kind of feels like it has been thrown together for me but it does have a great backstory following Wrestlemania. I think Ambrose will come out of this match as the winner but I’m not sure if either of them are going to be walking out of the arena or crawling out. This match has the potential to be one of the best matches of the night and is one I really feel it is going to be a special treat to witness for those in attendance and watch the show live.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


I witnessed a "Manchester Street Fight" on the European tour so am keen to find out what is different when it happens in Chicago (answers on a postcard please). This time last year Dean Ambrose as part of The Shield was facing off, and winning, against main event veterans Evolution. PPV wins have been few and far between for Ambrose since The Shield went their seperate ways. Having just talked about a lack of talent in the tag team division it was Luke Harper I saw as the person to dominate the division with Erick Rowan this time last year. Neither of them are having the best of times in WWE at the moment but Ambrose desperately needs a big PPV win. It is the least he deserves after Harper almost broke him in half at WrestleMania.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


Weird crazy versus normal crazy. T-shirt and jeans vs. T-shirt and jeans. All that matters is that this is going to be a good ol’ fashioned slobberknocker. I’m glad they took a high spot from WrestleMania and turned it into a feud between these two. It’s all about pride and toughness in this one and both men need a good showing. Harper is someone a lot of people have wanted to see more of and hopefully Ambrose finds a way to get back into the title picture sooner than later. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some color in this match and expect it to end with both men absolutely gassed. Harper can really elevate himself up the ladder with this one.

Paul's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

CJ's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Diva's Championship Match:

Nikki Bella © vs. Naomi


The bitch has arrived, and she's leaving the Bellas whiny antics in the dust. Now, if Paige wasn't off to film her movie, I'd say she'd be taking out Naomi, but she is, so she won't. And while Brie has been the extenuating factor for Nikki, I don't think she will matter for very long when Naomi's newest ally, Sasha Banks appears through the crowd! Banks takes out Brie with her NXT Divas Championship. Banks stands ringside to support Naomi, and even helps trip up Nikki from outside. One rear view and Naomi is Divas Champion!

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Naomi

Sam's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella


Some how Nikki Bella is going into this match as the face and Naomi is going in the heel. That still bothers me, but I guess giving Divas a chances doesn’t include giving them logical storylines. I’m going to keep this short and sweet, Naomi should come out of this as champion. I’m tired of the Bellas, they’re not that good, they’re not entertaining to watch or listen to. Give it to someone new already. Naomi has been deserving for a while, strap her.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Naomi


The emergence of Naomi to get into this match has somewhat become a strange move for me. Paige won the Divas Battle Royal in the UK, and rightly so but I didn’t see why WWE had to wrote her off TV and out of the match from that point. Surely it would have made more sense for her to lose to Nikki at Extreme Rules after a hard fought match that sees her pick up an injury so then Paige could have gone off to film the movie she is going to feature in. Naomi is one heck of a talent though and has proved ever since she joined WWE that she is a future Divas Champion. Likewise Nikki Bella has proved that she is a worthy Divas champion, but I feel this Sunday is going to be Naomi’s time. I’m enjoying the new side we have seen of Naomi, and I think if WWE give her the Divas Championship to run with it will only help her grow in confidence.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Naomi


I read an excellent blog on the state of the Divas this week here. AJ Lee's retirement, Paige becoming a straight to DVD movie star and Naomi turning heel has left WWE with no babyface Divas. The top heel Divas the Bella Twins were acting like babyfaces on Raw this past Monday and it does indeed seem like Nikki will a babyface going forward. Although I don’t believe it will be booked in the well thought out way described in the blog, I think Naomi will win the title in a way to confirm her heel status and Nikki as a face. Naomi gave Brie a beatdown on Raw before getting the win and I expect much of the same. And I will try to get over the fact the pride of England Paige will be missing for a while.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Naomi


I’m glad that Naomi is getting a chance at the belt and could see her doing better, more organic heel work than either Bella. She has a legitimate reason for lashing out and is arguably the most athletic Diva on the main roster (when are we going to drop the Divas name, by the way? I’ll continue pushing for the return of the Women’s Division, but I digress). Until Paige returns or Charlotte gets called-up I don’t see this belt going anywhere anytime soon. Surprise me, WWE.

Paul's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella via DQ

CJ's Predicted Winner: Naomi

"Kiss Me Arse" Match:

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler


Ah the big ginger ghost is back and badder than ever! The problem is that Ziggler has been through so much lately that he's going to stop at nothing to win this match. Between being fired, put in horrible matches, abused, and all of his pushes falling apart just when they were getting good, so it's time he gets the upper hand! Ziggler deserves it, and is someone who should be going after Rollins, not worrying about Sheamus' papery arse! Like when Jerry Lawler lost to Bret Hart and had to kiss his foot in 1995, or when Michael Cole lost to Lawler and had to kiss his foot in 2011, this will be a nasty mess. Going on those odds, the heel always loses. Therefore Sheamus will end up tying up his braids, and fleeing from Ziggler at every turn, trying to avoid kissing Ziggy's perfectly tanned arse for the coming weeks.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Sam's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler


This match should be entertaining. Ziggler doesn’t need me to hype him up, he’s already an internet darling, and Sheamus is a great big man. I might be in the minority but I really dig his revamped Celtic Warrior gimmick. Though, I would lose the beard beads. I don’t really know what a Kiss Me Arse match is, and honestly I think they should have given these guys a better gimmick match, but we’ll see how it goes. I am hoping that they are able to keep Ziggler over and also keep Sheamus looking tough, which is a tough thing to accomplish. I still think that Sheamus should head to The Authority soon after this.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler


This promises to be an interesting brawl between two of WWE’s top young and established talents. It’s great to see Sheamus back in a WWE ring, albeit that he really does look stupid with those beard braids and I think Dolph is a perfect opponent for him to make his Pay Per View return with. While the stipulation of it being a Kiss Me Arse match reeks of awfulness similar to the Kiss My Foot match between Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler, I think these two can at least make the match an interesting watch. I kind of see this as more of a match that Dolph needs the win in rather than Sheamus, but I’m not so sure if that is going to be the case given that I expect these two to continue their feud beyond Extreme Rules. I’m going to go ahead here though and stick with my guns that Dolph will defeat Sheamus, and then we’ll just have to enjoy that brief moment of pain watching Sheamus kiss Dolph’s rear end. Let’s just hope he doesn’t lose one of those beard braids up there.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Sheamus is back, getting plenty of heat and is sporting a haircut that requires more maintenance than the average motor vehicle. I’m enjoying Sheamus more as a heel and his attempt at wrestling and doing commentary last week was good value. Ziggler is as popular as ever with the crowds and I’m glad he has been saved from competing in the Authority vs Babyfaces triple tag team matches, of which there have been 2,032 this year alone. Ziggler deserves a good storyline and I’m hoping these two can put on a solid match and build an entertaining feud. After Sheamus’ interference led to Seth Rollins beating Dolph on Raw I’m going to predict that he will bounce back to win and we will get to see the delightful image of Sheamus planting his lips on his buttocks afterwards.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Speaking of terrible stipulations in “Extreme” matches… I’m not a fan of heel Seamus, but that’s the point, right? I’ve never really been a fan of his at all, but the usage has been solid. He’s come off like a little man stuck in a big man’s body with the superiority complex he seems to have towards the smaller wrestlers. This was a good way to take a dynamic that existed within the talent and use it to get guys over, Neville specifically, and get heat. I wouldn’t be surprised if Neville comes to Ziggler’s aide in this one after Seamus pulls something shady (maybe BNB interferes?)

Paul's Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Sheamus

CJ's Predicted Winner: Sheamus

Last Man Standing Match:

Roman Reigns vs. Big Show


Sadly, this feud will NEVER end!

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Double 10 Count

Sam's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


This match has me so angry it’s ridiculous. It’s like WWE saw everything thing they did right, and everything they did wrong on the road to WrestleMania and thought, let’s redo everything we did wrong! Let me start off by saying I have nothing but respect for the Big Show and I am a huge Roman Reigns supporter. That said, this rivalry is killing me! It’s actually killing Reigns to be more honest. When they put Reigns against Big Show leading up to WrestleMania season, it almost killed any real momentum he had going into his match with Brock Lesnar. Now we’re coming out of WrestleMania season and they’re putting Reigns right back into the feud that nearly derailed him in the first place! It’s mind-boggling. Fact is there are a LOT of Reigns detractors out there who say that “Reigns can’t wrestle” or “He is just as boring as Cena in the ring.” The fact is, Reigns is a very entertaining powerhouse wrestler, but you’re just not going to get a 5-star match out of Big Show. WWE needs to take this time to really showcase that Reigns is as good as he was being hyped up to be. That he was worthy of standing in the ring, toe to toe, with Brock Lesnar and could not only hold his own but win! Just a few weeks ago Roman was making quick work of Big Show, and now I’m supposed to believe that Big Show is a legitimate threat to Reigns? Why because he won a lower-midcard Battle Royal? No. This whole rivalry re-visit is stupid.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


After main eventing this years Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns is now embroiled in a feud with Big Show. While many fans see this as a set down I actually think it’s a good move by WWE, and a positive move for Reigns. Big Show is without a doubt one of WWE’s most reliable and established veterans and he is more than capable of helping make Roman Reigns look like a bigger future star than he already is. The build up to this feud has been interesting but has seen Reigns come out of things on top although Big Show did a very good job of destroying the big Samoan during the WWE’s visit to the UK. I believe Roman is going to pick up the win in this one and will no doubt move on to something bigger but that will depend on what obstacle the Authority can find to put in his path. This one might not be a match of the year candidate by any means but I do believe Reigns is going to come out of this one looking better than when he went in. And you can believe that!

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


I thoroughly enjoyed the “Manchester Street Fight” these two had on the European tour and nobody was more surprised than me about that, Big Show was even climbing the turnbuckle! I think if they go as brutal and gimmicky as they are allowed we could have a good match on our hands here as was the case in Manchester. This time last year Reigns was destroying the superstars of Evolution and was a main eventer in the making. He is now a victim of his success and in the process of rebuilding the momentum he lost when he had surgery last year and WWE creative then decided to ram him down everyone’s throats in the least subtle way possible. Big Show must be setting some sort of personal record for the most time he has ever spent without a turn and I have no doubt will be pinned cleanly by Reigns in this one.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns


I respect the hell out of Big Show for everything he has accomplished, but I’m in the group who has grown tired of seeing these two cross paths. The buildup has at least been okay and Show has put in some of his best heel work, especially the way he recapped how he destroyed a car using Reigns (or vice-versa depending on how you see it). Hopefully feeding Show to Roman continues to build Reigns’ legitimacy with the smarks. My guess is that you’ll see Show continue the beatdown Lesnar started with Reigns persevering through it all for the victory.

Paul's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

CJ's Predicted Winner: Roman Reigns

Russian Chain Match for the United States Championship:

John Cena © vs. Rusev


You know the difference between a regular chain match and a Russian chain match, right? In a Russian Chain Match, the chain links are reversed, and you have to go around the ring counter-clockwise. But, as Rusev isn't really Russian, being born in Bulgaria, he doesn't realize this. Therefore Rusev will try to win the match by going around the ring clockwise, and won't get the win that way. Then Cena will swoop in, do it correctly and retain the US Championship to continue beating jobbers with the Open Challenge!

Kendra's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Sam's Predicted Winner: John Cena


John Cena has shouldered the United States Championship coming out of WrestleMania and it has been refreshing to have someone as high up and John Cena holding a secondary title like the United States Championship. It also has been really refreshing to have him defend it every week, sometimes twice a week, with the John Cena United States Championship open challenge. There have been a lot of people complaining that it’s dumb to have him issue an open challenge every week when we know it’s going to be Cena vs. Rusev at Extreme Rules, but I disagree. Having John Cena defend the title every week helps restore prestige to the championship. Not only that, but this is John Cena folks, he is still the face of the company, the number 1 guy, so when some of these midcarders get to wrestle him it is a huge opportunity. When you wrestle John Cena, people are watching. Both fans and the people in back who call the shots. Not only that, but John Cena is watching, too. If you don’t think John Cena has stroke, you’re crazy. If John likes you, you’ve got a major advantage. I am a huge fan of John Cena’s United States Championship reign and honestly hope it continues. As for Rusev, I’ve grown bored with him honestly. Especially without Lana being around as often I just don’t find him very interesting. He has climbed up the ladder so fast I am wondering where he goes from here? Maybe we’ll find out our answer after Extreme Rules.

Zack's Predicted Winner: John Cena


In this Wrestlemania re-match we get to see another side to a feud that really feels a little like it has gotten stale and hasn’t really seen much of a war between the two participants. They had an interesting match at Wrestlemania, but even that felt like it had elements that made Rusev look weak in his first real pinfall loss. I expected him to at least suffer multiple AA’s or STF’s, but instead it took one AA to put him away. I think WWE handled the booking of that match wrong but they have a chance in this Russian Chain match to really make a difference. Cena having the US Championship brings it more value than the title has had in the past but the open challenge thing is becoming a boring concept very quickly. As for this match I can’t look past Cena retaining here. It’s not going to be a clean win and I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes something big for Cena to put Rusev away this time. Rusev will move on to bigger and better things from here while I’m not sure I can truly see where things are going next for John Cena.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: John Cena


In the last few weeks John Cena has been busy being John Cena. It could be argued that he has raised the profile of the US title but nobody will have believed for a second that he was in any danger of actually losing any of the open challenges. He defeated Kane this past week on Raw in 6 mins and in his post-match interview was attacked by Rusev who then locked in a modified version of The Accolade which involved pulling a chain across Cena’s face. As far as Rusev goes it has been great to see Lana back on television with him, for her magnificent promos skills obviously. Cena doesn’t lose cleanly unless it is to a 'real star' like The Rock and I cannot see the title being taken from him yet, so predict a textbook Cena victory.

Lee's Predicted Winner: John Cena


I’m a Cena mark, but I get the hate. I want to see a heel-turn as bad as any of you, if anything just because I think he’d pull it off the way everyone has hoped. It would be golden. His US Open Challenge has been booked properly and even though it pretty much announced that he’d go on a winning streak I can’t think of a match that’s been boring or not helped put his opponent over. If anything the match has brought some intrigue with it. You never know whose music is going to hit when he issues the challenge. After ‘Mania when his new US Title shirt debuted many thought this meant that he wouldn't be losing the title anytime soon, but I think you can have him lose the belt as long as he wins the rematch and best out of three and still have him come out looking better. I’m a fan of Rusev’s work, but not his character. He doesn't need the belt, but where does he go after this match? Does Cena tell Seamus to pick on someone his own size while Rusev goes and works with the smaller guys? Is a European heel faction in the making? I’m not sure that this match is the end of this feud.

Paul's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Jesse's Predicted Winner: John Cena

CJ's Predicted Winner: John Cena

Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

(The RKO is banned, and Kane is the door keeper.)

Seth Rollins © vs. Randy Orton


There's no way that Rollins will not win this match, but I see it being a comedy of errors. When I watched the very first Hell In A Cell Match, Sgt. Slaughter and refs checked under the ring to make sure no one else would be able to get involved. I've not seen that happen since, and I think that's going to cause issues, even though this is a Cage Match, not a HIAC, but that doesn't mean that the boards cannot be moved and weapons put in through the mat. Also, since this is The Authority, who's to say that they won't make sure weapons won't be lowered down in for Rollins, or even hucked in over the top from outside. Honestly, I see this being the screwiest Cage Match we've seen in many years. Kane will try to screw Rollins, slamming his head in the door, while it's on fire. Trip will try to screw Rollins by surrounding the ring with snakes – something no one knows Rollins' is terribly afraid of, as Indiana Jones has been his idol most of his life. Orton will think he has this match won, as he is the Viper, and not at all afraid of snakes, but somehow Rollins jumps off the top of the cage, lands on announce, rides it to the floor, and then quickly lands his feet on the floor behind announce – where there's no snakes – then jumps over the barricade and out to the stands, completely avoiding the snakes, Trip and Kane.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins

Sam's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


I made a note of this in my Zack Attack artice this week, but it bothers me that Randy Orton’s stipulation to keep The Authority out was a steel cage. Since when does a steel cage ever keep anyone out? Maybe it used to in the 90s, but especially in the last 10-15 years, a steel cage keeps no one out. Whether it’s someone walking in, climbing in, slamming the door in someone’s face, pulling someone out, there is ALWAYS interference in a cage match. It is practically a guarantee. If Orton really wanted to keep The Authority away, why wouldn’t he just have a stipulation that if anyone from The Authority or J&J security interfered in their match then Seth Rollins loses the match AND the Championship? Glaringly obvious plot holes aside, the match will be entertaining. Though, I do have to say I’m sad that I won’t get to see an RKO out of nowhere from inside the steel cage, that has real potential. With this being Rollins first championship defense I don’t see him losing the match, especially to Orton who went over at Mania. I am interested to see how the issues with Kane play out throughout this match, I expect it to play a big part.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


This match has some very interesting elements that at least make me question who is going to end the night as the champion. With these two confined inside a steal cage to keep J and J Security out of Orton’s hair the RKO is banned from being used in this one. But we all know Orton was once one of WWE’s most cunning and manipulative superstars who could decimate his opponent with using the RKO anyway. With the Curb Stomp no longer being in Rollins arsenal it’s unlikely Orton would use the running punt to the head, but that DDT from the second rope could well be a difference maker for Orton. The only outcome I can really see in this one is Seth Rollins somehow retains his championship with a less than clean outcome. I expect some kind of outside influence getting involved in this one, which will lead to this feud continuing for another Pay Per View. This will be a cracking match and a worthy main event that I think is going to leave us perhaps with more questions by the end than answers.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


I much prefer Orton as a face and he is getting the biggest pops of any superstar at the moment. With the main event picture currently hampered by injury, a lack of faith in the next generation and part time contracts, veteran Orton has stepped up as the main man in the company. Rollins is one of the few success stories of the past 6 months and his WrestleMania title win, in possibly the best ‘Mania main event ever, was for once a good booking decision. This encounter also has the added spice of an increasingly disgruntled Kane, who was in the main event of last years Extreme Rules, in a will he, won’t he turn situation. Rollins is playing the “chicken” heel and playing it well, but is in danger of becoming so cowardly that he loses credibility as a serious main event player. Therefore the only outcome can be a clean win for Rollins.

Lee's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


I was surprised that the rematch to this one came so quickly after WrestleMania and I hoped we’d get to see Reigns and Rollins start feuding by now. With Kane as Gatekeeper and not on the best terms with Rollins be prepared for shenanigans and tomfoolery. I’m not sure who the Keymaster is (maybe they will reveal this during the match). Banning the RKO was an awful stipulation, in my opinion, but it did make for some fun TV during the buildup. A RKO outta nowhere can't really go wrong. I’m looking for Rollins to steal the show during this match and end up the brightest spot on what is just an okay card. Rollins should hit the RKO on Orton for the win, especially given how unimpressive his new finisher was.

Paul's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins

CJ's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


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