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WWE Extreme Rules

Welcome to WNW’s Extreme Rules 2017 Predictions! Extreme Rules will be emanating from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. This time around, we have Kendra Bunyon, The Retro Goat, Zack Krasney, Josh Tucker, and myself providing predictions. Let’s get to it!


Going into Extreme Rules should be exciting, but sadly the card is light and it's too soon for yet another Raw PPV. Two PPVs a month is too much. It was too much when it was WWE and WCW each having a PPV a month, but two or more PPVs a month from the same company, even with different rosters, is beyond ridiculous! No matter how much we complain about the WWE, we really do love it, but that doesn't mean that we need this many PPVs shoved into a year! Including the big four, and NXT, they give us approximately twenty-four PPVs a year, and it seems as though there's something big every other weekend, and it's causing burnout for the fans in a big way. So, here's our Predicts for yet another Raw Brand PPV.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Rich Swann & Sasha Banks vs. Noam Dar & Alicia Fox


Mixed Tag Match? These four could have an amazing Intergender Match, but no, that would be abusive to women, and we can't have that in this overly PC, and still somewhat PG Era of the WWE. So, while women can beat up on the men, the men cannot fight back, and I have serious issue with this, because abuse goes both ways. We don't hear about domestic abuse from women on men as much as the flip, but it does happen, but the WWE has no issue with that!

Anyway, to the match, I think this one is going to be all about the faces. Of course I'm worried about Banks getting hurt – as much because Foxy is a bit dangerous in the ring as Banks getting injured one more time could land her lower than working the Cruiserweight Division. Either way, Dar and Foxy are going down!

Kendra's Predicted Winners: Swann & Banks

The Retro Goat:

Alongside Charlotte, Sasha was the first ever women's PPV main event. Here she is in a throwaway match that nobody would care about.I don't mind Sasha not being in the forefront of the Raw women's division right now, it helps her avoid becoming stale. But something with a bit more at stake would be nice. Honestly, we're probably gonna see this match again the next night on Raw. There's no particular reason to care, and this is a time waster on a card with six confirmed matches. Since it's likely just the kickoff throwaway, I'm going with faces taking the win.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winners: Swann & Banks

Zack's Predicted Winners: Swann & Banks

Josh's Predicted Winners: Swann & Banks

CJ's Predicted Winners: Swann & Banks

Submission Match for the Cruiserweight Championship
Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries


I have been behind Aries not winning the Cruiserweight Championship for a while now, it added suspense and excitement that the Cruiserweight Division needed, but now it's time for Aries to be Cruiserweight Champion. It's time to strap Aries so he can have a run with this Championship and move on to bigger and better things. Yes, I'm still on this, and I think it's important. Balor isn't in the Cruiserweight Division, and Aries shouldn't be either. So strap Aries, and have him dominate for a number of months before putting him in the Royal Rumble Match and having him prove that he's way too much for the Cruiserweight Division and move up the ranks.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Austin Aries

The Retro Goat:

I'm hoping this match takes advantage of the fact that Submission matches are No DQ. I'm also hoping this is the last time these two face off for awhile. The matches are fun, but repetitiveness is sinking in and it's time to put this to bed. I think Neville is still walking away champion, possibly with shenanigans from TJP. I don't feel it's time to end Neville's reign, and he's really cemented himself as the cornerstone of the Cruiserweight Division. Long live the king and all that.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winner: Neville

Zack's Predicted Winner: Austin Aries

Josh's Predicted Winner: Neville

CJ's Predicted Winner: Neville

Steel Cage Match for the Raw Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boyz (c) vs. Sheamus & Cesaro


I'm actually quite excited about this match. These four are fantastic together. As down on both Matt and Jeff I've been for the past six years, or so, I'm thrilled with how they've been doing, and their chemistry with Cesaro and Sheamus in the ring. I've also not been thrilled with Cesaro being so into cereal monogamy with tag partners, because I think he should be main eventing on his own, but this match with Sheamus has turned into something so shocking and unexpected. All that being said, these four give us such greatness in the ring together, and I honestly don't want to see either team lose clean. Further, I'm not sure if the belts should move at this point, but Cesaro and Sheamus losing isn't good for them or this feud. I think this will and should continue until SummerSlam, therefore it should end in some sort of craziness.

Kendra's Predicted Winners: DQ/Screwiness

The Retro Goat:

The Hardy Boyz have kinda had Sheamus & Cesaro's number, haven't they? I don't think they've lost once since returning. I also don't think that's set to change any time soon. I wouldn't be surprised if they hold onto the titles until they win the Anthem lawsuit, so they can become Broken when they lose. But considering that likely happen by Sunday, I'm sticking with the Hardys retaining in what should be an awesome match.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winners: The Hardy Boyz

Zack's Predicted Winners: Sheamus & Cesaro

Josh's Predicted Winners: The Hardy Boyz

CJ's Predicted Winners: The Hardy Boyz

Kendo Stick on a Pole Match for the Raw Women's Championship
Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley


As much as I love Bayley, I don't see her winning this one. Bliss is doing a fantastic job as Raw Women's Champion (other than her This Is Your Life segment), and I think she should continue on her path with gold around her waist. All that being said, it time for Bayley to go hardcore. I don't mean a little hardcore, but I don't mean ECW hardcore either, somewhere in between. I wrote in the RIB that Bayley is a great role model, but I don't want my daughter looking up to someone who cannot stand up for themselves, who can't fight their own battles, and that's who Bayley has been since coming up to Raw. It's time she steps up and becomes the Hardcore Hugger and prove that she doesn't need Sasha Banks, or anyone else, to step up and fight her battles for her. Further, it's time for Bliss to feud with someone else and put the new Hardcore Hugger in a feud with someone else.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Alexa Bliss

The Retro Goat:

Every time something is on a pole, I fear Vince Russo has returned. The concept is so dumb, I don't think the match type has ever even made it into a WWE game. Could be wrong though. I like the narrative of whether or not Bayley is willing to go to the Extreme, but a single kendo stick doesn't really sell that. If it was a regular Extreme Rules or a Ladder match, then there'd be more implementation to the idea of her willingly using weapons to win. But now I wouldn't be surprised if she gets the kendo stick just to break it and throw it away to do things fairly, only to lose to Alexa Bliss. No matter how the match plays out though, I don't see Bayley winning this one. Such a blissful reign won't be ending any time soon.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winner: Alexa Bliss

Zack's Predicted Winner: Alexa Bliss

Josh's Predicted Winner: Alexa Bliss via DQ when Bayley uses the Kendo Stick after Alexa retrieves it

CJ's Predicted Winner: Alexa Bliss

Intercontinental Championship Match (Dean can lose by DQ)
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz


This match should be a lot of fun, and obviously Maryse will get involved in some way, and even through that, I think Ambrose should win and keep the strap. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I think it's too early for Ambrose to drop it. Further, I think that when Miz does win it, he should start looking toward the big Twizzler strap, because that's where he should be working these days. He took a big mid-card hiatus, but now it's time to get him back in the main event. Ambrose, on the other hand, needs to evolve in some way, and without the strap, I worry that any push he might have will fall by the wayside. It's more than time he evolves in some way, and he gets either goofier again, or erratic and violent, because that's what's been missing from his character lately.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

The Retro Goat:

Nothing's more Extreme than a regular, every day match with more rules than normal. I get the idea on paper, but it's a boring concept made even worse by the countless times Ambrose and Miz have faced off already. They really could have used a stipulation to freshen things up, but instead we've got more of the same but with slightly raised stakes. Plus the idea that the match is just going to end with Maryse slapping Miz so he wins by DQ feels rather probable, and it would be an utter cop out that would set up yet another match between the two. I don't see Ambrose retaining, but I also don't see why anyone should legitimately care about this match.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winner: The Miz

Zack's Predicted Winner: The Miz

Josh's Predicted Winner: The Miz (via DQ by Samson)

CJ's Predicted Winner: The Miz (Samson costs Ambrose)

Extreme Rules Fatal 5-Way #1 Contender's Match
Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe vs. Bray Wyatt


In some ways I'm really looking forward to this match, in other ways, I want nothing to do with it. There are a number of great guys in this match, and the actual match should be amazing, it's the ending I'm most worried about. We all know that McMahon has a hard on for Reigns, and that he's going to be pushed as hard as humanly possible, if only to spite the fans. That's what we are working against here, and that's soul ripping to me. I pour so much of myself into wrestling and this is something that's careening out of control that makes absolutely no sense to a great number of fans. I know there's fans that love Reigns, I'm just not one of them right now. The biggest problem I have is that I would love to see four of the five guys in this match fight for the Universal Championship. Now, I'm not saying I want to see all of them facing Brock Lesnar, because Brock would trash a guy like Balor, no matter how careful he was, which he is never careful, or even care about the person he's in the ring with, or the fans he's working in front of, so he would end Balor's career and not think anything of it. I worry the same thing about Rollins, even though we've seen them work together previously. So that leaves Wyatt and Joe, who I would love to see destroy Lesnar, get the strap off from him, and 'injure' him so we don't have to see him until WrestleMania, or a bit before. As much as I've heard Brock was going to carry the strap for a bit – totally bloody stupid of the WWE, hello – I'd love to see Joe face Brock and destroy him for the Universal Championship! Joe isn't as young as he used to be, but he's someone who has more than earned a Universal Championship Match, and has more than earned a chance to run with the Universal Championship. So, as much as we all are sure Reigns is going to win this one, I'm going with Joe, because he is so deserving, and the fans would love it.

Kendra's Predicted Winner: Samoa Joe

The Retro Goat:

This match may be a bit too hectic to really follow, and I'm not sure why the concept of a Fatal Four Way has been abandoned all of a sudden, but this is still going to be fun as hell. Some of Raw's best talent and Roman Reigns all together in a chaotic free-for-all where there can be only one winner. The only real downfall is the fact that this is just leading up to a throwaway match at the dumbest WWE Pay Per View name in recent memory. Brock Lesnar isn't losing the title at freakin' Great Balls of Fire. He could face these guys in a five-on-one handicap match and still retain. But as its own independent match, this is hopefully going to be a lot of fun. Especially if it gets a lot of time. While all challengers would be valid contenders, I'm going with Finn Balor for this one so they can technically resolve him never getting his rematch. Though admittedly that also feels like he'll go down on the card, but what else did you expect from the WWE.

The Retro Goat's Predicted Winner: Finn Balor

Zack's Predicted Winner: Samoa Joe

Josh's Predicted Winner: Finn Balor

CJ's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


Thanks everyone for reading our predictions this round! Feel free to post yours in the comments below, and don’t forget to join us tonight at 7 PM EST for our live coverage and Open Thread Party for Extreme Rules!

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