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WNW Predicts - Hell In A Cell 2014

Welcome to WNW’s Hell In A Cell 2014 Predictions! Hell In A Cell will be emanating from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas! This month, we have The Smackdown Breakdown's Jamie Welton, Mark Moore, Zack Krasney, and Main Event results writer CJ Blaze on full predicts, while myself and Chris Surrancy are doing quick picks.

World's Largest Athlete vs. Bulgaria's Biggest Brute:

Big Show vs. Rusev


I may be in a minority here but I am getting really tired and bored of this feud. Don’t get me wrong I see what WWE are trying to do by building up Rusev as a monster but how many more people can he stop as a monster before the gimmick gets old? It’s been one of those odd watches as well with WWE having to apologise for what happened with Big Show tearing down the Russian flag, but nothing was really said about ‘soldier’ who was kicked by Rusev. I’m expecting Rusev to continue his winning run in this one maybe with some assistance from Mark Henry, who I expect to turn on the Big Show for some reason and lead to a feud between the two.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Rusev


WWE has been very consistent with the push of Rusev. I’ve stated before that I’m not high up on him like many are, but I’m not going to stop paying attention to Rusev. I have enjoyed seeing Rusev go from destroying jobbers to Big E, to a Real American like Jack Swagger, to Mark Henry, and now Big Show. The story here has been built well every week with a little bit more happening each week on Raw or SmackDown. These guys had a pretty decent match on Raw a couple weeks ago and I expect them to put on another decent bout. While it would be easy to have Big Show win and America would celebrate, it would only ruin things for Rusev. You can say that a loss won’t hurt him, but we’ve seen on countless occasions that losing a bigger match can only destroy your career. Where would Rusev go next after this win? Beats me, but I predict Rusev will make Big Show submit after a lengthy battle.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Rusev


Yet another Rusev feud built purely around patriotic pride though the jingoism has been dialled up for this one. As long as it’s kept short, under 5 minutes, this match should be acceptable though there is only one logical outcome. Rusev is destined for a feud with John Cena where no doubt the Cena will torpedo the accolade and stand up out of it with ease while Show looks to heading towards a showdown with Mark Henry, when Henry turns heel. Personally I can’t wait for either (please note the sarcasm). Rusev will win to preserve his run.

Mark's Predicted Winner: Rusev via Submission after interference from Mark Henry


I’m really not sure what WWE wants to do with this one, and I’m not sure what they should do with this one. From a personal standpoint, I want Big Show to win. I just don’t see Rusev as the monster that they are booking him as. It’s like when Khali first came in and they booked him over the Undertaker. Didn’t feel believable to me, and neither does this. I believe Rusev is good, don’t get me wrong, but not dominate Mark Henry and Big Show good. I will say that his matches with Mark Henry were well done and believable. I just don’t see Rusev as a guy that can beat the Big Show. It just doesn’t feel right to me. I’d like to see Rusev taking on guys like Cesaro, or Sheamus. I see them as on par with Rusev, which is a really big compliment if you ask me. Maybe that’s where you take Rusev after he likely beats Big Show. As far as match quality goes it will be surprisingly good, for what it is. Big Show is surprisingly nimble for a big guy, and Rusev has shown he can move very quickly as well. I’m prepared to see something actually pretty good here. It does, however, bug me when I see Big Show put in that camel clutch. He’s just too big! Regardless, I believe that the push is still on for Rusev, so he gets the W.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Rusev

Chris' Predicted Winner: Big Show by DQ, Henry turns heel

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Rusev

Loser Must Become Winner's "Assistant" For 30 Days or quit WWE:

Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella:


I’m probably not the only person out there who hopes this is the last time these two face off but for some reason I doubt this one is over just yet. The stipulation of the loser being the others servant for 30 days is about the only concept that makes this match somewhat interesting. I really had high hopes for a feud between these two but instead it would be fair to say it has been a let down. Expect Brie Bella to go over in this one and make Nikki’s life a living hell for the next month.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Brie Bella


I really couldn’t care less for this feud anymore. It was very entertaining before and at SummerSlam. WWE tried to mix it into the Divas Championship match last month and then pull it apart to do a singles match now. Brie is interesting in the ring, while Nikki hasn’t showed me much. It will be very interesting to see how their ring work meshes together considering they’ve been teaming together for years. My guess is we may see a five-on-five Traditional Survivor Series match to blow this off next month. As for the stipulation, I don’t really care about it either. Brie has won several matches going into Hell in a Cell, so I’ll go with Nikki winning here.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella


This is the kind of match where if WWE actually stuck to their stipulations then I am hoping for a somehow both lose and aptly quit. Unfortunately that’s not likely to happen and I can’t see Brie quitting twice in 5 months. This feud clearly needs to end, technically it should never have started, but I fear Nikki will win as having Nikki serve as Brie’s PA serve’s no real purpose. This feud will no doubt drag on until Vince comes to his senses or Cena gets bored and dates a new Diva. On a side note, when Brie makes her entrance this Sunday if you listen very closely you’ll hear my toilet flush.

Mark's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella


I almost feel bad for the Bella Twins, they started this huge feud at SummerSlam, and it was given a pretty dominant spot on Raw. Their rivalry was pushed hard, and fell completely flat. WWE made the mistake of putting Nikki into the Diva’s Championship match at Night of Champions, instead of having the Bella’s face off against each other. A combination of really poor booking and too much time have made any interest in this rivalry slow to a screaming hault. The match will most likely leave something to be desired, but there is something to say that the twins have been working stiff with each other. We might not be too upset when all is said and done. I am curious what WWE intends to do with the stipulation being that the loser has to be the other’s slave or whatever. With the rivalry fizzing out, where will WWE just forget about the stipulation, or will it be used to put some spark back into things. With the stipulation that’s attached I see things playing out more for Nikki Bella.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella

Chris' Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella, but she never told anyone.

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Nikki Bella

US Championship Match:

Sheamus © vs. The Miz w/ Damien Mizdow


This one is going to be an entertaining match but the only reason for that will be the presence of Damien Mizdow at ring side. Apart from that I am not really seeing much in terms of quality from either Sheamus or Miz in the ring. Don’t get me wrong both are top quality stars but right now they seem to be lacking that creative spark to make them relevant at this point. Expect Sheamus to walk out and retain the US Championship in this one. Other than that there isn’t much to say about this match.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Sheamus


I didn’t expect the two midcard title feuds to flip opponents for Hell in a Cell, but it actually has worked out. The fans are finally giving credit where credit is due to Damien Sandow. Before this week’s Raw, I assumed Sheamus would win and retain once again, but I’ve changed my mind. WWE can create an interesting story and feud that fans will love... if executed correctly of course. They have a good back-and-forth match until Sheamus starts to take over and Miz rolls out of the ring and has Sandow go in to ultimately pin Sheamus and win the United States Championship. But it isn’t over there. Miz claims he won the title since his stunt double pinned Sheamus so Miz takes the title and runs. On Raw or very soon after, Sandow attacks Miz or argues with him to officially turn babyface. Sandow would go on to beat Miz and win the US Title next month at Survivor Series?

CJ's Predicted Winner: Sandow pins Sheamus, Miz is Champ


As said earlier, I fail to see the benefit of swapping Miz over with Cesaro, which is what has happened, and for that I can’t see Miz walking away with a win. Worse yet could be the crowd’s reaction as the only one who is truly over is Miz stunt double Mizdow, who is now overshadowing Miz. Sheamus meanwhile continues to tread water with fans but remains high up in WWE as very rarely does Sheamus lose, unless he is fighting backstage. Guess there must be a benefit to being Triple H’s weight lifting buddy.

Mark's Predicted Winner: Sheamus


I’m confused as to why we just switched our rivalries between the Intercontinental title and the United States title. They literally just swapped opponents. It’s the laziest writing I have ever seen. All I can say is that while the build to this match has been lackluster in terms of legitimate buildup, Damien Mizdow has been so funny it’s actually worth the crappy build. Every time Miz comes out I think, I need to watch this because Damien is going to have me laughing my butt off. Here is my hope for this match. Miz uses Sandow as a “stunt double” for the match, and Sandow actually wins. When he wins Miz tries to take the title for himself, when Sandow decides to quit being Miz’s stunt double. Leading to a Sandow face turn and a Miz/Sandow rivalry. As far as the actual wrestling in this one goes, don’t expect anything spectacular, Sheamus is a brawler and Miz is decent in the ring, but I don’t expect to be blown away by this one.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Damien Mizdow

Chris' Predicted Winner: Sheamus

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Sheamus. Mizdow costs Miz the match, leading to feud.

Diva's Championship Match:

AJ Lee © vs. Paige


Before I start I just want to say to all the Paige doubters....HAHAHAHAHAHA! I said that she would eventually show her true colours in the Smackdown Breakdown for weeks and am glad Paige came through. The feud between these two Divas has been compelling television and while I am still enjoying it I think it has almost run it’s course now. Something about this one tells me we are going to see another title change in this one with Paige walking out your new Divas Champion. As always I hope they get given enough time to show what they can do.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Paige


This match isn’t surprising at all since Paige dropped the belt to AJ last month. Paige has since joined forces with former rival Alicia Fox to take out AJ. The build has been okay at best in my opinion. My interest just really isn’t here for this one. I foresee this being a decent, if not good divas match with AJ retaining one way or another.

CJ's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee


If ever a match deserved/needed a stipulation this was it. After 3 straight PPV matches Battleground, SummerSlam and Night Of Champions AJ and Paige needed something more to hype interest for a 4th match. Unfortunately neither lady is sleeping with John Cena and so has to settle for a basic match. The quality will be dependent on what mood AJ turns up in as Paige tends to be the more consistent worker of the 2. With the announcement that Paige is Total Divas bound the outcome is telegraphed and AJ Lee will pick up the win to draw a line under the feud. Where AJ goes from here is anyone’s guess.

Mark's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee


Ah I’m so happy to see AJ vs. Paige again. I could watch these two wrestlers go again and again and again without getting tired. Paige has been exactly what the Diva’s Division needed. AJ was the first piece of the puzzle, and Paige is the second. They are this generations Trish Stratus and Lita. I am excited to see what these two do in the ring on Sunday. I expect some really good work, and have no problem admitting I have high expectations. I’m a bit worried that some of the suspense is gone now that Paige is joining Total Divas. Stephanie McMahon made it a point to say publicly that there is “no rule” saying a Total Diva can’t be champion, but it’s also been said that Vince as issue that exact rule behind closed doors. It will be interesting to see what unfolds. I’ve got my money on AJ retaining.

Zack's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Chris' Predicted Winner: AJ Lee

Jesse's Predicted Winner: AJ Lee via DQ

Tag Team Championship Match:

Goldust and Stardust © vs. The Usos


Back when Cody and Goldust were at their peak last year this would have been a great match to watch. They had lost some of that momentum toward the start of the year but are now really starting to find form since Cody became Star Dust. The Usos are a top quality team and it was a shame when their title run came to an end but they had run their course with the belts in a division that seems to constantly be on and off. I’m expecting this to be a good watch but I’m not expecting anything ground breaking from either team. I expect Gold and Stardust to retain in this one.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Goldust and Stardust


Stardust is one of my favorite characters on TV right now. He’s so entertaining and has worked well with everything thrown his way. Gold and Stardust make a great tag team, heel or face, but Cody is better than the tag team division. WWE is lacking in strong tag teams right now. We basically have these two teams in the Tag Title scene and that’s it. It could be fixed by calling up a team from NXT, but WWE could also have The Usos capture the titles once again to keep things interesting.

CJ's Predicted Winner: The Usos


Gold/Stardust could be one of the most frivolous tag teams since we had the Highlanders grace our screens. In 2014, a character like Stardust just kills suspension of disbelief and the gimmick is going nowhere fast. Though as the recipient of nepotism, Cody should just be grateful he has a job in WWE. The Uso’s are capable of having good matches and this should be no exception as like most Uso matches it should build well to a decent finish. Unfortunately the division is pretty much doomed in its current state. Look no further than how easily Cena and Ambrose dispatched Gold/Stardust to see what WWE thinks of its tag division.

Mark's Predicted Winner: Goldust and Stardust


I would like to think that the Usos will reclaim their gold, accomplishing several things. First, the mistake of putting the titles back on Goldust and Stardust. Second, can start the spiral down of the Team Dust. It would be nice to see Goldust or Stardust accidentally cause the other to get pinned, causing a rift between the two. Then the two could begin their feud, with Cody Rhodes returning to his normal gimmick, dropping the Stardust gimmick. Back to the actual match, I think we’re going to see some good work here, both teams are made up of brothers who know each other so well. Plus, both teams are expert tag team wrestlers. I can’t imagine that these 4 superstars won’t deliver Sunday. I would like to see this being one of the few title changes on the card. Personally, I am a big fan of the Usos and think they deserve the titles more than Team Dust. I’d like to see Cody break out onto his own soon.

Zack's Predicted Winner: The Usos

Chris' Predicted Winner: Goldust and Stardust

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Goldust and Stardust

2 out of 3 Falls Match for the Intercontinental Championship:

DolphZiggler © vs. Cesaro


While this one was thrown together at the last minute after Raw and Smackdown encounters between the two men I am really looking forward to what promises to be an absolute gem of a match between two great wrestlers (yes I said wrestlers not sports entertainers). They had one heck of a match this week on Smackdown that is worth watching the show alone for so I expect they will step it up a level and really make this one a match to remember. I’m going with Cesaro going over Dolph in this one by 2 falls to 1. Dolph hasn’t really had much to do with the title so far since he switched back and forth over it with Miz, and I think they need to try and do something more with Cesaro to get him to that next level. In all honesty both men deserve a better spot on the card than they currently have and I hope this one will serve as a way for them to elevate themselves in a time WWE needs more top stars.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Cesaro


Besides the double main events, this is the match I’m most excited about! Cesaro and Ziggler have had some really good matches on TV in the last month and this one could very well outdo all of them. I don’t know why, but 2/3 Falls is one of my favorite stipulations. Both are very talented and have made this midcard feud intriguing in my opinion. While I would love to see Cesaro with some gold around his waist, I have to go with DolphZiggler here. Ziggler is a fantastic worker in the ring and the crowd loves him. WWE needs as much help as possible right now, and having Ziggler as Intercontinental Champion would only benefit them.

CJ's Predicted Winner:Dolph Ziggler


In some ways this match makes sense as both own a win over each other and have already shown the chemistry they have together. That said Cesaro had previously been unsuccessful in going for the US Title so this more of a lateral move than a fresh feud as Cesaro and Miz have just swapped places. Ziggler recently had a great match with Orton though coming out on the losing end hardly makes for excitement regarding his title defences.

To be fair this should be a good match if given enough time, around 15 minutes or so, and while I don’t think WWE has any interest in elevating either guy or the belt this should be entertaining. Cesaro holding the belt makes little sense at this stage so I am going for Ziggler to retain and then probably drop it on Raw to Cesaro.

Mark's Predicted Winner:Dolph Ziggler 2-1


Ziggler vs Cesaro is one of the matches I’m most looking forward to at Hell in the Cell, because these two guys can straight up work. Everyone knows Ziggler is money, and everyone knows Cesaro is money. Put them together and you’re going to see something entertaining. Especially with Dolph’s ability to sell as well as he does, match that with Cesaro’s overwhelming power and you’ve got yourself a show. The build to this match has been pretty pathetic, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to it. WWE stumbled into an incredible match on this one. It will be interesting to see if they leave Ziggler the champion, or if they give it to Cesaro. Ziggler has been a fighting champion, but Cesaro has been floating around nothingness for a while. Sometimes I also think that WWE strapped Ziggler just to keep the Internet Wrestling Community happy. Put a title on Ziggler then people can’t complain we aren’t using him! That’s not to say Dolph doesn't deserve it, he does, just makes me wonder sometimes. Personally, I say keep the strap on Ziggler and move Cesaro up the chain.

Zack's Predicted Winner:Dolph Ziggler

Chris' Predicted Winner:Cesaro

Jesse's Predicted Winner:Cesaro 2-1, final fall is a countout, Dolph Retains

Hell In A Cell Match

Winner Becomes #1 Contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

John Cena vs. Randy Orton


It’s the match that Cesaro can’t wait to see for the 500th time and the match WWE Universe can’t wait to see either....Of course I am being sarcastic about that. I’m not sure if the stipulation of the winner facing Lesnar is a good or bad thing at this point as Lesnar has already beaten Cena once so we don’t need to see that massacre again and Orton would have to turn face, which is rumoured to be the direction WWE wants to go in. I’m not really excited by the prospect of this match but I think for the majority of fans it is one they are looking forward to given the fact it is inside a cell. I don’t really have a preference for a winner as I could argue why both should and shouldn’t win but when it comes down to it and I would like it to be a draw so it becomes a triple threat between Cena, Orton, and Lessnar, but we know that won’t happen so if pushed I’m picking Orton to win.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton


To be honest, I am sick of seeing this match headline shows. It wouldn’t be as bad if we didn’t just see this feud less than a year ago though. The one thing we can’t complain about is what these two do in the ring. They always have good matches. The stakes are little bit higher with the match taking place in the cell and the winner becomes number one contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The last thing we need is Cena receiving another shot. Randy Orton wants what he wants and he wants it now. WWE will continue to cater to his wants and ultimately, I think Orton should win this match.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton


If there was one match that nobody wanted to see again, this was it. Granted some will call this the rubber match, I’m guessing the score stands at 243 wins each or something. The fact we have this match shows how blunt creative has become and how much WWE are kissing Orton’s rear end. Worst case scenario is Cena wins and has another rematch with Lesnar, while an Orton vs Lesnar match is a fresh feud there is only one winner no matter how much moaning Orton does backstage. Though on a side note I would love to see Orton try and call Lesnar stupid mid match or throw a tantrum, now that would make interesting viewing.

No doubt they will be given all manner of short cuts and every advantage to spike interest in their match which will be no better than their usual standard fodder.

Mark's Predicted Winner: John Cena


I know there are a lot, I mean A LOT, of people saying they don’t want to see Cena vs. Orton for the 500th time, but honestly I am pleased. Two veterans take each other on in one Hell in a Cell match while two bright future stars take each other on in the other. John Cena and Randy Orton can always work a good match; there is a reason they have wrestled each other so many times, it works. I’m also pleased that WWE took my advice and are using the “non-Lesnar” events to build up the number one contender spot. It fills the spot that is missing from not having a WWE Championship match, and builds the prestige of getting to fight Lesnar for the WWE Championship. Cena and Orton will put on a great match, I’m sure, and one will qualify to be number one contender. Ok here’s my shoot from the hip, but still well thought out booking, Orton beats Cena at Hell in the Cell. Orton manages to beat Lesnar down fairly well, then right when Orton is about to beat Lesnar, Rollins cashes in. Robbing Orton of his championship win, and leads into an Orton/Rollins rivalry into the Royal Rumble. Basically what they should have done with Cena/Lesnar. There, you are welcome WWE.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

Chris' Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Randy Orton

Hell In A Cell Match:

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins


It’s the match WWE are probably most dreading for two reasons; firstly they don’t want either man to do anything crazy and get injured given the lack of top talent the company has at this time, and secondly they probably don’t want these two to steal the show and the thunder of Cena and Orton. That’s too bad though as I think this match is going to tear the house down. I’m expecting a blend of wrestling, weapons, and some high flying in this one to make it one of the most memorable contests we’ve ever seen at Hell in a Cell. Something tells me Seth Rollins is going to walk out of this one the winner but in all fairness I don’t think it will harm the momentum of Ambrose in any way. I hope this match gets the main event billing it deserves and these two stars of the future can go out and show why they are both the top next generation of talent in the company.

Jamie's Predicted Winner: Seth Rollins


As much as we all want this to close the PPV, I have a feeling we won’t get what we want. Instead, Randy Orton will. This is going to be show-stealer, no doubt about it. We are going to see all kinds of crazy spots and high-risk moves. The story behind this one is the best out of all the matches on the card of course. Having Mick Foley cut a promo with these two on Raw just made it feel even bigger. But who wins? Where do we go from here? Seth Rollins basically has won this feud since it started. He won at SummerSlam and on the following Raw. Ambrose has won on the mic and during the brawls, so it’s time he gets a win in the ring.

CJ's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


This match should be the main event of the show but I get the horrible feeling that with WWE kissing up to Orton and their undying love for Cena that this will be relegated to co main event. Worse is the news that WWE have told both competitors to calm down in the ring or in other words you’re not allowed to outshine Orton vs Cena. This could and should be an all out war I just worry that creative will hamper them into an average match. The logical outcome is for Ambrose to win as Rollins has

the MITB case to help rehabilitate him, whenever the champion is around to enable a cash in of course. This match should be the conclusion to what has been the best feud on WWE TV this year, one can only hope both go into business for themselves on the night and go full throttle.

Mark's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


There are two types of people in this world, people who think Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell is going to be the best match on the card, and possibly of the year, and people that are wrong. It’s difficult just for me to write this prediction because how do you write about something that’s going to leave you speechless. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins know each other so well, and are so absurdly talented that this match will be nothing short of spectacular. We’ve seen what they can do with each other given small opportunities. They turned a lumberjack match into a legitimately good match, something no other wrestler can say. They took a main event street fight on Raw and turned it into one of the best Raw main events in years, with a particularly interested twist on the finish. When put inside a Hell in a Cell match these two guys will THRIVE. Not only will they take to that environment like a duck takes to water, but I can almost promise we will see something we haven’t seen before. It speaks volumes that WWE had to sit Ambrose and Rollins down and tell them that they can’t afford any more injuries and to play it safer. As far as who wins and who loses, I think you have to put Ambrose over. After all the time that’s been spent building up Seth Rollins, you have to put Ambrose over, too. A loss to the “unstable” Ambrose doesn’t hurt Rollins, when he is still Mr. Money in the Bank.

Zack's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Chris' Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose

Jesse's Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose


Thanks for reading our predictions this month! Don't forget to join us for live results starting at 7:30 PM EDT and our Open Thread Party! Feel free to post your predictions below, and I will see you tomorrow night!

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